Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

December 24, 2012

You're Always There

by Katie
like a shadow in my dreams
a flashback in my mind
your face keeps on appearing 
out of nowhere I seem to find

a picture painted on my brain
it's like you're burned into my skin 
how can I explain it? where do I even begin?

everything I do
i can't concentrate because 
all I think of is you

a silhouette in the light 
a portrait in a frame
a glimpse of movement in the dark
thoughts of you remain

December 23, 2012

In the Mirror

by Artemis Moon
I see each face,
shadows of the past.
Fallen from grace,
they never did last.

They shine in the dark,
and echo in the silence.
A different mark,
they stole my patience.

Do you accept my fate,
a destiny you see as horror.
I'm not your usual date,
no longer the girl in the mirror.

December 19, 2012

Thinking of You

by Fatima
Thinking of you,
you in my head,
me in my bed. 
I wonder if you ever did this,
Me in your head,
You, in your bed
but I am sure it never happened, 
I ain't that good to occupy someone's head, 
I am no angel, no queen, 
I need no prince, no king 
I will do better alone, 
just lying in bed, 
having you in my head,
And if you have ever did that, 
you would know how it feels
to love, to dream, 
but I wonder if you ever did that, 
lying on bed, with me in your head.

December 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary

by Sydney
Happy Anniversary, my Sweet Love!
For you, I thank the Lord above
You’ve given me hope, inspiration, and truth
Because of you I feel never-ending youth
When heavy storms have come our way
Your love has always made me stay
Each morning I wake and see your face
I know, in you, I’ve found my place
Our bond is extraordinary, beautiful, and real
It’s remarkable how wonderful you make me feel
We belong together, you and I
That, the world cannot deny
Never in my life will I find another man
Who could ever fulfill me the way you can
The life we’ve shared this past year
Has proven forever it shall persevere
I will love you forever in every way
That will remain constant until my dying day.

December 5, 2012


by Anonymous 

How do I keep from falling
when it is so easy to do.
How do I keep from hurting
when you hurt me so bad.
How do I keep tearing down these walls
when you forced me to build them up so high.
How do I learn to trust again
when I can't even trust myself.
How do I live a life without you
when you’re the only one I have ever loved,
so much as to get myself hurt.
How do I keep myself from going back to you.
Because every time I pull away
you pull me back in.
I know I get hurt but you pull me back in.
In the end it's always me getting hurt.
It's like I’m falling and I can't get up.
No matter how hard I try
you always give me that push
and I wind up falling.

Be There

by Danielle 

I may not be your everything,
but I’m always going to be 

more than you deserve.

When the sun don’t shine
and you need just a small ray..
I’ll be gone.
No Love.

When the tears won’t stop
and you need a shoulder
I’ll be gone.
No Luck.

When you need a piece of happiness
and a smile is nowhere in sight..
I’ll be gone.
No Pain.

When you need someone to pour your heart out to,
like i needed, and you can’t find a friend..
I’ll be there.
No Animosity


by Danielle

I'll open my eyes when the world decides to live
I'll open my heart when you decide to love
I'll hold onto my prudence when I find it necessary
I'll hold onto you when I have nothing left
Forever is a long time
And I wouldn't mind spending it
By your side

December 1, 2012

Her Best

by Kacey
Quiet tears fall down her face,
She’s her dad’s option and her mother’s disgrace.
She hides behind a shadow of what you want her to be,
Her achievements get shunned by only what you want to see.

Her biggest goal in life is for him to call her his,
I bet you didn’t realize how lonely she really is.
Heavily she waits for shooting stars and falling lashes,
One minute she’s content then the next she crashes.

You pass her in the hall, to acknowledge you resist,
You just proved her right that friendship doesn’t exist.
She waits for your approval getting scarred by your mouth,
While your ego is floating her self-appreciation goes south.

To be his kryptonite she’d be devoted from the start,
The promise he’d make would mend every broken heart.
She’d fall in his arms and cry into his chest,
She’d been waiting for the day when someone knew it was her best.

Afternoon Sun

by Miranda 

it's hard to say that sometimes i don't know what to say,
and what i do, sometimes, comes out in a different way.
You say i make you smile, but you really do to me.
i begin to look at you and the reason is because,
im thinking of why i like you.
You wonder why but i say it's nothing
but really and truly it's always something.
my stomach fills with butterflies when we sit close,
but it makes me smile, makes me comfortable
i've never felt this way before, this feeling has suddenly come
it's light and warm like the afternoon sun.

November 27, 2012


by Lauren D.
Trust, a foreign word to human society.
A word commonly used but not understood

Spoken from deceiving lips and crushing mouths
Rarely understood

Stabbed by knives
Shot with daggers of countless lies
a malediction not understood

Sugar coated, nicely wrapped with bow and all
definitely not a gift in disguise
rather a shit full of lies
Trust our liability, a foreign word to our human society


by Red Liberty 
lately i feel like things have taken a turn for the worst
lately i feel like things have slipped right past me 
lately i feel departed from society 
lately i feel like I'm at the beginning of a closed road 

lately has been a tough going and I'm asking you for a little faith to keep me 
stable, to keep me capable. hold my hand and love me unconditionally. 
lately i have been undeserving
lately i have been cold
lately i have been wrapped up in myself
lately i haven't walked the valuable path of life

lately my reality has been distorted and unknown from me. i have sat back and 
let the damned steal something so critical to my own existence. 
lately i have been deceitful to the ones i cherish and respect. 
i have been deserted by the ones who said they'd stay through the thick and thin. 
lately i have burned all of my bridges and have sent everyone running away in 

lately i haven't breathed the fresh air around me,
lately i haven't been who i used to know. 
lately i realized life is meant to be lived.
lately i have taken the hand of support.
lately i have confessed.
lately i decided to be apart of my own life.

November 16, 2012


by Marti
what the eyes can see is not what defines me
not even the fears, lies, or hyperactivity
mom don't worry, i'm not your insecurities 
my heart, spirit, the blood in my veins, are all god's property 
i was told that god doesn't make junk 
well why do the beatings makes me feel like a punk 
each strike destroying joy and leaving pain 
how much abuse can a child sustain
verbally and physically 
i thought you loved me unconditionally 
i'm like you, why don't you love us 
feeling so blue from the smacks 
no longer blue, all i feel is black 
walking around, sometimes numb 
no e.d. class for me, i'm not dumb 
i want to be loved, i want to grow 
teach me... show me that you know

Velma, I Miss You So Much

by Tristan
heaven is a far place to be, but i know you're alright,
away from all this misery.
looking down upon us, like you used to do
like the great parent you are, i want to be like you

you were always there, through thick and thin
you helped us so much
we NEVER thought you'd give in,

and here we are on this day
a day that god's angels can take their fallen angel away,

crying is an amazing thing , 
it does us no harm but helps us just think,

i know you are safe, in god's arms
we all miss you so much and hope you're not harmed

but we all know that you are in heaven,
please visit us sometime, round half past eleven?

November 15, 2012


by Cesar
I love that look
That charming smile
I was enchanted by her fragrance
The distance is killing me
Not being able to see her
Not being able to have her

I want to have her face to face
I need to tell her how I feel
I can’t get her out of my mind
I would steal a kiss from her
And wish she'd go crazy

Tomorrow I will make her fall in love with me,
I won’t stop until she loves me
I want to kiss her
And shelter her with my arms
She will be my day and night

He Loves Me

by SeVayne

He loves me, loves me not.
Told me that our love was caught.
In a web of memories.
Just between him and me.
But then he went and walked away.
Never said goodbye, left with nothing to say.
He used to hold me when I would cry.
Could drive away sadness and not even try.
Now he's the reason for my every tear.
When I remember him saying, I love you my dear.

A Letter to You

by SeVayne
dear no one in particular,
these words i write are peculiar.
you can smile or furrow your brow.
this proves i love you and i'll tell you how.
you can read this  letter left to right.
i will explain how you were my light.
but no i wont 'cause you messed up.
you saw another girl and said "wusup?"
so this is my letter to you from me.
a simple gesture as to who you used to be.

Love Thy Best Friend

by Kacey
Rejection is the biggest infection in this heart of mine,
It seems my stars in the darkness will never align.
Your lust and confusion in one bittersweet kiss,
I break my own heart in moments of bliss.
I think of the time when you said I was perfection,
And take it to the heart like a poisonous injection.
Your desire and taste crash onto my lips,
Then your eyes black out like an enthralled eclipse.
You obtain those feelings that make the heart sore,
In my soul so softly you whisper no more.
I swallow your excuses like a straight shot of whiskey,
I make a wish on your eyes hoping that you’ll miss me.
A girl can’t settle for your heart wrenching teasin’
She wants your emotions, not your logic and reason.
Maybe you will listen, maybe I am crazy,
Maybe I will wake up in a world not hazy.
I just want to know how your heart is dealing,
It might be classified as a tenuous dam of feeling.
You were once bruised and your heart is now tattered,
See what I see and know you are no longer battered.
Meet me half way and we can walk without end,
Let us set fire to this crusade and love thy best friend.


by SeVayne
A friendship that will never fail.
A love that makes the sun look pale.
A life that passes way too fast.
This is the real me and I will last.
Do you remember the thoughts we used to share?
Do you remember the way you used to care?
Can you tell me why you walked away?
Can you tell me why you couldn't just stay?
Say the words and the poem will end.
Have you finished your apologies?
Well, good. The end.

November 1, 2012

No Regrets

by Anonymous
Do what you love
Love what you do
Many a time
We forget to follow through

It’s like a clock
Just ticking away
Our lives will be over
And what will people say
She was nice 
He was fun
But what will you think
When it’s all done

Did you do what you wanted?
Did you find your knack?
Did you accomplish your goals?
Or did you just sit back?

We should have no regrets
When we are on our way out
Everyone, including you
Should know what your life
Was all about.

October 28, 2012


by Natasha
all i want is just one thing.
it's not alot to ask for to be thin.
perfection that i can keep, beauty skin deep.
destroy the enemy but it's so hard to do,
especially when it is inside you.
i guess i'll have to destroy what i am
if i want what i'm not.
what i want, maybe it is a lot.

October 27, 2012

Last Year

by Lia H.R.
Last year
I was the new kid 
At school
Lonely and shy
I always stood aside 
Too afraid to say ,"hello"
As everyone passed me by.
Last year
I was the new kid
At a new church.
I remember staring up
At the humongous building,
Thinking if I would meet anyone
In such a large place.
I quickly found friends and finally
Accepted God.
Last year 
I met new people soon to become
Best friends
I met bad people and shot out my 
Last year
I met a boy that stole my heart
He wasn't mine
I would've been his if he'd only asked
And, oh how my heart ached
To be his.
I painfully watched
As the days rolled past me
And the boy never asking.
Last year 
Was last year so now
I should move on
With my life,
Reaching out for what's ahead 
and leave what's left behind, behind.


by Lia H.R.
Standing alone
In the freshly cut lawn
sipping the lemonade
From my aged teacup.
Looking at empty chairs 
And empty tables, wondering
Why you left
Why you died.
Sitting on cool grass
Watered by my tears, 
Screaming out your name
What if?
What if?
Walking through my
Memories of you and me
And their car and your car.
Fire seared to the back of 
My mind, hot and flaming as it
Reaches towards me.
Your ghost smile and
Dead laughter echo in my sleep.
Tear-stained face and choked voice 
As you slip away.
I grasp.
I stretch.
I never make it…
Open eyes and blank stares 
As the blood pools around you
Broken smile and furrowed brow
Could not believe it was true.
Call me selfish 
But why aren’t you here?
Call me cold
But why are you dead?

October 11, 2012

Stain on the Carpet

by Anonymous 
Walking down the hallway
I look down and see
the remains of a memory
can't throw away the key

I try to push away the feelings
I run from our past
can't face I may still love you
we were both too toxic to last.

we wanted different things
I longed for just a kiss
your words were just deceitful
all you wanted was physical bliss

memories shake my bones
and I can never forget your lips
The way you looked me in the eyes
with your hands upon my hips.

that night, I can never take back.
you're just a ghost to me
how could I ever think
we were possibly meant to be?

Move on, move on,
is what I scream in my head
But honestly I can't lie to myself
I want you here instead

Don't make me fall again
I can't bear the pain
My love exploded in your eyes
Our memories just a stain.

October 1, 2012

Cyclical Reparation

by Abigail
A bleak fractured world
Holds me hostage
Cloaks my armor
A world where it’s not okay to cry
and they tell you to stop acting like a fool
Where someone commits the barbaric act of murder
but they dismiss 
Irony manifested into men with crisply starched suits
looks upon an unforgiving sadness of hostility 
Of never knowing
If only the world knew that within the mask they hide 
Is a heart 
lathered in a coarse substance
that people call hope
A periwinkle birdbath 
In desperate need of repair 
hope takes on many forms
a squall of identity
assures me that the world
is not a happy place
but rather a place
of problems born anew

September 16, 2012


by Artemis Moon
It burns through my body
Where blood and breath should flow.
Am I dying?
What have I done?
No one hears my screams, no one sees my tears.
It's so painful, and I feel so lost
So blurred
So shamed.
No one sees me fall, no one sees my faults.
They cry no tears, below.
Still I feel their pain, above.

September 5, 2012

(Stuck) In the Middle

by Kaytlyn
Face white, like seeing a ghost
Her body stopped as she slowly froze
Her blood turning cold as her mind slips away
Back to a time, back to that day
She remembers the laughs, the smiles, the fun
Before all of this had begun
Her skin is cold and hard to the touch
For she had been trying to hide so much
No expressions, and no more feelings
She felt like her life didn't have any meaning
Her heart beats but her eyes are cold
For she wish she could say all the things untold
Surrounded by people, she was stuck in the middle
Trying to figure out life's confusing riddle

The Candor of A Broken Heart

by Nkossi N.

I sit with myself,
I have conversations with myself,
I berate myself,
I commend myself.

I think of times past,
I ponder upon laughs shared,
I muse about arguments forgiven,
I simper at those forgotten.

I concede my wrongdoings,
I forgive yours.
I wonder how?
I wonder why?

I fail to fathom why,
My conception loathes to accept,
To accept the candor that is.
The candor that it is finished.

Again, I berate myself.
Again I commend myself.
Moreover, I confuse the device of thought.
Worse, that which pumps sanguine,
It beats to the rhythm of a rock lullaby,

O! How I long to smile yet again,
How I long to watch the reflection of self.
Yes, in those pools of brown that pizzazz me time and again

Is it time to run along?
Should I lay in wait?
Must I culminate all feeling?
I know not.
I feel a lot.

August 22, 2012

Quiet Mind

by Rachel 
Your nose is too round,
Your forehead's too big,
Your stomach is fat,
Ugliness all around.

Starve yourself for a day,
But you still look the same,
Maybe a new scar will take away the pain.

Too ugly for friends,
They'll only reject you,
No one will ever accept you.

You'll never be worthy of the lord's love,
So pretend you don't believe what they say is above.

Why do you try?
Put down the eyeliner and mascara.
No one looks at you anyway.

That's not for you.
Don't flatter yourself,
You're not pretty enough.

They don't care about you, 
You're a screw up,
Eventually they'll leave you behind.

Why can't I have a quiet mind?

August 20, 2012

I'm Sorry

by Leah V.
I’m sorry I’m not perfect
Another perfect image
You have imprinted 
And thriving in
Your mind

I’m sorry for having 
The impatience of
My father, that 
Peace I cannot

I’m sorry for being 
So determined and
Independent and stubborn, 
Just as you were 
Back then. 

I’m sorry my view 
On things is more
Into reality, yet yours
In your own little 

I’m sorry fairy tales
Were left behind for 
Me as a child.

I’m sorry I don’t live
By your religious 
Standards on your 
Perfect life. 

I’m sorry every time 
You yell at me, I cry
For feeling that I 
Am nothing in
Your eyes.

I'm sorry I live to 
Please you so much
And want to deserve
Your all around 

I’m sorry I wish, 
Wish my life away
Every time your own 
Flesh and blood
Come and visit 
Our home.

I’m sorry I make 
You think of him
Every time you look
At me.

I’m sorry I’m 
This perfect

I’m sorry. 
I’m just so sorry.

The Mistake(n) One

i am not one
to feel like something.
i am one 
who is told she is nothing.

i do not stand tall
like a redwood tree.
i am shot down
so carelessly.

i am not pretty
like other teens.
i am told i did not
inherit those genes.

i have no sense
as many do.
i have all the book smarts,
that lead me askew. 

i follow the wrong path
and the wrong crowd.
i instead follow no one
and remain in my cloud.

i have a bad mindset
worldly and corrupt.
i must be out of reality
forced and abrupt.

i have no say
as the "child" i am.
i have no opinion
no place to stand.

i hear you say these things
that cannot be erased.
i cannot tune you out
you cannot be chased.

i wasn't a forethought
unknown and unplanned.
i was a "mistake"
thought to be banned?

i am not "happy"
unless i am with you?
i am sorry
but the mistaken one is you.


So sweet is your voice 
as you whisper to me, 
but I guess you don't
know about my
obsession with you,
because it could
cause us confusion,
pain, and regret.
Do you trust my love?
No, of course not. 
You could do better 
than a girl with her 
head in the clouds.
So I guess I can 
love you in secret...
But I can't. 
So I will take my secret 
to the grave.
If I can't have you 
then I can't live.
So goodbye, my beautiful friend.
Never forget me and 
remember when you kiss her.

August 19, 2012

The Brave Warrior

by Elisheva
At night a knight in shining armor,
Riding on his valiant white stead.

On his way the way to the castle,
To save his beloved princess.

At the gate, the gate to the dungeon,
Waits a fiery dragon for its prey. 
At Gaza a soldier in bullet proof armor,
Riding in his big metal tank.

On his way the way into battle,
To protect his beloved country.

At the gate, the gate to death and blood,
Waits a wild terrorist for his prey

August 10, 2012

Ghostly Eyes

Ghostly eyes watch us burn.
They use beauty and silence to disguise themselves.
We do not normally see the evil lurking in the crowds,
never see the devil's spies.
But I see them.
I can see their sunken, pale faces
And their mouths open in an eternal scream.
And their eyes.
Their fearless black eyes,
Full of want, and lust.
And violence.
No one believes me,
Which is why I am here in this large white room,
Telling you about the evil that watches us die.
Do you believe me?

Live Again

Those beautiful eyes of his haunt me
in deep shades of blue.
His voice is exotic and seductive
as he tells me how stunning I am.
I'm scared to open my eyes,
for fear of losing sight
of his flirty smile and teasing laugh.
For fear that he isn't real.
He holds me in his arms
and tells me to wake up,
that he is real,
and that he'll be there
when I open my eyes.
So I listen.
I open my eyes and blink
at the blinding white lights
and stare at the doctors around me.
He isn't there.
The dark seductive voice of Death
convinced me to live again.

August 8, 2012


by Brooke 
Smiling from ear to ear, 
Laughing joyfully, 
That's what's on the outside. 
Floods of tears, 
That's what's on the inside. 
Getting caught up in the moment, 
Doesn't happen very often for me, 
But I pretend so no one has to worry. 
I enjoy being alone, 
Reading a book, 
Writing down my thoughts, 
And listening to my music. 
But one can get tired of it, 
Longing for a friend to take my hand, 
Just knowing that someone cares. 
But I just pretend, 
I'm a happy-go-lucky person, 
Who has not a problem in the world. 
Not very many people see through this, 
Not very many people look, 
But when they do, 
I feel vulnerable. 
I try to convince them otherwise, 
Show that I'm happy, 
They pretend I've convinced them, 
Just to make me happy. 
But others keep peeling back the layers, 
Figuring me out, 
Becoming my friend. 
As I pretend, 
Not being who I am, 
Trying to be like everybody else, 
You have found me unmasked.

What Is It Like To Be Evil?

by Rachel
How does it feel to know everyone wants you dead?
To have to check your closet and under your bed?
You brought it on yourself you know,
Ripping children's dreams to shreds,
Acid spraying from your mouth as you speak,
Your selfish words are strong, beating the listener,
But your body and your arguments are weak.
The requested reaper waiting at every turn,
Conjured by your victims who will spit in your urn.
Every tear you force from an eye,
Is another wish that soon you will die.
You pretend to be innocent, like you've done no wrong,
But your lies don't last very long.
You get bloodshot eyes screaming over someone else's spilled milk,
Sticking your snickering nose in into everyone's life.
How can you sleep with these echoing cries?
Plummet off the highest of cliffs,
And give my murdered soul its dying wish.

My Father

by Bianca

The main reason for you is to keep me protected, 
But now I feel mostly rejected 
Nothing that you want 
And the old you was always there to haunt 
My dreams are full of disappointments 
They are shattered and scarred 
With memory of the old you 
Losing you to an unwilling cause 
Putting the nightmare to a pause 
No chance of getting out 
But frozen, I’ll never shout 
I try to fight but just forget it 
Someday I tell myself you’ll regret it 
I am stuck in an unending time loop 
Circular like a hoop 
It's unstoppable 
But to lose my sanity is most likely probable 
The hero is now the villain 
Until a viewer 
Sits to watch his game 
I gave in and now 
I am known for my shame 
Losing every part of me 
All I ask of you is to let me be 
I beg of you I am not perfect 
And once I gave you my heart you 
Hurt it 
I am not like the others 
So please someone another protect me 
The haunters spear me with their words 
They eat my pain for dinner and drink my tears 
No matter how far or how fast I run 
I get lost in my past 
They eat me up slowly once again 
To the point the blow is too hard to mend 
Some days, I feel I will soon awaken 
Others, reality strikes me 
Everything that made me 
Is taken
Love is a word that has no meaning 
You throw it around like the word hi 
Beauty is the vision of perfection 
Without it you are just another rejection 
Having more silicone in your body than you have blood 
Fake and plastic 
Your truth stretches like the worst piece of elastic 
Girls looking in the mirror and thinking that's it 
You people turning their self esteem to shit


by Artemis Moon
i'm no match for her beauty;
it's a beauty too fast.
i'll never catch up 
i will always be last.
but still i know you,
and i know that you're smart,
and you're also a thief,
because you stole my heart.
and she may love you, 
but not as much as i,
and i know you'll never come back, 
which is why i sit here and cry.
i cry for the days,
that are long gone and past.
and i cry for the days,
where i was never last.

August 5, 2012


by Artemis Moon

i sit by the window
mourning your leave
the air becomes thick
it becomes hard to breathe
when i am awake
your voice haunts me
but when i sleep 

i think you're with me
and i hope one day
you will see your mistake
so you will run to my arms
and a new love we will make


by Karley

she looks in the mirror and what does she see 
a fat ugly girl that she has to be 
why can't she be like those pretty girls she sees everywhere
she starves herself but nobody seems to care 
she has scars on her thighs 
and her whole life was filled with endless lies 
all she wants now is to commit suicide

August 2, 2012

I Would've

Everyday I wither away
I remember every word you'd say
It was all a lie, one I believed
I'd swear to you each and every day

What does it mean?
What am i to you?
Confused and Broken
Too scared to look like a fool

I'm nothing now,
Ive not listened like I should've
If only I knew what I knew now
I could've left...I would've.

Am I enough now?
Am I all what you want?
New questions creep into my mind,
lurking and they haunt.
Only to sit there. Unanswered.
Will they ever be?

June 8, 2012


by Sophia
For him I made a selfless choice
I clouded my heart-desired voice
I threw away a happy life
And chose one that is filled with strife

The queen of darkness I’d be to him
One song of pain, an endless hymn
Instead he’ll take queen of light
With those deep eyes, how can I fight?

To her I swore my sacred oath
Something I may have come to loathe
And though his love I’ll always crave
I take my promise to the grave

For how, with her, could I compete?
Trying itself, would be a feat
With such brown eyes and slender figure
All of me it will disfigure

And so in hopelessness I lay
My choice, on my shoulders it will weigh
With a life that’s worth less than coal
And love still weighing on my soul


I always dreamt I'd take your hand
And write your name down in the sand
Yet when I wake up in the morning
You aren't there, my heart is yearning

I thought I could forget you
And leave you there without a clue
But when I try, it'll never do
Because I see your eyes so blue

You never thought what I would feel
That on my knees you made me kneel
And so my heart has turned to coal
I, to the devil, sold my soul

And now to me you have come back
Away at my sanity you hack
You now ask me to forgive you
Something I am so willing to do

I give up, I have no power
My strength is gone, my life is sour
All my strings of life are severed
If feel like I've been dead forever

A Thin Line

Walking on a thin line between
On one side 
On the other
In other words, two different worlds
One full of anger.
The other full of sweet ignorance

June 6, 2012

A Dream

i saw a little girl, head hanging low, i asked for her name
she said i'm no one; that's when the tears came
she asked who I was, if someone sent a spy and if so, who?
i told her, "oh i'm just a girl, just an ordinary girl like you"
i couldn't see her face, but in her voice
you could hear how this little girl ached
she must have been around seven or eight
her weeps hit my core and kind of made me stutter
i asked, "little girl it's late, where is your mother?"
she he wasn't here, but then where could she be
but i guess those facts never minded to me
i took her fragile hand, skin so fare and white
asked her what was wrong, if everything was alright?
at first she hesitated, but then began to explain
why she was crying, why she was in pain
she told that her daddy left without a sign
i reassured her it was okay for so had mine
a voice full of sorrow, she screamed, NO! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND
and with so much hurt, clenched my hand
she said i'm not beautiful, i'm so pale and my hair is too dark
then she turned her wrist and showed me her marks
she went on with her story, deep breaths in between
she told me that she saw things a little girl should have never seen
she told me what they would say and all the things they would do
children are supposed to be angels, but sometimes they can be so cruel
a child so young in agony, so misunderstood
all her life it's been if i could, i would
the room suddenly was dark, only light on her...
time paused for a moment, neither of us said a word
and when i stepped back, oh you wouldn't believe
i was looking into the eyes of a little girl that once was me....

June 3, 2012

Broken Home

by Lapria 

What do you do when you feel alone? 
Captured within the pale walls of a broken home 
What do you do when you feel alone? 
Shattered dreams and all hope is gone 

Inhaling the fumes of agony and pain 
Hoping strength you'll soon regain 
Broken glass you swallow every time you tell her a lie 
Looking at her deep in her brown eyes 
Wanting to tell her the truth 
But knowing it would be just too much 
Wanting to feel that tingly touch 
That installation of kin that you once cherished 
Now gone forever due to a poor marriage 

What do you do when you feel alone? 
Captured within the pale walls of a broken home 
You break free and listen to the whispers of the wind
If only I knew now what I knew then 

What's done in the dark always reveals itself in the light 
What was done was done and even if it wasn't right 
I will escape the feeling of loneliness and the tenderness of pain 
And the love that I share with her in my heart will remain. 

So what do you do when you feel alone? 
Break down the pale walls within the broken home 
Rebuild them and paint them with a clean white 
It’s guaranteed to make everything alright... 

What do you do when you feel alone? 
Rebuild the strength and love within the home!


by Alison

the mirror shows her every flaw, 
hips too big and chest too small,
she sees no worth and cries in shame,
she hates herself and he’s to blame,
mascara tears have stained her eyes,
"you're beautiful"
has become a lie,
pretty girls in magazines
and perfect ones on movie screens,
they have it all,
the looks and more
while she just cries
behind locked doors
to love herself is what she needs
but not enough is all she sees,
no matter what the mirror shows,
she's more beautiful than she could know.

May 20, 2012

Sirens Blue

by Anonymous
I see blood flash in sirens blue.

Blood, dripping rapidly,
Cascading from the carcass
Of a teenage mind,
Over analysed.

A trace of silver,
One solemn tear,
Smoothly sails on the surface
Of a flame.

Like my hope,
Life flashes red
Battered and bandaged,
And like my hope,


May 15, 2012

One Night

by Danielle
One night I woke up because somebody broke me.
I cried and cried but I couldn't tell you why.
I walked around and into the bathroom.
When I looked in the mirror I saw my daddy's face.
In my head I heard him say...
"Babygirl, waste your tears on something worth it.
You're too beautiful to be tear-stained."
At that moment I smiled and I saw my face..
The face of a broken girl, but one 
that would be okay in the end.

May 14, 2012


by Anonymous
I try but not really
I'm high but no really
Pure attraction, nothing more than magnetism
I don't love you at all
I don't even have a heart of reason
Sorry if you thought different
I can never be the prince of a princess
Maybe in time
But I know I'll still play this game
And these scars will make you cry in pain

I fuck up but not really
No girl ever wants to be open but no really
A tough exterior to break?
I'm as soft as can be
I wish I could melt your heart
But you sneak around like a centipede
So you’ve forced me to fend for myself
Sorry if you get in the way
I don't know your last name anyway

You're cool but not really
You're hot but no really
Here I go again
Settle down just to make my move
I skateboard and chill, act smooth
I'll get what I want, but come off as rude
Taint her white dress she thinks she’s in love
Tingles the skin to the core
Make excuses, I'm and, if, but, and or

I’m happy but not really
Back to square one but no really
Well what now
I think I’ll take a bow 
Oh you want to see a movie tonight
Check that I'll take an encore
Please don’t be a bore
Victim to my own rhyme 
Only to possibly learn in due time

My Wings

by Melecia
I lost my wings when you went away
I scream for your contact everyday
I break down into sobs whenever you cross my mind
I will not be okay, I will not be fine

Don't you know what you left behind? 
A broken home, and no peace of mind.
I know you were hurting, but weren't we all? 
You brought us all down, when you decided to fall.

I don't mean to sound selfish, but I loved you, you know
I just wished you would have warned us that you were ready to go

You were my wings, you helped me to fly
but now I'm stuck on the ground with my life passing by
I miss you so much it hurts
and I hope you know I loved you with all I was worth

We'll meet again soon and sit on a cloud
and you'll tell me how I screamed so loud
You heard every cry, and tasted every tear
Everything I felt down there, you felt up here

"I'm so sorry," you apologize
"It's okay," I say through blinking eyes
I have my wings again, I'm free to fly
Then you take my hand, and we take to the skies.

April 24, 2012


by Imanni 
lungs have no air
heart has no beat
nose has no smell
eyes cant see
hands cant touch or feel warmth
legs cant walk
lips wont move
veins empty of blood

shatter glass
broken up words
broken lamps
broken girl
broken world

violence fills the air 
he hits and hits and hits again
saying shes a bitch
a whore
he's such an artist
who paints all of his work in blood

she's dead on the inside
choking on her own pain and guilt
friends cry, she's insane
will she ever be the same

heart starts to beat slowly
lungs start to fill with air
mind starts to send signals
hands can feel
nose can smell
legs can walk
veins start to pump
and lips start to move
she says

fear is not here or there
insane aren't we all
mentally changed to some degree
but why does it only have to be me
because i told or because i'm alive
even tho the tear aint dried
still i rise


by Imanni
What if I could stop breathing for 20 seconds?
Maybe that could get you to not be reckless?
What if I bleed out and die?
Would that even be enough for you to cry?
What if I told you how I really felt without holding back?
I wonder how you would respond to that.
Would you rant and rave
Threaten to put me in the grave?
Or would you listen
Not interrupt till I was finish?
I wonder how you will react when the Judge hands down the Verdict.
Are you even scared to be in there with convicted criminal?
Or are you trying to have everything subliminal
Do you try to kill me in you sleep
Conjure up images just to prove to you I’m weak.
Will you count down the month, hours, days, and year?
Or will you face you fear
Or maybe drown in your own tear
I hope it haunt you like a ghost
And bother you most nights
Hopefully you can’t sleep without lights
Darkness will consume you 
And there I will be
Facing you with all of you misery
You will never sleep again
Neither will your friends
Haunting and taunting you'll see visions of me
Watching from the inside
You’ll go downhill
Bouncing from mental institution
For you there is no solution
I follow you like prey ready to attack
Just like your decisions you can never turn back
Guess what it are not only you
Your other 2 friends are seeing me too
I will never go away
I will haunt you everyday
Impossible to get rid of me
I’ll have you pleading please
I won’t listen it will fall upon deaf ears
Just like screaming in nightmares
Grab for your blanket or teddy
You can’t call mom you know that already
This is Prison and I’m Hell
Rest in pieces in your Jail cell
Beware the dude your sleeping next like boys
You’ll be his next jailhouse toy.
3 years from now I’ll be at your Wake
You won’t rest in Peace
I’ll command your fate
You’ll hear my voice
And smell me before you die
And you will know the answer why
I am the ghost and you are scrooge
Life is a game! Guess what
You lose

Trapped Behind These Cold Glass Walls

by Imanni

trapped behind these cold glass walls
white fades to black
emotions run deep like a cut with a four inch blade
cold glassy stare from sharp crazed eyes
look into the mirror what do you see
a crazed person staring back at me
words spin as tho they're on an amusement ride
but this is not for fun
lives are at stake
don't take the risk
black slowly turns to red
deep bright hard red
pumping out of the cold and disturbed heart
what do you say
how do you react
the cold glassy stare freezes in time
prickly thorns arise on that heart 
thought to be made out of steel
they let down the castle wall guarding your heart
but the pain they can't see
the fire taken over your soul
walking slow like a zombie
screams that they can't hear
your cries for help echo against these glass walls
someone throw a brick or a stone
let me out of this vicious cage
that we've both built
me out of protection
you out of control
someone help me
sweaty hands surround tightly around the throat
squeezing the life out of you slowly
like an anaconda on the verge of an attack
i guess this is the sign that i'm going mad
the unseen bruises
vision of him appearing like a ghost
i'm going crazier than most

April 19, 2012


by Emily

A lingering smile,
On lips of softest pink,
A flash of joy,
In bright eyes full of wonder,
A brush of golden curls,
Of the halo that surrounds her,
Gentleness, Truthfulness,
A soul that shines so bright,

I stand on the outskirts,
Hoping to be noticed,
But content to always wonder,
If that smile was meant for me.

April 18, 2012

Satan's Army

All the people
I love and know
Were destroyed
With one little blow
As the power of Satan
Doubled in size
His skeleton army
Started to rise
If there is one thing
You should know
If you want to survive
Just remember
Never close your eyes.

April 14, 2012


The cruel pangs of reality stab at my side,
A constant reminder of a fight left to fight,
The haunting concept of a pain left to live.

A softer idea brushes the edges of my mind,
A more promising reality of endings and beginnings,
 Of softness, and tiredness, and wanderings.

To let go of the world,
Surrendering, giving,
to the serenity beyond.

Oh! To let go, of my worries and problems,
Of my secrets and pains,
Never to be told,
 to the eyes that don't see,
 to the lives that don't live.

 To be free of the pressures,
of the swirling indifference,
 that consumes the world around me.

Surrendering to softness,
To a world with less to hold.