Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

September 16, 2012


by Artemis Moon
It burns through my body
Where blood and breath should flow.
Am I dying?
What have I done?
No one hears my screams, no one sees my tears.
It's so painful, and I feel so lost
So blurred
So shamed.
No one sees me fall, no one sees my faults.
They cry no tears, below.
Still I feel their pain, above.

September 5, 2012

(Stuck) In the Middle

by Kaytlyn
Face white, like seeing a ghost
Her body stopped as she slowly froze
Her blood turning cold as her mind slips away
Back to a time, back to that day
She remembers the laughs, the smiles, the fun
Before all of this had begun
Her skin is cold and hard to the touch
For she had been trying to hide so much
No expressions, and no more feelings
She felt like her life didn't have any meaning
Her heart beats but her eyes are cold
For she wish she could say all the things untold
Surrounded by people, she was stuck in the middle
Trying to figure out life's confusing riddle

The Candor of A Broken Heart

by Nkossi N.

I sit with myself,
I have conversations with myself,
I berate myself,
I commend myself.

I think of times past,
I ponder upon laughs shared,
I muse about arguments forgiven,
I simper at those forgotten.

I concede my wrongdoings,
I forgive yours.
I wonder how?
I wonder why?

I fail to fathom why,
My conception loathes to accept,
To accept the candor that is.
The candor that it is finished.

Again, I berate myself.
Again I commend myself.
Moreover, I confuse the device of thought.
Worse, that which pumps sanguine,
It beats to the rhythm of a rock lullaby,

O! How I long to smile yet again,
How I long to watch the reflection of self.
Yes, in those pools of brown that pizzazz me time and again

Is it time to run along?
Should I lay in wait?
Must I culminate all feeling?
I know not.
I feel a lot.