Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

September 27, 2011

That Summer

by Alex

i watch the sunrise and think of you; of us.
i remember us barefoot, us in the rain, us watching the stars.
now i know i'd take back the words i have said.
especially the ones said to you.

September 11, 2011


by Matt

The feeling of euphoria washes over me
Like when Hurricane Katrina came up to New Orleans.
And I know all you out there will find that offensive,
But right now my mind is on things much more extensive
Than your puny unintelligent ignorant opinions
Because in my eyes, you all are just stupid mindless minions.
You don't know what is like, to be like me
And really, really wish, that you could see,
Why I happen to decide to do the things that I do,
And why it looks like everyday I'm feeling so blue.
But I know that by now to you I'm worthless and scum,
And I also know I'm still worth something to some,
The ones I sell to and buy to anytime that I please,
And my dog and my girlfriend who's really a sleaze,
So maybe before you go making your petty judgments,
You'll notice that the heart that keeps me going has multiple dents,
Because I hope that, one day, I'll be saved,
From this one stupid drug that I've always craved.
I'm writing this all down from my room all alone,
Waiting for my nonexistent wife to come home.
Because the drug that I desire is a drug you can't make,
But everyone needs and some people make it seem fake,
The drug that I want and the drug that I need,
Is the drug that would explain it to you all indeed.
It is the reason why I am such a pitiful being,
And right now I cannot believe what I'm seeing.
Because I think my true dealer has come to stay,
The one girl I love just stopped my death and decay.

September 8, 2011

One Man

by Chelsea

It was a dark night in September,
And yet she could still remember,
The pain she had inflicted,
To the one man that was gifted,
He was the only man, who knew,
What she had been going through,
A fate worse than death,
Her soul did not dare rest,
Glancing over her shoulder,
Her body grew colder,
She sensed that someone was there,
She felt eyes on her everywhere,
Casting eyes over to the shadow,
She had a feeling that she’d know,
The man hiding in the corner,
Slowly stepping closer,
She knew him at a glance,
The man she’d met by chance,
Five years he had been gone,
For her it was too long,
She could see into his heart,
Knowing she had no part,
The man she once knew,
Was staring right on through,
One word escaped his lips,
As he moved his finger tips,
To her it was treason,
She thought of what had died,
Beneath those bloodshot eyes,
He looked more ghost than man,
He slowly lifted his hand,
He held a single rose,
And made her cold down to her toes,
He dropped it on the floor,
And slowly turned towards the door,
She knew he meant to leave,
And she knew that she would grieve,
For all the love he once had shown,
To the woman who let out a groan,
She had given up her life,
For the man who now had a wife,
Beaten and betrayed,
She tried to call his name,
He slowly turned to stare,
At the woman who never cared,
He turned around once more,
And walked firmly out the door,
She fell onto her knees,
And let out sobbing pleas,
Knowing he was lost,
And crying at the cost,
The man whom she had snubbed,
And the one man she had loved.

September 3, 2011

Stay True

by Isaac

These are the facts
too hard to follow
but I will find a way
so stay true
I'm not looking for attention
just compassion
This is how it feels to be me
empty inside
so I'll try to stay true
don't matter that they judge you
they're not any better than me or you
so forget what they say
those words seem to make
my self esteem seem to fade
I'll try to be true
I'll be true,
but won't say the truth
They call me a corrupter
just think
Maybe I'm the corrupted
Are you calling me cause i'm calling you
just stay true
I got shoe's that fit me not you
mine are too small for you
I'll stay true,
but won't say the truth.

Too Late

by Isaac

it's too late for you
to make it right inside all these
i used to be willing to die for you,
but I no longer cry for you
I act like i'm fine
underneath this skin i scream
I'll break all these damn mirrors
can't stand myself
i hate myself
I'm going through some changes
I don't know what they are,
but I keep flowing through em
I walk around, people always staring
Just take a sleeping pill or I can't sleep
slit my wrist to make myself have some justice
doesn't make sense except in the moment
I'll never get a chance again
so i'll just say the truth
i fuckin hate you.
it's just too late

Till I Run Dry

by Isaac

till i collapse
i'ma fight,
but i ain't a fucking fighter
just a fuckin loner
i ain't the corrupted
i'm the corrupter
i'm no longer the influenced
but this time the
they all say
"say no 2 drugs"
why don't you help me
and i wont take that road
but too late now to say you're sorry
because it's all gone
i'm gone faster than a fawn

September 1, 2011


by Destiny

I don't know what's going on
nor can I explain why
but I'm tired of all the endless nights
where all I can do is cry.

My life is a crossroad,
I don't know where to turn,
and I'm too afraid to step in the fire,
because I might get burned.

The things you say,
the things you do,
are not just hurting me
but hurting others too.

One day I won't be here,
you won't see me anymore,
you'll sit there from the window,
watching me walk out the door.

You're tearing this family apart,
and we'll never be the same,
you're toying with all our lives,
Come on now, this isn't a game.

My heart is starting to hurt,
and I may begin to cry,
But before I do, tell me one thing,