Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

February 23, 2007


by Anonymous

A rose is something special
Given for true love.
A rose is for a mother
Who you love so very much.
A rose is for a sister
Who always understands.
A rose is for a friend
Who is always there.
A rose is for a neighbor
Who's always helping out.
A rose is something special
Given from the heart.

I Thanked the Lord

by Kory

I thanked the lord for you today
For hands that give so much
For your kind and thoughtful spirit
and your caring gentle touch
I thanked the lord for you today
For your angel heart of gold
For your words of guidance and support
For arms so quick to hold
I thanked the lord for you today
In every thought and prayer
and asked the lord to bless you
and keep you in his loving and gentle care

Bounce Back

by Ami

You hurt me,
and try to bring me down.
You betray me and lie.
Hoping I will die.
You try to take it all away,
and leave me here alone
in the dark and gray,
So I pray.
I pray one day
you will see what you can be,
you can see the good you have inside
of this troubled boy you can only see.
I pray one day you heal
and can stop ripping
yourself and others, like me, down.
I hope you bounce back
from this pain you feel
as I know I will.

February 17, 2007

Fulfilled by Another

by Jessica

A thousand nights
I dreamed a dream.
Fair and lovely,
A vision from a holy ground.
A bed of roses,
Running streams,
Cries of glee,
On a warm summer day.
A life meant for me,
But only a dream.
The divine watchers forgot
A small meek mouse
Hoping for a better existence.
Yes, a thousand nights
A dream dreamt for me
Given to another
That's the way it has to be.

February 8, 2007

My Greatest Fear

by Kara

Is losing her.
The one who I love.
Shes everything to me,
and sometimes I wonder
if i'm everything to her.
She says she loves me,
then tries to prove me wrong.
Why? Why do I have to put my heart on the line,
why do I have to care so much?
Why do I love her?
Why do I want to touch her,
and feel her skin so soft and warm
on mine, so pale and cold?
Maybe because everything about her
makes me want her more.
The way she smells,
the way her head always finds the right spot
on my shoulder.
The way her smile
makes all my pain and worries disappear.
The way she can make me happy from mad,
with just a look.
The way her hand fits mine so perfectly.
The way she walks,and the way she talks.
The love in her eyes, when shes meets mine.
The way I want to hold her close
and wipe away every tear.
The way she knows just the right thing to say
when I need to hear it most.
The way she laughs,
the way she moves.
The way she talks,
and the way shes perfect.
Maybe those are the reasons
why i'm falling so hard for her.
But, she tells me that these are all lies.
That she doesn't believe me
when I say I DO love her,
and I want to touch her so bad.
Why does she always ask if I love her?
If I didnt, then why do I lay awake at night
wondering if shes thinking about me?
Why do I try to kiss
her smooth and soft lips every time I see her?
Why do I stay with her?
Why do I say I care so much?
But, all these things I say
she says she doesnt believe me.
Shes perfect.
On the inside and out.
I just wish she could see
how much she means to me.
Why is it every time we kiss,
and then part, do I want to hold her
and kiss her longer?
Why do I touch her the way I do,
wondering in my mind
if she feels it like I do?
Why is it every time we're togather,
I feel so free?
But every time we're apart,
I feel so numb and dead?
My greatest fear is losing her.
Losing everything I love.
I pray to God every night that she loves me,
that she really does
and that she wants me just as bad as I want her.
I could go on and on about her,
but i'm afriad that if I do,
you'll fall in love with her, too.

Love Is Pain

by Crystle

love is fake.
theres nothing you can do
about all the heart ache,
like when you find the right person
and you think it could be the one,
but somehow you get deceived.
it feels like your heart is being ripped
into a million little pieces,
the heartache feels like it lasts for eternity.
but you cant help but to love.
Is it better just not to love?
Be cold and heartless
for the rest of my worthless little existance?
Will i ever find the right person,
or am i just going to die alone and cold hearted?
Sometimes i just wish i could just disappear
or just have never been here.
would it make the heartache disappear?
when i look into the mirror
i think to myself....
is it me...?


by Ami

I never got to tell you, you are my hero.
I never got to say I love you that one last time.
So here is all I wish I could have said.
You stood so tall, respected and known.
Nothing bad ever to be spoken.
When I was just a little girl, you gave me pride.
I know I've messed up since you've died.
But don't worr,y one day I'll be standing tall,
And respected and known. Just like daddy!

Who Am I?

by Emily

Its SICKINING how I act when you say " hi"
Its REVOLTING how the movie plays behind my eyes
Inside my head there are dreams
Waiting to be found but, Im SCREWING and MESSING around

I am DISGUSTING how I feel when I see you looking at him
I want to THROW UP this putrid sense of jealousy
I must SCREAM to let go of all this hurt
But you were the one getting hurt first

I am SICK IMITATION of what I once was
A stupid, sick COPY of "why" or "because"
SHUT UP, SHUT UP!, please shut your mouth
I don't WANT to HEAR, not another SOUND

What happened to the MIRROR OF WHAT I AM?
I'm WEAK, I'm WEAK of this plan
Planning of what to say when he arrived
I guess my crush has you DEPRIVED

This crush its SICK, SHUT UP EMILY, think!
Why do I like him?, its HOPELESS
You have LOOKS, VOICE, and TALENT,
he like you for who you are
I am a FAKE, turn back to what I was!
Why am I DIFFERENT to you?, I'm not

I am EMBARRESSED of saying something awkward
For you laugh at me and say
"no, no, NO, EMILY GO AWAY!"
I am DISGUSTING for making you cry
I am STUPID for asking WHY?

Why am I STUPID?
For wanting MORE?


by Anonymous

Too late the sun has set
For lowered eyes have noticed
How less the horizon flows gently
Capturing the image of the night
In the eyes of the unborn
And the hearts of space
Twinge at the sight of reflections
Water crystals spray petals
Of pillowcases and comforters
Billowing wind turns tables
Stooping low the branches
That scrape at your conscious

This Scripted Show

by Jesse White

They claim to know my pain,
but still admire my shame.
Bullets in the brain
take it all away,
but I cant, it wont happen.
My fingers start slipping,
I'm losing my grip
I'm losing my cure.
My eyes arent pure anymore.
Whats this all for,
feels like I'm going to war
without a sword and shield.
Looking around
finding that this field goes on,
suddenly it turns ablaze;
see my life through this haze.
Hearing the voices I must be a crazed man.
Under this weight I cant stand,
dropping to the floor.
Here I stay, still remaining somehow.
It's the here and now,
where all my sins came around to me.
Shooting from the ground
I watch the black plant grow.
Welcome to this scripted show,
I'll build a ladder to try to steal
the stars from the sky.
But God will cut 'em down,
these plants and ladders,
falling down forever.
Never will I know
the end of this scripted show.

Held In

by Amber

when i first saw you i already knew
that there was something inside of you.
tven though you turned me down
i'll never have a frown,
i write these words with nothing but a sin
as i keep all of these feelings deeply held in.

My Perfect Life

by Robbyn

you came into my life,
suddenly everything was right.
I needed you to hold me tight
but you felt fright.
As I came closer, you pulled away,
I guess Ill wait till the perfect day.
I loved you from the very start,
you are wanted for stealing my heart,
I dont ever want to be apart.
Stay with me please dont leave,
My breath goes away when you touch my sleeve.
I feel a rush when you give me a hug
I feel warm and snug in your strong arms.
Yes Ill wait those 5 long years,
and yes there will be alot of tears.
But when it comes that perfect day,
you will never be away and everything will be ok.

February 4, 2007


by Anonymous

I’m in a cellar above the ground
I see a rainbow but it’s not round
And all my dreams come crashing down
I’m in the present, but I feel the past
Will I ever find a love that will last?
My life is slow, but it’s gone too fast
At the playground, I’ve gone down the slide
But it’s not a game, It’s not a ride
When I reach the end, I have died
There’s dirt in the sky, and stars in the ground
I will soon be lost, yet once I was found
I once was free, but now I am bound
Out in the freezing sun, burning snow
My map doesn’t show which way to go.
What have I learned? I just don’t know
I feel so exposed, while I hide my heart
I control my whole self, yet just a part
And frozen blood waits to melt my heart

Solitude in Solitude

by Jessica

The wind becomes a raging blow
whipping at my feet
the ground begins to sink below
at your eyes show their heat

The flowers turn into the dust
slowly fading away
holding back the tears of joy
that you will never get to see

The hurt is there behind the stone
searching for the root
wishing to destroy its exsistance
hoping to forever be alone

The wind calms and then she sees
the burning light of everything
that everyone could be
the hopes and dreams that were destroyed

She faces another day somehow
still searching for the why
and if it was to go away
then she would be alone
happily, happily alone

But she is already alone
except of course for the wind
and the dust
and the never fading memories
of nothing