Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

September 29, 2013

Nameless Titles

by Jenny

They call me names
Which none are mine
They call me jock, the cheerleader,
The emo, the stoner, or the nerd.
These are just titles,
They are just labels.
When i walk in the halls today.
I can hear whispering.
Laughing at me.
To them those so called titles are my name.
To them it's either that or i remain nameless.
Afraid to look up,
I went with it.
The jock who is trying hard to fit in.
The cheerleader who is just an insecure girl.
The emo that wishes for a friend.
The stoner trying to take away the all pain.
The nerd who is trying hard to get in college
And not be disappointment.

September 27, 2013

True Me

by Sophie A.
no one knows 
no one tries 
to see the person i hide inside 
the true me lurks 
inside the dark 
but no one’s tried 
to see my heart 
i'm not looking for pity 
i'm actually fine 
with everyone looking 
at my outer design 
i know that if 
they saw the true me 
they’d never understand 
they might even hate me.

Who I Am

by Anonymous
Time to find out who I am 
And I have got the perfect plan 
You have offered me a way 
To define who I am today 
Inject the light brown liquid
careful not to use too much 
Riding the H train isn't cheap 
it enters my bloodstream now 
Thick blood comes rushing out 
I grin in the face of evil 
addicted though I may be 
This is one way to define me

My Love

by Willow
heart of ice
eyes of steel
body of metal
that no one can heal
you've been hurt too long
you've had to make the sacrifice
when i touch you 
i can feel the ice melt
and your eyes soften
i can hear your heart go on pumpin'
no longer alone
like you thought you were
i’m here for you, in this strange war
i’ll help you up, when you fall
i’ll kill all the demons that climb the wall
i won’t let them hurt you anymore
that's why i'm leaving at your door
i don’t want you to hurt this time
so this is when i close my eyes
and make you see what i came for

No One Understands Us

by Anonymous
No one understands us
but we don't really care
You wrap me in a bear hug 
and stroke fingers through my hair 

I know they didn't expect us 
To fall in love like this 
But I also know that with you 
All i feel is bliss

In a past life we were soul mates 
Not that i can tell 
But i know that you love me 
And i love you as well

Sweet Serenity

by Keerigan

sweet serenity,
her mind has gotten to her again.
so lost, everyone wants her to be found.
she hears my silence, she takes me away
we found each other, buried under scars.
her eyes hold it all in, but her laugh carries her doubts
in syllables of the perfect pitch,
she takes me away, to the places i never thought i could go.
i bleed out her pain,
i’ll bleed out her pain so she wont worry over her locked and lost,
and i just wont let go, i wont let go of her beautiful soul.
don't let me lose that part of me, that part that you brought back.
that part of me that i haven’t once missed until your eyes met mine,
and i’ll love you until the end of time.

Come Out, Come Out (A True Gay Story)

by Jacob L.
Blinded by hormones 
Led on by lust
We knew what we were getting into 
Now look at us,
we're crushed

We kept it a secret
We were hidden in shame
And now that it's all out
Which one of us is to blame?

I fed your confusion
Became your sex puppeteer 
I denied any feelings
To help hide that you were queer

I was no more than an experiment
A test subject in your eyes
But feeling the least bit wanted 
Made me feel so damn alive.

No Smoke

by Rachel
i hid a smoke on the porch
and then it rained
and now it's soaked.
it rained so hard
it washed away
my favorite way to end the day.
the rain will come
and then it goes
it does not care about my woes.
it whips the trees
and wets the streets
it does not care for you or me.
my hair is wet
my face is cold
i wish i had that cigarette.

The Way I Feel

by Selena Y.
Our hearts were in vain.
I fell under your spell.
Our love was in so much pain.
I felt like a tiny visual cell.

I felt like i had to walk away.
I felt so black and blue.
I see you day by day.
I will always want you.

I can't live a lie.
I hate how I'm always denied.
I never hit so hard in love.
I feel like a broken winged dove.

He slowly turned to let me burn.
Your high in the sky.
I think i need to learn.
That i really need to say goodbye.

I never meant to start a war.
I guess i should of just let you win.
I feel like a trap door.
I just wanted to let you in.

You made me exposed.
You made so vulnerable.
I feel like I'm decomposed.
I felt so uncomfortable.

The tears i cry.
I feel so wrecked.
You always have an evil eye.
I feel like an inconvenient subject.

I close my eyes.
And let you go with a crying weep.
I said my goodbyes.
So i could finally fall sleep.

Rough Recognition

by Jacob L.
You said to drop the gimmick
That it's okay just to be myself
I could've used these words a year ago
When I was trying to be somebody else

When I'd trust my heart with strangers
Only to watch it hit the floor
It was the feeling of being wanted
That kept me coming back for more

When happiness wasn't attainable 
and I struggled to find myself
When the "love" no longer was present
I'd find it in somebody else

I was in the midst of a cycle 
How I was feeling, nobody could tell
I would laugh and say it was fun
But in reality I was going through hell

So why can't I wash my hands of you
And clean up the mess that I made
Better yet, who the heck are you?
And why am I feeling this way?

I sleep with a knife in my pillow
Protection from what I can't see
Not once have I ever had to use it
But it keeps me from having bad dreams

So please tell me what I am running from
Making everyday of mine feel like Hell
Well maybe if I took a second to realize
I'm running from nobody but M.Y.S.E.L.F

Teen Mom

by Jacob L.
The remnants of the moonlight
reflect immaculately off her skin
Such a perfection combination of passion
And a bittersweet taste of sin

What lead to the unfortunate happenings
Went down in the bed of a truck
The faults on the hot-headed blonde girl
Who failed to keep her legs shut

He whispers an array of sweet nothings,
And sexual taunts as he nibbles her ear
He removes the remainder of her clothing
Get ready cuz the finale is near

Both juggling on the edge of third base
They talk with there hands and tongues
He caresses her inner thigh softly
In hopes he can hit a home run

He instructs her just to lay back
that it outta be loads of fun
he shoots!
he scores!
-she panics
Cuz now it's Cassie plus one

Like Leaves Upon A Tree

by Jacob Lindell
Like Leaves Upon A Tree,
Over time we dwindle down
We lose our strength and body
Innocent smiles shrivel to frowns

Our complexion begins to  fade
Our extremities start to rot

We slowly succumb to death
Leaving evolution a brand new start.

Standing Here Alone

by Tiffany

as the darkness surrounds me
all i can see is the light coming to get me
every breath-taking moment haunting my inner peace and taking my soul
then i look around, i'm here all alone. no one beside me.
loneliness taking over me because i know what should be.
me and you together, that's what our fate has to decide.
falling apart with every second to take.
not knowing if my love is mine anymore
all that has happened might be a sign.
a sign to let go and be free at peace.
my harmony doesn't exist anymore when your gone.
but when i need you most ...i'm standing here alone.

Soundest of the Sleep

by Jacob L.
Is he still breathing?
Please don't make a peep
You wouldn't wanna wake him,
From the soundest of the sleep

You hear them screaming, can't you?
All the words they could never say
From the mother and drunken father
Who wouldn't give him the time of day

It seems what's done is done
Lord knows he held on good
Put up one hell of a fight
And now he's resting like he should 

It's interesting when your gone,
How quickly you get noticed
Maybe by the time I write this poem
I'll have the guts to show it

So if there's room in heaven
Please make room for just one more
Cuz I've shut my eyes,
And I think it's time
A lucid dreamer I am no more.

September 4, 2013


by Elana

i don't want to lose a moment
i don't want to miss a kiss
sadly i think and end my days like this
my day was never complete unless i heard you say..
"good morning.. good morning, love.
i've waited all night long to sing you this song.
daddy's baby, good morning."
but one day you sopped
i waited for those calls almost everyday

i thought of it today, so i sat there and let it play
the tears running down my face
i was a mess
i tried to stop
because you don't deserve a thing
i wish i could tell you things, but you always seem to busy.

maybe i should just chill out because now i'm feeling dizzy
from crying over everything you've ever put me through
i gathered all the pieces
and glued them one by one
once i saw the final picture i was quite stunned
none of this was my fault
it was you who put me here
in all these hard predicaments and challenges; oh well
i guess i ask too much of you to call me here and there
i only want to hear your voice; is that such a waste of time?
for three minutes in the morning, one day it might save my life
because right now i feel helpless
and i don't know what to do
all because you did something you promised you'd never do

mom's always saying you're a piece of shit
but what am i to say ?
i mean, i am your kid
do i defend you or is it true ?
in all honesty i have no clue
i wish i did tho
maybe then id have some closure
i wouldn't cry as much
over what i think is nothing
but in reality its you
you hurt me
but i wont let you know
no one needs to know how you make me feel sometimes 

i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy
now my words are blurry from the tiny little tears
so surprised i could take it this long; its gone on for years.


by Rachel
You were born
And now you live
Always craving
Always searching
Never satisfied.
The more you look
The more you'll find
Your life is shit
And then you'll die.

Belly Up

by RG
a fish or two 
live in the blue,
two fish or three
live in the sea,
three fish or four
have seen the shore,
four fish or five
don't feel alive,
five fish or six
smoke cancer sticks,
six fish or seven
made it to heaven.

The Girl in the Mirror

by Alex
The distorted image
Of a worn out girl
Dark eyes and a grimace
The shell of a destroyed pearl

I step nearer
To get a closer look
The foggy image becomes clearer
This bleak girl-
Is nothing but a mirror!


by R.
My life is shit.
And this I know,
But from the shit
Bright blooms will grow.

I hurt myself,
And this I know,
But from this blood,
gold honey will flow.

I have no money,
And this I know,
But from the poor
Comes love galore.

I sleep too much,
And this I know,
But from the sleep,
Comes lovely dreams.

My life is shit
But it will change,

And this I know.

September 1, 2013

Paint Me a Picture

by Isabelle C.
Paint me a picture
Of me and you
Color the grass green
And sky blue.
Perfect the color of your eyes
That always made me melt
And all the feelings
We could have ever felt.
Paint us smiling
And holding hands.
Paint all the things we never got to do
Because we never had a chance.

Maybe if you would have said something
And didn't just leave that night
Maybe we could have
Painted our picture right.

Color that stage just the same
Green, orange, yellow and blue
Get me and you in our costumes
And the whole cast and crew
Get the red roses
On closing night
Get the love I felt for you
At first sight
Have the picture of you and me
I had to beg you to take
And actually smile
So it won't look like a mistake.

Maybe if I would've said more
And not left that day
We could have colored our picture
The right way

Paint our picture
Color it perfectly
Don't let those few memories fade
Or forget about me
I can't let these feelings go
There's only one thing left to do
Paint this picture
And pray you painted it, too.....

Forever and for Life

by Chloe B.
I'm not gonna leave you, I won't even try. 
If I even think about it, it makes me wanna cry. 
I'm not gonna hurt you, I really do care. 
People keep saying that you're cheating and
It's really not fair. 

I'm not gonna hurt you. 
Or make you wanna cry. 
I'm not gonna break you. 
Cause it'd make me wanna die. 

I wanna keep you forever, 
for the rest of my life. 
And if you die before me,
I'll try to go on with life. 
I know it's what you'd want..
I know that I would, too. 

But I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. 
I'm too in love with you.