Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

December 22, 2013


by Prathamesh

As I cuddle up on cold nights,
restless; I memorise those kisses and fights.
Life was awesome; with you by my side,
Presently, it is full of lonely rides.
I often walk; aimlessly.
Completely dumbfounded at what I do,
My life has lost its purpose,
It's hard to believe yet true.
Sorrow-stricken me,
With eyes teary wet,
Blaming my mistakes and myself,
For I wrote my own fate.
'No one's perfect',
You used to say.
But I can hardly believe,
It ended this way.
In the pool of solitude,
I often swim,
In search of love,
In search of that 'hope-beam'.
This pool of emptiness,
It's killing me inside,
Drowning in this deadly pool,
With no one to guide.
Return to me
And take me in your lap.
I pray you my love,
I want to be awakened from this nap.
Take me away;
Away from this world of strife,
I really NEED you,
To complete my life.

December 21, 2013

Why Always Me?

by Prathamesh

Why always me,
Gets the heart broken?
Why always my true feelings,
Remain unspoken?
You showed me,
Such a lot fantasies,
I dreamed it way too much;
Playing together in the daisies..
I got attached to you so fast,
And hoped the setbacks would settle;
My world for you was so vast,
And you made it so little.
Why me, to your love fell a pray,
Why, dreaming of you, I'd idly lay.
Why you crushed all my feelings in a second,
Why I considered you, an Angel from Heaven..
Why you stared at me,
Though I wanted much more
Why you threw me out of your heart,
And I kept you in the core..
Why now, why you ignore me?
Why, at first, you became my destiny..
Why, why you proved love a lie,
Why, why you bade that last goodbye..
If you still care,
Answer all my 'why's,
Please come back to me,
Fear no word from me; No fies...!

December 18, 2013

Tick Tock Tick Tock

by Jenny

Can your hear their screams.
Put your hands on ears,
Wish this was just a dream.
That all your fears,
Are false, Tomorrow will be a new day.

Can you hear their footsteps.
Coming up the stairs,
You have had learned to accept,
That this is the way it is.

Can you hear them banging on your door,
It's making you nervous.
Your knees shook along with the floor.

Silence is deafening,
Your spirit is defeating.
The only thing that can be heard is the clock,
Sitting on your desk.
Tick Tock Tick Tock it goes.

It's like as if it's taunting you,
Haunting you, Daring you.
The clock is ticking,
Time is running out.


by Tia

Pinned down.
Heavy breathing.
Cold steel.
Silence screaming.
Burning sensation.
Blood dripping.
Deep cuts.
Pain gripping.
Ripped clothes.
Quiet struggle.
Tears streaming.
Thunder rumbles.
Bruised skin.
Shattered mind.
Running away.
But falling behind.
Progress made.
Day by day.
Feeling better.
Thanks to my blades.
Haunting nightmares.
Tear soaked pillows.
Struggling for reality.
That's how my life goes.

Bent Over with Love

by Gabby J.

The Power of Love is like no other.
I am bent over with love
For the Good and the Bad
The Suffocation of Love? Yeah.
The Pain of Love!
I ask
Why won't she let go?
Why won't he give up?
Why is she being so difficult?
Why is he so persistent?
Why won't she let me be?
Why are you still in my life?
Why are these tears trickling down my cheeks?

Because of LOVE.
I am far from UNGRATEFUL
I am simply bent over with love.
All I Ask
is to slightly
unbend the bent
and SET


by Ayushi M.

Those tears down the cheek, 
The redness in the eye,
You seem to be crying,
Can I ask you why? 

That smile on your face
Exists no more,
Your legs are feeble,
Like never before
It seems like eternity
When you happened to be happy
That joy has disappeared,
Oh what a pity!
You made my life worth living     
Blessed me in disguise 
I want you to be happy
that's all my heart cries         
You are extremely sad
I don't even know why
But if you need to pour it out
It's me you can try   
Please be my angel
And let me fix the broken wings
I know you will fly again
And let alone the joy sing.

December 7, 2013

Waiting for Relief

by Naomi M.

I go to bed each night thinking,
will tomorrow be just another day like them  all?
Will I take control over my life
and acknowledge my feelings,
or continue to treat them like they are small?

There's nothing more painful than the guilt I feel
because I know you love me and I cannot be my best.
And I cannot express the love I have for you
in my heart thumping in my chest.
I have so much inside of me
just waiting to come out,
But where there was once strength
There now is vacant pain
and all I manage to do is shout.

The roots of  our love is so strong
but our branches are all broken
and my weeping heart is waiting
for something capsizing to be spoken,
So that my cries let out will be acknowledged
and the wasted pain will go away
and all that will be left of this
will be memories of a day.

The Time Is Near

by Ketsueki M.

The time is near.
Slowly. Oh so slowly, does my sweet oblivion come near.
I can feel it, begging for freedom.
Suddenly, I am surrounded.
But I am not afraid, for we are family.
We are a pack.
Finally, the time is near, to rid ourselves of our troubles,

our worries, our fears.
Giddy with anticipation, we change.
From Human to wolf.
From pain to bliss.
The only witness to this change is our mother, the Moon.
For our gift works best under the watchful eye of our mother.
Before we run, we thank our mother in the tongue of the wolf.

November 25, 2013


by Ayushi
Mom, why is water flowing from your eyes?
Dad, why dont you smile?
Why is everyone sad?
Is there something wrong?
God said, I was supposed to bring happiness to your lives,
Then why is no one happy?
Am I not good?
Mom, have I made a mistake?
Have I hurt anyone?

I remember, 
you were laughing, 
Singing songs, 
And were extremely happy
Infact, everyone was happy.
I could even feel your laughter,
When I was a part of you.
Even I thought to myself,
That I would come to your life,
And would make you even more happpier,
But that is not happening...!
I can see that everyone is sad,
I can sense something wrong.

Oh! I forgot to tell you mom,
When I was inside you,
Something was troubling me.
I wasn't at ease,
I felt something pressing against my throat 
It felt like, something was trying to kill me...
And then I choked,
and again...
and again...

A few moments passed,
And I was feeling better,
But there was a problem...
I was not able to breathe properly
Things were not making sense, mom
I don't know what was happening.

Then there was screaming and shouting and god knows what all.
And then came the moment, when I entered this world...
I was covered in a red, gooey substance,

My eyes were not opening,
And I couldn't move,
Not even a bit!
I wasn't even breathing...

God told me once,
"All you have to do throughout your life,.. is breathe
Because that is what proves that you are alive!"

Things are making sense now, mom
I don't move
I don't cry
I don't even breathe...!
Mom, am I not alive?
Am I "born dead", like most people call it?
I think I am...

I am sorry, mom
But I would have to leave...
I don't get a chance to be with you, and dad and this family.
God wants me back..

I guess, this is the reason why everyone is crying
I did not stay with you all,
For even a few moments,
But you all, still love me,
Are crying over my death..
All of you would miss me, right?

I promise you, mom
I would go back to god 
and ask him to give you a friend of mine.
You keep him, ok?
And be happy.

I may not be alive, mom
But I know god will give you happiness again.
I know my friend will make you happy

Please mom, please don't cry
And ask dad to be happy
You know I love you the most, right?
And I will always do ...
Just take care of yourself
And everyone else

It's time for me to go.
Bye mom,
Bye dad,
Bye world.

Guilty Pleasure

by Tay
My sinful lips already committed forbidden pleasure,
pleasure that can never be revealed
Wishin’ to rewind through time of prevention,
while bein' deleted from my present... 

As their bodies became whole,
Electrifyin' lights sparked within' each vessel 
Formin' unique passion marks,
as our lips danced along each others skin
Like tango music,
Our sounds romantically spiced the room
With an agreeable minglin' of seduction...

The sweetest fingers roamed, 
quenched my thirstin' physical needs
While spiritual sins are being created with a knowledgeable lover
Showin love and affection...
Feelin' lower than loam, 
guilt drastically took its place as the aftermath
This romance jus' recently starting….

Why couldn’t I’ve said?
…Wait! Put those flames on ice!
This isn't what you will want, 
Jus' hormones caught in the moment...

Lookin' back,
Wantin' to reverse the hour glass
This event could've been delayed until its rightful time,
With that rightful someone
But my sinful lips already committed forbidden pleasure...

The End

by Ayushi
You see me,
I see you.
My heart pounds,
Just the way it used to.

You hold her hand,
Kiss her on the cheek.
The mere sight of it,
Makes my knees weak.

I want to cry,
Put my heart out.
Why did you leave me?
That's all my heart shouts.

You love her,
I loved you.
Well, that's what I state,
I know I still do.

It seems like yesterday,
When I gave you my heart,
You were to take care of it,
not to tear it apart.

I want to talk to you,
I wanna know why,
Exclaiming it to be eternal,
Was it just a lie?

She holds your hand,
Kisses you on the lips,
That's when reality strikes me,
And my heart takes a deep dip.

It's over between us,
I know it is.
You were a part of me,
Who will be highly missed.

November 14, 2013


by Earl G.
I've never been so happy,
I still can't believe it is true,
Though this may sound sappy,
My brain feels just like goo,
My heart is beating,
And my knees buckle, too.
To know you feel this way
Is joy anytime of the day.


by Anonymous
These emotions i kept bottled up.
It makes me cry on the inside.
I put up a smile.
When in reality it's me tearing apart.
The pain seemed to increase every second.
It makes my knees shake.
I just want to curl in a ball and disappear.
Because my tears they seemed to be invisible to you.

It's painful really.
It makes me feel fragmented.
Broken and alone.
Can't you tell by the way i shivered.
This pain is only tearing me apart.

When i call out to you.
My voice seemed to be lost in the wind.
The words i wanted to shout.
It came out as whispers and whimpers.

Fragmented, broken and alone.

October 21, 2013

Land of Lust

by CJ P.
With hinges rusted it swings open
The gate screeched and howled from decades of neglect 
Revealing within it the fields and forests
The forests reeked with the decaying of wood, of life
The fields adorn with a strange charm
Beckoning you to them.
With a crooked finger of uneasy certainty. 

Amidst the bones, 
your eye catches what you came for
The tall dead grass, brittle to the touch, 
Moves to to the side to let you pass
At last you have reached the mound of cracked earth
That housed your treasure.

Carefully ever so carefully your hand descended
At last you lose what little patience you had left, 
eager to stake your claim
Wearing the wicked grin like a mask that is now part of you
The same grin that the gates opened for
With hands clenched tightly in a fist
Around the golden stem pulsating with life, you pulled.
You pulled on that lonely idol but it would not budge 
No amount of cursing or brute force 
Could remove this lone beauty 
From the desolate field of decay.
The petals could not be  disheveled,
roots uprooted, stem disturbed, life destroyed

But you would not give up
Your subconscious code overwritten by savagery.
An innocent child turned monster.
By the time you realised your mistake it was too late
The same noise that greeted your arrival 
has also sealed your fate
It was the squealing of a pig at slaughter 
It was the gate

The gate from which you came, 
heading back to the life you left behind
The gate closes, never to be reopened
You now know what is to come of your mislead life
You raise your hand to the grey sky 
One last time in a silent salute
With the dry dead air 
stealing the life from inside you, you collapsed
You have at last arrived in your rightful place
Among the bones

October 17, 2013


by Broken Hearted

I'm crying on the inside,
Where no one can hear me.
Hoping for that brighter day to come.
Trying not to show any of my emotions.
Trying day by day to keep the smile
That will not last long upon my face,
To keep me from crying.
People hurting me from left to right.
But I can only trust one person.
Who actually cares and understands my pain.

Who Knows

by Jessi M.

And for the life of me
I don’t know what’s worse,
not having you
or knowing I never will.
Somehow I’ve got to get you
out of my head,
out of my heart.
when you left,
you took a chunk of me with you.
I stop to think for a bit
How did it come to this?
How could I let it get this far?
And now I’m left with faded memories
telling a story my lips will never speak.

Masquerade with Death

by Jenny
Here's to the night,
That we'll be dancing in the lights.
Our destiny is written in the stars.

Here's to the nights. 
I will be dancing with death.
Here's to the night,
I will meet the man who wore a mask.

October 16, 2013

Life Is Short

by Tammy I.
She sees life differently than you 
She knows how short it can be
You haven't seen what she's gone through
Sometimes she wishes you could see

You take one look at her
Never know her story
At the moment everything is a blur
She can't find herself.

All she really knows
Life is short
If only time would have froze
She he'd have some support.

No one knows her well
Very few understand her
Sometimes feeling like she's in a dark cell
She might as well go through hell

She sees life differently 
She understands it's short
Her intent is to treat it gently 
So she lives like there's no tomorrow.

Wings of War

by Sophie A.
The demons pierce my mind, 
And take me to their nightmare 
On wings of war they fly 
They came for me to die 

The angels have fought hard 
To save me from this hell
But who will win this battle? 
I can never tell

If I should die while fighting  
Know this for your sake 
My death was not your fault 
It was never your mistake.

Oh, Sleep

by Anonymous

Oh, lovely quiet Night.
Oh, lovely loud Night.
How you and I fight.

I cannot be without thee, see,
without you I have no sanctuary.
No where to hide, a place to no longer hide.
I trust you and no one else.

If I am up to say goodbye to you one more time, I may break.

Oh, Insomnia.
Oh, lovely Insomnia.
Oh, cursed Insomnia.
Has one complimented you before?

Congratulations. You’ve got me,
my body, my heart, my soul, my mind.
I’m losing my mind to you.

Oh, Sleep, oh, Sleep.
Why am I without Sleep so often?
I swear I love Sleep with all my heart.

And yet I cannot leave Insomnia,
I cannot leave Night for a second more than I do,
and I am separated from my love.

Oh, Love. Do I have you?
I once believed Love was what was closest to you.
Family, friends, God.

But if that was true,

then why the hell am I never asleep?

October 7, 2013

My Mask

by Jenny
Going through the crowd,
Trying to stand tall and proud.
I moved through a decade.
No one suspects my facade.

Feelings trapped in,
Scarring my skin.
Ripping my heart out wide.
Broken and wishing for someone to be by my side.

This charade i acted upon.
This is my Mask i put on.

October 2, 2013

Bringing the Rain

by Leah V.
I wait for the day
to quickly come 'round
I wait for the day
to hear the sound.

The sound of affection
Coming from your voice
It is never required
It is done by choice.

I was never enough
to make you proud.
At least, you never told me aloud.

Always disappointed
Always ashamed
It was never you;
My father, you blamed.

Of course, lest I forget,
it was my fault as well.
I could not stay
in your little shell.

I broke out the casing,
broke out of the mold,
my temperature changed,
yet you stayed cold.

When I left, I was free.
Free from the hurt,
free from the pain,
of being treated as dirt.

So many issues,
so many times
We cried and I was forced
to scribe in my rhymes.

All were tense,
all were stressed,
nothing in life
seemed to be blessed.

I left and I see
I see the change,
I see how you act,
and I think it strange.

So many friends
you never had before
So many shells 
washed on the shore.

Closer together
you all became
It is now the sun;
I was the rain.

You never think to call,
not a simple "Hello"
I see, in your rank,
I am well past below.

I keep that in mind,
when I start to miss,
when I start to remember, 
I remember this.

I am sorry for the trouble,
I am sorry for the pain,
I meant no downer
Or to bring the rain.

While your days are sunny,
mine are clear.
I think of this when 
to you I'd like to be near.

September 29, 2013

Nameless Titles

by Jenny

They call me names
Which none are mine
They call me jock, the cheerleader,
The emo, the stoner, or the nerd.
These are just titles,
They are just labels.
When i walk in the halls today.
I can hear whispering.
Laughing at me.
To them those so called titles are my name.
To them it's either that or i remain nameless.
Afraid to look up,
I went with it.
The jock who is trying hard to fit in.
The cheerleader who is just an insecure girl.
The emo that wishes for a friend.
The stoner trying to take away the all pain.
The nerd who is trying hard to get in college
And not be disappointment.

September 27, 2013

True Me

by Sophie A.
no one knows 
no one tries 
to see the person i hide inside 
the true me lurks 
inside the dark 
but no one’s tried 
to see my heart 
i'm not looking for pity 
i'm actually fine 
with everyone looking 
at my outer design 
i know that if 
they saw the true me 
they’d never understand 
they might even hate me.

Who I Am

by Anonymous
Time to find out who I am 
And I have got the perfect plan 
You have offered me a way 
To define who I am today 
Inject the light brown liquid
careful not to use too much 
Riding the H train isn't cheap 
it enters my bloodstream now 
Thick blood comes rushing out 
I grin in the face of evil 
addicted though I may be 
This is one way to define me

My Love

by Willow
heart of ice
eyes of steel
body of metal
that no one can heal
you've been hurt too long
you've had to make the sacrifice
when i touch you 
i can feel the ice melt
and your eyes soften
i can hear your heart go on pumpin'
no longer alone
like you thought you were
i’m here for you, in this strange war
i’ll help you up, when you fall
i’ll kill all the demons that climb the wall
i won’t let them hurt you anymore
that's why i'm leaving at your door
i don’t want you to hurt this time
so this is when i close my eyes
and make you see what i came for

No One Understands Us

by Anonymous
No one understands us
but we don't really care
You wrap me in a bear hug 
and stroke fingers through my hair 

I know they didn't expect us 
To fall in love like this 
But I also know that with you 
All i feel is bliss

In a past life we were soul mates 
Not that i can tell 
But i know that you love me 
And i love you as well

Sweet Serenity

by Keerigan

sweet serenity,
her mind has gotten to her again.
so lost, everyone wants her to be found.
she hears my silence, she takes me away
we found each other, buried under scars.
her eyes hold it all in, but her laugh carries her doubts
in syllables of the perfect pitch,
she takes me away, to the places i never thought i could go.
i bleed out her pain,
i’ll bleed out her pain so she wont worry over her locked and lost,
and i just wont let go, i wont let go of her beautiful soul.
don't let me lose that part of me, that part that you brought back.
that part of me that i haven’t once missed until your eyes met mine,
and i’ll love you until the end of time.

Come Out, Come Out (A True Gay Story)

by Jacob L.
Blinded by hormones 
Led on by lust
We knew what we were getting into 
Now look at us,
we're crushed

We kept it a secret
We were hidden in shame
And now that it's all out
Which one of us is to blame?

I fed your confusion
Became your sex puppeteer 
I denied any feelings
To help hide that you were queer

I was no more than an experiment
A test subject in your eyes
But feeling the least bit wanted 
Made me feel so damn alive.

No Smoke

by Rachel
i hid a smoke on the porch
and then it rained
and now it's soaked.
it rained so hard
it washed away
my favorite way to end the day.
the rain will come
and then it goes
it does not care about my woes.
it whips the trees
and wets the streets
it does not care for you or me.
my hair is wet
my face is cold
i wish i had that cigarette.

The Way I Feel

by Selena Y.
Our hearts were in vain.
I fell under your spell.
Our love was in so much pain.
I felt like a tiny visual cell.

I felt like i had to walk away.
I felt so black and blue.
I see you day by day.
I will always want you.

I can't live a lie.
I hate how I'm always denied.
I never hit so hard in love.
I feel like a broken winged dove.

He slowly turned to let me burn.
Your high in the sky.
I think i need to learn.
That i really need to say goodbye.

I never meant to start a war.
I guess i should of just let you win.
I feel like a trap door.
I just wanted to let you in.

You made me exposed.
You made so vulnerable.
I feel like I'm decomposed.
I felt so uncomfortable.

The tears i cry.
I feel so wrecked.
You always have an evil eye.
I feel like an inconvenient subject.

I close my eyes.
And let you go with a crying weep.
I said my goodbyes.
So i could finally fall sleep.

Rough Recognition

by Jacob L.
You said to drop the gimmick
That it's okay just to be myself
I could've used these words a year ago
When I was trying to be somebody else

When I'd trust my heart with strangers
Only to watch it hit the floor
It was the feeling of being wanted
That kept me coming back for more

When happiness wasn't attainable 
and I struggled to find myself
When the "love" no longer was present
I'd find it in somebody else

I was in the midst of a cycle 
How I was feeling, nobody could tell
I would laugh and say it was fun
But in reality I was going through hell

So why can't I wash my hands of you
And clean up the mess that I made
Better yet, who the heck are you?
And why am I feeling this way?

I sleep with a knife in my pillow
Protection from what I can't see
Not once have I ever had to use it
But it keeps me from having bad dreams

So please tell me what I am running from
Making everyday of mine feel like Hell
Well maybe if I took a second to realize
I'm running from nobody but M.Y.S.E.L.F

Teen Mom

by Jacob L.
The remnants of the moonlight
reflect immaculately off her skin
Such a perfection combination of passion
And a bittersweet taste of sin

What lead to the unfortunate happenings
Went down in the bed of a truck
The faults on the hot-headed blonde girl
Who failed to keep her legs shut

He whispers an array of sweet nothings,
And sexual taunts as he nibbles her ear
He removes the remainder of her clothing
Get ready cuz the finale is near

Both juggling on the edge of third base
They talk with there hands and tongues
He caresses her inner thigh softly
In hopes he can hit a home run

He instructs her just to lay back
that it outta be loads of fun
he shoots!
he scores!
-she panics
Cuz now it's Cassie plus one

Like Leaves Upon A Tree

by Jacob Lindell
Like Leaves Upon A Tree,
Over time we dwindle down
We lose our strength and body
Innocent smiles shrivel to frowns

Our complexion begins to  fade
Our extremities start to rot

We slowly succumb to death
Leaving evolution a brand new start.

Standing Here Alone

by Tiffany

as the darkness surrounds me
all i can see is the light coming to get me
every breath-taking moment haunting my inner peace and taking my soul
then i look around, i'm here all alone. no one beside me.
loneliness taking over me because i know what should be.
me and you together, that's what our fate has to decide.
falling apart with every second to take.
not knowing if my love is mine anymore
all that has happened might be a sign.
a sign to let go and be free at peace.
my harmony doesn't exist anymore when your gone.
but when i need you most ...i'm standing here alone.

Soundest of the Sleep

by Jacob L.
Is he still breathing?
Please don't make a peep
You wouldn't wanna wake him,
From the soundest of the sleep

You hear them screaming, can't you?
All the words they could never say
From the mother and drunken father
Who wouldn't give him the time of day

It seems what's done is done
Lord knows he held on good
Put up one hell of a fight
And now he's resting like he should 

It's interesting when your gone,
How quickly you get noticed
Maybe by the time I write this poem
I'll have the guts to show it

So if there's room in heaven
Please make room for just one more
Cuz I've shut my eyes,
And I think it's time
A lucid dreamer I am no more.

September 4, 2013


by Elana

i don't want to lose a moment
i don't want to miss a kiss
sadly i think and end my days like this
my day was never complete unless i heard you say..
"good morning.. good morning, love.
i've waited all night long to sing you this song.
daddy's baby, good morning."
but one day you sopped
i waited for those calls almost everyday

i thought of it today, so i sat there and let it play
the tears running down my face
i was a mess
i tried to stop
because you don't deserve a thing
i wish i could tell you things, but you always seem to busy.

maybe i should just chill out because now i'm feeling dizzy
from crying over everything you've ever put me through
i gathered all the pieces
and glued them one by one
once i saw the final picture i was quite stunned
none of this was my fault
it was you who put me here
in all these hard predicaments and challenges; oh well
i guess i ask too much of you to call me here and there
i only want to hear your voice; is that such a waste of time?
for three minutes in the morning, one day it might save my life
because right now i feel helpless
and i don't know what to do
all because you did something you promised you'd never do

mom's always saying you're a piece of shit
but what am i to say ?
i mean, i am your kid
do i defend you or is it true ?
in all honesty i have no clue
i wish i did tho
maybe then id have some closure
i wouldn't cry as much
over what i think is nothing
but in reality its you
you hurt me
but i wont let you know
no one needs to know how you make me feel sometimes 

i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy
now my words are blurry from the tiny little tears
so surprised i could take it this long; its gone on for years.


by Rachel
You were born
And now you live
Always craving
Always searching
Never satisfied.
The more you look
The more you'll find
Your life is shit
And then you'll die.

Belly Up

by RG
a fish or two 
live in the blue,
two fish or three
live in the sea,
three fish or four
have seen the shore,
four fish or five
don't feel alive,
five fish or six
smoke cancer sticks,
six fish or seven
made it to heaven.

The Girl in the Mirror

by Alex
The distorted image
Of a worn out girl
Dark eyes and a grimace
The shell of a destroyed pearl

I step nearer
To get a closer look
The foggy image becomes clearer
This bleak girl-
Is nothing but a mirror!


by R.
My life is shit.
And this I know,
But from the shit
Bright blooms will grow.

I hurt myself,
And this I know,
But from this blood,
gold honey will flow.

I have no money,
And this I know,
But from the poor
Comes love galore.

I sleep too much,
And this I know,
But from the sleep,
Comes lovely dreams.

My life is shit
But it will change,

And this I know.

September 1, 2013

Paint Me a Picture

by Isabelle C.
Paint me a picture
Of me and you
Color the grass green
And sky blue.
Perfect the color of your eyes
That always made me melt
And all the feelings
We could have ever felt.
Paint us smiling
And holding hands.
Paint all the things we never got to do
Because we never had a chance.

Maybe if you would have said something
And didn't just leave that night
Maybe we could have
Painted our picture right.

Color that stage just the same
Green, orange, yellow and blue
Get me and you in our costumes
And the whole cast and crew
Get the red roses
On closing night
Get the love I felt for you
At first sight
Have the picture of you and me
I had to beg you to take
And actually smile
So it won't look like a mistake.

Maybe if I would've said more
And not left that day
We could have colored our picture
The right way

Paint our picture
Color it perfectly
Don't let those few memories fade
Or forget about me
I can't let these feelings go
There's only one thing left to do
Paint this picture
And pray you painted it, too.....

Forever and for Life

by Chloe B.
I'm not gonna leave you, I won't even try. 
If I even think about it, it makes me wanna cry. 
I'm not gonna hurt you, I really do care. 
People keep saying that you're cheating and
It's really not fair. 

I'm not gonna hurt you. 
Or make you wanna cry. 
I'm not gonna break you. 
Cause it'd make me wanna die. 

I wanna keep you forever, 
for the rest of my life. 
And if you die before me,
I'll try to go on with life. 
I know it's what you'd want..
I know that I would, too. 

But I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. 
I'm too in love with you.

July 14, 2013

Me and Myself

by Kenya T.
sometimes i feel like i am by myself
sometimes i feel like everyone is fake
sometimes i feel like it is just me myself and i
and i feel like when i am upset, there is no one there
when i am happy and i have stuff, people come around
i feel like life is just nothing
i feel like i have only three people in my life,
and those people are ME MYSELF AND I
and they are there when i need them the most
sometimes I FEEL LIKE i should not have been born
and no one should care because i am a terrible person
and they are just going to leave me by myself anyway
i don't want to get hurt, so people should stop caring for me

Saddest Girl Crush I Ever Saw

by R.
she is lovely,
it's as obvious as a drop of velvet blood in the rain.

she is beautiful,
her boyfriend thinks so too.

she kisses my face,
but kisses his lips.
she gives me hugs,
but gives him love.

her pink hair
her short body
and chewed off nails
she is the only perfection in this world of flaw.
i love her so,
my wounds are raw.

her sad eyes
her shapely hips
and her cliche laugh.

i love her to death 
i love her to death
i love her to death

if i can't have her i'll die.

Valley of Sorrow

by Rachel
Yea, as I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death,
I will be scared shitless.
For thou have not been with me;
Thy rod thy staff they spear me.

And as I crawl though the Valley of the Shadow of Death,
I will be full of sadness.
For I am not meant to be happy;
Or so my life has shown me.

June 28, 2013

It's You

by Ava M. 
Grew up your whole life learning that no one cares. 
7 billion angry people and their mean faces
but you just brushed off their vicious stares

People always tell you, 
Life just ain't fair, 
Child holding a cup of change askin if you got any to spare.
But there's people who have everything and still want more, 
Don't realize they are disgusting 
Don't give a shit about the people who are in pain, alone, or poor. 

Now you're trying to get to the top but someone keeps pushin you down  
standing over you, eyes narrowed with a disapproving frown
You give in and forget what it's like to be 
someone who gives not just one fuck but three
it's easier this way, no more trouble inside,
but after time you realize that's just another lie

You're disgusted in yourself also,
but it's too late to go back 
you've gotten used to it now
and you've joined the pack

Now you gotta take action, and change what they've done,
you gotta go back, fix the world 
cause now they're not the only ones
oh god you gotta fight
fix their mistakes,
stand strong against them
but you finally break 

All those years of being told that nobody cares,
gets into your mind 
and your happiness just tears.
everyone's watching you just to see you fall,
you realize maybe life's not worth it,
cause you don't want this at all.

Your wrists are crying bloody tears
like what the fuck have you done and people are standing here like hey whats wrong, hun? 
What's fucking wrong? What are they saying?
they know. can't they see what they've done 
how they've changed 
who they are

It's all their fault but the blade's in my grasp
so I slash at the lookers and wipe the blood off my mask
now you see what you've done and you know it ain't true 
Go to the mirror, drop the knife, open your eyes 
it's you.

Who I Am

by Keisha S.
I am a person

My feelings show on my sleeve

If you don't like them you are free to leave

I over think my feelings too much

All I want is my heart to be touched

I laugh

I cry

I smile at the world to show them I'm alive

Sometimes I feel dead inside

I am defined of what society wants me to be

I'm alone

No one to hold

I shout but no one ever hears my cries

I am down on myself because that's all I've ever known

I've never been told otherwise

I battle my thoughts

Day and night

I put up a fight

To be free of my mind

To show my worth and all of my being

No longer put on a shelf

I am who I am

I can't change who I am

It's your loss

If you don't see what's behind my eyes

I am so much more

Than what you take me for

So go away

And never look back

I'll let you know

My heart's still intact

For leaving you

I shall never be back

I am alive

You're dead inside

African American History

by Andrew C.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that if you are a 
minority then you are irrelevant. And If you're not using drugs, then you must 
be selling it. Living in a world, where girls are no longer celibate
This is how I feel and poetry is the medium that I'm telling it.

Liberty is a boon, so you just might want to cherish it. From the 1619 Dutch 
Ships it's been a fight for African Americans. From Banneker and Wheatley going 
against the grain in America. The merit that they attained, gained praise from 
Voltaire and Ben Franklin. But they still thought, that blacks couldn't think, 
so they kept the fettered in iron clad chains. 

But headstrong they remained, rebellion was a medium that freedom was attained. 
In 1800 there was Prosser, In 1822 there was Vesey, In 1831 Nat Turner, which 
got a little messy. 

Another way to escape was to run away through a convoluted system trail blazed 
by Tubman. Then there was Douglass, who broke away from the proclaimed slave 
breaker Edward Covey. Who wrote his name in eternal flames by going against the 
grain to gain what he wanted. Johnson, Grant, and Hayes, hated him during 
reconstruction. Nevertheless he reconstructed the structure of what others 
perceived to be a democratic republic. 

13th Amendment passed but no genuine liberty yet. Vagrancy laws, KKK, 
grandfather clause, literacy test. Douglass was a pioneer of African American 
rights but let me introduce you to the rest.

Marcus Garvey took them back to Africa. While Du Bois' Movement in Niagara, 
pleaded for action. Washington's Compromise in Atlanta, parallel to a 
pacifist, said learn the tools of the trade then we can master it.

Civil rights aided Ida B Wells-Barnett, Jacob Lawrence's dark silhouettes, 
Langston Hughes poems of black misery put the whole nation in check.

54 Brown vs. Board, 55 they killed that Till boy. In 63 they assassinated JFK. 
Civil rights in 64, voting rights in 65, all thanks to LBJ. But don't think that 
everything's ok because in 68 they got MLK. Damn.

We hold these truths to be self-evident the fruition of King's dream was not a 
black president presiding on the basics of a nation still faced with racial 
prejudice. This is how I feel and poetry is the medium that I'm telling it.

June 25, 2013

Prisoner of the Mind

by Jacob L. 
I am a prisoner of my mind

Locked and stowed away within my own conscience

Come nighttime,
I am farthest from my self

My brain drowns in thought

Enabling ill feelings and remorse to consume me

I toss and turn restlessly
Searching for comfort

Comfort I know I'll never be able to find.


by Jacob L.
Splatter me in century old sayings
From deceased artists I don't even know
Take a face first dive in your ink
Tat me up from my head to my toe

Brand me with a cross of dying Jesus
Bare markings of the Inca on my wrists
A blood thirsty sex-deprived contessa
A sunken ship inhabited by fish

Lasso me in bushels of ivy
Spool barbed wire down the shaft of my arms
A serenity prayer for my Daddy
An arrow through the heart for my Mom

Make me into your greatest project
My body is yours to create
Penetrate through the layers of my broadness
Look at me as your blank human slate


by Jacob L.
We dance in Crimson Red
Throwing up our hands wildly
Chanting our never ending song of defiance

Surrounded by mesmerizing pools of Silver
And infinite fields of iridescence 

We watch as Gold falls from the heavens in a thick milky stream
Colliding with the ground in harmony as it parts in different paths

The streams of rich color floods our thin statures
Puddling beneath our mangled feet

We continue our dance of freedom

Cobalt Blue combusts in the atmosphere
Coating the air with its bold, audacious beauty 
Explosions of its colors fill our youthful eyes

We chant louder
Power in our voices
Passion in our hearts

Claps of lightning cut through the purple skies
Leaving thick craters of stark black above our heads
Pearls of neon descend from upon us

Before our very eyes
We are endowed by its purity
Coated in its color
We bare all its beauty

Only to make up for the ugly in our souls.


by Jacob L.
Here's to the dreams we can no longer achieve
Here's to the life we're ready to leave

Here's to the pain
The suffering
And crying

Here's to the days where we feel like dying.

For if we stay here,
We're no better than dead

This life's a loaded gun,
Set and ready by your head

In the end it's up to us
To make our final move

Caught frozen in the moment 
Questioning what we have to lose

June 22, 2013

Lucid Dreamer

by Jacob L.
Spiral bound secrets
Words drenched in ink
Black and white mementos 
Washing over me while 

Eyes moving rapidly
On the hunt for inspiration
Painstakingly irritated
Overcome by exasperation

Doodles upon doodles
Eyes grow heavy, body unwinds
As I drip into my dreamland
You won't believe the things one finds

Miles of imagination
Past memories left behind
So I pick up my pen and paper 
And write whatever comes to mind

The Substance

by Jacob L.
 Do you think about me?

On those lonesome summer nights
Casting clouds of thick deception
Dreaming dreams inside your pipe

Do you think about me?

Knuckle deep inside your throat
Wishing one day you'd be skinny
Treating life as if it's a joke

Do you think about me?

When razors dance across your skin
Pools of red surround your body
Making up for all your sins

Do you think about me?

With a noose around your neck
Begging God for his forgiveness
Praying for courage so you can forget:

All the pain this life has caused you
All the loves that broke your heart
There's no silver lining in your story
There's just death to which you part

So do you think about me?

Much like the way I thought of you
Before the substance got a hold of us
Before it had its way with you?

Cloud 8

by Jacob L. 

One cloud short of victory 
And another sore taste of defeat 
I gotta do what it takes so I can win it now 
And have the courage to land on my feet 
I can't let the heights get the best of me 
I must progress before it's too late 
I've been treading skies for a while now 
In an attempt to escape from Cloud Eight

June 11, 2013

Journey to the Land of Rain

by Macka B.
She is a burden, who is pressing herself upon me,
Taking me to a place where all I can feel is pain.
Even though that is not her intention, that may be,
These feelings may still be felt in vain.
She has the lock; another man, the key,
Guarding the weapon to end my Agony
But perhaps the way this feeling can be slain, 
Is returning back to the Land of Rain.
For the Land of Rain has no ruler to haul off my glee,
Unlike my Land of Pain.
The land of rain is simply a hopeful plea,
To end a lonely reign.
Whereas my land of pain has one simple decree,
To transfer me to the Land of the Insanity.
I hope I will leave the Pain, 
And find my way,
It will then be again, 
A nice rainy day.

June 5, 2013


by Brianna

He's not like other boys but he's still special in a way. 
He knows every lyric to the Sponge Bob song,
But he doesn't know what 2+2 is. 
I pray every night that he won't have a stroke in his sleep. 
He's my little brother and my big brother at the same time. 
I hope that when I leave off to school that he won't forget about me. 
Till then I love you, big brother.

May 28, 2013

Sands of Time

by Victoria P.
Lost in the sands of time
Memories rushing throughout the
Cotton candy filled sky.

Why oh why does time have to go by?
Why did time have to tear us apart?

Once upon a time…
Life was so grand, now the light's faded
Into complete absence of color
Darkened into almost nothing.

Sands of time will send all aflame.
To stand against takes willpower.
Some have, some don’t.

Be the person who doesn’t follow
The sands, but commands it,
For willpower is our own.
No one can tell you what to do
With your own will.

The sands of time drift you away…
Always stay the same for when we meet
Once again.

Why Can't They See?

by E'lexis M.
Why can't they see
The person standing there
Feeling alone
Why can't they see 
The hurt in my eyes
Trying hard not to cry
Why can't they see
The person they hated
For no apparent reason
Why can't they see
The depression they put
Upon me...everyday
Why can't they feel
The way I feel
Why can't they be
Me for just one day
Why can't they see
The person
Who is me

Dance Queen Forever

by Kylee D.

I love to dance. 

All the dances. 
Jazz, tap, ballet, and hip-hop. 
It’s very fun to do! 
I get my 10 year award this year! 
I can’t wait. I’m so anxious! 
I’m also scared. I don’t know why.
It might be because of all the people
Who are going to be at competition. 

But I’ll do my best. 
Too many shoes, for each class! 
It's kinda hard to keep up with. 
But I’ve been doing this for 10 years,
It’s a piece of cake!


by Tyshera

I get treated fair

People say you get treated differently
So why do we say life isn't fair 
We can't always get what we want 
I had to learn that the hard way 
Kids are walking around with nice shoes 
First thing you hear:
That's not fair 
Well that's what people say 
Most people are born to say that 
Today, right now, we will make things fair 
Now when you see people with nice shoes,
Say that's nice 
Instead of that's not fair 
After you read this poem 
I want you to get something out of this 
And that's fair

A Piece of My Mind

by Tam
Like a flame it flickers,
My love, my laugh, my life.
Everyday it dwindles
which I'm forced to take in stride.

Lately nothing matters.
Lately I don't care.
Lately everyone seems,
As if they're never there.

But just the other night,
You pulled me out of here.
You pulled me out of misery,
And out of my despair.

You showed that I am loved.
You showed that someone cares.
You showed that I'm important,
That I'm not alone out there.

So if you are in pain,
Don't fear any sins.
Don't fear where you'll go.
Don't fear where you've been.

Just take my hand and smile,
Cause you would be here too.
Those are all the reasons,
That show how much I love you.

Air and Fire

by Stevie D. 

Many elements consume and disappear 
Only selected ones can pass through darkness and life 
Some can stay near 
They live as one, even if you pierce them with a knife 
A lot can run through as one 
For I am fire and you are air 
You enhance me 
People don't care 
But I can see 
Your breeze carries on my flame 
We can take each other to different worlds 
and forget the past 
Pass all others as though they were blind 
You are the one that makes me last 
What else is there to find 
When you are by my side 
Nothing can pass our fired dove 
Even if the world is wide 
No one can test our love  

Dedicated to Joshua L.

She Waits for Him

by Sabrina

She waits for him, like a dog waits for a master. 

She sits alone in her dark and empty room,
waiting to hear the thud of his footsteps. 

But she hears nothing. 
She wonders what she did wrong,
what she did to make him leave her. 

The room is dark, but the tears refuse to sleep. 
Only when he holds her do the nightmares cease,
and the beautiful dreams start. 

The dreams of her life with him. 
The most precious thing in her whole world
Has walked away from her. 

He tells her to move on, forget him. 
But still she waits in this room,
hoping, praying he comes back to her. 

But he stays away; he has left her. 
She can bear the silence no more,
because she is scared of the world beyond. 

A world without him doesn’t seem
like a world she could ever live in. 

But the blade against her skin is heavy. 
The blood spills and the room seems to grow brighter. 
The world after holds no pain, no sorrow. 
But without her in the world he cries a sad and lonely cry. 
He places a flower on the final resting place of his true love. 
He will not leave her this time. 
He sits by her headstone
and waits for the day he can meet her again. 

He doesn’t wait long. 
And they are reunited in the heavenly glow, together forever.

May 20, 2013

Angel of Darkness

by Morgan D.
Demons are said to only be pure evil beings,
In our lives to bring pain and suffering.
Although true for most,
There is one that is different from all the rest.
The light in all the dark,
Your Dark Angel.
A demon by nature,
Angel by heart.
There so your life isn't a complete mess,
Pulling you back when you feel lost.
He comes in many forms,
But will forever be there.
Your Angel of Darkness.

Peace in the Moonlight

by Morgan D. 

The light burns with the intent to kill, 
Murdering the true beauty of the night, 
Such things should never be done. 
The only peace found is when the moon hits the night sky. 
A wonderful sight to see 
As the shining moon is joined by brilliant stars, 
Nothing takes my breath away more. 
Truly peace is found with moonlight. 
Secrets are never revealed, 
The darkness keeps them safe. 
Misfortunes are washed away 
As the dark sky takes over the once blue scene.

May 19, 2013


by Anonymous
Standing in the lines,
It’s anything but divine.
Waiting to be released,
The puzzle is pieced.

When I get inside,
Police are standing to the side.
It’s so exciting,
People in the front are fighting.
It’s Hysteria.

I see him walk up the stage,
My heart jumps out of its rib cage.
My idol. Right in front of me,
Holding his guitar, it’s Matthew Bellamy.

Behind him, stands the rest of MUSE. 
The three look totally amused.
They take their places,
And I can see pride in their faces.
The crowd starts screaming.
It’s Hysteria.
They launch into the best song ever.
Time is Running Out.

Bury it.
I won’t let you bury it.
I won’t let you smother it.
I won’t let you murder it.

The song comes to a change of beat,
The crowd roaring like a beast.
The song’s name is Hysteria.

‘Cause I want it now,
I want it now.
Give me your heart and your soul.
I’m not breaking down,
I’m breaking out,
Last chance to lose control.

Hysteria is a MUSE concert,
With screaming crowds,
Crazy guitarists,
And intense drumming.

Hysteria is a MUSE concert,
With energy radiating from the speakers,
Vibrations coming from the stage,
And the attention captivated by one band.
It’s Hysteria.

May 18, 2013

The Real You

by Jenny
I met you the other day, 

It's still feels like a dream, 
Your words still linger in my mind. 
Your voice is my lullaby, 
I think about you everyday, 
Meeting you felt real, 
It was fate. 
But falling in love with you was unexpected. 
But it was destiny.

My Own World; My Only Desire

by Morgan D.

In the very center of my being, 

There is a special place I like to go. 
I go there when all seems lost, 
When no one wants to hear me, see me,
or deal with anything that I have become. 

My own little world, 
Forever only in my head,
never getting released to the public, 

Never to be ridiculed. 
I can be myself there and be alone with my thoughts, 
Oh how my thoughts seem twisted sometimes, 
This world devours me and takes me away 
from the pain, the hurt, the torment. 
My life may not seem bad on the outside, but that's just it, 
You're on the outside never to look in, 
Never to truly understand. 
In my world I can do what I will, 
I can cut the sorrow away, 
And flush away the pain with my drug of choice. 
Sounds like the perfect world, doesn't it?

My True Love

by Lizbet B.

I followed the moon and it brought me back to you 

I thought you only existed in fairytale books 
Your eyes shined in the moonlight, 
Your smile was so bright for a moment there 
I thought you were Mr. Right
I fell in love with your nice side,
But disliked your bad side,
So I tried our love and took a ride 
Now you're mine until I die