Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

April 14, 2007

One Moment

by Lilly

Everything you can feel in one moment
when two buildings come crashing down
because of two planes.
Remember 9/11.


by Allie

will the end ever come
will i ever get to see you again
will i ever die
will i have to kill myself
for the pain to end
you say you love me
and i believe you
but i don't love myself
this secret inside
is killing me
i want to tell you it
but im scared
scared of what you'll say
scared you won't like me anymore
scared you won't want to be around
im scared and i need someone to hold me tight
i thought that one was you
i loved you
and i know you love me
but my life sucks
it's crashing down on top of me

April 10, 2007


by Allie

the cuts are getting deeper
with every thought of you
i thought you loved me
i thought you cared
my arm is gushing
gushing blood now
i can't get you out of my head
i loved you
but you didn't love me
the bleeding stops
the sun comes up
and the thoughts
thoughts of you
they fade away
but every time i see
see the scares
i feel the sting
and think of you
and how you made me

April 8, 2007

Only One

by Lilly

I only have one friend.
I only have one family member.
I only have one pet.
We only have one blanket.
We only have one lamp.
We only have one room.
I only have one look.
I only have one talent.
I only have one meal.
We only have one car.
We only have one table.
We only have one window.
I only have on heart,
and it's filled with sorrow.
I only have one life,
and it's not going so well.
I only have myself,
and it's lonely.


by Kelsey

Tears flowing. Pain soaring.
Heart broken. Looks alluring.
Why did this happen? Why did he leave?
When it was all over, her dreams were achieved.
She had him wrapped around her little finger,
With laughter that lasts and looks that linger.
Three months together, I thought we would last.
Now all my dreams and hopes are in the past.
I’ll love him always, even though it’s not returned.
The looks that he gives her are the ones that I yearn.
Someday I’ll move on and learn to live;
Maybe...to another guy my love I will give.
Loving him changed me, he’ll be in my heart,
Whether we are far together or far apart.

Calendar Marks

by Courtney

the calendar marks
a month to the day
the memories we had
will never fade away
your smiling face
is embeded in my mind
and everytime i remember that you're gone
tears fill my eyes
i didn't want to believe it was true
and yet it was all i ever knew
you were taken too soon
and we're all missing you

In My Life

by Lilex

in my life
sometimes i'm afraid of things
of things that happen to me
so i run away
scared of my own fate
or destiny in life
i can't seem to face
it head on or look myself in the mirror
why must my own fears haunt me
from achieving what goals i have or that are set in mind
i don't like being afraid of my shadow or you
why must i run and hide
from the people i love the most
why must something i love the most
be the thing that i'm most afraid
get close to and hold on tight
to cherish everything he has done for me
the feeling of it being so real makes me tremmble in fear
i cry at night afraid of the choice i have made
to set him free though in my heart i know
he is the one for me
why must fear bring me down
put a shadow of doubt in my head
forever be something that is haunting me
not a friend that helps me out
but an enemy that will never seem to love me
for me
i hate this feeling that hangs over me
why must it destroy everthing that i've created
to live up to standards that i love
to enjoy the people that give me love
then bring me down to nothing but pain
this feeling gives me envy and gloom
no smiles on my face just a feeling that i hate

Love You or Not

by Tana

I felt so empty inside last night,
When I didn't receive your call.

I felt like crying, but instead...
I laid there staring at the wall.

We've been through a lot for two months together,
And I know that it hurts to hear my feelings

to your questions with WHATEVER
I honestly do think that I want to really understand

That we could never be anything more than just friends.
Is that what your title will always remain?

Because whenever I look at you, I don't feel the same.
I took a picture of you and held it real close to my heart.

I prayed that we'd always be together.
And yet, we're falling apart.

I told myself that I wouldn't cry whenever you decided to let go.
but i couldnt promise that for a fact, my love for you so true.

And if you were to ask me if I cared about you
or loved you always, the answer would never be NO.

I love you FRIEND.
And that title is all you'll ever be now, i guess.

Instead I promise to never let you leave my heart or become a faded memory.
Because I know that deep down inside, you will always be a part of me.

April 5, 2007

Teenage Years

by Candice B.

These are our Teenage Years...
The Best Days of Our Lives

Big Dreams ... Stupid Fights
Sleepy Days ... Endless Nights
Broken Hearts ... Mascara Tears
Mobile Bills & Credit Card Fears
Clothes Too Tight ... Shoes Too High
Out Past Curfew ... Another Lie
Eyeshadow Color ... Midnight Black
Lip-Gloss Flavor ... Cherry Attack
Loving the Stars ... Boys with Cars
Jewelry & Rings ... Fashion & Things
Designer Names ... Drinking Games

That is a taste of the teenage years,
When problems are too big for tears.

A CDs Last Wish

by Kelly

I used to be cutting edge,
the talk of the town all of the rage
i was the mini vinyl of this day and age.

All shiny and metallic
small and compact
i know whats new is old eventually
i suppose it's just a fact
But this i never expected
Theres nothing better than me,
That was of course until the birth of the MP3.

The internet's is its best friend
billons of tracks on there
you can get em at the click of a button
without any thought or care

Im on the internet as well
but im just a spare part
you internet shoppers dont want me
in your cyber shopping cart

Im not history yet however
im on shop shelves ansd window displays
im often a greater seller for christmas and birthdays

You older folks are wiser
you still have faith in me
please dont give in to peer pressure
say NO to the MP3!

I Am

by Alexandra

I am strong and I am fierce
I wonder what will become of me
I hear freedom ringing
I see that Israel is coming
I want our souls to be so safe and loved
for I am strong and I am fierce

I pray that I will live again or that I will survive
I feel Israel come marching in
I touch the face of freedom
I worry about my conviction’s fate
I cry for my unborn children
for I am strong and I am fierce

I understand that my time is short
I believe that I’ve not fought in vain
I dream that my legacy will be followed
I try to secure the future of love not hate
I hope that my fight will prove the innocence of the nobles
so that I will be strong and fierce

Life Is Short

by Anonymous

life is short,
life is fun,
just forget all the things he's done,
life goes on,
as well you know,
forgive and forget,
thats my motto,
you see this person every day,
you feel you've gotta get away,
live your life you know you should,
but if only you could,
this man is old and strong,
he wont last long,
until the day he dies and leaves this world,
dont try and hide the lies,
speak up about this dirty old man that hurt you so,
i know you're scared i've been there before,
but just think its what HE caused,
the only way you will forget
is to speak up then you wont have regret,
now live your life as best you can,
live everyday as if its your last,
and forget the past!


by Jessica

What's terrible about being alone
Is knowing that you are alone
The wonderful thing about solitude
Is that your secret never escapes

No ones know the hidden scars
No one feels the cut
No one comforts the cries
Of desertion and hurt

They live alone in their own world
Forgetting that you even exist
That you were there in the beginning
And will remain until the end

But after all that's how I want it to remain
With my secret kept and theirs exposed to the eyes
For all to see and to use against

If my secrets were bare than they would know…
How I hide at night alone in my room
Searching for a hand to hold
Looking for a light

Fearing to feel the cold touch
Of another probing hand
Searching my soul for all it contains
Stripping me down to my core

Making sure everyone gets a chance
Of feeling my innards
Making me bleed and cry
And sending me to my special place

Where I am alone
What's so terrible about being alone?
You're safe and… Alone

On My Own

by Inksupreme

So afraid,
So lost in this
Dark empty world.

In this chaos, I lie alone,
Listening to my own heartbeat,
which is the only source
Of courage to me.

In this world,
I have to be
My own mistress,
My own slave.

It is my Life,
And if I dont care for it,
Who will??


by Meagan

Everytime he smiles at me
I can’t help but smile back

Everytime he holds my hand
I can’t help but hold his too

Everytime he hugs me
I can’t help but hug him back

Everytime he kisses me
I can’t help but kiss him back

Everytime he looks at me
I can’t help but look back at him

Everytime he says “I Love You”
I can’t help but say “I Love You too.”