Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

December 22, 2013


by Prathamesh

As I cuddle up on cold nights,
restless; I memorise those kisses and fights.
Life was awesome; with you by my side,
Presently, it is full of lonely rides.
I often walk; aimlessly.
Completely dumbfounded at what I do,
My life has lost its purpose,
It's hard to believe yet true.
Sorrow-stricken me,
With eyes teary wet,
Blaming my mistakes and myself,
For I wrote my own fate.
'No one's perfect',
You used to say.
But I can hardly believe,
It ended this way.
In the pool of solitude,
I often swim,
In search of love,
In search of that 'hope-beam'.
This pool of emptiness,
It's killing me inside,
Drowning in this deadly pool,
With no one to guide.
Return to me
And take me in your lap.
I pray you my love,
I want to be awakened from this nap.
Take me away;
Away from this world of strife,
I really NEED you,
To complete my life.

December 21, 2013

Why Always Me?

by Prathamesh

Why always me,
Gets the heart broken?
Why always my true feelings,
Remain unspoken?
You showed me,
Such a lot fantasies,
I dreamed it way too much;
Playing together in the daisies..
I got attached to you so fast,
And hoped the setbacks would settle;
My world for you was so vast,
And you made it so little.
Why me, to your love fell a pray,
Why, dreaming of you, I'd idly lay.
Why you crushed all my feelings in a second,
Why I considered you, an Angel from Heaven..
Why you stared at me,
Though I wanted much more
Why you threw me out of your heart,
And I kept you in the core..
Why now, why you ignore me?
Why, at first, you became my destiny..
Why, why you proved love a lie,
Why, why you bade that last goodbye..
If you still care,
Answer all my 'why's,
Please come back to me,
Fear no word from me; No fies...!

December 18, 2013

Tick Tock Tick Tock

by Jenny

Can your hear their screams.
Put your hands on ears,
Wish this was just a dream.
That all your fears,
Are false, Tomorrow will be a new day.

Can you hear their footsteps.
Coming up the stairs,
You have had learned to accept,
That this is the way it is.

Can you hear them banging on your door,
It's making you nervous.
Your knees shook along with the floor.

Silence is deafening,
Your spirit is defeating.
The only thing that can be heard is the clock,
Sitting on your desk.
Tick Tock Tick Tock it goes.

It's like as if it's taunting you,
Haunting you, Daring you.
The clock is ticking,
Time is running out.


by Tia

Pinned down.
Heavy breathing.
Cold steel.
Silence screaming.
Burning sensation.
Blood dripping.
Deep cuts.
Pain gripping.
Ripped clothes.
Quiet struggle.
Tears streaming.
Thunder rumbles.
Bruised skin.
Shattered mind.
Running away.
But falling behind.
Progress made.
Day by day.
Feeling better.
Thanks to my blades.
Haunting nightmares.
Tear soaked pillows.
Struggling for reality.
That's how my life goes.

Bent Over with Love

by Gabby J.

The Power of Love is like no other.
I am bent over with love
For the Good and the Bad
The Suffocation of Love? Yeah.
The Pain of Love!
I ask
Why won't she let go?
Why won't he give up?
Why is she being so difficult?
Why is he so persistent?
Why won't she let me be?
Why are you still in my life?
Why are these tears trickling down my cheeks?

Because of LOVE.
I am far from UNGRATEFUL
I am simply bent over with love.
All I Ask
is to slightly
unbend the bent
and SET


by Ayushi M.

Those tears down the cheek, 
The redness in the eye,
You seem to be crying,
Can I ask you why? 

That smile on your face
Exists no more,
Your legs are feeble,
Like never before
It seems like eternity
When you happened to be happy
That joy has disappeared,
Oh what a pity!
You made my life worth living     
Blessed me in disguise 
I want you to be happy
that's all my heart cries         
You are extremely sad
I don't even know why
But if you need to pour it out
It's me you can try   
Please be my angel
And let me fix the broken wings
I know you will fly again
And let alone the joy sing.

December 7, 2013

Waiting for Relief

by Naomi M.

I go to bed each night thinking,
will tomorrow be just another day like them  all?
Will I take control over my life
and acknowledge my feelings,
or continue to treat them like they are small?

There's nothing more painful than the guilt I feel
because I know you love me and I cannot be my best.
And I cannot express the love I have for you
in my heart thumping in my chest.
I have so much inside of me
just waiting to come out,
But where there was once strength
There now is vacant pain
and all I manage to do is shout.

The roots of  our love is so strong
but our branches are all broken
and my weeping heart is waiting
for something capsizing to be spoken,
So that my cries let out will be acknowledged
and the wasted pain will go away
and all that will be left of this
will be memories of a day.

The Time Is Near

by Ketsueki M.

The time is near.
Slowly. Oh so slowly, does my sweet oblivion come near.
I can feel it, begging for freedom.
Suddenly, I am surrounded.
But I am not afraid, for we are family.
We are a pack.
Finally, the time is near, to rid ourselves of our troubles,

our worries, our fears.
Giddy with anticipation, we change.
From Human to wolf.
From pain to bliss.
The only witness to this change is our mother, the Moon.
For our gift works best under the watchful eye of our mother.
Before we run, we thank our mother in the tongue of the wolf.