Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

June 12, 2011


by Anonymous

Life. You are unrequited everything and happy nothing. You make me wake up in the morning and wonder why. I do good and you never reward me. I offer mercy to others and you show me none in return. I suffer and you never comfort me. I break and you never heal me. I cry and you let me drown. I bleed and you let me run dry. I pray and it doesn't matter. I hope til Im blue in the face.

My heart is an open, gaping wound, crying out for someone to save it. But it will never happen and never matter. It will be ignored, stepped on, or used up and returned. And that is who *I* will always be. There is no hope on the horizon. There is no spark waiting to catch flame. There is no one with their heart set on mine. I am as alone as I was yesterday and will only be more so tomorrow.

"If only we had known.." How much do I have to say, with how many words, in how many ways? Do I have to scream, in the middle of the street? Do I have to stop traffic, to get someone to care, to get someone to understand, to get someone to notice? Or perhaps I'll never exist to anyone and will eventually be crushed underneath the weight of my own tears.

I'm Sorry

by Anonymous

Im sorry everybody is better than me
Im sorry everybody is prettier than me
Im sorry everybody is cooler than me
Im sorry nobody wants to talk to me
Im sorry no one wants to be friends with me
Im sorry I hang my head when Im around other people
Im sorry I look at the ground all the time
Im sorry I never smile
Im sorry that even when I try to smile no one can tell
Im sorry no one will ever want to be my boyfriend
Im sorry Ill never have a relationship
Im sorry no one will ever think Im special
Im sorry no one will ever put me first
Im sorry no one will ever send me flowers
Im sorry no one will ever make me dinner
Im sorry no one will ever go out of their way for me
Im sorry Ill never take dancing lessons with my husband when we're old
im sorry no one will ever catch on when Im feeling bad
Im sorry I will never depend on anyone
Im sorry Im a nobody
Im sorry

June 8, 2011

Secret Kiss

by Aareyon

Your smile glows like the moon,
blossoms Beautiful as the Rose in the purest hope of spring.
My heart follows your deep voice
and leaps like a Rabbit at the whisper of your name.
The evening floats in on a great Butterfly wing.
I am comforted by your hand,
that I carry into the breeze of the wind
and hold next to my Heart.
I am filled with hope,
that you may dry my tears of Ocean Water.
As my Tears falls from my Face,
it reminds me of your laugh.
In the quiet, I listen for the last Laughs of the night.
My heated Face leaps to my Gloves.
I wait in the moonlight for your secret Kiss
So that we may Run as one, hand in hand,
in search of the magnificent and mystical palace of love.
But you no longer exist, so I’ll never get that secret kiss.

When Life Gives You Napalm

by Pockets

If life gives you napalm what shall you do?
Would you burn a city because they are of another race?
Or simply because you have the arbitrary power to?
Would you use it to help the common man
or use it to burn what left remains of his dignity?
Or would you be like us and burn the world to ash
because you think you are better?

Photo Frame

by Zane

I found our old photo frame today, it was tucked under some things, that I had hidden away. I wipe the dust off, and bring the frame to my face, I strain my eyes to see what I thought I saw. A smile was plastered upon my face. No hurt, no pain, not even a trace. Your arm was wrapped around me ever so tight, I can almost hear you whispering it's alright. I take a deep breath, remembering when you left me with no air, simply breathless, but then the tears start to fall, and before I know what's happening I throw the frame at the wall. I watch the glass shatter into small pieces, knowing they can never be fixed with all the damage done. But that's how you left me. Broken, chipped. There are always going to be scars and the hesitation of letting people back into my heart.

My Love for You

by Tanaya

I want a future with you,
You're my lover, you're my boo.
That's true and real.
I know you had a past and love you still.
I won't hurt you or put you in harm,
cause you're the lady I want on my arm.
When you've got a frown,
I want to turn that to a smile.
It's us against the world.
You're my girl,
and I want you to stay in my world.

Kiss Me

by Odalis

Kiss me, not her, damn boy
You complete me,
You've got my head spinning
I'll admit I think of you all day
When you kiss her, I wish it was me
When I see you whisper into her ear,
I imagine that's me
Kick her out; I should be there
Kiss me, not her, cause I love you
I just wish you could know