Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

April 24, 2012


by Imanni 
lungs have no air
heart has no beat
nose has no smell
eyes cant see
hands cant touch or feel warmth
legs cant walk
lips wont move
veins empty of blood

shatter glass
broken up words
broken lamps
broken girl
broken world

violence fills the air 
he hits and hits and hits again
saying shes a bitch
a whore
he's such an artist
who paints all of his work in blood

she's dead on the inside
choking on her own pain and guilt
friends cry, she's insane
will she ever be the same

heart starts to beat slowly
lungs start to fill with air
mind starts to send signals
hands can feel
nose can smell
legs can walk
veins start to pump
and lips start to move
she says

fear is not here or there
insane aren't we all
mentally changed to some degree
but why does it only have to be me
because i told or because i'm alive
even tho the tear aint dried
still i rise


by Imanni
What if I could stop breathing for 20 seconds?
Maybe that could get you to not be reckless?
What if I bleed out and die?
Would that even be enough for you to cry?
What if I told you how I really felt without holding back?
I wonder how you would respond to that.
Would you rant and rave
Threaten to put me in the grave?
Or would you listen
Not interrupt till I was finish?
I wonder how you will react when the Judge hands down the Verdict.
Are you even scared to be in there with convicted criminal?
Or are you trying to have everything subliminal
Do you try to kill me in you sleep
Conjure up images just to prove to you I’m weak.
Will you count down the month, hours, days, and year?
Or will you face you fear
Or maybe drown in your own tear
I hope it haunt you like a ghost
And bother you most nights
Hopefully you can’t sleep without lights
Darkness will consume you 
And there I will be
Facing you with all of you misery
You will never sleep again
Neither will your friends
Haunting and taunting you'll see visions of me
Watching from the inside
You’ll go downhill
Bouncing from mental institution
For you there is no solution
I follow you like prey ready to attack
Just like your decisions you can never turn back
Guess what it are not only you
Your other 2 friends are seeing me too
I will never go away
I will haunt you everyday
Impossible to get rid of me
I’ll have you pleading please
I won’t listen it will fall upon deaf ears
Just like screaming in nightmares
Grab for your blanket or teddy
You can’t call mom you know that already
This is Prison and I’m Hell
Rest in pieces in your Jail cell
Beware the dude your sleeping next like boys
You’ll be his next jailhouse toy.
3 years from now I’ll be at your Wake
You won’t rest in Peace
I’ll command your fate
You’ll hear my voice
And smell me before you die
And you will know the answer why
I am the ghost and you are scrooge
Life is a game! Guess what
You lose

Trapped Behind These Cold Glass Walls

by Imanni

trapped behind these cold glass walls
white fades to black
emotions run deep like a cut with a four inch blade
cold glassy stare from sharp crazed eyes
look into the mirror what do you see
a crazed person staring back at me
words spin as tho they're on an amusement ride
but this is not for fun
lives are at stake
don't take the risk
black slowly turns to red
deep bright hard red
pumping out of the cold and disturbed heart
what do you say
how do you react
the cold glassy stare freezes in time
prickly thorns arise on that heart 
thought to be made out of steel
they let down the castle wall guarding your heart
but the pain they can't see
the fire taken over your soul
walking slow like a zombie
screams that they can't hear
your cries for help echo against these glass walls
someone throw a brick or a stone
let me out of this vicious cage
that we've both built
me out of protection
you out of control
someone help me
sweaty hands surround tightly around the throat
squeezing the life out of you slowly
like an anaconda on the verge of an attack
i guess this is the sign that i'm going mad
the unseen bruises
vision of him appearing like a ghost
i'm going crazier than most

April 19, 2012


by Emily

A lingering smile,
On lips of softest pink,
A flash of joy,
In bright eyes full of wonder,
A brush of golden curls,
Of the halo that surrounds her,
Gentleness, Truthfulness,
A soul that shines so bright,

I stand on the outskirts,
Hoping to be noticed,
But content to always wonder,
If that smile was meant for me.

April 18, 2012

Satan's Army

All the people
I love and know
Were destroyed
With one little blow
As the power of Satan
Doubled in size
His skeleton army
Started to rise
If there is one thing
You should know
If you want to survive
Just remember
Never close your eyes.

April 14, 2012


The cruel pangs of reality stab at my side,
A constant reminder of a fight left to fight,
The haunting concept of a pain left to live.

A softer idea brushes the edges of my mind,
A more promising reality of endings and beginnings,
 Of softness, and tiredness, and wanderings.

To let go of the world,
Surrendering, giving,
to the serenity beyond.

Oh! To let go, of my worries and problems,
Of my secrets and pains,
Never to be told,
 to the eyes that don't see,
 to the lives that don't live.

 To be free of the pressures,
of the swirling indifference,
 that consumes the world around me.

Surrendering to softness,
To a world with less to hold.

April 13, 2012

The Heart Thief

by Kira

I have stolen
your heart,
In a figurative way.

And that you
probably would have
given to me anyway.

Forgive me
I couldn’t help myself
It was just so tempting.

April 5, 2012

Colored Glass

by Anonymous

Through the colored glass,
I see your face,
with the tears that flood your eyes.
I know the feelings located inside,
and your pain.
I understand your cries.
I see your face,
through the colored glass.

April 2, 2012

Angels and Humans

by Izzie

Humans May Never Fly.
Angels Are In The Sky.
Sometimes I Wish I Could Transform,
Do I Have To Stay In This Storm?

Humans Really Do Die.
Angels Will Never Have To Hide.
Sometimes I Hope I Could Be One Of Them,
And Never Have To Be Seen Again.

Humans Might Have Known How To Fly.
Angels Might Have Taught Them How.
And Us Stupids, We Forget.
And Then Those Angels, They Just Left.

April 1, 2012

Still Waiting...

do you love me,
do you care,
do you even know i'm there?
i sit alone in the night
wishing you had made this right, 
you say i'm something you never finished,
well then i might as well be diminished,
cause if you cared then you'd be here, 
instead of leaving me in fear,
of this world so cold and cruel, without a father
i feel like a fool, 
a fool for waiting for you to come and be my dad
but i guess that was dumb,
for we both know that i will always be paying,
for the choice that you made,
it will just leave me waiting.
so i guess i will wait until the day, 
when you will honestly come to me and say,

i do love you,
i do care,
i will always know you are there