Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

February 17, 2008

Self Harming

by Jamie-Leigh

All I see is the anger inside of me.
The anger I see is painful
Just like what self harming does to me.
The emotions I get really annoy me;
That's what you get when you self harm just like me.
People judge you for what you really are,
but deep down inside, that's not the way you are.
Life is boring, yes, I know.
Try and get on with it and see how it goes.

February 16, 2008


by Samantha

The wind sings to the world
A rainbow is his song
The tree sings to the birds
A rainbow is her notes
The mother sings to her child
A rainbow is her inspiration
The sun smiles on the world,
The rainbow was his creation.

February 15, 2008


by Munk22

You tell me everything.
And i give you advice.
You pour your heart out.
And i listen.

But sometimes i wanna be more,
More than your shrink.
I'm not Dr.Phil,
Did you know?

I wanna be your friend.
I want you to talk to HER about ME.
I wanna be more...
More than a therapist.

Can't you read my hints?
Or are you blinded by thoughts of her?
Are you just blind?
Take the blindfold off, honey.

I wanna be yours.

February 14, 2008

Moving Alone

by Ghazal Halo

Once I was moving on the street alone
Hitting my foot on the pebbles and stone

Feeling as if they are not stones really
They are obstacles of life actually

I looked at birds flying in a line
Teaching humans to be united, as it looked so fine

The wind was chasing me on my way
Kissing my face and whispering away

Do not feel sad if you are lonely
There are people who love and care for you only

Looking surprised I thank the blowing air
For delighting and making me cheer

After moving alone I rested on the wall
I saw the crawling spider but it had a fall

It approached its destiny at last, after crawling
Giving a lesson to keep on trying and hard working

Making my way to home on this moonlight
The prevailing calmness and the lessons in this night

Could not let me forget this night ever
Teaching me things and making my eyes wider!

February 13, 2008

Who Knew

by McKinsey

who knew life was so confusing
people say this then that
everything they say gets all mixed up

who knew life was so gossipy
you have people talking about him or her
they talk about things that are nowhere near true

who knew life was so scary
people killing and stealing
you have people that commit suicide
and only just because they dont like themselves

who knew life was so terrible
that kids fight, die, and get kidnapped,
people do drugs and get drunk,
animals get abused and neglected

who knew this was the life around us

I Try [For You]

by Lindsay

As we sit on the couch,
I notice.
There’s a tear falling,
Slowly down her face.
She claims she’s not crying,
Says there’s no reason to cry.
She buries her face in her hands.
But I see it still…
Down her face.
I too blink away tears.
Even though
I don’t know what’s wrong.
Is it just another day
With just another fight?
They no longer get along,
I no longer cry.
It’s the same every day,
It’s the same every night.
I try to ignore their screams in my sleep,
I try to ignore the tears in her eyes.
I just try to get over
The fact that it’s over.
He’s losing his job,
She’s losing her mind.
They don’t get along,
I just can’t understand…
What happened to the beautiful family
We once had?
I fear for her life;
She claims she is useless,
It seems he agrees.
I try to pretend.
I try to hide.
I tell them I leave,
But really sit in a corner and cry.
I’m now so excited to leave
When Monday rolls around.
School’s hard to understand
My mind wanders all around.
But still I try to fix my life,
My smiles just won’t go away.
I have you guys to help me
Chase away the pain.
So when the morning comes,
Of course I will come too.
I’m sad,
I’m hurt,
But I will never try to hurt you.

February 4, 2008

A Rose

by Santana

Is a Rose a Rose by any other name?
I think not and some might think the same.
To me a Rose is a vision of beauty.
In its many colorful shades
and in different sizes.
Some say beauty is only skin deep,
But with a Rose it truly goes down real deep.
So a Rose is truly a Rose.
But with this vision of loveliness,
there is a shroud of dangerousness.
Beware of her thorns,
cause you might get pricked.
So do not be tricked.
But with careful thought and tenderness
you can hold a Rose with true intent.
So it will be close to your heart.

Somewhere In Between

by Lydia

Respect deserved,
not only to me,
maybe this girl,
will let me be.

Not a worm,
not a butterfly,
somewhere in between.
Dark side kept,
where it can't be seen.

I see right through,
her outer shell,
into the darkness,
through all hell.

The Importance of Words

by Lydia

"I never want to lose you",
are the words you told to me.
They sort of helped open my eyes,
helped me to see.
I can't help but wonder,
if you've said these words before,
to any of your girlfriends,
whose heart you left broken and sore.
I'm tired of being played,
and treated like a whore.
I am not what I seem,
I am so much more.
So I hope you understand,
the meaning of what you said.
And if you did,
then, now, why is my heart completely dead?

February 3, 2008

Your Eyes

by Santana

When I look into your eyes
I should be able to see what you feel
Instead all I see is an invisible me
And you with someone I don’t know

As We Waited

by Santana

Every day I sit here and wait
I wait and wait and wait
until someone comes to pick me up
But here I stay day by day
as the days go on
I can’t feel as if anyone is coming
so I finally gave up and left
when I did, he came along
He saw I wasn’t there
So he waited and waited just as I did
He finally gave up
and what does he find?
Me, waiting for him to welcome him in
and all he said was
“I waited too long for you,”
and walked away

The Storm Within

by Kristen

The rain slowly falls.
As the sky turns black.
The wind starts to blow.
All of the emotions start to flow.
I can still hear your voice.
Remember the words that you said.
As you walked away.
Turning your back on me.
Saying you were lost.
Not sure where you were headed.
Wanting to see what others have to offer.
Wanting to open your heart to the world.
Not wanting to stand on the outside anymore.
Hoping to find something true.
As the tears fall.
You try to smile.
Not wanting to show your pain.
Always running from the past.
Standing there watching the rain fall.
Lightning fills the sky,
Thunder is all that you hear.
That’s the day you walked away.
A storm was raging inside you.
You weren’t ready to fight.
You just did what you thought was right.
Afraid to stand and fight.
I stood in the rain watching you go.
Not understanding your choice.
Willing to believe you made the right choice.
You left, taking a piece of my heart with you.
I just wanted to believe in you.
Wanted to help you find the light.
That I have always seen in you.
Looking into your eyes.
I see all the emotions that you hide.
The fire that never seems to die.
The rage that never seems to fade.
The love that never seems to come.
The anger that has just begun.
The sadness that only seems to deepen.
The hurt that seems to stay.
A storm of emotions locked inside.
Fighting to be let out.
A heart fighting for control.
A mind fighting for relief.


by Jaz

What is it that you want from me?
If you truly loved me,
Your answer to this would be
Absolutely nothing,
But you say you don't know
Please try to let me down easy...
Because I can't and won't be
The person that you see
When you look at all the girls
That you perceive to be real...
I've done all I can,
I gave you my heart,
When you held out your hand.
Now will you leave me here to stand
To face my worst fears on my own?
You're the first person I've ever known
To make me both happy and sad
At the same time, and sure I'm glad
That I found you, but could you be bad
For I can't find the words to describe it
I want to know more
So I can feel free and soar
Like I used to before
I knew how to fall
As hard as I have for you...

February 2, 2008


by Jessica

I am surrounded.
Yet I am completely alone.
The noise I hear,
has become my silence.
Those who once brought not but a smile to my face,
are now the ones who raise the hate that is within me.
Music my only refuge.
Life has become meaningless time has left me.
I no longer live only exist.
There is no moving backward,
and I see nothing ahead for me.
Is this my end?
I have no passion.
I have no desire.
I hide from this world.
I am hiding from the truth,
I cannot yet bare to face
There is no one I care to live for.
Why must I go on?
Why should I go on?
My sole is darkened.
I am alone,
yet the earth so full of people.
I have no place in this world.
I am alone.


by Janet

Life is not fair
Its twists and turns.
Truth and lies
Hugs and fights
Life can be a wonderful experience
or an awful one, you decide.
There is peace
There is war
There’s good
There’s bad
Make a choice, make it now.
Do good, do bad?
Make the right decision
to govern your life.

February 1, 2008


by Anonymous

i once was a nerd
but this warm day came
and in the silence of the night
a guy appeared
he was my savour,
all the time i was asking where you went
but then i realized you're inside of me,
no matter how much you try,
i will promise to never let it sink into my head,
no matter how creative you are,
there is always a creative expression
of knowledge inside of you.


by Anonymous

Death would be so easy,
just hold a gun to your head,
pull the trigger and you're dead.

It would release you from the grasp of reality,
and pull you into an embrace of mysticality.

A feeling that you'd never come across,
would engulf you like fire coats leaves,
and very soon you would be free.

Only a coward would take the easy path of suicide,
and though you should enjoy life if nothing else,
I would enjoy the solitude of death greater.

So yes I'm a coward,
but at least I'm a happy one.
Free to do as I will,
with a hole through my head.

Note from web site owner: If you are having suicidal thoughts or are feeling overwhelmed in any way, please e-mail me at wuzzle5@aol.com so we can talk.

Sunset Black

by Marissa

What could
In this world be
More beautiful than a sunset
More gentle than the sea

But what is as gloomy
As the dark rivers of past
Steadily flowing into the sea
To meet our friend the sunset
At last

For when the past of a troubled one
Meets the beauty of the setting sun
This black sunset shows its warmth
As our cold dark past is done

Unknown Life

by Corne

put a life on hold for another's happiness
their time, smiles and success-what a bliss
if only it was their own
the reality of it all is an estranged heart, all alone

a fear of being set free
the need to know where to go, a key
hide away when it comes in, it is here
take a breath when there is only emptiness, no fear

here, there, wherever the finger snaps
function by blind feeling, like a colony of blind bats
scared of hitting wrong
never knowing where to belong

turn a head and look through a blind eye
the only help lies in a far away blue sky
strengths get broken down
wearing unhappiness and hate as a gown

craving an empty sensation
supressing a frequent temptation
losing mind over wrong
leaving is the only way to stay strong

The Days With You

by Ghazal Halo

The days with you
were warmer and happier
in the silence of night
i remembered you
the trees shaking and fluttering
all the time asking where are you
i always miss you
and love you too...

For You I Wish

by Lizzie

Strength when you feel weak
Courage when you feel scared,
Hope when you feel despair
Peace when you feel anger.

Love when you feel pain
Healing when you feel hurt,
Reassuring when you feel worried
Guidance when you feel lost.

Comfort when you feel alone
Forgiveness when you feel betrayed,
Faith when you feel hopeless
Confidence when you feel doubt.

Wisdom when you feel unsure
Control when you feel outraged
Patience when you feel stressed
Clarity when you feel confused.

I Promise You a Lie

by Jaslin

I promise you a lie
a lie that is the truth
I promise that im faithful
but I cant show you proof

I promise second chances work
but I will cheat along the way
I promise you are the only one
but I cant seem to make you stay

I promise no more
but it just wont sink in
I promise we will make it
but im too untrusting to begin

I promise I promise
I promise you a lie
but behind your back
Im sneaky and sly

[So many promises, but none to keep]
[Maybe you will have better luck next week]