Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

May 24, 2008


by Maggie

i'm shaking
but i'm not cold
i'm not scared
i'm not crazy
my heart wants to
my body wants to
my soul wants to
my mind wants to
thinking about you
it wants to
looking at you
it wants to
writing poems about you
but it won't stop
no matter how hard i try

May 14, 2008

Tears In My Ice Cream

by Deanna

Theres tears in my ice cream as i think of you.
All that I want is to get over you.
I want to leave all the heartache behind,
but thoughts of you are glued in my mind.
There's tears in my ice cream when I think of your kiss,
Remembering how much of you I will miss.
The memory of you wont leave me alone.
My heart is as hard and as cold as a stone.
I've been trying so hard to forget and move on,
Now that I know that your love for me is gone.
But there's tears in my ice cream because of the pain
And the tears they are falling like warm salty rain.
But I'll cry and I'll cry til my heart isn't sore,
and the ice cream is melted and the tears are no more.

My Little Prince

by Rachael

I went to see him perform so flawlessly
Like the part was made just for him
His first words:
Please sir, would you draw me a sheep?
Tears of pride and admiration flooding my vision
With every word he said
With every song he sung
One day, one time, he saw forty four sunsets
And I wish I could have been there with him
I wonder if he would care for me
If I were his rose
Only his, to nurture and care for
Would our time grow stale
After the mountains were trimmed
And the sheep fed?
Traveling across the universe
Wandering aimlessly through castles and meadows
Would he remember me?
The rolling wheat of waning summer
would remind me his golden hair
And make me happy with a fleeting memory
It is only with my heart that I can see rightly
But what is essential is invisible to my eye
My petals would wilt and my color fade
While I waited for my Little Prince
Would he ever come back to me?
I do not know
I just hope that he will save one last sun for me
And that one day he will return
So we can watch it set together on the horizon

May 12, 2008

Til the End

by Deanna

I try so hard and still I fail,
my heart is left cold, sick, and pale.
I tell myself I'll be okay,
though I can't stand it one more day.
I tell myself I will not cry,
turns out it's just another lie.
You said I love you every day
and in your heart I'd always stay.
You held my hand and kissed my lips
and then my heart in half it rips.
It will never happen anymore,
I'll walk right out and slam the door.
I cannot bear to say goodbye,
afraid my heart will break and die.
Finding love like this is rare,
you never saw how much I care.
I tried to show you, make you see,
how much you really mean to me.
I see that something's hurting you,
but you won't tell me what or who.
Did you really think that we would last?
Or that I'd be part of your past?
I wanted you to understand
That I love you, and hold your hand.
Eventually my heart will mend,
just thought you'd be there til the end.


by Deanna

Save my soul and save my heart,
so we will never be apart.
Hold me close and hold me tight,
so that I'll feel safe through the night.
Wipe away my falling tears,
and scare away my living fears.
Fill the emptiness inside,
left by all the tears I cried.
Pick me up dont let me fall,
when I'm alone I feel so small.
Tell me that I'll be ok,
and that you'll get me through the day.
Give me your heart and I'll give you mine,
forever yours, your valentine.

Wolf Turned Dog

by Hannah

Locked up.
Never to see the daylight again.
Pacing back and forth constantly.
Trying to come up with some way
To regain my freedom once again.
Coming up blank in my
Desperate time of need.
But I won’t give up.
I’ll keep on fighting.
Nothing can tame me.
Nobody can turn me from
A wild wolf into some pet.
I’ll not sit or roll over
For some scrawny human.
But as time goes by
I lose a part of me
And my will to go on
With every passing day.
I start to become
What I feared most
Some human’s play toy.
I start to do
Whatever commanded of me.
I fetch the ball or jump up and down.
Slowly I lose all sense of what
Being a wolf really was
And the true meaning
Of the word


by Hannah

Shining ever so brightly
Taunting me with its fiery gaze
Calling out to me
With it’s unseen,
Unheard voice.
Beckoning me, tempting me
Seducing me
All to get me to join him.
To join him and burn for an eternity.

Not Here

by Jessica

I am here and you are not.
You have seen me,
But you do not know me.
Do you think of me?
Do you even care?
I want your attention,
Even for the briefest moment in time.
I do not understand why it matters so.
You cannot miss what you have never known.
Then why do I miss what I do not have?
If you do wish to know me;
Why have you not tried?
Is it guilt?
Do you regret your choice?
I do not.
So why would you?
I have always hoped the best for you,
Whatever that maybe.
I am here and you could be too.
I do not hold a grudge against you.
The question is,
Do you hold one against yourself?

May 10, 2008

I Thought

by Anonymous

i thought you cared.
i thought you loved me..
i thought you were the one..
i thought you were perfect..
i thought you broke my heart..
i thought you were real..
i thought you existed..but in my mind.