Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

April 6, 2014

Torn By Miles, Not By Choice

by Rachael S.

Our love is torn by miles, not by choice
Soon, soon, my darling, I'll be coming back
While on the phone, I love to hear your voice
It is like the world just gave us a smack

How strange to meet as words flashed on a screen
Yet stranger still when love and even passion
How strange on such a phantom friend to lean
Real love, with all the power to refashion

When we're together times are quite good,
Which makes it very hard to be apart
Maybe our love is just misunderstood,
Which means the more suffering in my heart

The Web has given us this special grace:
That love might break the bonds of time and space.

A Love Song for You

by Prathamesh
As I make up my mind,
To write you a song,
Time stands still suddenly,
Making me feel so strong.
Echoing your whispers,
A breeze blows in;
In a moment I am,
In the skies, soaring.
Amidst the skies, I see us, playing;
I watch in your eyes, The love so gleaming.
As I make up my mind, To write you a song,
I strive to be honest;
Not showing off the wrong.
With all my heart darling,
I'd make our love dance;
Walking to the horizon,
Only love we'd glance.
Standing by your side,
'Till the last beat of my life,
Kissing you everyday,
And to make you my wife.
As I make up my mind, To write you a song,
Thankful to God I am, For this love lasting long.
Knowing we are blessed,
Entering His holy trance, O my beloved;
My Good Samaritan.
I see in your eyes blazing,
The love-in-return so rare,
How lovely we do look,
Standing in a pair!
As I make up my mind O dear,
To write you a song;
T's a love poem to you,
This is where I belong..