Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

May 28, 2013

Sands of Time

by Victoria P.
Lost in the sands of time
Memories rushing throughout the
Cotton candy filled sky.

Why oh why does time have to go by?
Why did time have to tear us apart?

Once upon a time…
Life was so grand, now the light's faded
Into complete absence of color
Darkened into almost nothing.

Sands of time will send all aflame.
To stand against takes willpower.
Some have, some don’t.

Be the person who doesn’t follow
The sands, but commands it,
For willpower is our own.
No one can tell you what to do
With your own will.

The sands of time drift you away…
Always stay the same for when we meet
Once again.

Why Can't They See?

by E'lexis M.
Why can't they see
The person standing there
Feeling alone
Why can't they see 
The hurt in my eyes
Trying hard not to cry
Why can't they see
The person they hated
For no apparent reason
Why can't they see
The depression they put
Upon me...everyday
Why can't they feel
The way I feel
Why can't they be
Me for just one day
Why can't they see
The person
Who is me

Dance Queen Forever

by Kylee D.

I love to dance. 

All the dances. 
Jazz, tap, ballet, and hip-hop. 
It’s very fun to do! 
I get my 10 year award this year! 
I can’t wait. I’m so anxious! 
I’m also scared. I don’t know why.
It might be because of all the people
Who are going to be at competition. 

But I’ll do my best. 
Too many shoes, for each class! 
It's kinda hard to keep up with. 
But I’ve been doing this for 10 years,
It’s a piece of cake!


by Tyshera

I get treated fair

People say you get treated differently
So why do we say life isn't fair 
We can't always get what we want 
I had to learn that the hard way 
Kids are walking around with nice shoes 
First thing you hear:
That's not fair 
Well that's what people say 
Most people are born to say that 
Today, right now, we will make things fair 
Now when you see people with nice shoes,
Say that's nice 
Instead of that's not fair 
After you read this poem 
I want you to get something out of this 
And that's fair

A Piece of My Mind

by Tam
Like a flame it flickers,
My love, my laugh, my life.
Everyday it dwindles
which I'm forced to take in stride.

Lately nothing matters.
Lately I don't care.
Lately everyone seems,
As if they're never there.

But just the other night,
You pulled me out of here.
You pulled me out of misery,
And out of my despair.

You showed that I am loved.
You showed that someone cares.
You showed that I'm important,
That I'm not alone out there.

So if you are in pain,
Don't fear any sins.
Don't fear where you'll go.
Don't fear where you've been.

Just take my hand and smile,
Cause you would be here too.
Those are all the reasons,
That show how much I love you.

Air and Fire

by Stevie D. 

Many elements consume and disappear 
Only selected ones can pass through darkness and life 
Some can stay near 
They live as one, even if you pierce them with a knife 
A lot can run through as one 
For I am fire and you are air 
You enhance me 
People don't care 
But I can see 
Your breeze carries on my flame 
We can take each other to different worlds 
and forget the past 
Pass all others as though they were blind 
You are the one that makes me last 
What else is there to find 
When you are by my side 
Nothing can pass our fired dove 
Even if the world is wide 
No one can test our love  

Dedicated to Joshua L.

She Waits for Him

by Sabrina

She waits for him, like a dog waits for a master. 

She sits alone in her dark and empty room,
waiting to hear the thud of his footsteps. 

But she hears nothing. 
She wonders what she did wrong,
what she did to make him leave her. 

The room is dark, but the tears refuse to sleep. 
Only when he holds her do the nightmares cease,
and the beautiful dreams start. 

The dreams of her life with him. 
The most precious thing in her whole world
Has walked away from her. 

He tells her to move on, forget him. 
But still she waits in this room,
hoping, praying he comes back to her. 

But he stays away; he has left her. 
She can bear the silence no more,
because she is scared of the world beyond. 

A world without him doesn’t seem
like a world she could ever live in. 

But the blade against her skin is heavy. 
The blood spills and the room seems to grow brighter. 
The world after holds no pain, no sorrow. 
But without her in the world he cries a sad and lonely cry. 
He places a flower on the final resting place of his true love. 
He will not leave her this time. 
He sits by her headstone
and waits for the day he can meet her again. 

He doesn’t wait long. 
And they are reunited in the heavenly glow, together forever.

May 20, 2013

Angel of Darkness

by Morgan D.
Demons are said to only be pure evil beings,
In our lives to bring pain and suffering.
Although true for most,
There is one that is different from all the rest.
The light in all the dark,
Your Dark Angel.
A demon by nature,
Angel by heart.
There so your life isn't a complete mess,
Pulling you back when you feel lost.
He comes in many forms,
But will forever be there.
Your Angel of Darkness.

Peace in the Moonlight

by Morgan D. 

The light burns with the intent to kill, 
Murdering the true beauty of the night, 
Such things should never be done. 
The only peace found is when the moon hits the night sky. 
A wonderful sight to see 
As the shining moon is joined by brilliant stars, 
Nothing takes my breath away more. 
Truly peace is found with moonlight. 
Secrets are never revealed, 
The darkness keeps them safe. 
Misfortunes are washed away 
As the dark sky takes over the once blue scene.

May 19, 2013


by Anonymous
Standing in the lines,
It’s anything but divine.
Waiting to be released,
The puzzle is pieced.

When I get inside,
Police are standing to the side.
It’s so exciting,
People in the front are fighting.
It’s Hysteria.

I see him walk up the stage,
My heart jumps out of its rib cage.
My idol. Right in front of me,
Holding his guitar, it’s Matthew Bellamy.

Behind him, stands the rest of MUSE. 
The three look totally amused.
They take their places,
And I can see pride in their faces.
The crowd starts screaming.
It’s Hysteria.
They launch into the best song ever.
Time is Running Out.

Bury it.
I won’t let you bury it.
I won’t let you smother it.
I won’t let you murder it.

The song comes to a change of beat,
The crowd roaring like a beast.
The song’s name is Hysteria.

‘Cause I want it now,
I want it now.
Give me your heart and your soul.
I’m not breaking down,
I’m breaking out,
Last chance to lose control.

Hysteria is a MUSE concert,
With screaming crowds,
Crazy guitarists,
And intense drumming.

Hysteria is a MUSE concert,
With energy radiating from the speakers,
Vibrations coming from the stage,
And the attention captivated by one band.
It’s Hysteria.

May 18, 2013

The Real You

by Jenny
I met you the other day, 

It's still feels like a dream, 
Your words still linger in my mind. 
Your voice is my lullaby, 
I think about you everyday, 
Meeting you felt real, 
It was fate. 
But falling in love with you was unexpected. 
But it was destiny.

My Own World; My Only Desire

by Morgan D.

In the very center of my being, 

There is a special place I like to go. 
I go there when all seems lost, 
When no one wants to hear me, see me,
or deal with anything that I have become. 

My own little world, 
Forever only in my head,
never getting released to the public, 

Never to be ridiculed. 
I can be myself there and be alone with my thoughts, 
Oh how my thoughts seem twisted sometimes, 
This world devours me and takes me away 
from the pain, the hurt, the torment. 
My life may not seem bad on the outside, but that's just it, 
You're on the outside never to look in, 
Never to truly understand. 
In my world I can do what I will, 
I can cut the sorrow away, 
And flush away the pain with my drug of choice. 
Sounds like the perfect world, doesn't it?

My True Love

by Lizbet B.

I followed the moon and it brought me back to you 

I thought you only existed in fairytale books 
Your eyes shined in the moonlight, 
Your smile was so bright for a moment there 
I thought you were Mr. Right
I fell in love with your nice side,
But disliked your bad side,
So I tried our love and took a ride 
Now you're mine until I die

May 16, 2013

Where Were You?

by Tam

Every laugh, 

Every whisper, 
Every touch, 
That may linger, 
Hurts the most 
Cause you weren't there 
When I exposed my heart's despair. 
All the hurt that was around me. 
All the pain I had inside me. 
All the trust I held for you, 
To lend a hand and help me through.


by Anonymous

I wonder why everyone depends on a boy for happiness.
Then i fell in love and he broke my heart.
Now i see why people depend on others for joy. 

I sit here wondering where you are i try to think about you so far. 
You made me happy but i didn't do the same for you.
Now im hopeless and it feels like a game. I smile now because i want to,
Not because i'm made to or even because i depend on it. 
My joy comes from what i want,
Not from some silly relationship.

May 13, 2013


by Jenny
Truth to be told, you're broken,
The pain your're feeling right now.
The rage and sadness clouded your heart and eyes.
Those shallow feelings made you have second thoughts 
About life, about yourself.
Were you worth it or not
Options don't matter,
Your determination and confidence disappear.
Truth to be told you're imperfect.
But you yourself are perfect. 
The "I'm" stands for you. 
You are perfect in your own way.
So shout it to the world, 
Let them know who you are,
Where you stand.

May 8, 2013

Temporary Home

by Ash E.
I feel like I'm trapped
At times I want to run and hide
But I can't 
I'm locked in a box
Like a domesticated dog
in a fence
Except even they have more freedom than I 
I'm isolated from the dangers 
of the outside world
I long for the day
That I climb out of this box 
Fly away from this temporary home
So I can prove that I have the strength 
To tolerate the outside world 
To live, and learn, on my own