Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

January 12, 2009

Ten Little Gymnasts

by Anonymous

Ten little gymnasts were all fine
one flipped into the foam and then there were nine.

Nine little gymnasts went for a skate
one fell down and then there were eight.

Eight little gymnasts all thought about heaven
one went up there and then there were seven.

Seven little gymnasts were all doing kicks
one over-stretched and then there were six.

Six little gymnasts learned how to dive
one drowned and then there were five.

Five little gymnasts went through the door
one didnt and then there were four.

Four little gymnasts were climbing a tree
one slipped and then there were three.

Three little gymnasts had a mother named Lou
one ran away and then there were two.

Two little gymnasts weighed a ton
one was too big and then there was one.

One little gymnasts was having fun
she got tired and then there were none!

Internal Evil

by Anonymous

how can
thoughts be so powerful?
a wicked curse but the truth
laid in front of him always.
how can we be so cruel?
the vicious deed of murder
as bad as threatening;
just as bad in the conscience,
for HE hears it.

January 3, 2009


by Breana

I recall on what was once a bliss
Smiling faces great gifts sealed with kisses
Then I dwell on my hell
as the toll of bells called lies ring
Then I hear the bells called hatred
Followed by deceit
Next come the toll of bells called pain
And I remember how you inflicted so much upon me
All through all the lies
You were telling me
And through all the pain you continue to bring
And through all my tears
And through all my smiles fading
Only to find that if I pray
My troubles won't last always...

I Thought I Knew You

by Anonymous

I guess
i thought
but it isn't true
i always thought
i knew everything about you.
So much you can learn in one night
you see?
No you dont cuz you dont really care about me.
I learned the times you tried
and all the times you lied
i heard those things and almost cried
in my head i knew that wasn't you
but who knew?
i guess
especialy not me.
i heard all those things they said
all those things you did.
i wanted
to shout
i wanted to
i wanted to defend you
but when have you ever defended me?
i guess you're someone
i just don't know
at least not anymore
you slammed that door
so long ago.
i guess
wanna break free
from that barrier
you and me!
you don't.
You wanna do it your way
following the crowd
or following the sway.
Just be yourself for once
i'm hoping and praying
this is not who you have become.
so how am i supposed to
make this easy?
tell me about the part
where you decided to forget
about me.

January 1, 2009

Struggle to Be Strong

by Angel

Who am I to pretend,
When my world is coming to a crashing end,
I was foolish and I was fooled,
To think a guy like you could ever be true,
You know what to say,
To keep my thoughts at bay,
Now my tears,
Are oh so hard to bare,
Sometimes I wonder if you ever cared,
But now I'm gonna take flight,
And finally reach the light,
I'll finally reach for the stars,
And won't be stuck behind these bars,
I learned to be strong,
When everything else is wrong,
I learned to believe,
When you where there to decieve,
I am so above love,
Because with you it will never be real,
I finished the deal.

Hazel Eyes

by Anita

You see these pretty eyes
but you want to know what lies
behind these hazel eyes,
You may see a cover
that is oh so beautiful on the outside
but just as heartless and cold on the inside.
You must never know the fire
that is behind my hazel eyes.
The pain, the guilt, the suffering,
and the tears of my past years
Oh yeah, I've been there.
The hate in my anger,
the bitter in my passion,
and the tough in my love.
That is what lies behind these hazel eyes.
by Esperanza

You tell me that I'm a child
and will never grow up
You tell me I have no voice, no choice
Who cares though luck
You tell me I'm always wrong,
you're always right
You try to tear me down,
but realize the more you do,
the more you see it's wrong
You tell me I can't when I already have
I shouldn't when you know I'll do it
You can't win, neither can I
Hey, the world isn't fair
You have no choice, no voice, who cares,
though luck...

Right Here, Right Now

by Perla

i'd rather be in my room,
when all i can do is think of you.
not another day goes by
when i can't see your smile.
right here, right now!
is were you should be
right here, right now!
we were meant to see
when your're away, so faraway,
all i can do is fade away.
you're the light
that makes my darkness disappear
when you're right there.
right here, right now!

What's Real When...?

by Tiffany

What’s real when you’re left to pretend?
What’s real when life is comin’ to an end?
What’s real when there’s a letter you never send?
What’s real when there’s a heart that will never mend?
What’s real when you’re living a fantasy?
What’s real when you can’t really see?
What’s real when it’s just you and me?
What’s real when it was meant to be?
What’s real when Love is at first sight?
What’s real when you’re flying an invisible kite?
What’s real when you’re alone at night?
What’s real when you take off for flight?
What’s real when you look above?
What’s real when there’s something you cove?
What’s real when in the sky there’s a dove?
What’s real when there's someone you love?
What’s real when accidents occur?
What’s real when you’re not sure?
What’s real when there’s exposure?
What’s the real answer?
What’s real when you only have one shoe?
What’s real when you don’t know who?
What’s real when it’s to good to be true?

What’s real when the answer to these questions is you?

You're real, you're real to me.

God's Promise

by Samson

God never promised days without pain,
laughter without sorrow or sun without rain.
But God did promise strength for the day,
light through dark, and a guide for the way.
And all who believe in his kingdom up above...
He answers their faith...
With everlasting love.