Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

February 26, 2013


by Rachel
To lay in the quiet
And listen to time slip away
Like running water
Is to give up


by Kathy M.
Far above the deep dark shadows of the trees
Soaring like the birds, flying
Floating. Limitless
But for the invisible string.
A limitless puppet.
Higher, higher!
He shouts.
On his father’s shoulders
He rides.
The boy is the kite,
The wind is the father,
Pushing and pulling him on;
Over the deep dark shadows of disappointment.
Potential. Pressure. Light the flying flaming lanterns.
I wonder, if the kite had a brain
A mind.
What would happen-
Would it cut itself go
If it knew it was free;
What could it be?
Surely all the kites come down, 
Shouldn’t we set them free?
You might think, 
It’s wrong. Stupid.
But if the kite was free,
What could it be?

February 23, 2013


by Rachel
Soft skin
Pink lips
Old heart
New rips


by Rachel
Returning home
Faces familiar
Smells still sweet
Your room as if untouched
Nostalgia coursing
Through your veins
But something has changed


Trapped By the Inevitable

by Rachel
Is our life our own,
Or are we enslaved,
By the power of kismet,
The inevitability or morai?
Is there no escape,
From death,
From fate?
Can we ignore memento mori,
Choose our own destiny,
Write our own story?

February 19, 2013

Fonder Moments

by Rachel
Unknown to you
That man with the hair as long as yours
The briefcase
The suit and tie
The subtle remnants of lead on his hands
And the musky aftershave 
Sitting at the table to your right
Has a life
A real life
A purpose
A family
He's in love
He's felt sorrow and joy
He's broken a bone
Somewhere there's a box of dusty old video tapes 
With footage of his childhood
Hundreds of people have heard his name
He draws pictures of his favorite things
Flowers and animals
Lips and buildings
His hair is long
Because it reminds him of his surfer days
He wears the suit and the tie
To support the two children he adopted from his late brother
And he is at this coffee shop
Because unknown to you
He's planning to stay up a while
With the shotgun in his hand
Thinking of his dearest
Of all his experiences 
Of all the things he won't live to see
And the haunting realization
He's better off as a memory.

Only Him

by Anonymous
he's the only one
the only one i want 
the one i can't live without 
the one that makes me smile 
with one kiss everything's alright again 
one hug makes the world melt away
across town i would walk 
just to see your smile

A New Beginning

by Derian

feelings of white hot anger
burn in my eyes like a wild fire,
the haunting memories rush through my head
like a torrent of water.
fate, anger and hatred,
they lead me to a dark place;
my life is like a dance of the eternally damned, no way out.
i feel like my words echo through the wind,
bound to someone’s ears,
alas those words fade away;
lost in time itself.
a sweet soothing melody; snow falls before my eyes
both seem to make my fiery core cool down,
each snowflake reflects a memory
which I hold dearly to my heart; rain falls.
washing away impure thoughts and cleansing my soul.
the sun shines; light that reveals the darkness
erasing sinister object from my life.
the sunset; brief light that shines the brightest
that shows true character, which changes my life.
the moon; drove me insane in one glance,
now it is a tranquil, harmonious sight to see.
dawn; start fresh,
forgetting troubles of the past, today is a new day.
a new dawn and a new beginning.

It's Not Over

by Mariya

it's not over when you leave
when you leave,
its like a leaf
falling from a tree
but knowing you're by my side,
it's never over
hold my hand
and tell me it's not over
til you say it is
but it's never over
trust yourself 


by Rachel
The pain has subsided
Better times and I
Finally feeling like me
The sorrow becomes
A memory.

A Waste

by Leyla
you see me as nothing but a waste 
you see me as a mistake 
i should not be here 
because i only cause trouble
i am no use to you
i am just a burden 
i cause headaches and pain only
i have no value 
i am just a waste


by TillyMarie

do you feel it in your heart when we kiss? 
do you sense all the love that i'd give? 
can you tell, when you're gone, it's you i miss? 
do you know that, without you, i couldn't live? 
i'd cease to exist. baby this is it,
whatever this is, it's forever. 
i'd spend a lifetime in your arms. 
forget all the heartache and the scars. 
baby this love is ours.

My One and Only

by Derian
You my beautiful amazing girl
you are my whole world 

without your love my heart is baron and dry
with your love i can fly high 

i've made such terrible mistakes 
you're not one of the fakes

forever on my own
forever lonely
you are my one and only.