Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

June 8, 2012


by Sophia
For him I made a selfless choice
I clouded my heart-desired voice
I threw away a happy life
And chose one that is filled with strife

The queen of darkness I’d be to him
One song of pain, an endless hymn
Instead he’ll take queen of light
With those deep eyes, how can I fight?

To her I swore my sacred oath
Something I may have come to loathe
And though his love I’ll always crave
I take my promise to the grave

For how, with her, could I compete?
Trying itself, would be a feat
With such brown eyes and slender figure
All of me it will disfigure

And so in hopelessness I lay
My choice, on my shoulders it will weigh
With a life that’s worth less than coal
And love still weighing on my soul


I always dreamt I'd take your hand
And write your name down in the sand
Yet when I wake up in the morning
You aren't there, my heart is yearning

I thought I could forget you
And leave you there without a clue
But when I try, it'll never do
Because I see your eyes so blue

You never thought what I would feel
That on my knees you made me kneel
And so my heart has turned to coal
I, to the devil, sold my soul

And now to me you have come back
Away at my sanity you hack
You now ask me to forgive you
Something I am so willing to do

I give up, I have no power
My strength is gone, my life is sour
All my strings of life are severed
If feel like I've been dead forever

A Thin Line

Walking on a thin line between
On one side 
On the other
In other words, two different worlds
One full of anger.
The other full of sweet ignorance

June 6, 2012

A Dream

i saw a little girl, head hanging low, i asked for her name
she said i'm no one; that's when the tears came
she asked who I was, if someone sent a spy and if so, who?
i told her, "oh i'm just a girl, just an ordinary girl like you"
i couldn't see her face, but in her voice
you could hear how this little girl ached
she must have been around seven or eight
her weeps hit my core and kind of made me stutter
i asked, "little girl it's late, where is your mother?"
she he wasn't here, but then where could she be
but i guess those facts never minded to me
i took her fragile hand, skin so fare and white
asked her what was wrong, if everything was alright?
at first she hesitated, but then began to explain
why she was crying, why she was in pain
she told that her daddy left without a sign
i reassured her it was okay for so had mine
a voice full of sorrow, she screamed, NO! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND
and with so much hurt, clenched my hand
she said i'm not beautiful, i'm so pale and my hair is too dark
then she turned her wrist and showed me her marks
she went on with her story, deep breaths in between
she told me that she saw things a little girl should have never seen
she told me what they would say and all the things they would do
children are supposed to be angels, but sometimes they can be so cruel
a child so young in agony, so misunderstood
all her life it's been if i could, i would
the room suddenly was dark, only light on her...
time paused for a moment, neither of us said a word
and when i stepped back, oh you wouldn't believe
i was looking into the eyes of a little girl that once was me....

June 3, 2012

Broken Home

by Lapria 

What do you do when you feel alone? 
Captured within the pale walls of a broken home 
What do you do when you feel alone? 
Shattered dreams and all hope is gone 

Inhaling the fumes of agony and pain 
Hoping strength you'll soon regain 
Broken glass you swallow every time you tell her a lie 
Looking at her deep in her brown eyes 
Wanting to tell her the truth 
But knowing it would be just too much 
Wanting to feel that tingly touch 
That installation of kin that you once cherished 
Now gone forever due to a poor marriage 

What do you do when you feel alone? 
Captured within the pale walls of a broken home 
You break free and listen to the whispers of the wind
If only I knew now what I knew then 

What's done in the dark always reveals itself in the light 
What was done was done and even if it wasn't right 
I will escape the feeling of loneliness and the tenderness of pain 
And the love that I share with her in my heart will remain. 

So what do you do when you feel alone? 
Break down the pale walls within the broken home 
Rebuild them and paint them with a clean white 
It’s guaranteed to make everything alright... 

What do you do when you feel alone? 
Rebuild the strength and love within the home!


by Alison

the mirror shows her every flaw, 
hips too big and chest too small,
she sees no worth and cries in shame,
she hates herself and he’s to blame,
mascara tears have stained her eyes,
"you're beautiful"
has become a lie,
pretty girls in magazines
and perfect ones on movie screens,
they have it all,
the looks and more
while she just cries
behind locked doors
to love herself is what she needs
but not enough is all she sees,
no matter what the mirror shows,
she's more beautiful than she could know.