Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

October 21, 2013

Land of Lust

by CJ P.
With hinges rusted it swings open
The gate screeched and howled from decades of neglect 
Revealing within it the fields and forests
The forests reeked with the decaying of wood, of life
The fields adorn with a strange charm
Beckoning you to them.
With a crooked finger of uneasy certainty. 

Amidst the bones, 
your eye catches what you came for
The tall dead grass, brittle to the touch, 
Moves to to the side to let you pass
At last you have reached the mound of cracked earth
That housed your treasure.

Carefully ever so carefully your hand descended
At last you lose what little patience you had left, 
eager to stake your claim
Wearing the wicked grin like a mask that is now part of you
The same grin that the gates opened for
With hands clenched tightly in a fist
Around the golden stem pulsating with life, you pulled.
You pulled on that lonely idol but it would not budge 
No amount of cursing or brute force 
Could remove this lone beauty 
From the desolate field of decay.
The petals could not be  disheveled,
roots uprooted, stem disturbed, life destroyed

But you would not give up
Your subconscious code overwritten by savagery.
An innocent child turned monster.
By the time you realised your mistake it was too late
The same noise that greeted your arrival 
has also sealed your fate
It was the squealing of a pig at slaughter 
It was the gate

The gate from which you came, 
heading back to the life you left behind
The gate closes, never to be reopened
You now know what is to come of your mislead life
You raise your hand to the grey sky 
One last time in a silent salute
With the dry dead air 
stealing the life from inside you, you collapsed
You have at last arrived in your rightful place
Among the bones

October 17, 2013


by Broken Hearted

I'm crying on the inside,
Where no one can hear me.
Hoping for that brighter day to come.
Trying not to show any of my emotions.
Trying day by day to keep the smile
That will not last long upon my face,
To keep me from crying.
People hurting me from left to right.
But I can only trust one person.
Who actually cares and understands my pain.

Who Knows

by Jessi M.

And for the life of me
I don’t know what’s worse,
not having you
or knowing I never will.
Somehow I’ve got to get you
out of my head,
out of my heart.
when you left,
you took a chunk of me with you.
I stop to think for a bit
How did it come to this?
How could I let it get this far?
And now I’m left with faded memories
telling a story my lips will never speak.

Masquerade with Death

by Jenny
Here's to the night,
That we'll be dancing in the lights.
Our destiny is written in the stars.

Here's to the nights. 
I will be dancing with death.
Here's to the night,
I will meet the man who wore a mask.

October 16, 2013

Life Is Short

by Tammy I.
She sees life differently than you 
She knows how short it can be
You haven't seen what she's gone through
Sometimes she wishes you could see

You take one look at her
Never know her story
At the moment everything is a blur
She can't find herself.

All she really knows
Life is short
If only time would have froze
She he'd have some support.

No one knows her well
Very few understand her
Sometimes feeling like she's in a dark cell
She might as well go through hell

She sees life differently 
She understands it's short
Her intent is to treat it gently 
So she lives like there's no tomorrow.

Wings of War

by Sophie A.
The demons pierce my mind, 
And take me to their nightmare 
On wings of war they fly 
They came for me to die 

The angels have fought hard 
To save me from this hell
But who will win this battle? 
I can never tell

If I should die while fighting  
Know this for your sake 
My death was not your fault 
It was never your mistake.

Oh, Sleep

by Anonymous

Oh, lovely quiet Night.
Oh, lovely loud Night.
How you and I fight.

I cannot be without thee, see,
without you I have no sanctuary.
No where to hide, a place to no longer hide.
I trust you and no one else.

If I am up to say goodbye to you one more time, I may break.

Oh, Insomnia.
Oh, lovely Insomnia.
Oh, cursed Insomnia.
Has one complimented you before?

Congratulations. You’ve got me,
my body, my heart, my soul, my mind.
I’m losing my mind to you.

Oh, Sleep, oh, Sleep.
Why am I without Sleep so often?
I swear I love Sleep with all my heart.

And yet I cannot leave Insomnia,
I cannot leave Night for a second more than I do,
and I am separated from my love.

Oh, Love. Do I have you?
I once believed Love was what was closest to you.
Family, friends, God.

But if that was true,

then why the hell am I never asleep?

October 7, 2013

My Mask

by Jenny
Going through the crowd,
Trying to stand tall and proud.
I moved through a decade.
No one suspects my facade.

Feelings trapped in,
Scarring my skin.
Ripping my heart out wide.
Broken and wishing for someone to be by my side.

This charade i acted upon.
This is my Mask i put on.

October 2, 2013

Bringing the Rain

by Leah V.
I wait for the day
to quickly come 'round
I wait for the day
to hear the sound.

The sound of affection
Coming from your voice
It is never required
It is done by choice.

I was never enough
to make you proud.
At least, you never told me aloud.

Always disappointed
Always ashamed
It was never you;
My father, you blamed.

Of course, lest I forget,
it was my fault as well.
I could not stay
in your little shell.

I broke out the casing,
broke out of the mold,
my temperature changed,
yet you stayed cold.

When I left, I was free.
Free from the hurt,
free from the pain,
of being treated as dirt.

So many issues,
so many times
We cried and I was forced
to scribe in my rhymes.

All were tense,
all were stressed,
nothing in life
seemed to be blessed.

I left and I see
I see the change,
I see how you act,
and I think it strange.

So many friends
you never had before
So many shells 
washed on the shore.

Closer together
you all became
It is now the sun;
I was the rain.

You never think to call,
not a simple "Hello"
I see, in your rank,
I am well past below.

I keep that in mind,
when I start to miss,
when I start to remember, 
I remember this.

I am sorry for the trouble,
I am sorry for the pain,
I meant no downer
Or to bring the rain.

While your days are sunny,
mine are clear.
I think of this when 
to you I'd like to be near.