Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

November 23, 2008


There is this crazy thing called life
Lately, its bringing me down
And everytime I turn around
I feel the weight of the world
Its sitting on my shoulders
Its yanking at my heart

And when I close my eyes
I can picture something better
I can picture it all come together
But when I open my eyes
It all goes back again
Just like that

I cant change the past
I'm not happy at the present
And I'm starting to doubt the future
Things dont look to bright
But I keep on wishing

I cant say I'm doing well
No, I cant say I'd rather die
But lately, I can feel the pain
Trying to keep it down
But it keeps coming back up

I cant cry this time
Trying to stay strong
Cant make any promises
Cause last night
I almost felt a tear

The world has been spinning lately
Cant keep my head straight
No one to blame
Just the way it goes
Life is just that way

Summer Gone Again

by Victoria

The hot summer rain is falling on my window pane
I cant stop myself from falling
Falling for you again
My soul is yearning for your taste
Your arms to slip around my waist
But I know that you wont be there in the morning

I hate how much I love you,
I hate that I dont hate you.
I've got every reason to hate you,
now the wine starts to kick in.
I pour myself another glass
and hope this pain will come to pass
but you will forever be my golden boy.

The veil of night is slowly falling
as time drives me insane
I cant stop myself from falling,
head over heels again.
My heart is sore, I cannot sing
I sit and wait for the phone to ring
But I know that you wont be there if I call you.

You're always to blame for my aching heart,
and tears were predicted from the start,
i just hoped that you would be there
to stop the tears from falling.
Falling. Falling.

My thoughts of you are slowly falling
and the tears roll down again.
I cant stop myself from falling
for your smooth green eyes again.
Now the summers gone again,
its time for us to part,
and by next spring sometime
wine will have healed my broken heart.

But you will forever be my golden boy.


by Kuni

She lives in the depths of despair
Is she wallowing there?
Looking for which way to turn,
she sees a sign and doesn’t
Hide because deep inside, she’s still alive
Walking, slowly, swiftly now
Will she make it or be found?
Lost in a world with no one to care
Lost in a place she thought she could bear
Following the road and she thinks of her head
Filled with sorrow and dread
Forgetting the past, dwelling on the future
But for now, she lives in the depths of despair
Knowing she won’t always stay wallowing there.

November 9, 2008

I Was Nervous

by Melanie

i was nervous, and unprepared.
i didn't know people like you existed.
i would worry, worry all the time
who was i and what would i become.
he came into my pathetic life and made sunshine.

all i prayed for and everything i dreamed.

i am me and i can be okay with that now.

November 5, 2008

About You, But Not For You

by Rachel

It’s 3:38 and the bell rings
releasing me into the jungle
of downtown Pittsburgh’s mess.
Kids from everywhere congregate
on corners inhaling cigarettes,
waiting for buses and meeting
friends from rival schools.
I think of you as I stand with
the cold wind brushing my legs,
my CAPA pants rolled up to my
knees. If you were here, you’d keep
me warm.

Tall buildings loom
up over small ones, keeping shadows
over most of the streets. The sun does
little to warm us. Shannon laughs in my
ear as she recites lines from Chicken Little,
our favorite movie: Four views in twenty-four hours,
an accomplishment made by the two of us over
Christmas break.

The bus comes, spraying slush up onto the sidewalk,
we climb in through the back doors
scrambling to find a seat. I sit next to
Shannon, our laughter carrying over
from our outside conversation.
The bus driver looks in her mirror
yelling to the back,
“Put the food away before I pull this bus over!”
Shannon and I sneak our chips, sipping our drinks
behind Jesse and Jeremy.
We laugh with them, their jokes
and party anecdotes spilling like
coffee from their lips. I smile
blushing, they’re cute but not like you.

There is a pause in conversation and I
get a chance to look out the window.
The sidewalks are littered with snow,
black slush covering the streets.
The trees are bare. Pittsburgh is ugly
in winter even though you refute
my opinion.

The bus pulls into Morningside,
and I pull the yellow bell rope
staggering my way up to front,
waving goodbye to
Shannon, Jesse, and Jeremy.
You would be jealous if you saw me
blush the way I do for them when
they wave back. I show the bus driver my
pass, say “Thank You” and jump
down onto the street, scrambling to
reach the sidewalk before the bus starts
pulling away. I walk down about four
houses and look up at my three-
story brick house looming over me.
I push the white gate that you
constantly bang shut back and
trek carefully to the steps, afraid
of the ice that might be
hiding under the snow; our
footsteps frozen from the morning.
I knock on the door, it’s Monday,
dad’s at work. I pull out my keys on
my GO ARMY key chain, my
Kiss Me I’m Irish key chain, and my
‘Stop Starring, They Don’t Talk’ key chain.
I pick the Trib PM up off
of the cold porch, unlocking the door
unleashing the warmth upon me,
and carry it inside with me,
peeling away the plastic. I flip
to my horoscope hoping
it will resemble something having
to do with you. It doesn’t and I toss
it on the side of the couch so
dad can read it when he comes home.

I pick the remote control up
turning on What I Like About You.
I retreat into the kitchen looking
for some type of fuel until
dinner comes along; something
to keep me going to accomplish my
unwanted homework. I pop something
in the microwave and go back to the
couch, waiting for it to get done.
Your smile lingers in my mind,
your laughter replaying over and over
in my ears. I smile.
The microwave bell dings.
One last thought before I let you go:
I love you, I’m sure of it.


by Anonymous

she didnt understand

she was too confused

just so afraid

afraid to lose

her love

her friends

she thinks

it's the end

she didn't know

she didn't see

when to go

and when to leave

memories flashed

the blade ripped her wrist

her face turned

into an unimaginable twist

a tear slipped down

off her cheek

she cut again

she thought she was weak

a drop of blood hit the ground

she slit her throat

and made no sound

now her face

is black and blue

she was emo

who were you?


by Elisa

It saddens me to think that
the world did not accept you.
Life’s a dizzy dance that spins
round and round. The mind blurs and
soon there is no distinction
between what is and what is not.
Those high institutions crowned you,
the flashing lights were drawn to you.
Yet somehow you
still questioned the meaning of
success—What is it?
Perhaps someday I will learn something
you knew not (that success is
acceptance of the world.) But
until then I will carry your memory like a
black, deflating balloon that hangs over me.
(The question is, am I saddened by it
or inspired?)

No Clue

by Derek

If beauty's skin deep and brains are forever
Then let's lie in bed and think together
Your beauty's unbounded and your wisdom unspoken
Let's lie around and fix bonds broken
My problem is that you love me no more
But just for me, clarify the score
You've taken my love and captured my heart
And in its wake you left not even a spark
But hate you I can't and never will
For my feelings for you can't ever stay still
The flame of this heart can never quell
Even when I feel unwell
My love has no limits but neither does your hate
So all I can do is sit here and wait
You think I don't fight but you are wrong
If I had my way I'd fight all day long
24/7 365 days a year
It wouldn't be a chore, it would be my career
I'd dedicate my life to winning your heart
And these three words will be my start: