Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

April 29, 2013


by Shana D. 
Open your eyes to the reality in your face. 
Stop moving, take everything at a steady pace. 
Confused between emotions and what's real 
Ignoring our mind, not paying attention to the ways we feel

Reality vs. real, it's a battle that we never win 
Never paying attention to the differences between now and then
Fighting to remain calm through the ups and downs 
All the plentiful  hours of countless frowns 

As the earth rotates round and around 
We have to learn to pick ourselves up when we're down 
The world and its opportunities waits for no one 
Keep fighting and pushing till there is no more of the race to run

All the things we want in life come with a simple price.
Sleeping and creating dreams is nice 
But a dream is just a dream without the proper care. 
Taking a dream to a reality is extremely rare. 

It's determination and will-power that gets it done.
The road to success is not paved with fun. 
Getting up and grinding each and everyday.
Working hard, not playing the childish games people play. 

Follow directions. Pay attention and do you. 
Don't let anyone tell you what you believe isn't true 
Success is in your reach; stick your arm out a grab it 
And always remember that your success is your perfect fit 
It works for you and only you


by Emmy B.

his lips are soft when he kisses me;
his hand is warm when he traces my lips,
but cold other wise;
he smells so sweet and he is, he is;
and i love him like the stars in the sky
and i know he loves me, too,
like the bees in a hive filled with honey

April 25, 2013

Fly Away Little Angel

by Molly O.
Fly away little angel
fly far away from sight 
so no-more will you see the brutal deaths
or thieves who steal the night
Fly away little angel
and put the sun to rest
pull out the stars who weep with sorrow
that cover the sky's North to West
Fly away little angel
and sing with the frozen moon
and then may each lyric reveal your icy doom
Fly away little angel
and don't look back on life
don't look at your scared wrists to see
you escaped with a bloody knife

That Special Someone

by Emmy B.
That Special Some One knows the ugly in you,
They know that the truth will hurt,
They know that when people walk by you,
You lock all doors to your soul and heart tightly shut,
But they care about you ever more, ever more, ever more,
Till the end of your days,
They love and care about you more than anyone.

April 24, 2013

Forbidden Love

You love him, 
He loves you, 
But his parents don't know you, 
And yours don't know him. 
My forbidden love is hard to keep. 
But he's my Forbidden Love.