Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

July 2, 2007

Pushed Away

by Amanda

I miss walking with you down the hall
And how you were so caring
I miss the way you would help when I would fall
And how you were always so daring

I miss the way you would hug me
When you haven’t seen me in days
I miss our good times together
Why did you walk away?

Just answer my question
What did I do?
I thought we were good friends
Now I am stuck here missing you

When I shut my eyes
All I can see is your face
I bet you did not know
You would make me feel this way

But whatever I do
I cannot cry
Crying is just a point for you
At least in your eyes

I don’t know what I did
To make you act like this
And I am very sorry
For making you so pissed

I am sorry
For making you feel this way
I will always remember you
As the one who pushed me away

July 1, 2007

I'm Only So Strong

by Raven

As rain hits the roof
Teardrops fall from my eyes
In my mind are thoughts
Thoughts of sorrow, pain, and cries
I've been through alot
And still I tell these lies
I'm fine, I'm strong inside,
But no matter how hard I try
I don't belief myself
Maybe I'm lost,
Maybe I'm confused inside,
Or maybe I lost it all
Or maybe it just feels that way,
No happiness like it used to be
Since that day you went away
I'm strong, though... I think
But if that's so, why am I so weak
I can only be so strong
And I can only go on for so long


by Stargirl

Dreams finally realised,
can’t believe it’s happening to me,
just want to get out there,
for everyone to see
Adrenalin rush as I take to the stage,
feeling finally free, broken out of my cage
No stopping me now,
I’m where I belong,
under the spotlight,
even if only for one song
Confidence rising higher and higher,
twirling out of control,
this is my desire
I stumble and fall,
wanting no one to see,
or shine like the star,
that is inside of me
Now its coming to an end, unfortunately,
with the ever nearing, ending curtsey
Glorious applause as I take my final pose,
everything good has to end,
that’s just how it goes.

You Are...Who?

by Chelsea

will you forget or
do you remember
did you love
or were you stuck on like
are you a king or just a joker
did you care or just want to stare
did I mean everything or nothing at all
did you want me or just to own me
were you yourself or somebody else
did you notice or just look twice
did you lie or make a fib
are you a cheater or just a player
are you a commiter or just a heartbreaker..
who are YOU?
and tell me HONESTLY who YOU are...

Dream a Little Dream

by Keely

I used to stand up on my two feet
Trying to picture what my life would be
Seeing all the memories pass before my eyes
Seeing all the good and bad in my life
Wondering what it’s telling me
If I should go after my dreams
Take a chance and leap towards everything
Take a risk for once in your life
Make a change for the better
Dream a little dream
And see what it will be
Don’t be scared to follow your dreams
cuz whereever they may lead you
your heart will tell you where to be


by Caitlin

Silence..void of all words
This unmistakable darkness that consumes me
People around me seem to hear everything
But not I, for I hear nothing....
So quiet are my days and long, too
I spend most of my time writing...
Though at times it can be rather boring.
Life should be full of sounds to hear
But not in my world, for it is dead to all noise
One day I wish to hear the birds sing
and the wind whistle through the trees...
I will tell you why I will never hear
These wondrous sounds ever again.
It's because...I'm dead
And have been for a very many centuries.
My name no one knows...
Invisible I am not to you, but everyone else.


by Anonymous

i am alone.
in the dark,
with no awareness of where we are.
tonight was supposed to be good,
supposed to be grand,
but insted you just slapped me,
with the palm of your hand.
i walked away,
with no fear.

to set aside
is only to forget
the things
that we really miss
our feelings are
each our own
but in isolation we feel alone.


by Anonymous

your eyes deep brown remind me of the woods of home were the tides flow and the trees moan your hair sways in the wind as the elms did but your heart shant be that cold as i say to the land i love you like the woods of home.


by Anonymous

Why do people have to lie?
Why do people have to die?
Why do people feel pain?
Why do people have to steal?
Why do people have to kill?
Why do people live in fear?
Why do people run and hide?
Why do people control our lives?
Why do people break our hearts?
Why do people cry?

Memories of a Rape

by TeraLie

his fingertips brush her skin as she slowly fades away
fantasies of others never seem to leave, not stay.
the brushing of his hair against her elegant chest
as his lips touch her skin, nervous shivers never rest.
his fingers brush her breast as he slowly makes her numb,
as her legs shiver nervously, cheeks red for fun.
his fingertips never leave, her shivering never stops.
after pleasure she says stop, her tiredness takes over.
he seems to push harder as he rips away her lace.
he rapes away her happiness, as she screams "no and its not fun".
he yells oh so rudely, shut up and your dumb.
he calls her a slut, and she says let me be,
he yells, says she wants it, as she tries to get free.
he quickly strikes her face as she tries to get away,
this is why she remembers, why she remembers that day.
once it is all over her pain never stops,
her virginity he's taken, her virginity she lost.
the memories of a rape never seem to go away.


by Scott

I am sitting in my room
Thinking of what to do
I remember that night
Going out of the house without a fright
It wasn't worth the trouble
And my punishment was double
I let peer pressure come in
And let it take with what was within

A Lie

by Brittni

I’m sorry I lied.
I’m sorry I lied about lying.
I’m always sorry and I’m sorry about that.
I don’t want anyone to hurt anyone,
Yet I want to hurt you.
Your crude remarks and actions only hurt me more.
The internal bleeding is left for me to feel
and you to see through my tears.
You do not see it.
You only continue to stab inhumanely with your words.
I’ll tell you the truth,
I’m sorry you are too oblivious to notice your failures,
You are better than that.
And once more,
A lie.

My Best Friend

by Madeline

What happened to my best friend?
I can’t seem to figure it out
She seems like a different person
Don’t know what it’s all about
We used to be so close together
Nothing could tear us apart
She really was a part of me
Had a special place in my heart
We would wait for each other after class
Every single day
Hey best buddy, where ya been?
Is what she used to say
We would hate the mean preps
(Not all of them used to be)
Neither of us had big reps
Everyone would agree
The following year in 7th grade
She was still my best friend
But she wasn’t old Sam anymore
All that really did end
She lost the glasses,
Straightened her hair
And dressed different too
Prep was her style now
Who she was, I didn’t know who
Hollister, American eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch
I didnt have anything against all that
But she became such a bitch!
She made comments on my clothes and hair
I had a different style too
Not one so prepish
Not Goth or emo too
Our 8th period classes were far apart
I would wait for her after school
At the bottom of the stair case
Looking like a fool
I was so excided to talk to her
So when she got to the last stair
I said hey Sam, what’s up?
But she passed me as if I wasn’t there
She walked alone to the bus
No one by her side
As I walked with other friends
My feelings I would hide
She’s not always like this
But most of the times she is
Ditching me for other people
Other prepish kids
Although I had other friends
(At the moment better than she)
I felt like such an outcast
As if the problem was just me
But some times she acts like old Sam
Full of intelligence and light
But only would she do this
If no prep was in sight
I wonder if it’s all worth it
To still be her best friend
Maybe shell change her ways
And all will come to an end
I haven’t told her yet
Can’t think of a nice way to say
Last time I tried to tell her something
She ignored me all day
I really miss Samantha
It’s hard for her to see
But it’s not her I truly miss
It’s the person she used to be