Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

September 11, 2007


by Deisy

Time, what is it??
Many people don't know
And many people take it for granted
We should all appreciate the time we have
Because we don't know how long life could last

We spend so many hours on unvaluable things
Instead of spending them with those in need
Time is something we cannot retract
So we should take any chance to interact

Time is something that we wish we had more of
Sadly, this cannot be
That is why we should use our time wisely
Time is something that goes so fast
So do the right thing and try to make it last

As time goes by so do our lives
We might regret things
that we have done in the past
And we might want to go back
But this is why we should all
take our time and use it wisely
Because time is a blast,
So make it last.

Leave It All Behind

by Melanie

The truth,
The lies,
Leave it all behind,
Do not be sad,
And do not cry.
Just remember,
We were fine.
She was your friend,
She was your mate,
But remember,
Your certain fate.
You didn’t know the truth,
You didn’t know the lies,
But one thing you really know,
Is you left it all behind.
The lies you saw,
You thought were truth,
Hurt you more,
Than you ever could.
No cut could ever make you cry,
More than she had made you weep,
And no death of your dog,
Could ever make you kill yourself.
I had never meant to make you think,
That leaving it behind,
Was leaving everything behind,
You shouldn’t have done this to yourself,
So now I stand here by myself.
I feel so guilty,
I feel so cruel,
I should have just said for you to move.
But one that stays in mind,
Was you left it all behind.


by Stargirl

Dreams finally realised,
can’t believe it’s happening to me,
just want to get out there,
for everyone to see
Adrenalin rush as I take to the stage,
feel finally free,
broken out of my cage
No stopping me now,
I’m where I belong,
under the spotlight,
even if only for one song
Confidence rising higher and higher,
twirling out of control,
this is my desire
I stumble and fall,
wanting no one to see,
or shine like the star,
that is inside of me
Now it's coming to an end,
with the ever nearing,
ending curtsey
Glorious applause
as I take my final pose,
everything good has to end,
that’s just how its goes!

September 1, 2007


by Bri

When blossoms bloomed,
I thought you assumed,
That spring was here, instead of fear.


by MMM

Tears fall from my eyes
You'll never know
You’ll never know---
How I feel
Deep inside
The pain and hurt
It caused all of us
Draped in black I cry
For the baby that had no chance of life
She was taken from us before we even saw
We even saw--- her
You’ll never know
You’ll never know
First time parents won't ever have the chance
To know her…
We all cry
For the baby that had no chance
It couldn’t be helped at all
I guess god had a different plan
But still we cry draped in black
Tears of pain and anguish.


by Jacquelynn

into this age of darkness
into this time of fear
we hide from those who haunt us
betray anyone who gets near

from an age of beauty
from a time of peace
the memories whirl around us
but offer no release

the past, it fights the future
killing the present in their wake
we cannot cry in the midst of torture
life is all one big mistake

Hope is what keeps us living
where it came from, no one knows
but in the darkness it keeps shining
and we follow where it goes

Faith, it gives us Courage
to fight for what we seek
but Ignorance is a cage
and we kill the meek

Suicide and Depression
rule our minds but not our hearts
and we must learn the lesson
that we are not alone in the dark

we must find our missing pieces
that shattered near and far
some lay in the creases
of a drowned and fallen star

some are in the forest
where sunlight cannot creep
but there are nymphs and fairies
to help us find what we seek

some fall in the desert
where water is rare
that's where we find the treasure
of friends who really care

some lay on the ocean floor
where air can never be
be brave and walk through that door
because then the blind can see

some float up above you
where birds and angels fly
and when you find those pieces
you'll carry a piece of the sky

the last pieces you must find
are in the soul of another
together, body, heart, and mind,
forever, loving each other

so in your travels of pain and death
keep going, don't give up
you'll find that through the night
Hope is always enough

Love's Never Real

by Anonymous

Trying so hard to hide.
Every tear of mine.
Faking a smile,
holding a grin,
but inside I want to cry.
I'm sick and tired of getting hurt.
Each and every time.
I wish that I could try
to find something truly mine.
There's always going to be someone there
always to make me cry.
Why oh why can't they be nice?
It's been me that's always tried.
My heart's been shattered, torn to bits.
Locked in a safe.
Just so that you won't be able
to cause me anymore more pain.
I guess it's true that a girl like me
will never play the part.
Of a fairytale princess with a true love.
And a prince with a true heart.

Rhythm & Blues

by Hannah

Flowing, pulsing, moving
The sea dances up to the shore
Stays for a soft moment
Then sadly falls away

Flowing, pulsing, moving
I tiptoe with silent feet
To the ancient shoreline
And follow the waves into the horizon

Flowing, pulsing, moving
I feel the earth's massive heartbeat
Adjust to my tiny rhythm
They beat as one

Flowing, pulsing, moving
As the earth sleeps
I shed a tear as I slip away
Silent through the night

Sparrow Haiku

by Hannah

Come, little sparrow
Put away your sorrows and
Play with me a while