Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

March 20, 2007

Just to Feel Alive

by Courtney

I'm so afraid i love you,
I can't be alone with you,
But i have to be with you,
Just to feel alive.

I lay here out of faith,
Confused about what is real,
I feel you breathing for me.
I have everything for you,
I'm so afraid I love you.

The dark holds so many surprises for me,
You hold me under.
Why Me ?

Now let go of me, love,
I wish you all the worst for the future,
I'm so afraid i love you.

I hope you laugh at all the times i cried for you,
I hope you still see me face to facade.

I'm so afraid I love you,
I can't be alone with you,
But I need to be with you,
Just to feel alive.

And even now,
I don't know why.
But i would love to see you cry,
For me.

But i feel you breathe for me,
And i cannot waste my tears.
Not for you.

But my revelations come quick and fast,
And i have never really felt anything.

Just know,
That i've looked down on you
Trying to love you.
But I couldn't feel anything.
So just smile back.

I'm so afraid I love you,
I can't be alone with you,
But I need to be with you,
Just to feel alive.


by Raina

The days go by so slow,
as the nights seem to grow.
Drifted away by deep emotions,
lost in the waves of a deep dark ocean.
Sadness and anger begin to fill me,
wishing I could be set free.
Thoughts of anger control my mind,
I thought I could see but I guess I was blind.
By faith I suppose I was guided here,
to be trapped by anger and fear.


by Anonymous

Your stupid hope,
your sickening hope,
your obsession.
Stop it. I hate you.
Don't look at me.
I hate you. Stop.
Stop staring.
It's rude. I'm rude.
And I hate you.
When i think of
what it did,
I hate you,
and your stupid
I never liked you.
I wanted to be friends.
Just friends.
But you just couldn't stop.

We (as in her and him)

by Ally

She will never get over him.
Her first.
He caught her eye,
and held it, for the longest time.
They're only almost secrets.
She forgot her music once,
he gave it back to her the next day.
The next next day,
she heard it blasting in his room.
He openly talks about music,
his favorites, the deep ones, wise.
Secretly she listened, too, for hours
and felt like she finally found her music.
She was almost mad, once.
And he liked it.
She pretended to get more mad.
Once, she wouldn't look at him all night.
He followed her around, demanding attention.
The first time he touched her,
surprised her.
The next time, though,
she surpised him, touching him,
He wouldn't let her go.
She talks to him,
and him to her,
nights before, days now, too.
memories made and making.
she knows him best.
he knows her best.
He knows her style,
and she knows his.
They accept it.
Together everyday,
Lives merged,
Laughs entwined,
Talk continual.
He doesn't want it to stop.
She can't picture it.
They wont even try.

Reality Check of the Century

by Mylana

You took one look,
And turned your back to me,
Developing unfair assumptions in your mind.

Take the time to dig deeper,
Penetrate the surface
and see things through my eyes,
I’m not at all like you,
I sympathize,
I find a connection,
And reinforce it.

I don’t scrape the surface,
And take the sample,
To be accurate to the rest of the whole.

I apply the science,
Doing my job and analyzing what I find.

Last Fix

by Aimee A.

I fought for that last fix
And realized I hit bottom.
I would never have enough
No matter how much I popped 'em
Overwhelming thoughts turned
My innocence to bullets.
Stuck in a dead life
Living solely off my next hits.
Lost support and dumped future
I became blind to the light
Pushed in treatment...
Forced to quit
I realize now it’s all I have
My last chance
And I'm fighting for it.

Dance to Me

by Anonymous

when i am gone
dance to me
when i am gone
dance to me
feel the music
be the music
when i am gone
dance to me
let the music take you away
you take the music away
dance to me

Lovin' You

by Dymon L.

everyday i waited,
and waited for you to say the words
i wanted to hear the most
day to day i keep lovin you,
but you act like you dont know,
but sooner or later im gonna have to let go,
cuz lovin you drives me crazy
as crazy as havin ya, baby
but lately you've been actin shady,
im cryin for you, baby,
but im done cuz lovin has killed me
and my love's just about dead
but always remember that i was lovin you,

Go Hard or Go Home

by Jodi B.

Beam, Bars, Floor, Vault
Get you routine without fault
Stretch, Twirl, Bend, Flip
Just be careful not to slip
Practice, Practice 'til you get it right
Jugdement day will be a fight
You have to be the best,
Better than the rest
Grips and leotards,
This stuff's not that hard
As the judges sit and criticize,
You just have to realize,
You know this stuff,
It's not tough.
When you land it perfectly,
The crowd will cheer triumphantly.
You did it, you're done.
Walking back to your seat
thinking "Wow, that was fun"
The scoreboard flashes nine point eight
Coach says "Wow, you did great"
You hear your name called for the gol.
You think inside "This never gets old"
This makes all the pain worth while,
when you stand up on that block and smile
Once again surprised to find,
the only thing that you hear,
Are the loyal crowd cheers.