Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

October 28, 2012


by Natasha
all i want is just one thing.
it's not alot to ask for to be thin.
perfection that i can keep, beauty skin deep.
destroy the enemy but it's so hard to do,
especially when it is inside you.
i guess i'll have to destroy what i am
if i want what i'm not.
what i want, maybe it is a lot.

October 27, 2012

Last Year

by Lia H.R.
Last year
I was the new kid 
At school
Lonely and shy
I always stood aside 
Too afraid to say ,"hello"
As everyone passed me by.
Last year
I was the new kid
At a new church.
I remember staring up
At the humongous building,
Thinking if I would meet anyone
In such a large place.
I quickly found friends and finally
Accepted God.
Last year 
I met new people soon to become
Best friends
I met bad people and shot out my 
Last year
I met a boy that stole my heart
He wasn't mine
I would've been his if he'd only asked
And, oh how my heart ached
To be his.
I painfully watched
As the days rolled past me
And the boy never asking.
Last year 
Was last year so now
I should move on
With my life,
Reaching out for what's ahead 
and leave what's left behind, behind.


by Lia H.R.
Standing alone
In the freshly cut lawn
sipping the lemonade
From my aged teacup.
Looking at empty chairs 
And empty tables, wondering
Why you left
Why you died.
Sitting on cool grass
Watered by my tears, 
Screaming out your name
What if?
What if?
Walking through my
Memories of you and me
And their car and your car.
Fire seared to the back of 
My mind, hot and flaming as it
Reaches towards me.
Your ghost smile and
Dead laughter echo in my sleep.
Tear-stained face and choked voice 
As you slip away.
I grasp.
I stretch.
I never make it…
Open eyes and blank stares 
As the blood pools around you
Broken smile and furrowed brow
Could not believe it was true.
Call me selfish 
But why aren’t you here?
Call me cold
But why are you dead?

October 11, 2012

Stain on the Carpet

by Anonymous 
Walking down the hallway
I look down and see
the remains of a memory
can't throw away the key

I try to push away the feelings
I run from our past
can't face I may still love you
we were both too toxic to last.

we wanted different things
I longed for just a kiss
your words were just deceitful
all you wanted was physical bliss

memories shake my bones
and I can never forget your lips
The way you looked me in the eyes
with your hands upon my hips.

that night, I can never take back.
you're just a ghost to me
how could I ever think
we were possibly meant to be?

Move on, move on,
is what I scream in my head
But honestly I can't lie to myself
I want you here instead

Don't make me fall again
I can't bear the pain
My love exploded in your eyes
Our memories just a stain.

October 1, 2012

Cyclical Reparation

by Abigail
A bleak fractured world
Holds me hostage
Cloaks my armor
A world where it’s not okay to cry
and they tell you to stop acting like a fool
Where someone commits the barbaric act of murder
but they dismiss 
Irony manifested into men with crisply starched suits
looks upon an unforgiving sadness of hostility 
Of never knowing
If only the world knew that within the mask they hide 
Is a heart 
lathered in a coarse substance
that people call hope
A periwinkle birdbath 
In desperate need of repair 
hope takes on many forms
a squall of identity
assures me that the world
is not a happy place
but rather a place
of problems born anew