Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

March 18, 2013

The Method to Madness

by Danielle
the tide moves in boldly
but it does not take me
coldly I say
but it's the only way to keep it at bay
for if i go in
it would be
for the
method to madness 
has not yet 
the tides of chance
get washed away
and get replaced by the
pop pop pop
of fireworks
followed by the
quiet strikes in the reign of storm
it's tempting to get involved
but i know that if i do
i'd get drawn in the 
the madness of the world


by Emily
why me?
why this?
tears flood my eyes
why do i breathe?
why do i live?
i'm lonely
i'm scared
i'm hurt
i see happiness
i feel pain
from my head to my bloody feet
i see scars
i wash away all the blood of yesterday

The Little Girl

by Artemis Moon
She was once the beauty of her small hometown,
just a girl with an amazing grin.
She had a habit of breaking hearts, 
and trying t fix them again.

She was once the starlet of Broadway,
stealing the show with her eyes.
Now she is but a memory,
known mostly for her lies.

The little girl you thought you loved,
has gone and ruined her life.
And only because she never thought,
people would believe her goodbye.

Abomination Alight

by Zero
I'm nothing but a creature
Swallowing the poison that leads one to Hell
I'm an abomination to the world
This place is no home
I'm a beast in the silence of the night
Who seeks out its own path to that fiery place
They say it's damn-good fun to make others suffer
When all in the end
I've become nothing more than a broken child
My peace has shattered like a glass tipped over
My life has been stained by the inner-insanity
Hope has deserted me to my fate
It's just too late
I'll never be fixed like a little girl's doll
I'll never be whole as the person I once was
The only thing left are my dying dreams
Life is nothing but a bullshit heaven
Just make it all disappear
Just take away this senseless pain
I'm a demon from Hell that struggles not to kill
All life has for me is nothing at all
Set this abomination alight
Let it scream all day
Not the fire will hurt but their evil scorn shall
End it now; do them the favor
Just send your silver through this mindless wolf's head
It doesn't matter anymore
It never really has
Life is nothing to be cherished
Only abhorred
I can't take this shit any longer
I wish this was all just a dream
But this place is broken
It won't let me respire
Where in the world did the salted Earth go
When in the hell will this pain go away
Stabbing, shooting, slicing me open
It's not enough to numb away this life
May bliss come to others that need her close
While I rot in this shell
This cocoon undone