Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

August 17, 2011

Bitter End

by Z.B.

I asked for a ride
You left me abandoned
I asked for a smile
You made me cry
I asked for warmth
You threw me into a blizzard
I asked for shelter
You left me homeless
I asked for happiness
You filled me with grief
I asked for my life
You threw me into the jaws of death
Now one last time I ask you
To forgive me
For chasing after you

August 8, 2011

Life Without You Won't Do

by Hannah

You're without a doubt
All I dream about
Not loving you is like blacking out
Forgetting about you is harder than you know

I fell for you hard
You caught me off guard,
left me hanging in the air

Your lips pushed me over the edge
Now I know I can't live without you
I know I can't breath without hearing your voice
over the phone or hearing you whisper in my ear

Fell in love with you
There was nothing I could do
You made me fall hard and I didn't think anyone
could make me feel more alive

You were all I needed
I'd do anything for you
I will love you forever
through wherever life takes us

What happened to that
Can you hear my heart break
Because I can feel it
but I can't take it

I didn't mean to you what you meant to me
My eyes didn't make you feel alive
As yours did to me
As you played my heart and left me aching

Life can't be worth living
When you're not here to live it with me
I can't do it without you
And I can't take the empty feeling you left with me

August 7, 2011

Breaking Up

by Kristan

I regret how I treated you
You broke my heart too
I love you so much
I miss your touch
I want to hate you
I wish I would have knew
That all you wanted to do was play
I wish you would have said the words you had to say
Why did you hurt me?
And ruin everything we was supposed to be
Why did you throw everything away?
We could still be together this very day
I want everything back
I don't want love to lack
Why did you send me away with tears
You didn't make anything clear
You said we were meant to be?
Why did you use me?
You shouldn't have lied
about what we were suppose to be.
I have lost you
I'm sorry for everything I do.
What is it about her?
Is there something wrong with me?
I want what we used to be.
I don't want money, sex, I want your love
Your love sent to me from above.
Who are you when I'm not looking?
I want to watch you on the couch facebooking
I want you home with me
Things need to go back to the way they used to be
Together forever in my heart.
No one should have torn that apart.

August 4, 2011

Pain That Rules

by Kelsie

It's pain that affects me
Stress that rules me
Hate that gives me all the rage to blow
Want to escape..
Need to escape..
Before I start rolling down that hill
Walking down that dark path
I pray for my mental state to die down
I pray that my body keeps going
That I stop rolling
That one day waking up was not as hard
One day I looked at life with different eyes
One day I felt pleasure and happiness once again
If I could make anything in this world go away
It would be the thoughts that almost killed me
The pain, that doesn't hurt anymore
Get out of my head, make this life go away
And replace me with a new mind and look with new eyes

My Recovery

by Kristan

I am not the same person I was before
My recovery has opened a lot of doors
Picking up that white key tag was great
Even though I was late
I could pick up those drugs anyday
But I choose to say that drugs are ***
Why do I do the things I do?
This question I dont have the answer to
Change takes time
Time is all mine
I might not ever get all better
That is why I am writing this letter
I am me
This is the person I will forever be
Maybe I did it to cover the pain
Maybe I did it to keep me sane
No matter what I did it for
I don't want to do it anymore
I want to be clean for me
I want to show everyone what I can be
I know I can say I want to try
I really want this
I will do anything so I don't die
I know some days I am going to sigh
And feel like I wanna die
But I am not going to get high
I am going to live everyday and try not to lie
To all those so called "friends" I say bye
Today I am not going to get high
Just for today
That's all I have to say

Note From A Victim

by Maddy

everyone sees me in this upsetting light,
everyone sees this light growing dimmer and dimmer
as people keep making fun of me.
but yet they don't try to help.
they have their eyes, and they see me,
they have ears, they hear it..
all the lies and the jokes,
but they wont believe me.
i'm wearing a mask to give me a disguise,
it starts and lasts all day;
why wont it just go away?
all the laughter and comments.
i try to say there is no pain,
i try to be strong for the ones
i need to be an example for.
who are you to pick my soul apart?
i wonder if you realize that you and i are just the same,
making me cry is worse than suicide.
i remember when i loved school, i remember always going
and being upset when i got sick because i missed a day.
but that all changed in high school.
everyone says im too ugly, too fat, or my hair is ugly.
well in my eyes i am, but i am more than just that.
you don't even understand the stuff ive been through.
everyday i'm suffering, because of what you all say to me,
this time you re not the victim, its me.
this is my life and ive realized, i did no harm.
but don't worry about me,
im just some girl that has people who have ruined her life.
they don't even take the blame
they just live knowing they are hurting am innocent person.
they put me through all this torture that i don't deserve.

My Molestation

by Kristan

I am tearing my family apart
The ones I love with all my heart
Is it my fault he touched me
He changed everything I was supposed to be
For her I have lost
I want her back at all costs
For my grandma he has hurt
All he did was treat her like dirt
When I look in the mirror I feel ugly and fat
I never wanted that
He wanted lust
Because of that I am filled with disgust
She has always been there for me
Now she won't even look at me
It hurts more everyday
I don't even have words to say
My friends don't understand this
Which makes me really pissed
Trying to understand and feel
But I am so lost, don't know how to heal
How do I get my life back
My nightmares give me panic attacks
I don't know how to get better
I have tried writing many letters
All I do is hurt and cry
All my thoughts are I wanna die


by Kristan

You took away all the pain
I love you so much it drives me insane
I love the way you make me feel
Because of you I healed
Never have I felt this way
God, the love I feel for you each day
I would do anything for you
And I know you would too
I love the way you treat me
You are the only one that has the key
I never want to part
All it would do is break my heart
You drive me so wild
I can't wait to have our first child
I could never make up
For what you have done for me
But that you don't see
You are the best I have ever had
For that I am so glad
I have never fell in love so fast
I hope it will last
I am head over heels in love with you
I feel you are too
You picked me up when I was down
Whenever I am with you I don't frown
I want you to be mine forever
I want you to say forever and ever
I want to be your wife
For the rest of your life
I want kids and to be a mother
And for you to never love another
You have the key to my heart
You better never ever tear that apart


by Kristan

Why do girls want to be fat or thin?
Why be happy every now and then?
Life is short, not that long
Admit your wrongs
No harm or fear
Drop every tear
Make life great
Never miss any date
Have fun
For your life has just begun
Never believe another who hurts you
What they say is not true
You know what you are
Even though words leave scars
Some friends stab you in the back
So trust is really hard not lack
Love hard and kiss slow
Never hate a foe
Time fades and people too
Just forget the ones that hurt you
Be who you are
Because inside and out you are a shining star
Forget the past and let it go
Time never goes slow
Yesterday is gone so it's the past
All you have is today so make it last

Could've Been

by Morgane

Pen in the hand with no paper to spare
I told the truth
got caught in a lie
I held your hand
but you let me die
I kept you close
But you exposed my cries
I let you in
but you locked me out
I wanted you.
I wanted us.
I wanted we.
Staying awake
thinking on what we could be
building a bridge I'd soon have to burn
I gave you the keys
and you drove me crazy
Without a show
you gave me your attention
I wanted you.
I wanted us.
I wanted we.
I wanted you inside of me
Existing off of the Could've Been


by Nyelle

I am a person
One who should have respect,
I am an African American
And proud to be.
The tears I shed
The blood I shed,
Innocent souls dead,
For being judged
We need respect.
I should be judged
By how I act.
I should be judged
By what I do
And what I say.
Also what I have
To offer the world.
Not by a color which
People call black.
We all need to respect.
Don’t be afraid of me:
You can love me,
Or you can hate me.
All that matters
In the end,
I am still a
Child of God.
And a human being.
I need respect
We all do.
But first,
We all need to know
What is respect?
And what does it mean?