Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

December 24, 2012

You're Always There

by Katie
like a shadow in my dreams
a flashback in my mind
your face keeps on appearing 
out of nowhere I seem to find

a picture painted on my brain
it's like you're burned into my skin 
how can I explain it? where do I even begin?

everything I do
i can't concentrate because 
all I think of is you

a silhouette in the light 
a portrait in a frame
a glimpse of movement in the dark
thoughts of you remain

December 23, 2012

In the Mirror

by Artemis Moon
I see each face,
shadows of the past.
Fallen from grace,
they never did last.

They shine in the dark,
and echo in the silence.
A different mark,
they stole my patience.

Do you accept my fate,
a destiny you see as horror.
I'm not your usual date,
no longer the girl in the mirror.

December 19, 2012

Thinking of You

by Fatima
Thinking of you,
you in my head,
me in my bed. 
I wonder if you ever did this,
Me in your head,
You, in your bed
but I am sure it never happened, 
I ain't that good to occupy someone's head, 
I am no angel, no queen, 
I need no prince, no king 
I will do better alone, 
just lying in bed, 
having you in my head,
And if you have ever did that, 
you would know how it feels
to love, to dream, 
but I wonder if you ever did that, 
lying on bed, with me in your head.

December 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary

by Sydney
Happy Anniversary, my Sweet Love!
For you, I thank the Lord above
You’ve given me hope, inspiration, and truth
Because of you I feel never-ending youth
When heavy storms have come our way
Your love has always made me stay
Each morning I wake and see your face
I know, in you, I’ve found my place
Our bond is extraordinary, beautiful, and real
It’s remarkable how wonderful you make me feel
We belong together, you and I
That, the world cannot deny
Never in my life will I find another man
Who could ever fulfill me the way you can
The life we’ve shared this past year
Has proven forever it shall persevere
I will love you forever in every way
That will remain constant until my dying day.

December 5, 2012


by Anonymous 

How do I keep from falling
when it is so easy to do.
How do I keep from hurting
when you hurt me so bad.
How do I keep tearing down these walls
when you forced me to build them up so high.
How do I learn to trust again
when I can't even trust myself.
How do I live a life without you
when you’re the only one I have ever loved,
so much as to get myself hurt.
How do I keep myself from going back to you.
Because every time I pull away
you pull me back in.
I know I get hurt but you pull me back in.
In the end it's always me getting hurt.
It's like I’m falling and I can't get up.
No matter how hard I try
you always give me that push
and I wind up falling.

Be There

by Danielle 

I may not be your everything,
but I’m always going to be 

more than you deserve.

When the sun don’t shine
and you need just a small ray..
I’ll be gone.
No Love.

When the tears won’t stop
and you need a shoulder
I’ll be gone.
No Luck.

When you need a piece of happiness
and a smile is nowhere in sight..
I’ll be gone.
No Pain.

When you need someone to pour your heart out to,
like i needed, and you can’t find a friend..
I’ll be there.
No Animosity


by Danielle

I'll open my eyes when the world decides to live
I'll open my heart when you decide to love
I'll hold onto my prudence when I find it necessary
I'll hold onto you when I have nothing left
Forever is a long time
And I wouldn't mind spending it
By your side

December 1, 2012

Her Best

by Kacey
Quiet tears fall down her face,
She’s her dad’s option and her mother’s disgrace.
She hides behind a shadow of what you want her to be,
Her achievements get shunned by only what you want to see.

Her biggest goal in life is for him to call her his,
I bet you didn’t realize how lonely she really is.
Heavily she waits for shooting stars and falling lashes,
One minute she’s content then the next she crashes.

You pass her in the hall, to acknowledge you resist,
You just proved her right that friendship doesn’t exist.
She waits for your approval getting scarred by your mouth,
While your ego is floating her self-appreciation goes south.

To be his kryptonite she’d be devoted from the start,
The promise he’d make would mend every broken heart.
She’d fall in his arms and cry into his chest,
She’d been waiting for the day when someone knew it was her best.

Afternoon Sun

by Miranda 

it's hard to say that sometimes i don't know what to say,
and what i do, sometimes, comes out in a different way.
You say i make you smile, but you really do to me.
i begin to look at you and the reason is because,
im thinking of why i like you.
You wonder why but i say it's nothing
but really and truly it's always something.
my stomach fills with butterflies when we sit close,
but it makes me smile, makes me comfortable
i've never felt this way before, this feeling has suddenly come
it's light and warm like the afternoon sun.