Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

January 21, 2011

The New Kid

by Jade

People race past you,
You wonder where they go.
You see strangers everywhere,

and think "I am all alone."
A face looks at you,

She starts walking closer.
She asks, "What's your name?"
You give a great smile.

January 16, 2011

Elegy on the Death of My Love

by Ayush

There is no reason for love. If there is a reason, it is not love!

The ecstatic drug in my lacklustre life,
The solitary cure of my solitude;
That angel is mine, for once....and forever,
I was dumbstruck, frenzied and hysteric,

All at her attitude!

Love is truth, the dawn of nature;
All the rest - A mere trance, a lie;
I just wanted to hold her tight, just once-
And glide hand in hand:
Heart lost, love gained!

Sameer decided to propose the girl.

He was returning after buying a bunch of red roses for her,
when he saw her in a park....Not alone, but with a boy.
The intimacy told he was more than a friend............
The relationship ended before it could start.

Sameer still met her sometimes, at public places mostly;
but he never felt nervous talking to her anymore!

Much worse than a sweet lie, is a bitter truth.
Again was I dumbstruck, a different reason though,
An immigrant in her heart till then,

now craved to leave it fast....and forever;
Her credibility and my trust, both hit an all-time low!

Though undeserving you are,

My love for you can never end,
'Cause I am not dead, just tempest tossed.
I will move ahead, careful of this insomnia,
My heart is now regained, but love lost!

Sameer never told the girl about his love,

and the poor girl doesn't even know what has she lost.
Sameer would have kept her happy more than anyone else
and would have cared for her at all times,
but the girl...she had got her fate sealed!

January 14, 2011

His Eyes

by Anonymous

His eyes met mine the first day of school.
I felt the warmth in my heart,
I didn't even know his first name.
But the blue and yellow in his eyes
made me think of the ocean as the sun meets it.
His eyes met mine and that's when I fell for him.
His eyes.

January 8, 2011

Lady in Red

Seeing her in red,
as if I had been blindfolded,
in the midst of people,
such beauty was never expected.

Gazing through her eyes,
and to realize the meaning of nice,
those bright glowing eyes,
were the stars in my eyes.

Her lips were such a temptation,
that had filled my mind with the word sensation.

A short-haired girl in red,
with stunning beauty.