Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

March 24, 2009


by Maria

I don't care about you anymore,
Anything we had is now before,
So I'm gonna show you to the door.
I know your heart feels very sore,
And it's so very hard to ignore,
But things with us just ain't too sure;
Our situation is just too poor.
I wish things were as before,
Just you, me, and no one more.

March 15, 2009

Her New Best Friend

by Hannah

Utterly confused and lost,
She walks this world alone,
Unsure of what path to take.
She turns from God,
As her friends and family,
Turn from her.
All the seems to be left
Is depression and darkness.
Anorexia and pills dont seem to work.
They only leave her hungry and loopy.
So she decides to try something
All together new.
The razor becomes her new best friend.
It's now in her hands,
Moving closer to her arm.
She can feel the sting
And the release of blood,
As the razor slices
Open her skin.
While stumbling over in pain,
She finally reliazes the answer to her prayers.
Once again she is finally able
To feel again.


by Sophie

In this world of stark reality,
What should I take or leave,
What is actuality,
And what is make-believe?

This place is so familiar,
The feelings it brings are not,
How can I carry on like before,
When there is something I forgot?

Who knows what it is I’m missing,
But there’s a gap that proves it is,
These tears aren’t of sadness,
They’re of this thing I can’t but miss.

Find the problem,
And solve its source,
We learn to do this often,
But when I’m weak then with what force?

In this world of stark reality,
What should I take or leave,
What is actuality,
And what is make-believe?

You Give Me Something

by Anonymous

you give me something
something to believe in
something to love
something to adore
you say you won't break me down
but you lied
you return
and I am broken down
into a million pieces
crying in my corner
you return
and build me up again
and the cycle begins
over and over

Who Am I?

by Anonymous

who am i to follow what everyone else does? who am i to speak my mind? who am i?

who are you to say fit in! to promote being average or even stand out for attention. where are the people who are true to themselves?

i have realized i have been sucked into a void of never ending, always changing "he said, she said, love isnt fair, this is in, this is out" world. no place to be yourself...am i right?

i am one who holds out on most of my thoughts, most of my opinions, because i will be criticized, catergorized, and rejected by society.


where is hope? the only hope to bring back originality is to be yourself and be true to yourself 100% of the time, because even they, even the "jocks" or "preps" or "emos" or nerds cant label you because there isnt a single word that can even begin to describe your complex or simple unique personality - who you really are.

but once in a blue moon there is a person. a person who is real, a person who doesnt have an ego, who doesnt care about being popular, or pretty, or noticed. they are who they are and people get shocked, curious, and even angry, possibly because they dont know why they dont want to fit in.

who wants to fit in in a world of strange, abnormal, mysterious places? who wants to be the wallpaper of the white house or a rare palace? who wants to be the attention-getter and be rebellious just to get attention? i know i cannot truly be myself or else id be called an attention-getter. which i am not.

i want to speak my mind. i do. i want to stand up and say this isnt right. i want to. i will. because from now on i am not going to follow the crowd. i am not going to hold out on my thoughts. i am going to be, for once in a long time, me.

i am me, who are you?