Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

November 27, 2012


by Lauren D.
Trust, a foreign word to human society.
A word commonly used but not understood

Spoken from deceiving lips and crushing mouths
Rarely understood

Stabbed by knives
Shot with daggers of countless lies
a malediction not understood

Sugar coated, nicely wrapped with bow and all
definitely not a gift in disguise
rather a shit full of lies
Trust our liability, a foreign word to our human society


by Red Liberty 
lately i feel like things have taken a turn for the worst
lately i feel like things have slipped right past me 
lately i feel departed from society 
lately i feel like I'm at the beginning of a closed road 

lately has been a tough going and I'm asking you for a little faith to keep me 
stable, to keep me capable. hold my hand and love me unconditionally. 
lately i have been undeserving
lately i have been cold
lately i have been wrapped up in myself
lately i haven't walked the valuable path of life

lately my reality has been distorted and unknown from me. i have sat back and 
let the damned steal something so critical to my own existence. 
lately i have been deceitful to the ones i cherish and respect. 
i have been deserted by the ones who said they'd stay through the thick and thin. 
lately i have burned all of my bridges and have sent everyone running away in 

lately i haven't breathed the fresh air around me,
lately i haven't been who i used to know. 
lately i realized life is meant to be lived.
lately i have taken the hand of support.
lately i have confessed.
lately i decided to be apart of my own life.

November 16, 2012


by Marti
what the eyes can see is not what defines me
not even the fears, lies, or hyperactivity
mom don't worry, i'm not your insecurities 
my heart, spirit, the blood in my veins, are all god's property 
i was told that god doesn't make junk 
well why do the beatings makes me feel like a punk 
each strike destroying joy and leaving pain 
how much abuse can a child sustain
verbally and physically 
i thought you loved me unconditionally 
i'm like you, why don't you love us 
feeling so blue from the smacks 
no longer blue, all i feel is black 
walking around, sometimes numb 
no e.d. class for me, i'm not dumb 
i want to be loved, i want to grow 
teach me... show me that you know

Velma, I Miss You So Much

by Tristan
heaven is a far place to be, but i know you're alright,
away from all this misery.
looking down upon us, like you used to do
like the great parent you are, i want to be like you

you were always there, through thick and thin
you helped us so much
we NEVER thought you'd give in,

and here we are on this day
a day that god's angels can take their fallen angel away,

crying is an amazing thing , 
it does us no harm but helps us just think,

i know you are safe, in god's arms
we all miss you so much and hope you're not harmed

but we all know that you are in heaven,
please visit us sometime, round half past eleven?

November 15, 2012


by Cesar
I love that look
That charming smile
I was enchanted by her fragrance
The distance is killing me
Not being able to see her
Not being able to have her

I want to have her face to face
I need to tell her how I feel
I can’t get her out of my mind
I would steal a kiss from her
And wish she'd go crazy

Tomorrow I will make her fall in love with me,
I won’t stop until she loves me
I want to kiss her
And shelter her with my arms
She will be my day and night

He Loves Me

by SeVayne

He loves me, loves me not.
Told me that our love was caught.
In a web of memories.
Just between him and me.
But then he went and walked away.
Never said goodbye, left with nothing to say.
He used to hold me when I would cry.
Could drive away sadness and not even try.
Now he's the reason for my every tear.
When I remember him saying, I love you my dear.

A Letter to You

by SeVayne
dear no one in particular,
these words i write are peculiar.
you can smile or furrow your brow.
this proves i love you and i'll tell you how.
you can read this  letter left to right.
i will explain how you were my light.
but no i wont 'cause you messed up.
you saw another girl and said "wusup?"
so this is my letter to you from me.
a simple gesture as to who you used to be.

Love Thy Best Friend

by Kacey
Rejection is the biggest infection in this heart of mine,
It seems my stars in the darkness will never align.
Your lust and confusion in one bittersweet kiss,
I break my own heart in moments of bliss.
I think of the time when you said I was perfection,
And take it to the heart like a poisonous injection.
Your desire and taste crash onto my lips,
Then your eyes black out like an enthralled eclipse.
You obtain those feelings that make the heart sore,
In my soul so softly you whisper no more.
I swallow your excuses like a straight shot of whiskey,
I make a wish on your eyes hoping that you’ll miss me.
A girl can’t settle for your heart wrenching teasin’
She wants your emotions, not your logic and reason.
Maybe you will listen, maybe I am crazy,
Maybe I will wake up in a world not hazy.
I just want to know how your heart is dealing,
It might be classified as a tenuous dam of feeling.
You were once bruised and your heart is now tattered,
See what I see and know you are no longer battered.
Meet me half way and we can walk without end,
Let us set fire to this crusade and love thy best friend.


by SeVayne
A friendship that will never fail.
A love that makes the sun look pale.
A life that passes way too fast.
This is the real me and I will last.
Do you remember the thoughts we used to share?
Do you remember the way you used to care?
Can you tell me why you walked away?
Can you tell me why you couldn't just stay?
Say the words and the poem will end.
Have you finished your apologies?
Well, good. The end.

November 1, 2012

No Regrets

by Anonymous
Do what you love
Love what you do
Many a time
We forget to follow through

It’s like a clock
Just ticking away
Our lives will be over
And what will people say
She was nice 
He was fun
But what will you think
When it’s all done

Did you do what you wanted?
Did you find your knack?
Did you accomplish your goals?
Or did you just sit back?

We should have no regrets
When we are on our way out
Everyone, including you
Should know what your life
Was all about.