Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

November 23, 2008


There is this crazy thing called life
Lately, its bringing me down
And everytime I turn around
I feel the weight of the world
Its sitting on my shoulders
Its yanking at my heart

And when I close my eyes
I can picture something better
I can picture it all come together
But when I open my eyes
It all goes back again
Just like that

I cant change the past
I'm not happy at the present
And I'm starting to doubt the future
Things dont look to bright
But I keep on wishing

I cant say I'm doing well
No, I cant say I'd rather die
But lately, I can feel the pain
Trying to keep it down
But it keeps coming back up

I cant cry this time
Trying to stay strong
Cant make any promises
Cause last night
I almost felt a tear

The world has been spinning lately
Cant keep my head straight
No one to blame
Just the way it goes
Life is just that way

Summer Gone Again

by Victoria

The hot summer rain is falling on my window pane
I cant stop myself from falling
Falling for you again
My soul is yearning for your taste
Your arms to slip around my waist
But I know that you wont be there in the morning

I hate how much I love you,
I hate that I dont hate you.
I've got every reason to hate you,
now the wine starts to kick in.
I pour myself another glass
and hope this pain will come to pass
but you will forever be my golden boy.

The veil of night is slowly falling
as time drives me insane
I cant stop myself from falling,
head over heels again.
My heart is sore, I cannot sing
I sit and wait for the phone to ring
But I know that you wont be there if I call you.

You're always to blame for my aching heart,
and tears were predicted from the start,
i just hoped that you would be there
to stop the tears from falling.
Falling. Falling.

My thoughts of you are slowly falling
and the tears roll down again.
I cant stop myself from falling
for your smooth green eyes again.
Now the summers gone again,
its time for us to part,
and by next spring sometime
wine will have healed my broken heart.

But you will forever be my golden boy.


by Kuni

She lives in the depths of despair
Is she wallowing there?
Looking for which way to turn,
she sees a sign and doesn’t
Hide because deep inside, she’s still alive
Walking, slowly, swiftly now
Will she make it or be found?
Lost in a world with no one to care
Lost in a place she thought she could bear
Following the road and she thinks of her head
Filled with sorrow and dread
Forgetting the past, dwelling on the future
But for now, she lives in the depths of despair
Knowing she won’t always stay wallowing there.

November 9, 2008

I Was Nervous

by Melanie

i was nervous, and unprepared.
i didn't know people like you existed.
i would worry, worry all the time
who was i and what would i become.
he came into my pathetic life and made sunshine.

all i prayed for and everything i dreamed.

i am me and i can be okay with that now.

November 5, 2008

About You, But Not For You

by Rachel

It’s 3:38 and the bell rings
releasing me into the jungle
of downtown Pittsburgh’s mess.
Kids from everywhere congregate
on corners inhaling cigarettes,
waiting for buses and meeting
friends from rival schools.
I think of you as I stand with
the cold wind brushing my legs,
my CAPA pants rolled up to my
knees. If you were here, you’d keep
me warm.

Tall buildings loom
up over small ones, keeping shadows
over most of the streets. The sun does
little to warm us. Shannon laughs in my
ear as she recites lines from Chicken Little,
our favorite movie: Four views in twenty-four hours,
an accomplishment made by the two of us over
Christmas break.

The bus comes, spraying slush up onto the sidewalk,
we climb in through the back doors
scrambling to find a seat. I sit next to
Shannon, our laughter carrying over
from our outside conversation.
The bus driver looks in her mirror
yelling to the back,
“Put the food away before I pull this bus over!”
Shannon and I sneak our chips, sipping our drinks
behind Jesse and Jeremy.
We laugh with them, their jokes
and party anecdotes spilling like
coffee from their lips. I smile
blushing, they’re cute but not like you.

There is a pause in conversation and I
get a chance to look out the window.
The sidewalks are littered with snow,
black slush covering the streets.
The trees are bare. Pittsburgh is ugly
in winter even though you refute
my opinion.

The bus pulls into Morningside,
and I pull the yellow bell rope
staggering my way up to front,
waving goodbye to
Shannon, Jesse, and Jeremy.
You would be jealous if you saw me
blush the way I do for them when
they wave back. I show the bus driver my
pass, say “Thank You” and jump
down onto the street, scrambling to
reach the sidewalk before the bus starts
pulling away. I walk down about four
houses and look up at my three-
story brick house looming over me.
I push the white gate that you
constantly bang shut back and
trek carefully to the steps, afraid
of the ice that might be
hiding under the snow; our
footsteps frozen from the morning.
I knock on the door, it’s Monday,
dad’s at work. I pull out my keys on
my GO ARMY key chain, my
Kiss Me I’m Irish key chain, and my
‘Stop Starring, They Don’t Talk’ key chain.
I pick the Trib PM up off
of the cold porch, unlocking the door
unleashing the warmth upon me,
and carry it inside with me,
peeling away the plastic. I flip
to my horoscope hoping
it will resemble something having
to do with you. It doesn’t and I toss
it on the side of the couch so
dad can read it when he comes home.

I pick the remote control up
turning on What I Like About You.
I retreat into the kitchen looking
for some type of fuel until
dinner comes along; something
to keep me going to accomplish my
unwanted homework. I pop something
in the microwave and go back to the
couch, waiting for it to get done.
Your smile lingers in my mind,
your laughter replaying over and over
in my ears. I smile.
The microwave bell dings.
One last thought before I let you go:
I love you, I’m sure of it.


by Anonymous

she didnt understand

she was too confused

just so afraid

afraid to lose

her love

her friends

she thinks

it's the end

she didn't know

she didn't see

when to go

and when to leave

memories flashed

the blade ripped her wrist

her face turned

into an unimaginable twist

a tear slipped down

off her cheek

she cut again

she thought she was weak

a drop of blood hit the ground

she slit her throat

and made no sound

now her face

is black and blue

she was emo

who were you?


by Elisa

It saddens me to think that
the world did not accept you.
Life’s a dizzy dance that spins
round and round. The mind blurs and
soon there is no distinction
between what is and what is not.
Those high institutions crowned you,
the flashing lights were drawn to you.
Yet somehow you
still questioned the meaning of
success—What is it?
Perhaps someday I will learn something
you knew not (that success is
acceptance of the world.) But
until then I will carry your memory like a
black, deflating balloon that hangs over me.
(The question is, am I saddened by it
or inspired?)

No Clue

by Derek

If beauty's skin deep and brains are forever
Then let's lie in bed and think together
Your beauty's unbounded and your wisdom unspoken
Let's lie around and fix bonds broken
My problem is that you love me no more
But just for me, clarify the score
You've taken my love and captured my heart
And in its wake you left not even a spark
But hate you I can't and never will
For my feelings for you can't ever stay still
The flame of this heart can never quell
Even when I feel unwell
My love has no limits but neither does your hate
So all I can do is sit here and wait
You think I don't fight but you are wrong
If I had my way I'd fight all day long
24/7 365 days a year
It wouldn't be a chore, it would be my career
I'd dedicate my life to winning your heart
And these three words will be my start:

July 13, 2008

You and Me

by HayLee

They say two years doesn't make you tolerable

Leave honey, it will just get worse

They say one hit leads to another

Call the police, tell your mother

They say once a cheater always a cheater

I sit here wondering how I don't want to compete with her

They say don't drink to take away your pain

I find it so hard not to, my mind has gone insane

They say don't tell your dad how you got those stitches

I didn't tell my dad because I knew he would take a gun to you

They said, trust me, he doesn't love you

I find myself thinkin, wow, "he doesn't love me"

Everything they say I have come to realize.

I'm not yours anymore
I'm not your toy
You can't hit me
Control me
Laugh at me
Yell at me
Or abuse me

They say one day you won't be able to take it anymore

I sit here ignoring you, I can't believe they're right....

"It's over"

More Than Friends

by HayLee

He broke my heart
Over and over again
Throughout it all
You were always my friend.
You said you cared about me
And that would last till the end.
I cried on your shoulder,
You loved me while I had always loved him,
I pretended that I wanted life this way,
I wanted to be hit,
Stood up and cry.
I wanted to sit around
While the one I loved
Purposefully chose actions that hurt me.
I wanted to pretend
I could be with him till the end,
But now I find myself thinking
About how much I like my friend.

July 10, 2008

A Song from Dad

by Katelyn

some days you won't see me or hear me on the phone
don't you frown my little one, you'll never be alone
daddy's in your heart and your heart's so deep
i will be there everyday, even when you sleep
daddy's love is special, this you'll find is true
there's nothing in this world i love more than i love you
daddy's love is stronger, stronger than the wind
daddy's love is in your heart, let the smiles begin
i don't need to tell you you're the sparkle in my eye
when you see me smiling, you're the reason why
you have brought me joy, and laughter into my world
you're an angel from the heavens, you're daddy's little girl
daddy's love is special, this you'll find is true
there's nothing in this world i love more than i love you
daddy's love is stronger, stronger than the wind
daddy's love is in your heart, let the smiles begin

I Try

by Anonymous

i try so hard for you to notice me.
i try so hard for a simple hello or an easy goodbye.
i try so hard for a simple phone call or a hand wave.
i try so hard to be your easiest hello and your hardest goodbye.
i try so hard to get the words out of my mouth.
i try so hard to say.....
i'm in love with you


by Amanner

one night at a party where their eyes first met.
she told all her friends he was the best one yet.
they talked every night and finally started dating.
2 3 4 months and she kept on waiting
for those three words every girl yearns to hear.
one day while sitting under the stars
those three words were finally said: "i love you, dear"
5 6 7 months it was time for the next step.
but secrets were hidden and being kept.
the night it happened it was like a miracle
over and over and over again but one day she felt sick
and her body tried to fight it but it couldn't win.
1 trip to the hospital was not a happy one.
AIDS he said - now this relationship was no more fun.
she yelled and screamed saying how could you do this to me.
he said it shouldn't matter
we love each each other. love has no fee.
she couldnt stand what he did to her.
it was over in a flash, there was no more him and her.
but doing that didn't change the fact what he did to her.
she was internally dying and nobody could save her.
then one day her body couldn't take it; she was under the dirt.
up in heaven with God where it no longer hurt.

Still In Love With You

by Anonymous

you were my love, my life, my everything.
your kisses so soft made my body tingle.
that one day she said she still loved you
you gave in without a fuss.
now i'm here all alone
with no one to talk to
you were my best friend.
we'd talk day and night
and you would never know what i'm thinking.
'are you over it?' you'd say
i'd agree but in the back of my mind,
not even close, baby.
in my mind i'm thinking you're the one.
but how am i in love
with the one who's hurting me so bad?
baby, i know you don't know this
but i want you to know.
that i still love you
and in my heart i'll never let you go.

The Future

by Aubrey

we've been together forever
and that's how it's going to be
until the day i die
i will never forget
all the good times we've had
and the good times to come
all the things we plan
i hope they come true
and to stay with you
through my life
through the ups and downs,
you''ll cry with me
i'll cry with you,
together forever we'll always be,
i just want you to know
you're the best friend
anyone could ask for,
and im glad to know
that you're mine

Why Me?

by Elizabeth

No friend called me tonight,
No boy looked at me with love,
No parent gave me hugs and more...
Why is it always me?

Chris found my journal,
Nick found out my secret crush,
Jonathan found my 'girl things...'
Why is it always me?

Life may be hard for little me,
Yet there are some who're harder,
So I'll give my truest smile...
And forget about me.


by Elizabeth

I am no where to be found.
Mom and Dad don't find me ever.
Sister, brother, hears my voice;
Yet they will never see me.

Dead am I who gave them help,
For sorrow had surrounded me
And gone from life is Lilly Junes
Who was given no one's friendship.

Far Away Land

by Carli

Once upon a time in a far away land,
was a rocking rock band,
that would rock the night away.
The band's not the story though,
it's the far away land.
This land is called Hollywood.
You know, with the celebrities that are all tanned.
They may sing, they may act...
but there's one thing they all seem to lack.
Sure, they maybe famous,
but they're missing something.
It's practically a fact.
What they're missing is a real life,
real friends, a real home.
All they've got is a far away land
and a rocking rock band.

Do We Feel the Same

by Jessica

I want you
I know I have to wait
But god it's killing me
I keep thinking though
What is it that you care about?
I know you say you care
I just do not know what to think
I want to believe you,
But you have to understand
I’ve been hurt before
and cannot bare it again
Even if you do not feel as I do
It will not change the plans
I just need to know
What I am getting into


by Shannon

I waited for you.
At the bus stop, remember?
You told me to meet you there
and we would catch a movie.
No, no, that’s fine, people forget...
of course. Some other time.
Look, don’t change your plans.
I have homework anyway...
I know it’s Friday, but
I might as well get it done while
I have the time...yeah, it can wait
until Sunday, I guess.
Where are you?
At your cousin’s?
Doing what?
Really? You’re watching TV
With her? Is she sick?
Really sick? Then how come
I can see you sitting in the lobby,
Holding hands with that other girl?

My Mercury

by Shannon

I called her Mercury, that summer day in June
when I noticed her for the first time. She slid
past my house on her scratched up taped up
roller-blades like a silvery jet of fluid and waved
hi to me as she cut clean through the butter-thick
air. I swam in her chrysanthemum yellow peppered
with sapphire dust floating on a rippling pond eyes
when they met my own boring brown ones, framed by
thick black raven hair that danced in the air like
so many threads of spider’s silk. I never talked to that
girl, not even when the moving trucks swallowed her
boxes and furniture and eventually even herself whole,
‘cause I was just a shy little thing who hid behind
the asteroid belt of my mom’s plaid curtains
and sometimes peeped out to warm up a little
in her far-off brilliance. ‘Cause she was the light
of my universe and I was a black orb ostracized by
the earth’s learned men as a superfluous addition to the
Elite Eight. They think they know everything,
but they don’t know this; the sun isn’t the center of our
solar system¾she is. And even when Mercury moved
away I still hid behind that asteroid belt, even though the
orbital sometimes pushed me in front to bask in her distant
glow. She wrapped me up tight in her quicksilver smile
whenever she caught a glimpse of me,
and pulled me, Pluto, back into the Milky Way.

Thinking Back

by Jessica

Thinking back,
I wish I would have known the end.
I just ignored,
The time wasted,
The pathetic waiting.
Clueless, I was to it.
Chuckle at myself I did.
And why could I not see?
A Web of lies spinning before me,
Playing along.
Positive it was a lie,
When you said, you cared.
Wanting out too soon after.
How stupid was I to fall
on ground I knew would be hard
However, I do not blame you
Nor regret anything I said or did
No anger and no sorrow, not anymore.
I unlike you never lied.
I still stand by what I have said
Just wish I would have been
prepared for the fall.
Judging the distance I had,
there was no time to prepare.
Honest I wish I could be, but even now,
Holding back as I always do.
Not wanting anyone to know
Not wanting the concerned looks
Though thinking back,
the fall was worth it.


by Tiyona

Tornadoes and hurricanes
My heart aches
My heart has pain
Storm clouds rainy skies
Pour down on puffy cheeks
That say goodbye to a peaceful sleep

Lost in my mind of turmoil,
Someone spilled the oil that started the flame
Internal sorrow, internal misery,
Nothing comes close
to the way I want things to be
Raged filled veins
contain an uncontainable amount of strain
And send me down this drain of sadness
As I drown my heart in the cries that I cry
Continous withful thinking
that time will speed up for the sake of me.

Lost in this world of selfishness and self gain
In a world where everyone takes from me
whatever they can obtain, and do cause they can.
Cause they so willingly know
that my hurt soul can't do a thing about it.

Lost in words that were never spoken
to a man's heart, so that he might understand.
I didnt want him to leave cause I didn't know
how to survive without him near me.
I didnt want him to leave because I didnt want
to fight back the tears that fought back.
I didn't want him to go cause for so long
I hated that I didn't know how to love

Lost is myself - I, me,
as I stand in my desolated rapture alone
Lost is how I'll stay until he comes
and wipes these hollow tears from my face

Weren't, Isn't, Won't

by Anonymous

you weren't there to see me on stage,
to give me flowers
you just couldn't go for a couple of hours
you're not here when i need you the most
graduation right around the bend,
will you be there then?
you're killing yourself and you know it,
but still you don't stop,
when i see you like that it makes me wonder
how much more time we have together,
if not much, i'll treasure forever
all the little moments we had when i was little,
now you're stuck in the middle
with a choice of life without alcohol
or one that will come to a certain death
please make the right choice
for the ones who love you the most.

June 19, 2008

What Do You See?

by Lolo

what do you see when you look at me?
a bright brown eyed girl
pretending to be happy and carefree.
wishing her life wasn't turned upside down.

what do you see when you look at me?
a gang memeber with tattoos
reppin her set where she came from.

what do you see when you look at me?
a lost little girl missing her mommy,
drying up the tears
that ran down her face all night long.

what do you see when you look at me
bruises on my body where they're not supposed to be
marks on my face making me not pretty.

what do i see when i look at me
a girl wanting out of this crazy ass misery
a san jose representer wishin to be free

June 17, 2008

You Said

by Sally

You said you would be there for me,
Through good and bad.
I see that isn't true anymore.
You blamed me since it started.
You said it was my fault.
The past two years have been a lie
You said you loved me.
You said you cared.
You said I'm not the same woman
You fell in love with,
That shouldn't matter
If you loved me you would have stayed,
You would have tried to make this work
You said you would be there...

Too Late

by Sally

Shes got that razor in her hand.
Sitting there alone.
The only one home.
Wishing he would take her back.
Sitting by the phone.
Wishing... Waiting...
Two hours pass...
The phone never rings.
She makes the first cut...
Then the second...
One after another til she can't bare the pain.
She lays on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood...
And he comes home just a moment too late...

June 12, 2008

Never Notice How Hard I Try

by Anonymous

it's always her it's never me
you just never seem to notice
that i'm trying so hard
for you to just look at me
or stop for a minute to just talk
this whole day you've been watching her
you've been noticing her
you just Never Notice How Hard I Try.
i could spend forever with you
you won't notice me
i could tell you how i feel
you still wouldn't notice me
but in the end i'm still

Just Too Good for Him

by Javeria

And they said “don’t do it,
you are just going to regret it”
But I didn’t listen.
Then it happened; now I wonder why I ever loved him.
It only lasted a few days before he cheated.
I guess he just loved the attention.
Yeah, I was hurt,
Now I am so over it.
I should have listened
when my friends said he was just a stupid player.
I wish life could not be any dumber.
But, you know what?
I am going to accept it,
Going to learn from it,
Going to laugh about it,
Not going to cry about it.
I am going to move on
and show him I am strong.
I am not going to wait for him,
because I know I am better than him.
I am not going to waste my time on him,
because I know my life can go on without him.
So I cried about it,
But now I am smiling about it.
And I am going to thank him for it,
Because he made me realize
I am just too good for him.

You Picked Me

by Elisa

The words on your lips
That fall off in a sweet melody
Envelope me in a trance
Only broken when we are together

I long for the song to rip through the silent air
Like an apple on a tree
Hiding out behind the leaves
I want its sweet lull to carry me
I was difficult to reach
Fill me up with something greater than I am
But, you picked me


by Marie

being as strong as i can be
holding on to just simply break free
trying to find all the missing pieces
because i cant be me
i want you to see
that i can be all that i can be
but you won't let me
because so you say you love me
you took all that i had
my life my soul was all that i had
now i wonder if what you said was believable
because for some reason i seem to be lost
what you say is not understandable
you left me to fall upon the ground
because you were my life
the one that heard me after no sound
i cant say that i miss you cause i dont
i just gotta be a big girl now
no matter the love i had for you
the love you had for me
doesnt seem as believable
as it seemed when you said it to me

June 4, 2008

A Portrait of the Demented

by Elisa

I fear that someday I may retain the Thoughts
Like morphine, when the pain is gone.
Numb my head
Numb my soul
Numb me
Until it’s better that I was

The cool breeze whispers in my ear
Blows angels and demons in my hair
And my head grows big
With the thought that the air knows I am there

Histories of a lost civilization
A novel that was never published
A poem, whose author took her life decades before
My thoughts, ideas, dreams
Perhaps, it’s best I keep them to myself
Before the are buried by meaningless words

Live for the Moment

by Elisa

The familiar scent of cheap cologne
Sweaty bodies
Moving in perfect opposition
The rhythmic tossing and turning
Those familiar sighs

The familiar high feeling
Loopy phrases
Mouths moving in no direction
Careless chatter, careless mistakes
That top of the world feeling

The familiar emptiness
Insecurity and self-consciousness
Running from confrontation
Overanalysis erected like a cement wall
The settling of regret

Sometimes we forget about the
Road we’ve already been down
When we live for the moment

June 1, 2008

She'll Never Know

by Anonymous

she'll never know you hold my leg in class,
she'll never know we hold hands at study hall,
she'll never know we hang out after school,
she'll never know you put me before her,
she'll never know youd rather hang out with me,
the only thing she can do is suspect
she'll never guess whats going on behind her back,
and she'll never know as much about you as me.

Prove a Point

by Bree Bree

while youre sitting here
trying to prove your point
i cant move
as im admitting that youre half right.
im still trying to understand
why you keep coming back to her
over and over time after time
and every time i try to state my opinion
i just hurt you even more
and for every time she's ever betrayed you
time after time and many times to come
for some reason i stick around and help you through
all the things that come to you.
as youre half right i still have a point
you put friends before girlfriends
and you cant deny it
even you know its true
that if you would have to choose
you would put others before her, you do
its never anything new, no matter what happens
ill always be there and always be true
and you will too if only you would let her go.

I'm Sorry

by Anonymous

I am sorry for what i said
it is not up to me who you want in bed.
but now i hope you can see
that shes not the one meant for you.
i dont know if i hurt you or helped you,
maybe a little of both ,
i am not trying to argue with you
or make you hate me,
but when i see you and her
it makes me wanna scream
just the thought of you
knowing nothing about her
and shes thinking of someone else
i wish you would just let her be,
people think im jealous
but i could care less
i am not jealous of a relationship
thats going nowhere at the best,
and everyone knows its true but you.
but suddenly you just stop and think
is she the one for me
or should i just set her free?
and will i make the right choice?
if you do i would rejoice
but im still here with no fear
that you will someday
but i know that it wont be long
before you will be alone and on your own,
so when you find out what shes doing to you,
it wont surprise me
this is nothing new.

May 24, 2008


by Maggie

i'm shaking
but i'm not cold
i'm not scared
i'm not crazy
my heart wants to
my body wants to
my soul wants to
my mind wants to
thinking about you
it wants to
looking at you
it wants to
writing poems about you
but it won't stop
no matter how hard i try

May 14, 2008

Tears In My Ice Cream

by Deanna

Theres tears in my ice cream as i think of you.
All that I want is to get over you.
I want to leave all the heartache behind,
but thoughts of you are glued in my mind.
There's tears in my ice cream when I think of your kiss,
Remembering how much of you I will miss.
The memory of you wont leave me alone.
My heart is as hard and as cold as a stone.
I've been trying so hard to forget and move on,
Now that I know that your love for me is gone.
But there's tears in my ice cream because of the pain
And the tears they are falling like warm salty rain.
But I'll cry and I'll cry til my heart isn't sore,
and the ice cream is melted and the tears are no more.

My Little Prince

by Rachael

I went to see him perform so flawlessly
Like the part was made just for him
His first words:
Please sir, would you draw me a sheep?
Tears of pride and admiration flooding my vision
With every word he said
With every song he sung
One day, one time, he saw forty four sunsets
And I wish I could have been there with him
I wonder if he would care for me
If I were his rose
Only his, to nurture and care for
Would our time grow stale
After the mountains were trimmed
And the sheep fed?
Traveling across the universe
Wandering aimlessly through castles and meadows
Would he remember me?
The rolling wheat of waning summer
would remind me his golden hair
And make me happy with a fleeting memory
It is only with my heart that I can see rightly
But what is essential is invisible to my eye
My petals would wilt and my color fade
While I waited for my Little Prince
Would he ever come back to me?
I do not know
I just hope that he will save one last sun for me
And that one day he will return
So we can watch it set together on the horizon

May 12, 2008

Til the End

by Deanna

I try so hard and still I fail,
my heart is left cold, sick, and pale.
I tell myself I'll be okay,
though I can't stand it one more day.
I tell myself I will not cry,
turns out it's just another lie.
You said I love you every day
and in your heart I'd always stay.
You held my hand and kissed my lips
and then my heart in half it rips.
It will never happen anymore,
I'll walk right out and slam the door.
I cannot bear to say goodbye,
afraid my heart will break and die.
Finding love like this is rare,
you never saw how much I care.
I tried to show you, make you see,
how much you really mean to me.
I see that something's hurting you,
but you won't tell me what or who.
Did you really think that we would last?
Or that I'd be part of your past?
I wanted you to understand
That I love you, and hold your hand.
Eventually my heart will mend,
just thought you'd be there til the end.


by Deanna

Save my soul and save my heart,
so we will never be apart.
Hold me close and hold me tight,
so that I'll feel safe through the night.
Wipe away my falling tears,
and scare away my living fears.
Fill the emptiness inside,
left by all the tears I cried.
Pick me up dont let me fall,
when I'm alone I feel so small.
Tell me that I'll be ok,
and that you'll get me through the day.
Give me your heart and I'll give you mine,
forever yours, your valentine.

Wolf Turned Dog

by Hannah

Locked up.
Never to see the daylight again.
Pacing back and forth constantly.
Trying to come up with some way
To regain my freedom once again.
Coming up blank in my
Desperate time of need.
But I won’t give up.
I’ll keep on fighting.
Nothing can tame me.
Nobody can turn me from
A wild wolf into some pet.
I’ll not sit or roll over
For some scrawny human.
But as time goes by
I lose a part of me
And my will to go on
With every passing day.
I start to become
What I feared most
Some human’s play toy.
I start to do
Whatever commanded of me.
I fetch the ball or jump up and down.
Slowly I lose all sense of what
Being a wolf really was
And the true meaning
Of the word


by Hannah

Shining ever so brightly
Taunting me with its fiery gaze
Calling out to me
With it’s unseen,
Unheard voice.
Beckoning me, tempting me
Seducing me
All to get me to join him.
To join him and burn for an eternity.

Not Here

by Jessica

I am here and you are not.
You have seen me,
But you do not know me.
Do you think of me?
Do you even care?
I want your attention,
Even for the briefest moment in time.
I do not understand why it matters so.
You cannot miss what you have never known.
Then why do I miss what I do not have?
If you do wish to know me;
Why have you not tried?
Is it guilt?
Do you regret your choice?
I do not.
So why would you?
I have always hoped the best for you,
Whatever that maybe.
I am here and you could be too.
I do not hold a grudge against you.
The question is,
Do you hold one against yourself?

May 10, 2008

I Thought

by Anonymous

i thought you cared.
i thought you loved me..
i thought you were the one..
i thought you were perfect..
i thought you broke my heart..
i thought you were real..
i thought you existed..but in my mind.

April 15, 2008


by Hannah

Born a human and a wolf.
Body of a man.
Heart of a wolf.
Live life of what is human
While secretly wishing
Lived life of what
I truly am.
On the outside
May seem human
But on the inside
Beats heart of a beast.
Am wolf with two legs
And no fur.
But wolf in blood.
In my veins burns and boils
Of what is wolf.
It consumes my whole body.
My mind and soul
Til the beast within
Is in complete control.
May not seem wolf
But really am.
Aggressive, Controlling,
Dominant, and Protective.
Every attribute a wolf has.
When day turns to night
And out comes the moon
I am called.
I am pulled outside
By an unexplainable force
And changed from man
To beast.
I shed my human skin
For a pelt of fur.
And two legs for four.
I howl and give thanks to the moon
And then run and run
Til the moon disappears
Behind the new morning.
Then I am once again
Left living a lie.

Wonders of a Child

by Hannah

Little girl, playing in the dirt,
Get as dirty as you want.
So what if you are in your best skirt.
Little girl, you see the dandelions and wonder,
How can anyone call them a weed?
Stay like that. Make a bouquet.
Plant a seed.
Little girl, thinking you’re so big.
I know you think you’re all grown up.
But I’m not even there yet.
Take it easy. Take it slow.
Don’t worry,
One day you will grow.
Little girl, always carefree and naïve,
I look up to you.
Please don’t look up to me.
Little girl, amazed by the caterpillar,
So fuzzy and squishy.
Don’t squeeze too hard.
It wants to be a butterfly eventually.
Little girl, playing house in the tree,
I can tell you’ll make a great mommy one day.
Little girl, the beautiful one, with curly red hair,
And big blue eyes,
Always remember it’s the inside that counts.
Don’t believe the worldly lies.
Little girl, look up, it’s a full moon.
Can you believe it?
The same person that made it, made you.
Little girl, singing and dancing
To your own song,
Would you mind if I
Sing and dance along?
Little girl, would you walk with me a mile,
I want to know the reason
For your constant smile.

April 13, 2008

Colour Me

by Kaylie

Colour me green.
The colour of jealousy, envy.
Colour me pink.
Happy, playful, maybe flirty.
Colour me yellow.
Sunshine, smiles.
Colour me blue.
Sadness, coldness, mellow.
Colour me purple.
Calm, relaxed.
Colour me black.
What I feel inside, darkness, safety.
Colour me red.
Blood, hate, war, anger.
Colour me Rainbow.
How things should be.


by Jennifer

Too many souls lost overseas,
too many humans brought to their knees.
Too much blood poured to the ground,
too much silence, not enough sound.
Too many tears escaped from our eyes,
too many prayers, not enough replies.
Too much sorrow and so much pain,
too much evil, this isn’t a game!
Too many graves being dug each day,
and too many bodies, just rotting away.

What Happens AFTER Life?

by Liah

Why does my life have no meaning?
It is hot outside yet,
I feel as my soul has been drowned,
I want to rip out my soul,
for I have been gravely injured,
not by the great fiery sword,
but by a boa of life,
it constricts my soul,
so that I may not dare to breathe,
I feel as though my world has crashed ,
without a single noise,
it just seems like it is falling...,
I start to see it!,
laying on the darkness that so covered my world,
it is as white as the robes of the winged cherubs,
as i am about to grasp its robes,
that so taketh me to the land of paradise,
a creature,
green with scales,
creepth unto me,
but does not speak,
it is clearly a serpant,
it beckons me,
I let out a scream,
it beckons again,
clearly not taking notice to my scream,
I depart with it,
I can still see those cherubs about to welcome me,
but turn me away,
as if I was diseased,
to this day,
and for all eternity,
my soul no longer feels cold,
but more than lukewarm,
more than warm,
it is fiery,
it never feels cold,
though i wish to this day,
I was still cold,
instead of hot,
all because of a thick,
laying upon a chair

April 10, 2008

You Were There, Then Weren't

by Hannah

One second you’re in my life,
The next you’re not.
What happened to change that?
I want to know?
When I think about you,
I cry.
What happens when you think about me?
Nothing is what happens,
Because you’re the one that broke up with me,
Just because of your stupid friends.
Now you won’t even talk to me.
I think you’re ashamed of what you did.
Do you think sometimes that you didn’t break my heart?
And what life would be if you hadn’t?
I think you do.
What counts is that I’m strong,
Not only when I see you,
But when I hear your name too.
You’re in my life only long enough to
Make me love you,
Want you longer,
Then you’re gone.
So what do I do now?
How can life go on?
Without you?
It can’t,
It just can’t,
You’re the only one I want in my life.

Is This All My Hands Can Do

by Skye

Wipe the dead skin from these keys,
So I can start this one off clean.
Let me introduce the scene,
Act 1, scene 1, a baby grand with broken strings.
Enter stage left a drifter, lost and foraging.
And in his hand a notebook filled up with his out-of-tune musings
He turns a page and he plays and sings this song.

Five billion suffering while I sleep underground,
Always en route to the next goodbye.
A mother slaps her child but the kid don't make a sound!
And to my surprise neither do I.

So I'll just cut out my tongue and rip out my lungs,
'Cause they're useless and atrophied,
And I'll fly them like kites applauding their sacrifice.

Have I gone insane?
Dreaming of hijacking this train,
Tears stream as I accelerate,
To speeds where time willingly dilates,
And I'll watch this world die through these windows!
It's blurring but I still see people who could use my help.
So I reach out!
But I'm moving too fast,
So I cry loud!
I can't hold my grasp.

With no home, my only keys are these yellowed ivories,
And I'll ask them rhetorically,
Is this all that my hands can do?

April 5, 2008

Basketball Managers

by Hannah

Watching from the sidelines,
Ever so bored,
Even though there are
Hot guys
Dribbling a ball.
Bouncing of the balls.
Squeaking of the shoes.
And Coach yelling Non-stop.
Fills the whole entire room.
Fetch the water!
Keep the stats!
That’s all I ever hear.
The bus rides home
From all the games
Are always the funnest.
Everyone is always
Hyper and flirty.
Being 1 of 2 girls on the bus
Sure has it’s advantages.

April 4, 2008

Stronger Without You

by Brianna

My heart was just broken,
I was lied to and you are to blame.
The times we were together,
You never saw me.
You did what you wanted and ignored me.
I told you that you weren't falling for me,
You were falling for the girl I pretended to be.
I try to be brave, I try to be smart,
I try to be your everything,
When you see me as nothing.
It's hard to not look into the future,
When you know there is a dead end ahead.
The worst part is that I let you take advantage of me,
I told you no, I wasn't ready
You pushed it more every time.
And after you were satisfied,
You turned your back,
You said you would never hurt me,
When I was nearly in tears,
You did nothing.
You hate everything and anything that made me who I am,
and that's why you don't know the real me.
But the truth is you dont care.
She is my best friend,
You turned me against her,
and the sad part is, I didn't know it until now!
She told me that you were trouble,
but you blinded me from what was right in front of my face.
I was careless and was letting my life slip away.
You called me when you thought I was going to be mad,
Not because you wanted to hear my voice,
And when I hung up,
You acted like nothing was wrong.
I did what I had to do.
We're done now,
Never again will I trust you,
Not now, not ever.
You told me never to hate someone,
So why do you hate me,
And feel the need to make me cry,
Why do you tear me down,
All I ever did is show you who you truly are,
And I don't hate you,
I am sorry for you,
You will never understand
What a woman needs or how she should be treated.
When you knew it had to be done.
You couldn't get what you wanted from me,
and that's why you're mad.
Not because I broke up with you,
Or because I won't talk to you.
But I'm done letting you walk all over me!
It's time for me to move on,
I need to make memories that I will be happy to look back on,
Not something that you forced me to do,
That I will regret forever.
I'm just disgusted that you are going to do it again,
You are going to do the same thing that you did to me,
To another person trying to find herself.
You are going to pretend that you care,
Get what you want and leave her,
Like you were going to do to me -
But didn't get to do, because people that care about me,
Opened my eyes.
In the end I hope you get what you deserve.

April 3, 2008

I Love Him as a Best Friend

by Reby

his smile makes me happy
his hugs make me warm
his eyes make me shiver
his laugh makes my day
when he holds my hands it's perfect
when he is with me nothing can go wrong
i know that he likes me more
and it sounds like i do too
but he's my best friend
and thats why i love him
he's sad cause i don't feel the same way
when shall i understand
but i do love him...
as a best friend

April 2, 2008

This Point In My Life

by Anonymous

In a storm of voices,
All I hear is you,
In a place filled with faces,
All I see is you.
In all my dreams,
None could be as perfect,
As the ones with you.
In all my thoughts,
All I think about is if this could be really true.
The way your smile captures my eye,
The way you make me feel,
Deep down inside.
Is this a dream,
Is this fake or real?
Then you take my hand,
And tell me everything is gonna be alright,
And you're here to stay by my side.
All that comes,
Ups and the downs,
All of my world has been turned upside down.
I don't know why,
I don't know how.
All I know is how I feel right now,
At this time,
This point in my life.

Not Yet

by Alixa

My heart is bruised and broken
Because I've let too many people in.
I say they get in my head
But truly they are under my skin.
NOT YET, I'm not ready for bruising.
I'm not ready to break.
Help me in this world for my sake and fate.
Before it's too late.

His Blue Eyes

by Kristen

Standing at the counter as you walk by.
Seeing a face from the past.
Eyes that she could never forget.
A smile that she couldn’t get out of her head.
Hoping you can’t tell.
That her feelings didn’t fade away.
Hoping she could hide them well.
Looking into his blue eyes that she has missed.
Knowing it’s too late.
He has found someone else.
Again she has to watch from the sidelines.
Never able to tell him the truth.
Never able to say how she feels.
What if he doesn’t feel the same way?
Knowing that she blew her chance.
Listening to what others had to say.
Not listening to her heart.
Keeping her feelings locked inside.
Time seems to be slipping away.
Lives beginning to change.
People going their separate ways.
Hoping that he won’t walk away.
Trying to hide all of the pain.
Wishing he could see what she tries to hide.
Looking into his eyes.
She sees the person he has become.
The one who chose to change for the better.
The one who always saw her.
Making her feel like she belonged.
Looking back on the old days.
She wishes she told him the truth.
The secrets she kept locked in her heart.
Never believing he could see her.
Others just seemed to look through her.
Pretending that she didn’t exist.
She began to pull back from the world.
He was there and could always make her smile.
Pulling her back from the darkness that began to surround her.
Pulling her back from the edge.
Trying to make her see.
Wanting her to know she is seen.
Even though people don’t seem to notice her.
He was always able to see her.
Even though she doesn’t see herself.
Sometimes she feels like giving up.
When she is down she thinks of him.
She sees his smile in her dreams.
Her life is falling apart at the seams.
She doesn’t know what to believe.
Just wanting him to see.
What she keeps locked inside.
Not letting the darkness in.
Trying to prove them wrong.
Trying to go on without him.
Trying to prove that she is good enough.
Knowing one day she will see him again.
Trying to make people see the real her.
Not giving up when everyone seems to doubt her.
She wants him to see the good in her.
The good that no one seemed to see
But the boy with the blue eyes.
Hoping her eyes don’t betray her heart.
Wanting to let him go and not hold him back.
Wanting the best for him even if that means she will be alone.

On God's Trail

by Hannah

I haven't found you yet,
But I will.
Lord, you are God
And I am like a
Wolf that you created.
I'm on your trail.
I've whiffed your scent
and am following it.
But I still haven't
Caught up.
I'm not far behind.
I will catch up soon.
So I can sing
And praise you
forever more.


by Hannah

The real story
Starts when you die.
Most think of death
As the End.
When if fact
Death can be
The Beginning.
We need to learn to
Not fear death
But to accept it.
It's a part of life.

It's You

by Anonymous

when i wake up it's your arms i want to hold me
when i go out it's you i want to protect me
and right before i go to bed it's you i want to kiss me
but with the problems pushing down on me
i find it hard to even breathe
i need you here to hold me tight
and talk me through the sleepless nights
and all i need is you
to tell me not to worry how things will be
but it's hard to do just what you say
with all the problems every day
the pressure builds as honesty prevails
i've hidden in these heavy vails
i've always tried to hide from you
this simple piece of the truth
you see my friends don't approve of you
and i gotta do what i gotta do
and if i wasn't shunned for loving you
everything would be just right
but it's the undecidedness
which brings my sleepless nights
i'm sorry but i dont think we should be
but please always remember me
i'm the girl in love with you
who's feelings simply can't show through
i'm sorry but this is how it has to be
i wish it was just you and me
but now i'm leaving and i can't stay
i wish we had just one more day
i'll love you always remember that
i'll miss you always
and i'll never forget
when i wake up it's your arms i want to hold me
when i go out it's you i want to protect me
and right before i go to bed
it's you i want to kiss me


by Damien

Why are you like winter?
As cold as ice?
You're heartless
You're ruthless
You hurt me
Why do you have no feelings?
Why must you hurt me?

April 1, 2008


by Hannah

Everyone has a sibling
That outshines them in everything.
Anything and Everything.
You name it
They are better at it.
In my case it’s my older sister.
She is better at everything than me
At what we both love to do.
Siblings just like to have their own thing
And be great at it.
It’s called sibling rivalry.
My sister excels more than me
At all the things I love
Or loved to do.
Like volleyball
Theatre arts
Especially writing.
Writing was “my thing” for a while.
It was something she didn’t do.
Then she came along
And stole it away from me
Just like everything else.
I feel out done
And overshadowed
By my sister.
I just want to be good at something
She isn’t.
I want my own thing.
My sister is everything I am and not.

Pain Killer

by Dara

Touch my head
See if I have a fever
Give me a hug
To make me feel better
Tap a kiss
That's the healer
Give me yourself
That's the real Pain Killer

Call Me a Freak

by Adrianna

Go ahead!
Go ahead!
call me a freak
go ahead
say i'm weak
i will go on
to prove you wrong
and i'll come back
and sing this song
i'm a weed
i'm not going anywhere
i'm a knot
can't get me out of your hair
i am a painting
i will foever hold your stare
watch your words
and beware
i'm here to stay
so get out of my way
i want you to say
you're a freak
i can take it
say i'm weak
but i will sing this song
because i know you're wrong
i'm a weed
i'm not going anywhere
i'm a knot
can't get me out of your hair
i am a painting
i will forever hold your stare
you tell me i'm bad
you tell me to show
i know what i am
so what are you?

March 25, 2008

Runaway Princess


Standing on the steps
In a long pearly blue gown
She manages to fake a smile
As she makes her way down
Her dad keeps an eye on her
He watches her, proud

She goes down farther
Down to her people
Down to her responsibility

Collapses on the staircase
She drops to the ground
She hides her flushed face
With the silky slip of her gown
And she cries,
“Daddy, Daddy I can’t do it.
I can’t rule the town.
I can’t take it.
I can’t take the crown.”

The crowd stands speechless
Her dad—flabbergasted
Guilt and misery flush over her face
She knows she’s let many down

She can’t take it
She couldn’t do it
All the pressure and the mess
She fled for the door
And nobody’s seen her since

The Dream

by Kuni

The dream is fearless
The dream is strong
When the dream falls, it gets back up
The dream thinks about now and also days to come
The dream is successful, it never ends
The dream is filled with hope and faith
These are the things the dream contains,
What must I do to achieve the dream?
If these are what the dream contains,
Why not make the dream a reality?

March 20, 2008

Global Warming

by Shelby

Fire chuckles
Pollution bubbles
The earth slowly deteriorates,
into a massive deadly puddle

March 16, 2008

Love Love Love

by Anonymous

what is love?
it is something stupid.
i mean, why is there love?
i hate love.
it hurts when you get hurt,
but do you think of that
when you hurt someone?
i know i did.
so i guess i should start this off right:
love sucks when you're 17 and love someone,
but your daddy says,
'no, you can't see him or talk to him.'
he was the best thing to happen to me,
until you came around and stole him.
why did you take him away?
he loved me,
he said he would always be with me,
then you came to town
and now he's gone with you and it hurts.
i won't let you or him see it,
but someday i will tell you,
and then you will feel bad that you took him.

March 15, 2008


by Reby

im tired of your mistakes
im tired of you driving me insane
im tired of dealing with this everyday
im tired of it always being your way
im tired of the fighting
im tired of crying
im tired of the phrase "best friends" being misused
im tired of my self abuse
im tired of my wrist bleeding because of this
im tired of the world not being pure bliss
im tired of saying that im gonna go through with it and dont
im tired of backing out so i wont
im tired of waiting
so here i go.....

March 13, 2008

Friend with Benefits

by Audra

I see you there with your other girl;
Telling her she’s your only world.
But you and I both know the truth;
Those poor girls are just being lied to

I know what will happen;
You’ll knock at my door,
and show me affection I cannot ignore.
Your kiss will ignite a fire;
And I’ll soon give in to my forbidden desire.

But just as soon as you arrive;
You leave and I die a little inside.
Please don’t use me, I have feelings too;
You know I wouldn’t do this to you!

Please understand, I just healed my heart;
Don’t be the one that tears it apart.
You were the one I wanted to be with;
But now I see that I’m just your friend with benefits.

March 10, 2008

That Silver Blade

by Brittani

It's So Inviting
That Silver Blade

It's So Inviting
It's Driving Me Insane

It's Sharp
It's Clean
It Would Have No Problem Cutting Into Me

It's So Inviting
That Silver Blade

It's So Inviting
I Have Been Saved

March 9, 2008


by Rosa

i had so many cupcakes
that i didn't know what to do!
first i tried burying them,
but that just brought up dew.
next i tried burning them,
for that was my next thought.
but when i tried,
Mom came out chasing me with a pot.
i was discouraged for she told me to stop.
having nothing else to do,
i went inside to play with my top.
then i got an idea.
it was so easy and sparkled like a gem.
you'll never guess it,
for i decided to eat them!

March 8, 2008

Grasp Eternity

by Miss Paradox Complex

Is it possible
to hold

For a moment

choice guiding
choice shaping
choice creating
choice controlling

I hesitate
as I
prepare to step
the wet,
cracked cement,
still holding tomorrow's history
still grasping Eternity-

Before I
sculpt my piece

Before I
Carve my mark

Before I paint
In deep black ink-

I wonder


What if


Where Did It Go?

by Mouko

It stings, I know, but I don't feel it
I see it running down my pale skin
Why can I not feel the pain
Why is everything numb

No tears, I know I shouldn't, but I do
No feeling, that's my reason anyway
Why do I not feel the pain
Why is nothing there

Cold indifference is what it's come to
Yearning for the care free days of long ago
Why do I not feel the pain
Where did it go

March 7, 2008

I Can't Breathe

by Reby

every night is the same
i come home
and i'm the one to blame
is there ever a time?
where i don't have to run and hide
can't i ever just be left alone?
and be happy in my own home.
it's like i'm fighting world war III
and i can't seem to breathe.
i'm tired of crying for your foolishness!
it's me that has to clean up the mess.
in this place....happiness does not exist.
i wish this life could be pure bliss.
as i hide in my room and close my eyes tight,
i scream into the night.
i scream and scream until i cannot breathe.
oh how i suffocate under your stupidity.
oh how i can't seem to breathe.
someday i will die and you will be to blame.
your whole world will be put to shame.
you will cry that your life is over.
what about mine that you destroyed!!???
i can't breathe as i hear you scream right this minute.
i can't breathe
i can't breathe

March 3, 2008

Blood Shed, Pain That's Red

by live_lie_die

"Bleed it out,"
Pain whispers
The breath of pain
Sends shivers
Down my spine
My hand tremors
Soul shakes
Sharp pierces skin
Deeper and deeper
Scarlet streams
Rapid rush, red gush
Bleed out the pain


by Anonymous

All my feelings tangled up inside.
Just wanna,
Scream out,
Freak out,
Leap out,
Any way I can.
All my "friends" wanting me to take sides.
Just wanna,
Yell that they ain't true friends.
My parents wanting me to be a nerd,
Just wanna,
Yell that they're the most annoying
Thing I ever heard
Always waiting to find the one special guy.
Just wanna,
Put my life on fast forward.
All my homework bogging me down.
It just makes,
My head spin around and around.
I dream of a better place,
Where I wouldn't have a reason
To make my case.

March 2, 2008


by Reby

is all
that has ever left your lips
since the day you said "i love you"

i know i believed
i wish i didnt

it was all lies...

when you said
that i was beautiful.

when you said
that i was your one and only.

when you said
that i made your body feel warm.

when you said
that i made you happy.

when you said
that i make your heart beat faster
than the blink of an eye.

when you said
that i make you smile.

when you said
that nothing will come between us.

when you said
that it was just us two on this earth.

when you said
that i was the only one who mattered.

when you said
that you never wanna let me go.

when you said
that youll always love me.

when you said
that youll never hurt me.


youve said nothing

no more will i believe you

The Past

by Anonymous

We went through a lot
I used to be able to say
“I Love You!” and mean it
But as time went on
Things began to change
Even though I used to love
Those soft and sexy lips
I didn't always love your attitude!
I was proud to say you were my boo
But I don’t know about you!
As time went on
I learned that our love
Began to change
Deep down inside we both knew
What was best for the both of us!
We needed to separate!
One side of me was telling me
To move on
But the other side still missed you a lot!
That side will always miss you!
You will always be loved by me!
For life, regardless of what
Anybody says or tries to
Do to me!
You will always have that
Special place in my
Heart designed just for you!
I will always love you, boy!

Build the Fire Higher

by live_lie_die

pull the fire

from within

the blasts satisfies

my angry tension

hatred and fear

my life is a fire

with sparks flying

every which way

i cant escape the fire

the flames enclose me

until i burn

in a chamber of hell

March 1, 2008

His Stupid Actions

by Carla

He sits in the green looking up at the night.
Wishes he could tell her everything's alright.
Hold her in his arms and slowly kisses her lips.
Because of her, life is what he'll miss.
Keeping the moments of their love in his head.
Those moments with her he meant truly.
But some part of him now is walking on a small thread.
With her, he wanted to wed newly.

Now every night, he would go to bed
Trying to get her sight out of his head.
And every morning, there would be a flow of regret.
In his mind her words would sing, and the flow would fret.

Why did he let her go
When he could have just let her know
That he loved her so much
And he'd never pain her in such
Morbid grief
That he'd end up realizing that's no relief
To not be with her anymore;
Because everything about her is what he adored.
A guy that would cry for this one girl
Would win her back, then give her the world.

That Good

by Monk22

You think you know me?
Think again.
No one knows me.
I won't let them.
No one knows who I really am,
Inside my happy outside.
You can't see my inside,
You can't see the pain.
You can't see the fear,
You can't see the hatred,
Even when you look into my eyes.
I'm that good.

Dreary Ending

by Maygan C.

They say he's the man they all ever wanted
The way he lingers with my very mind
I can't stand without seeing him run through my eyes
Every hour wouldn't be an hour without being lull with his voice

I wrote for him my every poem and put it safely in this heart
I would give up everything and anything he might
But every now and then I keep missing a part of my soul
I have always wanted this man who looks away
And can't make this heart whole

Does he notice my somber presence or just taking it for granted?
That he comes and goes and always has makes my heart forsaken
With every note he plays, it makes me insane...and dreary
His ways are so mysterious,
These feelings getting stronger yet unclear

He's so near yet so far,
He clutches my soul but never touches my heart
This crestfallen heart so alone to ponder, all so torn apart
I'm so saddened whenever he doesn't shine his look on me
So dryhearted he doesn't even know, with her I'm so envious

How could Eros strike me with his bow and make me love this man
Evil this God, he made me live with lies...I will never love again
From this moment this heart will die and surely be sealed
These eyes will never see love,
This soul will be numb and I will forever bleed

I'm Sorry

by Reby

i know you love me
and i love you
i'm sorry.

i don't want to hurt you
we can't be.

it makes me want to cry
just thinking about this.

im sorry
that you think about me

i'm sorry
that you've learned to love me.

i'm sorry
that i gave you my heart
only to take it away.

i'm sorry
that you think you've done somthing wrong.

i'm sorry
if your dreams are haunted by me.

i'm sorry
if you feel like you can't live anymore.

i'm sorry
that i've hurt you in so many ways.

i'm sorry
if you think i lied when i said i loved you.

i'm sorry
it has to be like this.

i'm sorry
about everything i've done that hurt you.

i'm sorry
that i loved you so much it hurt.

im sorry
for not wanting to let you go.

i'm sorry
for finally pulling away.

i'm sorry
for the tears that fall out of my eyes every night.

i'm sorry
that your kiss still tingles my lips.

i'm sorry
that my soul still floats over you.

i'm sorry
that my heart leaps everytime i see you.

i'm sorry
that you have to read this.

i'm sorry
that i'm done.

i'm sorry
that i will never be over you.

i'm sorry


by Munk22

Just leave.
I don't want you here.
Go away.
I want you to disappear.
*POOF* and you're gone.
But you can't know,
Oh no.
Cuz I'm still your friend outside,
Not inside.
Inside I want you to go.
Shutup about your fucking issues.
I have my own to deal with.
Disappear, I don't care where.
Just go somewhere away from here,
Away from me


by Munk22

I fool the world with my fakeness.
My fake smile,
My fake laugh,
My fake colorful, happy facade.
I'm dying inside.
Everything's a mess.
I'd be better off alone.
No more fucking drama.
No more bitter tears.
I fool them all with it.
No one sees through my shell.
They don't know how I yearn,
Yearn to leave them behind.
I fool them all and they can't tell,
How I'm lying with a smile.


by Monk22

Sick of my boring life.
Same damn issues.
Same damn conversations.
Same damn people.
Every damn day.
I want someplace new,
With new people,
And new problems.
I hate doing it everyday,
The same, over and over.
Again and Again.
No excitement or difference.
I'm sick of it

February 17, 2008

Self Harming

by Jamie-Leigh

All I see is the anger inside of me.
The anger I see is painful
Just like what self harming does to me.
The emotions I get really annoy me;
That's what you get when you self harm just like me.
People judge you for what you really are,
but deep down inside, that's not the way you are.
Life is boring, yes, I know.
Try and get on with it and see how it goes.

February 16, 2008


by Samantha

The wind sings to the world
A rainbow is his song
The tree sings to the birds
A rainbow is her notes
The mother sings to her child
A rainbow is her inspiration
The sun smiles on the world,
The rainbow was his creation.

February 15, 2008


by Munk22

You tell me everything.
And i give you advice.
You pour your heart out.
And i listen.

But sometimes i wanna be more,
More than your shrink.
I'm not Dr.Phil,
Did you know?

I wanna be your friend.
I want you to talk to HER about ME.
I wanna be more...
More than a therapist.

Can't you read my hints?
Or are you blinded by thoughts of her?
Are you just blind?
Take the blindfold off, honey.

I wanna be yours.

February 14, 2008

Moving Alone

by Ghazal Halo

Once I was moving on the street alone
Hitting my foot on the pebbles and stone

Feeling as if they are not stones really
They are obstacles of life actually

I looked at birds flying in a line
Teaching humans to be united, as it looked so fine

The wind was chasing me on my way
Kissing my face and whispering away

Do not feel sad if you are lonely
There are people who love and care for you only

Looking surprised I thank the blowing air
For delighting and making me cheer

After moving alone I rested on the wall
I saw the crawling spider but it had a fall

It approached its destiny at last, after crawling
Giving a lesson to keep on trying and hard working

Making my way to home on this moonlight
The prevailing calmness and the lessons in this night

Could not let me forget this night ever
Teaching me things and making my eyes wider!

February 13, 2008

Who Knew

by McKinsey

who knew life was so confusing
people say this then that
everything they say gets all mixed up

who knew life was so gossipy
you have people talking about him or her
they talk about things that are nowhere near true

who knew life was so scary
people killing and stealing
you have people that commit suicide
and only just because they dont like themselves

who knew life was so terrible
that kids fight, die, and get kidnapped,
people do drugs and get drunk,
animals get abused and neglected

who knew this was the life around us

I Try [For You]

by Lindsay

As we sit on the couch,
I notice.
There’s a tear falling,
Slowly down her face.
She claims she’s not crying,
Says there’s no reason to cry.
She buries her face in her hands.
But I see it still…
Down her face.
I too blink away tears.
Even though
I don’t know what’s wrong.
Is it just another day
With just another fight?
They no longer get along,
I no longer cry.
It’s the same every day,
It’s the same every night.
I try to ignore their screams in my sleep,
I try to ignore the tears in her eyes.
I just try to get over
The fact that it’s over.
He’s losing his job,
She’s losing her mind.
They don’t get along,
I just can’t understand…
What happened to the beautiful family
We once had?
I fear for her life;
She claims she is useless,
It seems he agrees.
I try to pretend.
I try to hide.
I tell them I leave,
But really sit in a corner and cry.
I’m now so excited to leave
When Monday rolls around.
School’s hard to understand
My mind wanders all around.
But still I try to fix my life,
My smiles just won’t go away.
I have you guys to help me
Chase away the pain.
So when the morning comes,
Of course I will come too.
I’m sad,
I’m hurt,
But I will never try to hurt you.

February 4, 2008

A Rose

by Santana

Is a Rose a Rose by any other name?
I think not and some might think the same.
To me a Rose is a vision of beauty.
In its many colorful shades
and in different sizes.
Some say beauty is only skin deep,
But with a Rose it truly goes down real deep.
So a Rose is truly a Rose.
But with this vision of loveliness,
there is a shroud of dangerousness.
Beware of her thorns,
cause you might get pricked.
So do not be tricked.
But with careful thought and tenderness
you can hold a Rose with true intent.
So it will be close to your heart.

Somewhere In Between

by Lydia

Respect deserved,
not only to me,
maybe this girl,
will let me be.

Not a worm,
not a butterfly,
somewhere in between.
Dark side kept,
where it can't be seen.

I see right through,
her outer shell,
into the darkness,
through all hell.

The Importance of Words

by Lydia

"I never want to lose you",
are the words you told to me.
They sort of helped open my eyes,
helped me to see.
I can't help but wonder,
if you've said these words before,
to any of your girlfriends,
whose heart you left broken and sore.
I'm tired of being played,
and treated like a whore.
I am not what I seem,
I am so much more.
So I hope you understand,
the meaning of what you said.
And if you did,
then, now, why is my heart completely dead?

February 3, 2008

Your Eyes

by Santana

When I look into your eyes
I should be able to see what you feel
Instead all I see is an invisible me
And you with someone I don’t know

As We Waited

by Santana

Every day I sit here and wait
I wait and wait and wait
until someone comes to pick me up
But here I stay day by day
as the days go on
I can’t feel as if anyone is coming
so I finally gave up and left
when I did, he came along
He saw I wasn’t there
So he waited and waited just as I did
He finally gave up
and what does he find?
Me, waiting for him to welcome him in
and all he said was
“I waited too long for you,”
and walked away

The Storm Within

by Kristen

The rain slowly falls.
As the sky turns black.
The wind starts to blow.
All of the emotions start to flow.
I can still hear your voice.
Remember the words that you said.
As you walked away.
Turning your back on me.
Saying you were lost.
Not sure where you were headed.
Wanting to see what others have to offer.
Wanting to open your heart to the world.
Not wanting to stand on the outside anymore.
Hoping to find something true.
As the tears fall.
You try to smile.
Not wanting to show your pain.
Always running from the past.
Standing there watching the rain fall.
Lightning fills the sky,
Thunder is all that you hear.
That’s the day you walked away.
A storm was raging inside you.
You weren’t ready to fight.
You just did what you thought was right.
Afraid to stand and fight.
I stood in the rain watching you go.
Not understanding your choice.
Willing to believe you made the right choice.
You left, taking a piece of my heart with you.
I just wanted to believe in you.
Wanted to help you find the light.
That I have always seen in you.
Looking into your eyes.
I see all the emotions that you hide.
The fire that never seems to die.
The rage that never seems to fade.
The love that never seems to come.
The anger that has just begun.
The sadness that only seems to deepen.
The hurt that seems to stay.
A storm of emotions locked inside.
Fighting to be let out.
A heart fighting for control.
A mind fighting for relief.


by Jaz

What is it that you want from me?
If you truly loved me,
Your answer to this would be
Absolutely nothing,
But you say you don't know
Please try to let me down easy...
Because I can't and won't be
The person that you see
When you look at all the girls
That you perceive to be real...
I've done all I can,
I gave you my heart,
When you held out your hand.
Now will you leave me here to stand
To face my worst fears on my own?
You're the first person I've ever known
To make me both happy and sad
At the same time, and sure I'm glad
That I found you, but could you be bad
For I can't find the words to describe it
I want to know more
So I can feel free and soar
Like I used to before
I knew how to fall
As hard as I have for you...

February 2, 2008


by Jessica

I am surrounded.
Yet I am completely alone.
The noise I hear,
has become my silence.
Those who once brought not but a smile to my face,
are now the ones who raise the hate that is within me.
Music my only refuge.
Life has become meaningless time has left me.
I no longer live only exist.
There is no moving backward,
and I see nothing ahead for me.
Is this my end?
I have no passion.
I have no desire.
I hide from this world.
I am hiding from the truth,
I cannot yet bare to face
There is no one I care to live for.
Why must I go on?
Why should I go on?
My sole is darkened.
I am alone,
yet the earth so full of people.
I have no place in this world.
I am alone.


by Janet

Life is not fair
Its twists and turns.
Truth and lies
Hugs and fights
Life can be a wonderful experience
or an awful one, you decide.
There is peace
There is war
There’s good
There’s bad
Make a choice, make it now.
Do good, do bad?
Make the right decision
to govern your life.

February 1, 2008


by Anonymous

i once was a nerd
but this warm day came
and in the silence of the night
a guy appeared
he was my savour,
all the time i was asking where you went
but then i realized you're inside of me,
no matter how much you try,
i will promise to never let it sink into my head,
no matter how creative you are,
there is always a creative expression
of knowledge inside of you.


by Anonymous

Death would be so easy,
just hold a gun to your head,
pull the trigger and you're dead.

It would release you from the grasp of reality,
and pull you into an embrace of mysticality.

A feeling that you'd never come across,
would engulf you like fire coats leaves,
and very soon you would be free.

Only a coward would take the easy path of suicide,
and though you should enjoy life if nothing else,
I would enjoy the solitude of death greater.

So yes I'm a coward,
but at least I'm a happy one.
Free to do as I will,
with a hole through my head.

Note from web site owner: If you are having suicidal thoughts or are feeling overwhelmed in any way, please e-mail me at wuzzle5@aol.com so we can talk.

Sunset Black

by Marissa

What could
In this world be
More beautiful than a sunset
More gentle than the sea

But what is as gloomy
As the dark rivers of past
Steadily flowing into the sea
To meet our friend the sunset
At last

For when the past of a troubled one
Meets the beauty of the setting sun
This black sunset shows its warmth
As our cold dark past is done

Unknown Life

by Corne

put a life on hold for another's happiness
their time, smiles and success-what a bliss
if only it was their own
the reality of it all is an estranged heart, all alone

a fear of being set free
the need to know where to go, a key
hide away when it comes in, it is here
take a breath when there is only emptiness, no fear

here, there, wherever the finger snaps
function by blind feeling, like a colony of blind bats
scared of hitting wrong
never knowing where to belong

turn a head and look through a blind eye
the only help lies in a far away blue sky
strengths get broken down
wearing unhappiness and hate as a gown

craving an empty sensation
supressing a frequent temptation
losing mind over wrong
leaving is the only way to stay strong

The Days With You

by Ghazal Halo

The days with you
were warmer and happier
in the silence of night
i remembered you
the trees shaking and fluttering
all the time asking where are you
i always miss you
and love you too...

For You I Wish

by Lizzie

Strength when you feel weak
Courage when you feel scared,
Hope when you feel despair
Peace when you feel anger.

Love when you feel pain
Healing when you feel hurt,
Reassuring when you feel worried
Guidance when you feel lost.

Comfort when you feel alone
Forgiveness when you feel betrayed,
Faith when you feel hopeless
Confidence when you feel doubt.

Wisdom when you feel unsure
Control when you feel outraged
Patience when you feel stressed
Clarity when you feel confused.

I Promise You a Lie

by Jaslin

I promise you a lie
a lie that is the truth
I promise that im faithful
but I cant show you proof

I promise second chances work
but I will cheat along the way
I promise you are the only one
but I cant seem to make you stay

I promise no more
but it just wont sink in
I promise we will make it
but im too untrusting to begin

I promise I promise
I promise you a lie
but behind your back
Im sneaky and sly

[So many promises, but none to keep]
[Maybe you will have better luck next week]