Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

August 22, 2012

Quiet Mind

by Rachel 
Your nose is too round,
Your forehead's too big,
Your stomach is fat,
Ugliness all around.

Starve yourself for a day,
But you still look the same,
Maybe a new scar will take away the pain.

Too ugly for friends,
They'll only reject you,
No one will ever accept you.

You'll never be worthy of the lord's love,
So pretend you don't believe what they say is above.

Why do you try?
Put down the eyeliner and mascara.
No one looks at you anyway.

That's not for you.
Don't flatter yourself,
You're not pretty enough.

They don't care about you, 
You're a screw up,
Eventually they'll leave you behind.

Why can't I have a quiet mind?

August 20, 2012

I'm Sorry

by Leah V.
I’m sorry I’m not perfect
Another perfect image
You have imprinted 
And thriving in
Your mind

I’m sorry for having 
The impatience of
My father, that 
Peace I cannot

I’m sorry for being 
So determined and
Independent and stubborn, 
Just as you were 
Back then. 

I’m sorry my view 
On things is more
Into reality, yet yours
In your own little 

I’m sorry fairy tales
Were left behind for 
Me as a child.

I’m sorry I don’t live
By your religious 
Standards on your 
Perfect life. 

I’m sorry every time 
You yell at me, I cry
For feeling that I 
Am nothing in
Your eyes.

I'm sorry I live to 
Please you so much
And want to deserve
Your all around 

I’m sorry I wish, 
Wish my life away
Every time your own 
Flesh and blood
Come and visit 
Our home.

I’m sorry I make 
You think of him
Every time you look
At me.

I’m sorry I’m 
This perfect

I’m sorry. 
I’m just so sorry.

The Mistake(n) One

i am not one
to feel like something.
i am one 
who is told she is nothing.

i do not stand tall
like a redwood tree.
i am shot down
so carelessly.

i am not pretty
like other teens.
i am told i did not
inherit those genes.

i have no sense
as many do.
i have all the book smarts,
that lead me askew. 

i follow the wrong path
and the wrong crowd.
i instead follow no one
and remain in my cloud.

i have a bad mindset
worldly and corrupt.
i must be out of reality
forced and abrupt.

i have no say
as the "child" i am.
i have no opinion
no place to stand.

i hear you say these things
that cannot be erased.
i cannot tune you out
you cannot be chased.

i wasn't a forethought
unknown and unplanned.
i was a "mistake"
thought to be banned?

i am not "happy"
unless i am with you?
i am sorry
but the mistaken one is you.


So sweet is your voice 
as you whisper to me, 
but I guess you don't
know about my
obsession with you,
because it could
cause us confusion,
pain, and regret.
Do you trust my love?
No, of course not. 
You could do better 
than a girl with her 
head in the clouds.
So I guess I can 
love you in secret...
But I can't. 
So I will take my secret 
to the grave.
If I can't have you 
then I can't live.
So goodbye, my beautiful friend.
Never forget me and 
remember when you kiss her.

August 19, 2012

The Brave Warrior

by Elisheva
At night a knight in shining armor,
Riding on his valiant white stead.

On his way the way to the castle,
To save his beloved princess.

At the gate, the gate to the dungeon,
Waits a fiery dragon for its prey. 
At Gaza a soldier in bullet proof armor,
Riding in his big metal tank.

On his way the way into battle,
To protect his beloved country.

At the gate, the gate to death and blood,
Waits a wild terrorist for his prey

August 10, 2012

Ghostly Eyes

Ghostly eyes watch us burn.
They use beauty and silence to disguise themselves.
We do not normally see the evil lurking in the crowds,
never see the devil's spies.
But I see them.
I can see their sunken, pale faces
And their mouths open in an eternal scream.
And their eyes.
Their fearless black eyes,
Full of want, and lust.
And violence.
No one believes me,
Which is why I am here in this large white room,
Telling you about the evil that watches us die.
Do you believe me?

Live Again

Those beautiful eyes of his haunt me
in deep shades of blue.
His voice is exotic and seductive
as he tells me how stunning I am.
I'm scared to open my eyes,
for fear of losing sight
of his flirty smile and teasing laugh.
For fear that he isn't real.
He holds me in his arms
and tells me to wake up,
that he is real,
and that he'll be there
when I open my eyes.
So I listen.
I open my eyes and blink
at the blinding white lights
and stare at the doctors around me.
He isn't there.
The dark seductive voice of Death
convinced me to live again.

August 8, 2012


by Brooke 
Smiling from ear to ear, 
Laughing joyfully, 
That's what's on the outside. 
Floods of tears, 
That's what's on the inside. 
Getting caught up in the moment, 
Doesn't happen very often for me, 
But I pretend so no one has to worry. 
I enjoy being alone, 
Reading a book, 
Writing down my thoughts, 
And listening to my music. 
But one can get tired of it, 
Longing for a friend to take my hand, 
Just knowing that someone cares. 
But I just pretend, 
I'm a happy-go-lucky person, 
Who has not a problem in the world. 
Not very many people see through this, 
Not very many people look, 
But when they do, 
I feel vulnerable. 
I try to convince them otherwise, 
Show that I'm happy, 
They pretend I've convinced them, 
Just to make me happy. 
But others keep peeling back the layers, 
Figuring me out, 
Becoming my friend. 
As I pretend, 
Not being who I am, 
Trying to be like everybody else, 
You have found me unmasked.

What Is It Like To Be Evil?

by Rachel
How does it feel to know everyone wants you dead?
To have to check your closet and under your bed?
You brought it on yourself you know,
Ripping children's dreams to shreds,
Acid spraying from your mouth as you speak,
Your selfish words are strong, beating the listener,
But your body and your arguments are weak.
The requested reaper waiting at every turn,
Conjured by your victims who will spit in your urn.
Every tear you force from an eye,
Is another wish that soon you will die.
You pretend to be innocent, like you've done no wrong,
But your lies don't last very long.
You get bloodshot eyes screaming over someone else's spilled milk,
Sticking your snickering nose in into everyone's life.
How can you sleep with these echoing cries?
Plummet off the highest of cliffs,
And give my murdered soul its dying wish.

My Father

by Bianca

The main reason for you is to keep me protected, 
But now I feel mostly rejected 
Nothing that you want 
And the old you was always there to haunt 
My dreams are full of disappointments 
They are shattered and scarred 
With memory of the old you 
Losing you to an unwilling cause 
Putting the nightmare to a pause 
No chance of getting out 
But frozen, I’ll never shout 
I try to fight but just forget it 
Someday I tell myself you’ll regret it 
I am stuck in an unending time loop 
Circular like a hoop 
It's unstoppable 
But to lose my sanity is most likely probable 
The hero is now the villain 
Until a viewer 
Sits to watch his game 
I gave in and now 
I am known for my shame 
Losing every part of me 
All I ask of you is to let me be 
I beg of you I am not perfect 
And once I gave you my heart you 
Hurt it 
I am not like the others 
So please someone another protect me 
The haunters spear me with their words 
They eat my pain for dinner and drink my tears 
No matter how far or how fast I run 
I get lost in my past 
They eat me up slowly once again 
To the point the blow is too hard to mend 
Some days, I feel I will soon awaken 
Others, reality strikes me 
Everything that made me 
Is taken
Love is a word that has no meaning 
You throw it around like the word hi 
Beauty is the vision of perfection 
Without it you are just another rejection 
Having more silicone in your body than you have blood 
Fake and plastic 
Your truth stretches like the worst piece of elastic 
Girls looking in the mirror and thinking that's it 
You people turning their self esteem to shit


by Artemis Moon
i'm no match for her beauty;
it's a beauty too fast.
i'll never catch up 
i will always be last.
but still i know you,
and i know that you're smart,
and you're also a thief,
because you stole my heart.
and she may love you, 
but not as much as i,
and i know you'll never come back, 
which is why i sit here and cry.
i cry for the days,
that are long gone and past.
and i cry for the days,
where i was never last.

August 5, 2012


by Artemis Moon

i sit by the window
mourning your leave
the air becomes thick
it becomes hard to breathe
when i am awake
your voice haunts me
but when i sleep 

i think you're with me
and i hope one day
you will see your mistake
so you will run to my arms
and a new love we will make


by Karley

she looks in the mirror and what does she see 
a fat ugly girl that she has to be 
why can't she be like those pretty girls she sees everywhere
she starves herself but nobody seems to care 
she has scars on her thighs 
and her whole life was filled with endless lies 
all she wants now is to commit suicide

August 2, 2012

I Would've

Everyday I wither away
I remember every word you'd say
It was all a lie, one I believed
I'd swear to you each and every day

What does it mean?
What am i to you?
Confused and Broken
Too scared to look like a fool

I'm nothing now,
Ive not listened like I should've
If only I knew what I knew now
I could've left...I would've.

Am I enough now?
Am I all what you want?
New questions creep into my mind,
lurking and they haunt.
Only to sit there. Unanswered.
Will they ever be?