Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

March 22, 2014


by EM

Love is a disease
People are infected by it
People are vulnerable because of it
They open their hearts to others
Show them affection and express their feelings
But then, they always end up hurt
Wondering if they lost their time
Or if it was worth it
But we never know when or who is going to hurt us
We have to take a chance
Be brave
And accept the consequences

March 3, 2014


by Lela

Evil are people
Flip evil it just becomes live.
I am the only person I can’t run away from.
But when my body and soul and heart stop and go...
I know what you’ll have SKELETON.

Bodies control our mind.
My mind speaks and doesn’t like my body
And body hates mental
And mental hates devil
Devil is evil, left is my useless skeleton

The Equation Between Us

by Prateek

I want to know,
the equation,
that is between us,
if you,
I can question.
Is it a feeling simple,
as an integer,
or is it complicated,
as the complex number.
Whether is it easy to work,
to be complete and whole,
or is it a fraction,
of your life and world
If we together,
add up to make two,
or with us,
love turns negative.
Is it a calculus,
odd to understand,
do we differ so much,
we can't integrate our lives.
And if we could,
multiply our happiness,
while dividing,
those sad moments.
Can it be,
like the circle with no end,
in the plane same,
with similar coordinates.
If our love,
is a mathematical term to define,
would we be mutually exclusive,
or will it stay infinite.


by EM

It is very painful
When you are in the crowd
With people
Your best friends
And you feel like a stranger
You feel like you don't belong there
Like you're not meant to be there
Like you're meant to suffer or even not be there
You feel transparent
You feel non existent


by EM

His eyes are beautiful like the sunset
even though they are bright,
I felt them just as dark as the moon.
It gives me chills and a feeling of evil
I can’t believe I've fallen in love

With someone who I am better away from.
Even though I know I should stay away from him,

I can’t help it, I still love him.
But his beautiful eyes
Are just a disguise