Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

May 27, 2014

Unfinished Business

by Anonymous

take me as i am or watch me as i go,
i will go,
and you will never hear from me again,
because i am not the kind who waits for you to play with me,
i care far too much about my heart
i thought you knew I would always be there for you

right from the start
so why do i feel like you're using me up ?
Why did you have to drain my flame?
I know you're too ignorant though
and it doesn’t help for me to put blame.
but whenever you feel your ready,

you can come to me, yup that’s right,
i never really left.
that’s the magic of a guarded heart.
the love is guarded and always kept.

Close Your Eyes

by HanHoll

I am envious of a blind man
Because he doesn't have to see the things that we see today
Racism still happening after a battle had already been won
Poverty lining the streets of cities that once gleamed with prosperity
Money wasted while people starve
Wars fought that result in only lives lost and no compromise
Education not being prominent in our lives anymore
New generations equal worse morals and values
So close your eyes and pretend it all isn't here.


by Jessi

Just the thought of you makes me weak,
the problem is i think of you everyday of the week.
My heart breaks while my wrists ache.
I cant live like this, weak and vulnerable.
You've got me right where you want me,
cause I'd do anything to see your smile once more.


by Tilly T.

its cold yet i feel as if the cold brings me warmth to this yet freezing suffering i feel buried deep inside me. Its been haunting me. Im traumatized by the lights of flashbacks i had that night and i feel so stupid i hadn't called out rape! the never ending stream of tears that flowed down my cheeks flowed down to its very last drip and as i saw my family cry out for me i felt so bad i didn't cry with them. it poured down rain. it was heavy and it wasn't gonna let go it grabbed me by the wrist and tempted me to reach out to the razor and cut like this! so deep it would slit my vein and make me pass out and fall into a never ending abyss. I knew id regret it . but im still hesitant to resist.

Our Love Story

by EM

When I first met you,
i knew nothing about you.
you were just another stranger who was becoming my friend.
time passed and our friendship grew stronger
i got to meet the real you,

your flaws, and your imperfections and i started
falling for you.
i realized i couldnt live without you
thats when we became US
you and I together
everyday you keep reminding me

why I feel in love with you and why I was right
to keep fighting for us instead of giving up
i know our relationship isnt perfect,

but im not looking for perfection
im just looking to love you

and to your source of happiness and trust.
I want to be yours

Do You Feel Me...

by Savannah

I know how it feels;
It truly kills.
Nobody notices
And if they understand,
They just don't care,
It isn't fair.
I want to pull out my hair
And scream
You think I'm mean?
You must believe
This isn't me.
If people made me this way,
Who made them that way?
I'm a hypocrite
And a piece of shit
And I only have you guys to blame.
Why can't I blame myself?
Instead of someone else?
All I can think is
The world's so twisted
As my skin becomes inflicted
With the pain
That I can never name
If I blame someone else's immorality
For my cruelty
Then that would mean
Someone was cruel to them
And someone was cruel to them
And not one of us knows the reason.
I'm trying to pick apart my brain
Cause I might not remain sane
And I don't want to strain
To understand our hearts
Cause my anxiety
Might make me fall apart
There is no point in trying?
There is no point in making yourself weaker
when you're already strong
And this is cliche,
But just hold on
Life goes on.
Though it may drag
Please don't lag.
People are going through
The same thing as you.
In the end,
We're all human
With addictions and afflictions
And we all sin.

I Have Known A Girl

by Prathamesh

I have known a girl
who made me think
Who sometimes wear
a shirt in pink
Through her style
and the way she smile
She caught my heart
in just a while
Through her picture
I looked at her
The things I feel
gets stronger
I tried to turn my sight
on the other direction
But a picture of her face
was always on my illusion
I don’t even know, how could this happen in me
But I know that it’s real
not fake or fantasy
I found a girl
who sets something in me
That I can’t really explain
as far as I could see
As I close my eye, when I lay at night
She’s the only one
who was always on my sight
If only I had, a right time and a chance
I’ll tell my love
for her with a glance
But sadness I think
was there to fill my heart
Because chances were hard to find
and still were apart
I don’t even have time
to hold her near
To whisper my love
I feel to her ear
Now how could I tell
these things I feel
And show to her
my love is real
If I can’t reach her, because the way’s unclear
For guys like me
to her we're near
Each night I lay
in God I pray
To give me chance
and find her way
Wishing each time
with me she stay
Because every time I see her
all my worries fades away
But if chances and time
will never be mine
Through the pen in my hand
I’ll write on each line
To tell this story
through a poem in my mind
About a pretty girl
who really I liked to find
A girl who’s name is written in history books
When the Struggle of Independence start
which I sing all along
A girl whom my heart
really fell in love
Brighter than the stars
from the sky up above
Now I will take time
to end this story
About a girl, who made me think in a day
I’ll just hope and pray
Wishing that someday
A time will come, and cross our way
I have known a girl.. !

I'm Not Sure, I'll Make You Sure

by Christy

When i can be able to see you
I closed my eyes
When i can be able to touch you
I was not moved
When i can be able to speak to you
I was quiet
When finally i can hear "I love You" from you
I ran away

I don't know where i'm going
What a stupid thing
I threw rocks to you when you threw me cupcakes
My favorite thing

I just couldn't accept this
When i have to release my relationship with freedom
Just to be with you
I am afraid
Will i be happy?
Of course this is what i want
But will i?
Promise me, that i won't cry
Do you promise?

I understand that you are scared
But you just have to let go of something good
To get something greater
And that's me
I'll give all my love for you

If you still want to be free
I can give you freedom
I love you and i'll do anything for you
But i just can't do one thing
I can't promise that
No, i can't so i'm sorry
I won't promise that when you're with me
You'll be just so fine
No tears and no sadness
I can't promise it will happen when you're with me
But i can promise you this
Whenever you're sad and cry
I'll be there with you
Hug you, kiss your forehead,

and say that everything's gonna be alright
Along the night
Until you fall asleep
And when you wake up the next morning
I promise
i would still be there
Fall asleep next to you