Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

April 15, 2008


by Hannah

Born a human and a wolf.
Body of a man.
Heart of a wolf.
Live life of what is human
While secretly wishing
Lived life of what
I truly am.
On the outside
May seem human
But on the inside
Beats heart of a beast.
Am wolf with two legs
And no fur.
But wolf in blood.
In my veins burns and boils
Of what is wolf.
It consumes my whole body.
My mind and soul
Til the beast within
Is in complete control.
May not seem wolf
But really am.
Aggressive, Controlling,
Dominant, and Protective.
Every attribute a wolf has.
When day turns to night
And out comes the moon
I am called.
I am pulled outside
By an unexplainable force
And changed from man
To beast.
I shed my human skin
For a pelt of fur.
And two legs for four.
I howl and give thanks to the moon
And then run and run
Til the moon disappears
Behind the new morning.
Then I am once again
Left living a lie.

Wonders of a Child

by Hannah

Little girl, playing in the dirt,
Get as dirty as you want.
So what if you are in your best skirt.
Little girl, you see the dandelions and wonder,
How can anyone call them a weed?
Stay like that. Make a bouquet.
Plant a seed.
Little girl, thinking you’re so big.
I know you think you’re all grown up.
But I’m not even there yet.
Take it easy. Take it slow.
Don’t worry,
One day you will grow.
Little girl, always carefree and naïve,
I look up to you.
Please don’t look up to me.
Little girl, amazed by the caterpillar,
So fuzzy and squishy.
Don’t squeeze too hard.
It wants to be a butterfly eventually.
Little girl, playing house in the tree,
I can tell you’ll make a great mommy one day.
Little girl, the beautiful one, with curly red hair,
And big blue eyes,
Always remember it’s the inside that counts.
Don’t believe the worldly lies.
Little girl, look up, it’s a full moon.
Can you believe it?
The same person that made it, made you.
Little girl, singing and dancing
To your own song,
Would you mind if I
Sing and dance along?
Little girl, would you walk with me a mile,
I want to know the reason
For your constant smile.

April 13, 2008

Colour Me

by Kaylie

Colour me green.
The colour of jealousy, envy.
Colour me pink.
Happy, playful, maybe flirty.
Colour me yellow.
Sunshine, smiles.
Colour me blue.
Sadness, coldness, mellow.
Colour me purple.
Calm, relaxed.
Colour me black.
What I feel inside, darkness, safety.
Colour me red.
Blood, hate, war, anger.
Colour me Rainbow.
How things should be.


by Jennifer

Too many souls lost overseas,
too many humans brought to their knees.
Too much blood poured to the ground,
too much silence, not enough sound.
Too many tears escaped from our eyes,
too many prayers, not enough replies.
Too much sorrow and so much pain,
too much evil, this isn’t a game!
Too many graves being dug each day,
and too many bodies, just rotting away.

What Happens AFTER Life?

by Liah

Why does my life have no meaning?
It is hot outside yet,
I feel as my soul has been drowned,
I want to rip out my soul,
for I have been gravely injured,
not by the great fiery sword,
but by a boa of life,
it constricts my soul,
so that I may not dare to breathe,
I feel as though my world has crashed ,
without a single noise,
it just seems like it is falling...,
I start to see it!,
laying on the darkness that so covered my world,
it is as white as the robes of the winged cherubs,
as i am about to grasp its robes,
that so taketh me to the land of paradise,
a creature,
green with scales,
creepth unto me,
but does not speak,
it is clearly a serpant,
it beckons me,
I let out a scream,
it beckons again,
clearly not taking notice to my scream,
I depart with it,
I can still see those cherubs about to welcome me,
but turn me away,
as if I was diseased,
to this day,
and for all eternity,
my soul no longer feels cold,
but more than lukewarm,
more than warm,
it is fiery,
it never feels cold,
though i wish to this day,
I was still cold,
instead of hot,
all because of a thick,
laying upon a chair

April 10, 2008

You Were There, Then Weren't

by Hannah

One second you’re in my life,
The next you’re not.
What happened to change that?
I want to know?
When I think about you,
I cry.
What happens when you think about me?
Nothing is what happens,
Because you’re the one that broke up with me,
Just because of your stupid friends.
Now you won’t even talk to me.
I think you’re ashamed of what you did.
Do you think sometimes that you didn’t break my heart?
And what life would be if you hadn’t?
I think you do.
What counts is that I’m strong,
Not only when I see you,
But when I hear your name too.
You’re in my life only long enough to
Make me love you,
Want you longer,
Then you’re gone.
So what do I do now?
How can life go on?
Without you?
It can’t,
It just can’t,
You’re the only one I want in my life.

Is This All My Hands Can Do

by Skye

Wipe the dead skin from these keys,
So I can start this one off clean.
Let me introduce the scene,
Act 1, scene 1, a baby grand with broken strings.
Enter stage left a drifter, lost and foraging.
And in his hand a notebook filled up with his out-of-tune musings
He turns a page and he plays and sings this song.

Five billion suffering while I sleep underground,
Always en route to the next goodbye.
A mother slaps her child but the kid don't make a sound!
And to my surprise neither do I.

So I'll just cut out my tongue and rip out my lungs,
'Cause they're useless and atrophied,
And I'll fly them like kites applauding their sacrifice.

Have I gone insane?
Dreaming of hijacking this train,
Tears stream as I accelerate,
To speeds where time willingly dilates,
And I'll watch this world die through these windows!
It's blurring but I still see people who could use my help.
So I reach out!
But I'm moving too fast,
So I cry loud!
I can't hold my grasp.

With no home, my only keys are these yellowed ivories,
And I'll ask them rhetorically,
Is this all that my hands can do?

April 5, 2008

Basketball Managers

by Hannah

Watching from the sidelines,
Ever so bored,
Even though there are
Hot guys
Dribbling a ball.
Bouncing of the balls.
Squeaking of the shoes.
And Coach yelling Non-stop.
Fills the whole entire room.
Fetch the water!
Keep the stats!
That’s all I ever hear.
The bus rides home
From all the games
Are always the funnest.
Everyone is always
Hyper and flirty.
Being 1 of 2 girls on the bus
Sure has it’s advantages.

April 4, 2008

Stronger Without You

by Brianna

My heart was just broken,
I was lied to and you are to blame.
The times we were together,
You never saw me.
You did what you wanted and ignored me.
I told you that you weren't falling for me,
You were falling for the girl I pretended to be.
I try to be brave, I try to be smart,
I try to be your everything,
When you see me as nothing.
It's hard to not look into the future,
When you know there is a dead end ahead.
The worst part is that I let you take advantage of me,
I told you no, I wasn't ready
You pushed it more every time.
And after you were satisfied,
You turned your back,
You said you would never hurt me,
When I was nearly in tears,
You did nothing.
You hate everything and anything that made me who I am,
and that's why you don't know the real me.
But the truth is you dont care.
She is my best friend,
You turned me against her,
and the sad part is, I didn't know it until now!
She told me that you were trouble,
but you blinded me from what was right in front of my face.
I was careless and was letting my life slip away.
You called me when you thought I was going to be mad,
Not because you wanted to hear my voice,
And when I hung up,
You acted like nothing was wrong.
I did what I had to do.
We're done now,
Never again will I trust you,
Not now, not ever.
You told me never to hate someone,
So why do you hate me,
And feel the need to make me cry,
Why do you tear me down,
All I ever did is show you who you truly are,
And I don't hate you,
I am sorry for you,
You will never understand
What a woman needs or how she should be treated.
When you knew it had to be done.
You couldn't get what you wanted from me,
and that's why you're mad.
Not because I broke up with you,
Or because I won't talk to you.
But I'm done letting you walk all over me!
It's time for me to move on,
I need to make memories that I will be happy to look back on,
Not something that you forced me to do,
That I will regret forever.
I'm just disgusted that you are going to do it again,
You are going to do the same thing that you did to me,
To another person trying to find herself.
You are going to pretend that you care,
Get what you want and leave her,
Like you were going to do to me -
But didn't get to do, because people that care about me,
Opened my eyes.
In the end I hope you get what you deserve.

April 3, 2008

I Love Him as a Best Friend

by Reby

his smile makes me happy
his hugs make me warm
his eyes make me shiver
his laugh makes my day
when he holds my hands it's perfect
when he is with me nothing can go wrong
i know that he likes me more
and it sounds like i do too
but he's my best friend
and thats why i love him
he's sad cause i don't feel the same way
when shall i understand
but i do love him...
as a best friend

April 2, 2008

This Point In My Life

by Anonymous

In a storm of voices,
All I hear is you,
In a place filled with faces,
All I see is you.
In all my dreams,
None could be as perfect,
As the ones with you.
In all my thoughts,
All I think about is if this could be really true.
The way your smile captures my eye,
The way you make me feel,
Deep down inside.
Is this a dream,
Is this fake or real?
Then you take my hand,
And tell me everything is gonna be alright,
And you're here to stay by my side.
All that comes,
Ups and the downs,
All of my world has been turned upside down.
I don't know why,
I don't know how.
All I know is how I feel right now,
At this time,
This point in my life.

Not Yet

by Alixa

My heart is bruised and broken
Because I've let too many people in.
I say they get in my head
But truly they are under my skin.
NOT YET, I'm not ready for bruising.
I'm not ready to break.
Help me in this world for my sake and fate.
Before it's too late.

His Blue Eyes

by Kristen

Standing at the counter as you walk by.
Seeing a face from the past.
Eyes that she could never forget.
A smile that she couldn’t get out of her head.
Hoping you can’t tell.
That her feelings didn’t fade away.
Hoping she could hide them well.
Looking into his blue eyes that she has missed.
Knowing it’s too late.
He has found someone else.
Again she has to watch from the sidelines.
Never able to tell him the truth.
Never able to say how she feels.
What if he doesn’t feel the same way?
Knowing that she blew her chance.
Listening to what others had to say.
Not listening to her heart.
Keeping her feelings locked inside.
Time seems to be slipping away.
Lives beginning to change.
People going their separate ways.
Hoping that he won’t walk away.
Trying to hide all of the pain.
Wishing he could see what she tries to hide.
Looking into his eyes.
She sees the person he has become.
The one who chose to change for the better.
The one who always saw her.
Making her feel like she belonged.
Looking back on the old days.
She wishes she told him the truth.
The secrets she kept locked in her heart.
Never believing he could see her.
Others just seemed to look through her.
Pretending that she didn’t exist.
She began to pull back from the world.
He was there and could always make her smile.
Pulling her back from the darkness that began to surround her.
Pulling her back from the edge.
Trying to make her see.
Wanting her to know she is seen.
Even though people don’t seem to notice her.
He was always able to see her.
Even though she doesn’t see herself.
Sometimes she feels like giving up.
When she is down she thinks of him.
She sees his smile in her dreams.
Her life is falling apart at the seams.
She doesn’t know what to believe.
Just wanting him to see.
What she keeps locked inside.
Not letting the darkness in.
Trying to prove them wrong.
Trying to go on without him.
Trying to prove that she is good enough.
Knowing one day she will see him again.
Trying to make people see the real her.
Not giving up when everyone seems to doubt her.
She wants him to see the good in her.
The good that no one seemed to see
But the boy with the blue eyes.
Hoping her eyes don’t betray her heart.
Wanting to let him go and not hold him back.
Wanting the best for him even if that means she will be alone.

On God's Trail

by Hannah

I haven't found you yet,
But I will.
Lord, you are God
And I am like a
Wolf that you created.
I'm on your trail.
I've whiffed your scent
and am following it.
But I still haven't
Caught up.
I'm not far behind.
I will catch up soon.
So I can sing
And praise you
forever more.


by Hannah

The real story
Starts when you die.
Most think of death
As the End.
When if fact
Death can be
The Beginning.
We need to learn to
Not fear death
But to accept it.
It's a part of life.

It's You

by Anonymous

when i wake up it's your arms i want to hold me
when i go out it's you i want to protect me
and right before i go to bed it's you i want to kiss me
but with the problems pushing down on me
i find it hard to even breathe
i need you here to hold me tight
and talk me through the sleepless nights
and all i need is you
to tell me not to worry how things will be
but it's hard to do just what you say
with all the problems every day
the pressure builds as honesty prevails
i've hidden in these heavy vails
i've always tried to hide from you
this simple piece of the truth
you see my friends don't approve of you
and i gotta do what i gotta do
and if i wasn't shunned for loving you
everything would be just right
but it's the undecidedness
which brings my sleepless nights
i'm sorry but i dont think we should be
but please always remember me
i'm the girl in love with you
who's feelings simply can't show through
i'm sorry but this is how it has to be
i wish it was just you and me
but now i'm leaving and i can't stay
i wish we had just one more day
i'll love you always remember that
i'll miss you always
and i'll never forget
when i wake up it's your arms i want to hold me
when i go out it's you i want to protect me
and right before i go to bed
it's you i want to kiss me


by Damien

Why are you like winter?
As cold as ice?
You're heartless
You're ruthless
You hurt me
Why do you have no feelings?
Why must you hurt me?

April 1, 2008


by Hannah

Everyone has a sibling
That outshines them in everything.
Anything and Everything.
You name it
They are better at it.
In my case it’s my older sister.
She is better at everything than me
At what we both love to do.
Siblings just like to have their own thing
And be great at it.
It’s called sibling rivalry.
My sister excels more than me
At all the things I love
Or loved to do.
Like volleyball
Theatre arts
Especially writing.
Writing was “my thing” for a while.
It was something she didn’t do.
Then she came along
And stole it away from me
Just like everything else.
I feel out done
And overshadowed
By my sister.
I just want to be good at something
She isn’t.
I want my own thing.
My sister is everything I am and not.

Pain Killer

by Dara

Touch my head
See if I have a fever
Give me a hug
To make me feel better
Tap a kiss
That's the healer
Give me yourself
That's the real Pain Killer

Call Me a Freak

by Adrianna

Go ahead!
Go ahead!
call me a freak
go ahead
say i'm weak
i will go on
to prove you wrong
and i'll come back
and sing this song
i'm a weed
i'm not going anywhere
i'm a knot
can't get me out of your hair
i am a painting
i will foever hold your stare
watch your words
and beware
i'm here to stay
so get out of my way
i want you to say
you're a freak
i can take it
say i'm weak
but i will sing this song
because i know you're wrong
i'm a weed
i'm not going anywhere
i'm a knot
can't get me out of your hair
i am a painting
i will forever hold your stare
you tell me i'm bad
you tell me to show
i know what i am
so what are you?