Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

November 19, 2010

Butterfly, Butterfly

by Anonymous

Butterfly, Butterfly
fly away home
your heart is broken

but your day will come
you love him
he knows it
but chooses to ignore it
it scares him to think about it
because he knows he wants it
you tell him
you love him
he says you're crazy
you turned to walk away
he saw the sadness
the hurt
the tears
he wanted to reach out
but turned away
Butterfly, Butterfly
fly away home
your heart is broken
but your day will come....

November 14, 2010


by Anonymous

Whenever people ask me,
How am I,
I always end up saying
But the truth is I'm not.
I'm not fine.
I'm worse than fine,
and fine is horrible.
I want to feel great,
and i can only feel that when I'm with you.
But ever since you're not here,
Fine is all I feel.
I want to feel you.
You hand in mine,
Your arm around my waist,
Your sweet lips caressing my own.
But you're gone.
All you'll ever be is gone,
and all I'll ever be is


by Anonymous

I was once a caring person.
Someone who had silver wings of light.
But I learned not to trust you, god.
One of many faces, one who says he cares,
but with no proof I sit back and watch his desperate tries to rule.
Instead of forward, I look back, to the evil I give in.
I will be one with you, so teach me how to walk with you.
Face to Face.

One More Day

by Andrew M.

When I sit, I think.
When I think, I think of what I'm thinking of.
I think of the good, and the bads.
I think about what's right, what's wrong.
Time and time again,
I think if it's worth it, worth it to eat, breath.
But, in the end it comes to just needing one more day.
So much weight and stress pulling down, still one more day.
When light turns to dark,
And dark shines to light,
Again I think and think after I'm surrounded by thoughts.
Visions circle my head, mostly of sadness and sorrow.
Times come when I must cry before I sleep.
Still I say one more day.
When it comes to the times all is lost.
Whether to end it there becomes the debate.
Well, it is those times that puts happiness in my heart.
It is those times that make me cheerful,
For I know my friends care.
When they understand, I understand.
When it comes to mind,
I know that if I end it,
Those who show and know they care,
Show me that I am loved.
When the end does come, it will not be me.
But, it shall be nature.
I know and still I push through.
I make every day count.
To show me, is to save me.