Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

May 19, 2007


by Jahmila

This poem is for all.
I want to shove people against the wall.
All they ever do is think about themselves
They don't think of anyone else.
People say just cause someone's a prep
Means that they never get depressed.
They say goths are total geeks,
Thy think they're bat head biting freaks
I'm sick of people!! THAT IS IT.
Please, please stop it! You make me sick.
Not all preps have no feelings,
not all goths are freaks.
Not all emos cut
and just cause because you like school
doesn't make you a geek.
No one cares.. Get out of each others hair.
Stop the sterotyping, stop now I say;
You're just hurting each other
and pushing people away!
Maybe people wouldn't be so sad,
Maybe they wouldn't be mean
If you would stop calling them names
And thinking that they're freaks.
Not all people act just the way you think.
Stop being jerks, just stop being mean!!!

Numb and Tired

by Stargirl

Now my emotions feel so old,
and I’m beginning to feel cold,
Unwanted and left here on the floor,
wondering why I still feel raw,
My time’s not up I don’t think so,
Only thing is I feel so low,
Broken in pieces like a jigsaw,
but now that I’ve changed
they don’t fit anymore,

Trials and tribulations conspiracy,
why is all of this happening to me,
It’s not new to me to feel alone,
seems whatever I do I’m on my own,
Remembering times when I was naïve,
It’s that feeling I want to retrieve,
Exhausted here shall I run away,
I wonder if I will one day,
Dangerous cuz I’m on the brink,
of giving up, what do you think?

May 13, 2007


by Jasmine

my friends
my thoughts
the bleeding

Couldn't It Wait?

by Ashley

all of the words left unspoken
have left my heart broken

i wish it was all in my head
that you werent really dead

no one knows how i feel
this is all just so real

i sit by the phone
waiting to hear your tone

if i had a choice
all i want is to hear your voice

i want to see you smile
if only for a while

i wish we could talk
and go for a walk

while i cry
youre in the sky

youre smiling down
while i frown

if you sent me a letter
i would feel so much better

ill miss the stamping
and all the camping <3

i will never be the same
ill cry when i hear your name

this poem is for you
to show you its true

i know this was fate
but why couldnt it wait?

R.I.P. Eleanor


by Anonymous

I look deep into your eyes.
And that is my mistake.
For if i look one more time.
My heart will surely break.
You know your power.
And that is fine.
Just know that when i made the move.
The choice was mine all mine.
I looked into your deep blue eyes.
And hoped you'de hold my gaze.
But alas you glanced away from me.
Since im not the one you crave.

Dear AniR

by Paul

Hey baby girl sorry to here what studs did in the past
Got your heart broken in half sitting in a fitted cast
I know you thought everything was ok, but in the end you got hurt
You thought he was the man to stick around, and wear matching shirts
Of course there’s a problem, but this one ended your life
When he told you its over, it felt like you were stabbed by a knife
I know your wondering how a stranger knows so much
Cuz I felt this vibe since the 1st time we touched
You get tummy aches by all the dead butterflies floating around
You’re more then a princess, you’re a queen waiting to be crowned
Most guys won’t tell you the truth, hide it behind your back
You don’t deserve someone that’s going to treat you wrong that’s a fact
I found out through everything a relationship is effort
You describe yourself as a dirty shirt
aniR it’s not your fault he missed out on a perfect girl
I’m not going to lie, the way you got me in a whirl
You make me smile just by the way you hug me close
My job would be to talk about you, brag, and boast
Shocked? I know baby girl give me a chance
Taking care of you forever in a slow dance
I know he’ll always be on your mind
It’s also time for new starts, so put him behind
ainR I never noticed I felt this way
But if you want someone real, call me someday.

I Lost It

by Morgan

I lost something
Looking for it
is making me insane
I want to cry
because I was forced
with independence
Im not really ready
to handle myself
I was forced
to hear everyone yell everyday
I got lost
and lies swallowed me whole
I lost something
I cant find it
Its divided now
and with malicious trust it keep us apart

Don't Belong

by Ami

Sometimes I feel as if I don’t belong
in the place I truly do belong.
Sometimes it feels as if my friends are sick of me
and don’t want me around.
It’s like they hate me,
and can’t accept who I am or the choices I make.
I know all of this is wrong,
but they don’t know me as well as they think.
I bruise easily, and it takes a while for them to fade.
No one understand this,
some say it’s because I won’t share.
I tried to share once, and it only hurt more.
So I find to hide works better.
Sometimes I even hide from myself,
but that’s when things really get bad,
I know how to deal with it all,
and that’s by myself!

Baby I Love You

by Ami

Baby I love you, don’t ever doubt that,
I just need time, time to find me
and time to figure myself out.
No matter what you believe, there was no other guy,
and it’s not because I don’t love you.
It’s because I need to worry about me,
I don’t mean to be selfish,
but sometimes it’s the only way to survive.
I want to be with you,
but really I can’t do it right now.
I am very sorry.
I love you and I hope you understand.

I Wish

by Ami

I don’t understand, why all this is happening
I don’t understand why I feel this way again.
I can’t stand it and I need to get out,
but I have nowhere to go.
I’m stuck here in this unreal town,
and these unreal people.
I hate always feeling like I don’t belong.
I hate that I can’t just be happy,
I hate that people don’t understand me,
I hate that I don’t understand me.
I hate that I let my friends control my life
and yet I feel I need them so much.
I have secluded myself
into this world that I can no longer stand,
but I have no choice but to stay
until it all comes crashing down,
at least then I will be happy!
Maybe someday my life will be my own again.

She Thought She Knew

by Olivia

she thought she knew
but really she was the one who was confused
in my 411 and thought she had the news
but really she was the one being used
what comes around goes around
because shes the one being abused
constantly telling her to stop but still she refused
stubborn people always think theyre winners
but at the end they always lose
while they are the ones who look like fools
we're the ones they chose not to choose
if you start acting like you, maybe love will come to you!

Only a Bag and a Broken Heart

by Rebecca

She stood there at the cliff's edge,
Counting waves crashing against the shore,
She did not want to witness this world,
Not for her now, not anymore.

She looked out at the ocean blue,
As if into a lovers eyes,
We were all born just like the sun,
To set and so to rise.

As blue now as the sky before,
It opened the world like a glistening door,
Waiting for the time to pass,
Leaving her unsure.

She tried so hard to remember,
Golden hair,
In sweet September,
As she lay in her mothers loving arms.

That was before,
Before it all fell apart,
She has nothing now to save her here,
Just a bag and a broken heart.

She walked once more,
To the cliffs close edge,
The ocean floor,
Ever closer now.....

Always the Same!

by Ami

It seems my poems never change.
They all say the same thing.
About how some guy broke my heart
and how I am stuck between love and lust.
The same thing is written over and over again.
I am always confused and always depressed,
I am always hurt and always strong.
I don’t even care,
I cant even write I am so stressed out
and all I want to do is cry,
I want to isolate myself in my room and never come out,
but I know that isn’t an option.
What am I to do when nothing seems right?
What I am to do when the evil repeat never gets better,
no matter how hard I try,
no matter what I do, it never gets better.
I could sit around and waste away and nothing changes.
I could fall so far I almost die and nothing changes,
I could get up and try and nothing changes.
I could get up and succeed and still nothing changes.

This Is

by Kimberly

this is what u did
did to me
this is what you caused me
my life
my love
this is what i am
love me for me
do not let it go
not into the air
this is what i am made of

Secret Crush

by Tyesha

When i first saw you i knew you were the one for me,
only problem was we never got a chance to meet.
I'd see you and my heart would beat faster,
you would say hi sometimes and i'd reply with laughter.
We never really met though i felt a vibe between us,
we'd look at each other with hearts in our eyes; it must be lust.
I'd start to daydream about how it would be,
if only you knew i liked you and if you liked me.
I'd snap out of my daydream and there you were again,
i got up my courage to speak and made a new friend.
Although i wanted more for the moment, i was pleased with this,
I would daydream all the time about how it would be when we first kissed.
I'd snap out of my daydream and quickly restore myself,
'cause for two whole minutes it was us and no one else.
i started to like you more
and although i didn't think you felt the same way,
i felt a vibe between us ever since the first day.
The first day i saw you i liked you instantly,
only problem was i was unsure if you liked me.
But one thing i hope will never change
is that we could always be friends,
or at least until i restore myself and find courage once again.
Courage to tell you how i feel and hope you feel the same way,
but until that day comes FRIENDS IS WHAT WE'LL STAY

"Love Is Nothing But Pain"

by Tyesha

How could you hurt me
I was so young.
I did a lot of bad things in my life,
but nothing worse than what you have done.
I don't understand; I was so young
I deserved to get punished at times,
but not like this one.
You hurt me and raped me,
then walked and acted as if nothing happened
you abused me and now every time I look at a man
my mind start collapsing.
I was so young but you didn’t care
you told me you loved me, then forced me up the stairs.
You said just relax, soon it would end
I begged you to stop
and you replied with a grin.
You were my mother's man, not mine
how could you be so sick to rape a child.
You said if I ever told you'd kill me
and then you turned around and said you loved me.
You said love is nothing but pain
so get used to it cause it's all the same.
I was only 10 and you took my life from me
and as if it wasn't bad enough,
when I tried to tell the only person I thought
I could trust, they thought it was funny.
They thought I was making it up
and didn't believe anything I said
I was so messed up in the head
I couldn't go anywhere near another bed.
My mother would ask me what was wrong
and I couldn't tell her
because I thought she would think I was lying
so instead I went to bed every night crying.
I thought God hated me
because of something I had done
and that’s because Richard told me I was bad
and deserved to be punished
he said God didn't love me
because I never liked to have fun
that’s when he told me God loves no one.
You put me through this pain
from when I was 5 till I was 10
and now it'll never happen again
because I have learned that God does love me
even though my pain I thought he couldn't see
he helped me and now I'm with him again
where I will never get hurt by another man.
The pain I went through built up inside
till my secret I could no longer hide.
I told my mother what was going on
and like I suspected she didn't believe me
or at least not until that Saturday
when she didn't see me.
He had found out I snitched
so he raped me once more
and through my body in a ditch.
My mother saw me on the news
and all she could do was cry
she asked herself over and over
why I didn’t believe that lie.
But the good news is Richard is in jail
and my mother says he's going to burn
for an eternity in hell.
And as for me I'm in a better place
were no one could hurt me
because I’m protected by God's grace.

I Love Him

by Ami

I love him so much,
I know some may never understand why,
But that’s okay;
it’s not them who love him.
He makes me happy,
I know he hurt me before,
But things are different now.
He loves me and he knows he wants to be with me.
We are perfect for each other and we know it!

I can’t wait until I can call
that beautiful man my husband!
I can’t wait to have his kids,
I can’t wait to raise a family with him!

Things will be great!
We’ll take it slow in the beginning,
And we’ll be together when we’re old.
No one may understand this,
But I do.

I'm the Girl

by Amber

im the one you NEVER see on tv
im the girl who is always singing
i scream
i shout
i am without a doubt
the craziest girl about
but i hurt
and i cry
and most of the time,
im awfully shy.
i hate what you think you see.
i hate how i never seem to be me.
i hate my past
im scared of my so called future
but im content with the now
i look down with fear
because every time youre near
i realize the awful truth
you have me in this hold
and no matter what i do or say
you can be the one to make me or break me
and i cant stand that
no one should have that power over me
yet i melt everytime you say those three words
ive longed for so long to hear
so i turn to friends
but i turn in vain
for they see what i see
a perfect image
but alas it is an image for disaster
for fairy tales dont exist
and im doomed for a heartbreak that is fatal
but i dont know what else to do
so i sit and i wait
and i fall deeper into this hole
maybe its meant to be
maybe we can be happy


by Ashley

the time we spent together,
was all a game to you.
it would have been better,
to have never loved you.
you were playing with my heart,
and it is a very fragile thing.
one look at her was all it took,
for you to rip it in two.


by Allee

While she's lying on her bed,
All these thoughts go through her head,
Weeping, crying through the night,
Thinking that she just might,
Slicing, dicing with a blade,
Anything that will not fade,
Her friends all worried,
They tried to help,
They were too late,
She found her fate,

With God

by Richelle

ive tried so hard to please man,
but with God is where i need to stand.
what to do when your heart is so heavy.
things you wanted to do, destined to do,
you felt you just werent ready?
what if making the mistake
of turning back the hands of time
was a chance you wish you could take.
what if everyone believed you could,
you were the one who knew you could,
but were running from what God really had for you?
what if you wanted to know your true destiny,
but you were so blinded you couldnt even see.
God knew all along where you would be.
you better hurry
before someone else gets your callin, youll see.
what if everything you knew was right,
you knew all along,
you were just to afraid to let go?
you better figure it out soon;
life's too short to wonder what if.
figure out how. Just go after him.
he's waitin, can you hear him?

The World Wonders

by Breanna

There is a wonder in the world
for every boy and girl
The are wonders of the war
for now and before
there are wonders of the seas
which is our biggest mystery
there are wonders of space
and every human race
we wonder so much
but who can we trust
with all this broken lust
god is a must
these are a few of the wonders of the world
which lie in the minds of every boy and girl


by Breanna

Deep in the heart
there is love
beyond that is fear
fear can be hidden
it can hide behind doubt
sometimes fear tends to make us shout
fear is scary
but truthful and dry
fear is one syllable
one sign
one thought
but fear can always be fought

So Wrong

by Fickshonal

I hid in my room while my tears poured down
I couldn't help myself
While my mom survived the pain
That my father gave
I spent my time in my room all night
Hoping and praying for a different life
I heard the cries from my mother
And the shouts from my father
I couldn't help but hate him
An hour later my mom came in
Bruises covered and tears wiped dry
She was also dreaming for a different life
I wanted to get out but I was stuck
In that prison I called home
My daddy would leave while my mother cried
He didn't care about the pain
that he put her through that night
He came back in the morning
Even worse than the night before
I wanted to get out but I was stuck
In that prison I called home
You used to be my hero
But then you went so wrong
I used to think you were
my shelter from the storm
You used to love me
But then you hurt me
My mother's alright and I’m okay
I know I’m better of without you
But don't you still wonder
If your little girl's still alright
I thought you cared
But now I know you don't
But daddy, how'd you go so wrong
Did you ever really care if I was still alive?
Do you even remember what I look like?
You used to be my hero
But then you went so wrong
I used to think you were
my shelter from the storm
You used to love me
But then you hurt me
My mother's alright
And I’m okay
But I’ll never trust you again
Because I don't want to know what you are
I just know what you've been
I still hate you
For all the pain you gave
You scarred us both for life
And I used to cry all night
Hoping and praying for a different life
I wanted to get out, but I was stuck
In that prison I called home
You used to be my hero
But then you went so wrong
I used to think you were my shelter from the storm
You used to love me
But then you hurt me
My mother's alright
And I’m okay
But you used to be my hero
And then you went so wrong
I used to think you were
my shelter from the storm
You used to love me
But then you hurt me
My mother's alright
And I’m okay
But I’ll never trust you again
Because I don't want to know what you are
I just know what you've been
I still hate you
And I’m better off without you
But daddy,
How’d you go so wrong?
You used to be my hero
But now I don't know who you are
You used to love me
But then you hurt me
Why’d you go so wrong?