Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

April 16, 2011

Why Don't You Stay, Rain?

by Kendra

Why don't you stay, rain?
So you can wash away my pain.
I have too much sorrow,
My happiness need not borrow.
You will be in my heart forever
Even when it's love i sever.
Why don't you stay, rain?
So you can keep me sane.


by Kendra

Walking through the rain,
I try to forget the pain.
I try to ignore the sting in my eyes,
because I know, a strong girl never cries.
I begin to run, run from my fears.
But I am followed by my ever present tears.
I want to leave these familiar places,
leave behind all of these frequent faces.
But where will I go?
What will I do?
All I know is I have to get faraway from you.
But something keeps me here,
crying one last tear.

Missing You

by Sam

You have the sticky sweet lips,
And of course my hands are on your hips.
Your arms around my neck, as I give you a soft, sweet peck.
Then we kiss, your lips I sure will miss.
And your touch, I miss that so much.
I miss your soft skin, waiting for it to begin.
Time for two, just me, just you.
You're in my arms again.
Then, you mustn't leave me,
Again, not ever again, you see.
My heart beats for you.
Only you, my boo, I love you.

Should I?

by Anonymous

don't figure me out,
i can't tell you one thing.
wait, stay, is that all I am?
but, thanks to me, you don't know a thing.
no, i'm not DESPERATE, I refuse to show
but does that make me a coward?
but, what can I say?

every word I whisper,
is a part of me that i begin to trust,
every word is unheard.
every word i say is unheard.
but if I do speak,
please listen,
and know that once I tell you,
i am confiding in you,
may it be the littlest thing.

please, remember me.

I Am the Girl

by Anonymous

I am the girl who felt that ache,
I am the girl whose lunch you’d take,
I am the girl who was frightened by you,
I am the girl who had nothing to do,
I am the girl who spoke not a word,
I am the girl who nobody heard,
I am the girl who took all your lies,
I am the girl who never could rise,
I was the girl who knew you were cruel,
I was the girl you said wasn’t cool,
I was the girl who faced up to her fears,
I was the girl who stood up to her peers,
I am the girl who still cannot let go,
I am the girl who just wants you to know,
I was a person put down by your fun,
I was a person.
Not the only one.