Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

December 15, 2007


by Anonymous

We all seemed to like you.
But not for what you are or what you've become,
but the person I thought you were.
And the person you should be right now.
And thats the reason...
Thats the reason I said no.
Now no one cares
and no one wants you for anything.
Because you say sorry without reason
or being truthful about it.
Because you make fun of people
to make yourself feel better
and to hide the fact that you can't stand
people not liking you anymore
and not wanting to be near you.
And now, self pity...
But it doesn't work.
Still no one cares.
Because they know who you are...
They know the real YOU!

Silent Tears

by Anonymous

alone in my room of solitude, watching as a candle flickers,
illuminating my small, dark corner of loneliness.
thinking my day over, how selfish i had been.
glittering tears begin to trickle down my face, as i lay awake.
it's hard to love, when you don't have a heart.
so strange to want when you don't have a need.
the candle's flame is dimming, it's wax is melting into tears.
"stay alive" i tell the candle, but it feels like i'm talking to myself.
"how can i live?" cries the candle, "when i have no need?"
the flame dies out and i am left with nothing
but these silent tears trickling down my face.


by Raven Sky

When we were young,
We never questioned reality.
When we were young,
We just believed in the world.

When we were young,
We never noticed the stares
Of those who'd lost their vision.
We played without a care,
Oblivious to their confusion.

When I was young,
I never noticed the way they looked,
The way they longed for my innocence.
Yet they tried every trick in the book,
To save me my grievance.

When we were young,
We did not see the beauty,
The smiles, The laughs.
Life without Duty,
Life without Social Class.

When I was young,
Things were different,
Now I watch and long,
Wish I was that innocent,
Wish I lived in a world with no wrong.

When we were young,
We wished we were old,
For age we often sung.
Now we know the world is cold,
Now we wish we were young.

We are not young,
We always question reality.
We are not young,
We can't believe in the world.


by Megan

sit and sit as days go by
not a care in the world
she just sits and stares up at the sky
many people wonder about this girl
why is she so beautiful but so sad
she's a pretty picture in a frame
the clocks sink faster into the sand
time is fading her looks no longer tame
she had her chance but didn't take it
a new time a new girl
but she will not sit and sit
no clam can contain this pearl
she has dreams to achieve
things to do, people to see
all she had to do was believe
now that beautiful WOMAN is where she wants to be.

Beauty of Death

by Anonymous

Death of beauty is when love bows down to hate,
Then we must all be prepared to make haste.
Bring to life the shadows underneath it all,
Reveal your heart, show them you care, walk the hall.
Where memories portrayed as pictures cause pain.
Some can’t do it, the agony and nostalgia makes them insane.
Fall in love, but caution is necessary in this cruel race.
You must keep running, blind to what you chase.
Cause for celebration is when perfection is reached.
Only then can a perfect reality be breached.
A glowing girl, she’s the key to all,
Understand why she’s beautiful and you won’t fall.
Her soul is the key to the heart of black,
Fake it, all is lost, gorgeous inside, makes beauty not lacked.
Picture of heaven, wings hidden in the smile,
All she loves is everything, holds burdens of liars.
Pushed further down by secrets, now just a memory,
But, my best friend, will always be a part of me.
Although she left us here all alone with no one else,
We die and are born alone, that’s the beauty in beauty itself.
The beauty of death is not in past,
She was ambushed, she was hurt, she couldn’t last.
Pain causes beauty to whither away,
She ran away and was taken before the next day.
She fell in love; beauty fell in love,
She fell in love with flaws
and for that now perfection's above


by Anonymous

We’re falling back in rhythm to comfortable love,
Maybe we’ll find a place in this world, and above.
Desperate thoughts pierce thickening air from each breath we took,
First touch was a miracle, it was love at the first look.
We tried to succeed, but misery was the winner,
The days turned dreary, happiness thinner.
Forgetting was a mere though, impossible at first,
For you keep drifting back to me, like an incurable thirst.
Seeping through shadows and disguising as pain,
Love for the boy who broke my heart almost drove me insane.
Foolish is chance, was empty-handed as luck,
They say you don’t get another try, so you stay closed, like buds.
Blooming looms far in the future, only time will tell,
If we’ll try again, or if we’re doomed for hell.


by Anonymous

Light touch, developed in soul, mind is forgotten,
Memories fade, the heart turns black and rotten
Overwhelming colors and figures loom in the distance,
Forgetting all hope inside, consumed by the missing.
Echoing through heaven and hell, this song never ends
Words will cause pain, but actions call for amends.
Consumed in the feel of the moment itself,
Time comes to a halt, captured by the way life was dealt
Memory fades, just like the boy, and all that we love.
One day means every thing,
we never know when we’ll go below or above.
She slips on the fear and swallowed by fright.
Consumed by the sorrows and darkness of night.
Calling to her, the shadows of life taunt.
Every night they are just a haunt.
Breeze blows, calling me in, trying to win.
Whispering in my ear telling me lies about him.
Try to run, the threat that was told,
She cried out her soul, she turned ice cold.
Her eyes closed and then they came,
Standing on the sidelines, it drove him insane
Now every things hectic and all must end
Souls are fleeing, war is around the bend.


by Shakiera

you were my angel and my rock
i thought your love would never stop
you were my light at the end of the tunnel
now it's caved in like a funnel
i miss you because you are me
i miss the times i used to see
to see you smile again
to feel your warm embrace
i miss the feel of you touching my face

What Friends Are

by Kenn

Friends are the all knowing ones
Friends are the understanding ones
Friends will be at your side no matter what
Friends are the kind and generous ones
Friends help each other out in their times of need
Friends are happy for each other
Friends are right there when you just need to cry
Friends are the ones
who help you out a bad relationship
Friends are the ones
who are always happy to see you
Friends are the first ones
to hug you after you come off a plane
Friends are the ones
who will take you to a dance if you don’t get asked.
Friends are the ones
who don’t judge you for what you look like
Friends are the ones
that care mostly about you, not how popular you are.
Friends will stand up to you
if it is for your own good.
Friends will stand up to the bullies
that hurt you in both physically and mentally.
Friends don’t use you to get more friends.
Everyone loves there friends
Friends love you back.
Don’t forget, you are there friend too.
So, love them and care for each other

December 3, 2007

That's Okay

by Allison

even if you stop,
the world turns anyway...
even if you're out of breath,
the world is still in motion...
even if you love someone,
they could always turn away from you...
even if you try you're hardest,
it never gets to become your best...

it's alright try anyway,
if you do, you'll do better than the rest
it's okay to love them with your whole heart,
if you do, they'll love you, too
it's okay if you have to stop awhile,
it couldn't be worth so much commotion
it's okay if the world can still turn, but you can't,
you'll catch up someday

Dark Object Following Me

by Hookz

i hear my heart beat,
as i walk the street.
i hear footsteps
as if somone is following me.
i see only a shadow against the wall.
i see that it (the shadow) is tall.
i feel that it is closer indeed.
as my hearts starts to beat faster,
as i pick up my speed.
i hear heavy breathing
as if it's closer than it seems.
i know it is following me.
i hide behind the wall,
as i panic in fear.
as then the shadow,
starts to disappear.
it turns the corner,
as i look to see...
the dark shadow is me!

Nature Is My Friend

by Kenn

Nature is my comforter
I often run to her
She listens to my cries
And wipes the tears from my eyes
We talk and walk together
And I listen to her
She has many things to say
About the things that happened in her heyday
We are friends throughout the seasons
And we will never grow apart for many reasons
We will always be together
Forever and ever

Can't Keep Us Apart

by Rodnesha

we broke up
it was hard for me
i called you a lot of names
and you did the same to me
but now we're back
never to part once more
our love is so true
it shouldn't be wrong
me and you, we go together
like red and blue
i will always love you

December 2, 2007


by Heather

You rocked me to sleep,
So many secrets you could always keep,
There was never a minute in a day,
You weren’t there for me,
You always believed
I could be whatever I wanted to be,
There’s so many memories that we’ve shared,
I wish I could have showed you more
how I truly I cared,
You never once ever let me down,
Whenever I needed you, you were always around,
You were not just a mom to me,
but also a mom to everyone,
You were not just special to me, but to everyone,
The love and the memories I have for you
will never be done,
You cooked me dinner and made me lunch,
Things you've done for me, there was a bunch,
I lost more than just a parent,
I lost my life, my heart, my mom and a best friend,
You were all of them and even more,
When I think of you and us,
it makes me want you here with me more and more,
Even though the tears still come and never stop,
I know I can thank you
for being the best mom you could have ever been,
But most of all, I can thank you
for making me the person I am today

A mom I now have to live without,
but I will never forget her
For she was my mom…

December 1, 2007


by Anonymous

Unforgotten past
Casting shadow on soul
Don’t think
Try not to feel
Numbness takes over

Blanket of darkness
Familiar faces fade
Panicking heart races
Identity misplaced

Conversation fills room
Head pounds searching for answers
Matching blue gowns
Cold food on plate
Get me out

Hard table
Touch of a hand
Scratching of a pen on paper
Bright light pierces eyes

Days grow longer
Track of time lost
Broken people surround me
Hate. Lies. torture.
This can't be happening

Can’t let this define me
Keep it a secret
Don’t let anyone in
Bottled up inside
Ready to burst

Salty tears on my lips
Everyone leaves
Stay with me here
Understand me
Make me forget.


by Jacquelynn

Difference isn't a reason to harass someone
Lust isn't a reason to leave someone
Jealousy isnt a reason to kill someone
Hope isnt a reason to quit

Who Are We

by Meagan

Who are we, who are we, do we really know
Are we stuck in the future, the past, the unknown?
We are all different, none are the same,
But we all have one question in mind:
Who are we?

Everyone has ideas, everyone has a future
But lots don’t know a clue
about them or their career,
So why bother giving up
because you don’t know what to do,
Keep trying to succeed,
if you keep on trying,
then you will find who you are.

So who are we?
Well we are people with futures,
We are people with dreams
We just have to follow our hearts
to help create who we are.

Insects of the World

by Meagan

The sun rises as my heart goes down,
while I wait for it to turn around
and fly like a beautiful butterfly,
fluttering by, like my heart wants to be,
just waiting inside of me.
When the day starts, so do I,
over and over I go,
never am I always the same,
that would be boring,
so every day be different,
don’t change yourself,
just be different,
it will never be hard.

When I start every day,
one door closes and another opens,
but my eyes see clearer than I ever need,
no matter if I have glasses,
life will just get clearer in my eyes
as the days go on, as the world moves.

Every child is a bumblebee
just coming into the world,
no matter how old,
kids are just seeing the world now,
and they may be 17, but they see.
These bumblebees are opening up and starting fresh,
making the honey for the world
and the next generation to come,
it will be perfect,
that is why we are making it.

We are the insects of the world,
flying by and crawling our way up to the top,
just one step at a time,
from one kid to another,
and from adults to adults,
it will and can be done.
Pesky tics are what we can be,
to the world that we live in,
what we do is a pain compared to the tics
that bother the dogs and cats,
that is just what we are.
What can the pollution be like to the world,
I know tics, just filthy things
that eat tough and bother skin,
gases pull on the atmosphere and melt ice,
and ruin the oxygen that we need to live,
so let's quit being those filthy pests.
If ladybugs can start out being shy creatures
and turn into beautiful flying creations,
then why can’t we,
we have all the time in the world that we need.

We are the insects of the world,
everyone and everything creates them, well us,
if we just watch to see how amazing they are,
then we can realize how alike we are,
and how different we are,
we need to be a reflection
of some of the most beautiful,
and interesting creatures God has made.
They have their positives and negatives,
and so do we,
they change their bad things to good,
so why can’t we,
just because we make a mistake
doesn’t mean we can’t erase it from our minds,
and the world today.
That’s why we are a reflection
of the insects of the world.


by April

Try to move.
Arms feel glued.
Can't let go.
Only you know.
Who am I.
Can't let this die.
Love me more.
Than anyone before.
Forget me not.
I'm not who you thought.
Pale blue eyes.
They hold such beautiful lies.
Pulling me in.
My head spins.
Love me still.
And I promise I will.
Never let go.
Time moving so slow.
Hold me tight.
Against my might.
Try to move.
My heart's still glued.


by Anonymous

We breathe,
Just so the world breathes
We dream,
Just so the world dreams
We grow,
Just so the world knows,
We’re alive.

I'm Glad I Got You

by Rodnesha

Happy or sad, thick or thin
I know you, my true friend
I'm glad I got you
You've been with me
For some time now
People call us twins
And when people talk smack
I know you got my back.
I'm glad I got you,
You're more than my friend
You're my lover, my buddy,
My ride or die dude.
But first and foremost, you're my BOO.
I'm glad I got you.
Never ending love I have for you
And I know you have it for me always, too

True Friends

by Rodnesha

true friends never go away
they stay til the end.
even when you turn them away,
they never stop coming back
they would go to the ends of the earth,
then come back
they would do a silly dance
just to make you smile
you can cry all day and all night
and they stay with you
til you cant cry anymore
and when you feel like you want to die,
they make you want to live
true friends cry for you,
die, put their life on the line,
they're always there

Just Because

by Christina

Just Because I'm shy
Doesn't mean I have no one
Just because I'm quiet
Doesn't mean I have nothing to say
Just because I had a brutal past
Doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt
Just because I care
Doesn't give you the right
to take advantage of me
Just because I'm young
It doesn't make me dumb
Just because I'm bipolar
Doesn't mean it defines me
Just because I'm a girl
That doesn't make me weak
Just because I'm dependent
Doesn't mean I can't
make it on my own


by Ashley

I never laughed, smiled,
held my head high.
I stared into the windows
of someone who is desolate,
sulked in one's self pity.
Who is Ashley?
What am I doing here?
I desire for someone's love
to mingle with mine.
What is love?
Is there a such thing as 'in love'?
What is love if we're not able to feel love?
I've seen you weather the storms of your life.
I live a bitter life,
like the rind of an orange,
without the zing of happiness
that life has to offer.


by Rodnesha

you told me you loved me
but that was all a lie
why did you do that
you made me cry
you broke my heart
but now it's time
for me to break yours
all those times i told you i was busy
i was really out with other guys
i never even liked you
that was all a lie
i hope i make you cry
and FYI, if you're reading this
it means we're over, goodbye

September 11, 2007


by Deisy

Time, what is it??
Many people don't know
And many people take it for granted
We should all appreciate the time we have
Because we don't know how long life could last

We spend so many hours on unvaluable things
Instead of spending them with those in need
Time is something we cannot retract
So we should take any chance to interact

Time is something that we wish we had more of
Sadly, this cannot be
That is why we should use our time wisely
Time is something that goes so fast
So do the right thing and try to make it last

As time goes by so do our lives
We might regret things
that we have done in the past
And we might want to go back
But this is why we should all
take our time and use it wisely
Because time is a blast,
So make it last.

Leave It All Behind

by Melanie

The truth,
The lies,
Leave it all behind,
Do not be sad,
And do not cry.
Just remember,
We were fine.
She was your friend,
She was your mate,
But remember,
Your certain fate.
You didn’t know the truth,
You didn’t know the lies,
But one thing you really know,
Is you left it all behind.
The lies you saw,
You thought were truth,
Hurt you more,
Than you ever could.
No cut could ever make you cry,
More than she had made you weep,
And no death of your dog,
Could ever make you kill yourself.
I had never meant to make you think,
That leaving it behind,
Was leaving everything behind,
You shouldn’t have done this to yourself,
So now I stand here by myself.
I feel so guilty,
I feel so cruel,
I should have just said for you to move.
But one that stays in mind,
Was you left it all behind.


by Stargirl

Dreams finally realised,
can’t believe it’s happening to me,
just want to get out there,
for everyone to see
Adrenalin rush as I take to the stage,
feel finally free,
broken out of my cage
No stopping me now,
I’m where I belong,
under the spotlight,
even if only for one song
Confidence rising higher and higher,
twirling out of control,
this is my desire
I stumble and fall,
wanting no one to see,
or shine like the star,
that is inside of me
Now it's coming to an end,
with the ever nearing,
ending curtsey
Glorious applause
as I take my final pose,
everything good has to end,
that’s just how its goes!

September 1, 2007


by Bri

When blossoms bloomed,
I thought you assumed,
That spring was here, instead of fear.


by MMM

Tears fall from my eyes
You'll never know
You’ll never know---
How I feel
Deep inside
The pain and hurt
It caused all of us
Draped in black I cry
For the baby that had no chance of life
She was taken from us before we even saw
We even saw--- her
You’ll never know
You’ll never know
First time parents won't ever have the chance
To know her…
We all cry
For the baby that had no chance
It couldn’t be helped at all
I guess god had a different plan
But still we cry draped in black
Tears of pain and anguish.


by Jacquelynn

into this age of darkness
into this time of fear
we hide from those who haunt us
betray anyone who gets near

from an age of beauty
from a time of peace
the memories whirl around us
but offer no release

the past, it fights the future
killing the present in their wake
we cannot cry in the midst of torture
life is all one big mistake

Hope is what keeps us living
where it came from, no one knows
but in the darkness it keeps shining
and we follow where it goes

Faith, it gives us Courage
to fight for what we seek
but Ignorance is a cage
and we kill the meek

Suicide and Depression
rule our minds but not our hearts
and we must learn the lesson
that we are not alone in the dark

we must find our missing pieces
that shattered near and far
some lay in the creases
of a drowned and fallen star

some are in the forest
where sunlight cannot creep
but there are nymphs and fairies
to help us find what we seek

some fall in the desert
where water is rare
that's where we find the treasure
of friends who really care

some lay on the ocean floor
where air can never be
be brave and walk through that door
because then the blind can see

some float up above you
where birds and angels fly
and when you find those pieces
you'll carry a piece of the sky

the last pieces you must find
are in the soul of another
together, body, heart, and mind,
forever, loving each other

so in your travels of pain and death
keep going, don't give up
you'll find that through the night
Hope is always enough

Love's Never Real

by Anonymous

Trying so hard to hide.
Every tear of mine.
Faking a smile,
holding a grin,
but inside I want to cry.
I'm sick and tired of getting hurt.
Each and every time.
I wish that I could try
to find something truly mine.
There's always going to be someone there
always to make me cry.
Why oh why can't they be nice?
It's been me that's always tried.
My heart's been shattered, torn to bits.
Locked in a safe.
Just so that you won't be able
to cause me anymore more pain.
I guess it's true that a girl like me
will never play the part.
Of a fairytale princess with a true love.
And a prince with a true heart.

Rhythm & Blues

by Hannah

Flowing, pulsing, moving
The sea dances up to the shore
Stays for a soft moment
Then sadly falls away

Flowing, pulsing, moving
I tiptoe with silent feet
To the ancient shoreline
And follow the waves into the horizon

Flowing, pulsing, moving
I feel the earth's massive heartbeat
Adjust to my tiny rhythm
They beat as one

Flowing, pulsing, moving
As the earth sleeps
I shed a tear as I slip away
Silent through the night

Sparrow Haiku

by Hannah

Come, little sparrow
Put away your sorrows and
Play with me a while

August 31, 2007

Note from the site owner:

Everyday, Snow City Arts in Chicago, IL teaches hospitalized children the art of creative writing, music, painting, photography, and filmmaking. The following five pieces are by some of these kids and teens. I hope you will enjoy them and that they'll give you some ideas about new ways to express yourself. If you have some positive comments about these poems, post them here or on the message board. To find out more about the programs Snow City Arts Foundation offers and the children it serves, visit http://www.snowcityarts.com/.

In addition, I hope you will read the many other wonderful poems that teens have submitted to this blog!

Zen Poem

by Chad
Snow City Arts

is asking?
The statue.

The wave
and the sea are one.
They’re the same.

Gaze at the stars,
but walk on the earth,
Looking at the stars at night.

A mind is only absolutely pure
when it is above purity and impurity,
When your mind is pure, like good soul.

The seeds of the past
are the fruits of the future,
like old people will teach the new people.

Water is the one essence, but drunk by a cow it
becomes milk, drunk by a snake it becomes poison.
Cows aren’t good and snakes aren’t bad.

What I Said

by Jameka
Snow City Arts

Robin—that’s my
cousin’s name.

She makes me smile
and laugh, and she’s goofy.

He’s talking about
the seasons—fall, winter,
stuff like that.

my birthday’s
in August.

I don’t like hummingbirds.
They hum too much.

I like to hum
Gospel music.

We have
a cricket
in our house.
They crick
too much.

I know one boy, he picked up
a bumblebee, the bee stung him,
he got all kinds of bumps.
I said, “You got bumblebee
bumps. Don’t touch me.”

I love fishes but
I do not eat them.

I had a scavenger
fish once.

I will not eat a fish
if you put it
toward my face.

If you make me
eat a fish,
I eat it.

But yesterday
my granny
made me eat a fish.

And it was terrible. How can you
all give a patient a fish nobody
wants to eat? It was nasty.

A dolphin, when it comes out of the water, it’s so cute.


by Carl
Snow City Arts

Indian Cuisine

by Lynn
Snow City Arts

potatO, egg roll skin,

chIle, basmati rice,
from the State of Kerala in India,
debone the fisH on your plate, from

the village oF Adur,
coriandeR leaf,

Chick Peas, onions,
sAlt with
chicken cuRry
And fish fry,

Samosas = Small pastry turnovers of Indian origin
Paratha = A flaky East Indian bread

I Am Hip Hop

by Keith
Snow City Arts

I am hip hop. I make people feel good about themselves.

I am hip hop. I reflect the street—the rims, the dubs, the jewelry, the slang, the way people dress, how the people party with their loud music till 3-4 in the morning, all the people jukin’.

I am hip hop. I am a trendsetter. I am a record breaker.

I am hip hop. I have made many people rich and famous. I help black people go from low status to high status—like Black people in sports & acting.

I am hip hop—rap & R&B, Soul, & all that jazz. I am a way of life, a whole lot of music.

I am hop hop, like Missy Elliott’s "One Minute Man," produced by Timberlake, that captures a sexual relationship. In the lyric she raps about wanting more than one minute to be satisfied "Break me off / Show me what you got / ‘Cause I don’t want no one minute man."

I am hip hop. DJs scratch my records to get the right sound in a club. You can still hear the sound of the song on a record when you’re scratchin’, but it’s a new sound.

I am hip hop. I am not always negative. I have positive outcomes. I can teach people about ways of life. I can tell you about what people go through, politics. I don’t always talk about rims & cars & girls. I tell stories about life.

I am hip hop. My future—hip hop is here to stay for many generations. Hip hop is not dead. It just changes up as it goes ahead.

I am hip hop. I work through recording studios, where artists could do ten songs a day and where they chill out in there. They have fun & do what they love to do in the studio. They might kick back & smoke & drink in the studio.

I am hip hop, like the Southern style—like Little Scrappy, Ying Yang Twins, Little Wayne. Producer Collie Park from Atlanta does hype music, where people get their jerky head, arm, & leg movements, wild & out dance moves. Like Ying Yang Twins’ "Wait (The Whisper Song)" "Hey how you doin lil mama? Let me whisper in your ear, / Tell you sumthing that you want to hear."

I am hip hop, like the West Coast style—Tupac, Ice Cube, Ice-T, NWA. E-40 made up hyphy, where he made up his own language, like "crackalackin’," "scrape" (ghost ride), "go stupid" (go crazy, do whatever you wan t to the music.

I am hip hop. Jazz, the Blues, R&B, and Gospel started it all. I am a major part of Black history. of Black history.

August 18, 2007

I Long For You, My Love

by Jacquelynn

The words I long to tell you

Escape me every time

I can't find the perfect way

To say how much I need you

My body longs to feel yours

My feet to walk beside you

My lips to kiss yours

My heart to hear yours beating

My tears fall for you

Because your life hasn't been the best

But I've seen how strong you are

And I know that you will make it out

Even if you stop loving me

Later on down the road

I am forever yours,

My heart and my soul.

So hurry to me, my love

I long to feel your presence

I long to know youre there

And kiss your handsome face.


by Jacquelynn

i hate it when you scream,

even when its not at me.

i hate it when youre drunk,

cuz then you cannot see,

what you do to everyone,

how you ruin my life,

how i hide from you

how i carry all this strife

how i sometimes hate you

how i cry cause im afraid of you

how i cant take this anymore

im sorry but we are through

im walkin out that door

and sayin goodbye to you

My Dream

by Jacquelynn

i cant begin to describe this feeling

this longing to be with you

to wake up beside your smooth lips

and kiss you good morning

and be the first thing that you see

be the one person you cant live without

i cant stifle this longing

to hold your hand as we walk together

step by step, heartbeat to heartbeat,

my love for you is bursting

i cant bury my desire

to dance with you all night

even if there is no music playing

i cant rid myself of the thought of you

longing, wanting, seeing, and loving only me

am i a fool?

August 14, 2007


by Jacquelynn

my fingers skim the water

rippling my fate

touching echoes of the ones before

who died in this same state

im floating in this liquid

im breathing in the death

i cannot whisper a goodbye

to the ones that i have left

i feel my lungs aching

wanted air they cannot have

i feel my heart beat shaking

i feel deaths stab

i see the underwater world

so beautiful and deadly

i close my eyes and release myself

letting death surround me

i suddenly feel everything stop...

and i become an echo

just like the ones before me


by Jacquelynn

with a quaking heart and trembling hands

i considered my choices in my head

looking out across barren land

i realized that id rather be dead

than let you do what you want to me

than let you crumble my pride away

i try to find meaning in this insanity

im trying to survive another day

you have latched on like a tremendous fear

you cannot treat me like a broken dog

ive closed my eyes, i will not hear

you say that im trapped in your fog

you cannot hold me anymore

actin like youre the only one that will care

im walkin out your horrid door

and im not sorry, depression, to leave you there

August 13, 2007

Sea of Sadness

by Anonymous

I'm lost in this sea of sadness,
thrown into its icy depths
filled with confusion and madness.
With no life preserver, raft or boat,
I try to keep my head up and stay afloat,
But it's no use
My head plunges under and my feet come loose
The icy cold water rushes in,
and my head begins to spin.
I'm lost, I can't find my way
Will I ever get out
or will I be forced to stay
Lost here in this sea of madness
Lost here in this sea of sadness


by Rina

by it's been a long time since we last spoke
what happened to long nights of jokes
we used to be so so together
but now it seems like its been forever

we met so long ago but i still remember
it was in the school yard in mid september
you walked right to me and i heard you say
I'll be your best friend just promise to stay

tears of laughter were all we'd ever shed
you were always there for me when I felt dead
but so many days now gone by fast
this silence seems to last and last

and we met so long ago but i still remember
it was in the school yard in mid september
you walked right to me and i heard you say
I'll be your best friend just promse to stay

I'm still here my friend but where have you gone
please forgive me I know i've done wrong
give me a chance now come on give me a chance
if i fail then let this be our farewell dance

and let me tell you now I still remember
it was in the school yard in mid september
you walked right to me and i heard you say
I'll be your best friend just promse to stay

and let me tell you that im still here
(faded voice) I always will be here
so just hold on tight I'll be right here


by Jacquelynn

dancing in the rain

feeling it pour down

ignoring the pain

forgetting the frown

the blast of thunder

hits me to the core

lightning makes me wonder

if ill feel anymore

my feet are bleeding

from dancing on this glass

but ill keep on dancing

until these feelings pass

August 11, 2007


by Teri

You were there when I struggled,
And you still are today,
You helped me back then,
And youll do it again,
You smile a bunch,
And you like to give hugs,
And though I dont like it,
I dont mind it too much,
I know that you love me,
And I want to tell you,
That yes, mom,
I love you too.

I know I dont say it,
Not often enough,
For you it is easy,
But for me it is tough,
I hate to be sappy,
Id rather have fun,
Im bad at expressing,
Just how I feel,
But I want you to know,
That I am trying,
For real,
So I will tell you,
And it's true,
Yes Mommy,
I love you too.

I know I get angry,
I am sensitive like that,
I know that we fight,
And I can be a brat,
And although I get mad,
I get over it soon,
And I know you do too,
So I guess I am saying,
Thank you.

Sometimes you punish me,
But hey thats alright,
I just might deserve it,
Well I know I more than might,
And Im mad for awhile,
Sure that is true,
But I never,
Stop loving you.

I know that sometimes,
I keep you up at night,
I make you worry,
And I hate that,
And I hate when you cry,
Because that isnt right,
But you always forgive me,
For the stupid things I do,
Even when it is affecting you,
And that proves you love me,
And this part is true,
I love you too.

August 3, 2007

Hello My Friend

by Rina

I tried to find the key to happiness,
but I lost it in my pocket.
I thought you were my friend,
not this lonesome picture in a locket.

Within this temple our foundation crumbles,
Our friendships become like a volcano begining to rumble.
An unspeakable feeling engulfs my core,
thoughts of you create havoc and war.

Were both having problems we said we'd always share,
but my friend hello hello are you even there??
Tongue tied and twisted unable to say,
I miss you my friend are you coming back today??

Ten years we've been friends and I'm not ready to give in,
It's time to redevelop our friendship to let it begin.
You are my best friend and I'm bound by a promise I plan to keep,
Friends to the end we both said and I wont let that be put to sleep.

So let me say hello my friend I am here,
are you ready for me to help with your dismay and fear.
I love you so much I wanted to let you know
But through writing was the only way I could let it show.

August 2, 2007

Be Yourself Being You

by Rina

Confusion sweeping through me,
Looking so closely
Yerning just to see,
The person you try to be.

Those barriers you need to break
Are becoming too strong
And too hard to take
Just let go, but still hold on.

Obstacles will disappear,
Worries will no longer be your fear,
Be the person you once knew,
Be yourself being you.

My Love

by Deisy

My love, My love
I love you so much
I don't want to loose you at all once
Why is it that the more we try .....
The more we cry.....

My love, My love
I love you so much
We need to give each other another chance....
So, we can grow and enhance.....

My love, My love
I love you so much
We have obtained everything that we can get.....
So please, don't leave just quite yet....

My love, My love
I love you so much
People may not agree....
But keep in mind, we have the right to be free....

My love, My love
I love you so much
I hope you feel the same way about me...
And I hope we're really meant to be....

My love, My love
I love you so much ....
But I don't want to lose you all at once...

August 1, 2007


by Molly

Looking at out lives,
We always seem to see the bad that are in them
Never seeing all the joy that we have
And how lucky we really are
To have our health
To have our family
To have our friends
To have shelter
To have food
To have water
All the things that we take for granted,
And go on without notice
Until the day that they are taken away
It is until then, when we realize
How lucky we are

The Return That Never Comes

by Anonymous

You say you wish for me to move on
To not wait for you to return
Simple you must think this
For you do not see
I have been trying to do just that
But I have failed and each attempt
Becomes more and more hopeless
I fear that only time will help me now
Though I know a part of me
Will always be awaiting your return

My Story

by Angela

Sitting back and reminiscing
About my childhood and everyone I loved in it
Some of them are still here to this very day
They're running through my mind as I'm thinking as I lay
I don't know why I did some of the things I did
That made me cry and messed me up just as a kid
But I'm beyond that
And that's all behind me now
Why my eyes are open
I'm seeing clearly now
So that's my story
That made me feel sad a bit
About my life and the people so dear in it
Things come and go and that's alright
Cause my family, friends, and me are tight
And I will love them all to the very end
While helping as they give a hand to lend.

My Reason to Live

by Ashley Marie

I thought my heart belonged to me
Until you came and set it free
You opened my heart to the feeling of love
For you, I thank the man above
You make loving you so easy to do
You know how to make me smile when I'm blue
You know the exact words to say
When you sense I'm having a bad day
Every single time we kiss
My heart falls into an enternal bliss
You're the man of my dreams
At least that's the way it seems
You chase all my pain away
And brighten up my every day
After all the pain that I've gone through
My reason to live comes back to you
I'm so confused, but there's one thing clear
You make sense of all I fear
I fall in love with you more and more
This is a love I've never felt before
Even though I stand my ground
You always promise to stick around
The butterflies in my stomach are nothing but real
As much as I try, I cant help the way I feel
I tried so hard not to fall this deep
My heart I give to you to keep
No matter how much I ask, dont give it back
You're my reason to live and that's a fact

No One Knows

by Amanda

When you pass me in the hall
You will never know
How badly I am hurting
And how the hurt tends to grow
You will only see a smile
If you glance at me
But if you look into my eyes
Then you will begin to see
That I have a broken heart
That is been stitched back together
But then got shattered and fell apart
No one knows how much I cry
When I am in my room
And how many tears have fallen from my eyes
I am spiraling into my doom
I have been rejected by all of my friends
It’s never going to get better
And that’s where it all ends

July 2, 2007

Pushed Away

by Amanda

I miss walking with you down the hall
And how you were so caring
I miss the way you would help when I would fall
And how you were always so daring

I miss the way you would hug me
When you haven’t seen me in days
I miss our good times together
Why did you walk away?

Just answer my question
What did I do?
I thought we were good friends
Now I am stuck here missing you

When I shut my eyes
All I can see is your face
I bet you did not know
You would make me feel this way

But whatever I do
I cannot cry
Crying is just a point for you
At least in your eyes

I don’t know what I did
To make you act like this
And I am very sorry
For making you so pissed

I am sorry
For making you feel this way
I will always remember you
As the one who pushed me away

July 1, 2007

I'm Only So Strong

by Raven

As rain hits the roof
Teardrops fall from my eyes
In my mind are thoughts
Thoughts of sorrow, pain, and cries
I've been through alot
And still I tell these lies
I'm fine, I'm strong inside,
But no matter how hard I try
I don't belief myself
Maybe I'm lost,
Maybe I'm confused inside,
Or maybe I lost it all
Or maybe it just feels that way,
No happiness like it used to be
Since that day you went away
I'm strong, though... I think
But if that's so, why am I so weak
I can only be so strong
And I can only go on for so long


by Stargirl

Dreams finally realised,
can’t believe it’s happening to me,
just want to get out there,
for everyone to see
Adrenalin rush as I take to the stage,
feeling finally free, broken out of my cage
No stopping me now,
I’m where I belong,
under the spotlight,
even if only for one song
Confidence rising higher and higher,
twirling out of control,
this is my desire
I stumble and fall,
wanting no one to see,
or shine like the star,
that is inside of me
Now its coming to an end, unfortunately,
with the ever nearing, ending curtsey
Glorious applause as I take my final pose,
everything good has to end,
that’s just how it goes.

You Are...Who?

by Chelsea

will you forget or
do you remember
did you love
or were you stuck on like
are you a king or just a joker
did you care or just want to stare
did I mean everything or nothing at all
did you want me or just to own me
were you yourself or somebody else
did you notice or just look twice
did you lie or make a fib
are you a cheater or just a player
are you a commiter or just a heartbreaker..
who are YOU?
and tell me HONESTLY who YOU are...

Dream a Little Dream

by Keely

I used to stand up on my two feet
Trying to picture what my life would be
Seeing all the memories pass before my eyes
Seeing all the good and bad in my life
Wondering what it’s telling me
If I should go after my dreams
Take a chance and leap towards everything
Take a risk for once in your life
Make a change for the better
Dream a little dream
And see what it will be
Don’t be scared to follow your dreams
cuz whereever they may lead you
your heart will tell you where to be


by Caitlin

Silence..void of all words
This unmistakable darkness that consumes me
People around me seem to hear everything
But not I, for I hear nothing....
So quiet are my days and long, too
I spend most of my time writing...
Though at times it can be rather boring.
Life should be full of sounds to hear
But not in my world, for it is dead to all noise
One day I wish to hear the birds sing
and the wind whistle through the trees...
I will tell you why I will never hear
These wondrous sounds ever again.
It's because...I'm dead
And have been for a very many centuries.
My name no one knows...
Invisible I am not to you, but everyone else.


by Anonymous

i am alone.
in the dark,
with no awareness of where we are.
tonight was supposed to be good,
supposed to be grand,
but insted you just slapped me,
with the palm of your hand.
i walked away,
with no fear.

to set aside
is only to forget
the things
that we really miss
our feelings are
each our own
but in isolation we feel alone.


by Anonymous

your eyes deep brown remind me of the woods of home were the tides flow and the trees moan your hair sways in the wind as the elms did but your heart shant be that cold as i say to the land i love you like the woods of home.


by Anonymous

Why do people have to lie?
Why do people have to die?
Why do people feel pain?
Why do people have to steal?
Why do people have to kill?
Why do people live in fear?
Why do people run and hide?
Why do people control our lives?
Why do people break our hearts?
Why do people cry?

Memories of a Rape

by TeraLie

his fingertips brush her skin as she slowly fades away
fantasies of others never seem to leave, not stay.
the brushing of his hair against her elegant chest
as his lips touch her skin, nervous shivers never rest.
his fingers brush her breast as he slowly makes her numb,
as her legs shiver nervously, cheeks red for fun.
his fingertips never leave, her shivering never stops.
after pleasure she says stop, her tiredness takes over.
he seems to push harder as he rips away her lace.
he rapes away her happiness, as she screams "no and its not fun".
he yells oh so rudely, shut up and your dumb.
he calls her a slut, and she says let me be,
he yells, says she wants it, as she tries to get free.
he quickly strikes her face as she tries to get away,
this is why she remembers, why she remembers that day.
once it is all over her pain never stops,
her virginity he's taken, her virginity she lost.
the memories of a rape never seem to go away.


by Scott

I am sitting in my room
Thinking of what to do
I remember that night
Going out of the house without a fright
It wasn't worth the trouble
And my punishment was double
I let peer pressure come in
And let it take with what was within

A Lie

by Brittni

I’m sorry I lied.
I’m sorry I lied about lying.
I’m always sorry and I’m sorry about that.
I don’t want anyone to hurt anyone,
Yet I want to hurt you.
Your crude remarks and actions only hurt me more.
The internal bleeding is left for me to feel
and you to see through my tears.
You do not see it.
You only continue to stab inhumanely with your words.
I’ll tell you the truth,
I’m sorry you are too oblivious to notice your failures,
You are better than that.
And once more,
A lie.

My Best Friend

by Madeline

What happened to my best friend?
I can’t seem to figure it out
She seems like a different person
Don’t know what it’s all about
We used to be so close together
Nothing could tear us apart
She really was a part of me
Had a special place in my heart
We would wait for each other after class
Every single day
Hey best buddy, where ya been?
Is what she used to say
We would hate the mean preps
(Not all of them used to be)
Neither of us had big reps
Everyone would agree
The following year in 7th grade
She was still my best friend
But she wasn’t old Sam anymore
All that really did end
She lost the glasses,
Straightened her hair
And dressed different too
Prep was her style now
Who she was, I didn’t know who
Hollister, American eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch
I didnt have anything against all that
But she became such a bitch!
She made comments on my clothes and hair
I had a different style too
Not one so prepish
Not Goth or emo too
Our 8th period classes were far apart
I would wait for her after school
At the bottom of the stair case
Looking like a fool
I was so excided to talk to her
So when she got to the last stair
I said hey Sam, what’s up?
But she passed me as if I wasn’t there
She walked alone to the bus
No one by her side
As I walked with other friends
My feelings I would hide
She’s not always like this
But most of the times she is
Ditching me for other people
Other prepish kids
Although I had other friends
(At the moment better than she)
I felt like such an outcast
As if the problem was just me
But some times she acts like old Sam
Full of intelligence and light
But only would she do this
If no prep was in sight
I wonder if it’s all worth it
To still be her best friend
Maybe shell change her ways
And all will come to an end
I haven’t told her yet
Can’t think of a nice way to say
Last time I tried to tell her something
She ignored me all day
I really miss Samantha
It’s hard for her to see
But it’s not her I truly miss
It’s the person she used to be

May 19, 2007


by Jahmila

This poem is for all.
I want to shove people against the wall.
All they ever do is think about themselves
They don't think of anyone else.
People say just cause someone's a prep
Means that they never get depressed.
They say goths are total geeks,
Thy think they're bat head biting freaks
I'm sick of people!! THAT IS IT.
Please, please stop it! You make me sick.
Not all preps have no feelings,
not all goths are freaks.
Not all emos cut
and just cause because you like school
doesn't make you a geek.
No one cares.. Get out of each others hair.
Stop the sterotyping, stop now I say;
You're just hurting each other
and pushing people away!
Maybe people wouldn't be so sad,
Maybe they wouldn't be mean
If you would stop calling them names
And thinking that they're freaks.
Not all people act just the way you think.
Stop being jerks, just stop being mean!!!

Numb and Tired

by Stargirl

Now my emotions feel so old,
and I’m beginning to feel cold,
Unwanted and left here on the floor,
wondering why I still feel raw,
My time’s not up I don’t think so,
Only thing is I feel so low,
Broken in pieces like a jigsaw,
but now that I’ve changed
they don’t fit anymore,

Trials and tribulations conspiracy,
why is all of this happening to me,
It’s not new to me to feel alone,
seems whatever I do I’m on my own,
Remembering times when I was naïve,
It’s that feeling I want to retrieve,
Exhausted here shall I run away,
I wonder if I will one day,
Dangerous cuz I’m on the brink,
of giving up, what do you think?

May 13, 2007


by Jasmine

my friends
my thoughts
the bleeding

Couldn't It Wait?

by Ashley

all of the words left unspoken
have left my heart broken

i wish it was all in my head
that you werent really dead

no one knows how i feel
this is all just so real

i sit by the phone
waiting to hear your tone

if i had a choice
all i want is to hear your voice

i want to see you smile
if only for a while

i wish we could talk
and go for a walk

while i cry
youre in the sky

youre smiling down
while i frown

if you sent me a letter
i would feel so much better

ill miss the stamping
and all the camping <3

i will never be the same
ill cry when i hear your name

this poem is for you
to show you its true

i know this was fate
but why couldnt it wait?

R.I.P. Eleanor


by Anonymous

I look deep into your eyes.
And that is my mistake.
For if i look one more time.
My heart will surely break.
You know your power.
And that is fine.
Just know that when i made the move.
The choice was mine all mine.
I looked into your deep blue eyes.
And hoped you'de hold my gaze.
But alas you glanced away from me.
Since im not the one you crave.

Dear AniR

by Paul

Hey baby girl sorry to here what studs did in the past
Got your heart broken in half sitting in a fitted cast
I know you thought everything was ok, but in the end you got hurt
You thought he was the man to stick around, and wear matching shirts
Of course there’s a problem, but this one ended your life
When he told you its over, it felt like you were stabbed by a knife
I know your wondering how a stranger knows so much
Cuz I felt this vibe since the 1st time we touched
You get tummy aches by all the dead butterflies floating around
You’re more then a princess, you’re a queen waiting to be crowned
Most guys won’t tell you the truth, hide it behind your back
You don’t deserve someone that’s going to treat you wrong that’s a fact
I found out through everything a relationship is effort
You describe yourself as a dirty shirt
aniR it’s not your fault he missed out on a perfect girl
I’m not going to lie, the way you got me in a whirl
You make me smile just by the way you hug me close
My job would be to talk about you, brag, and boast
Shocked? I know baby girl give me a chance
Taking care of you forever in a slow dance
I know he’ll always be on your mind
It’s also time for new starts, so put him behind
ainR I never noticed I felt this way
But if you want someone real, call me someday.

I Lost It

by Morgan

I lost something
Looking for it
is making me insane
I want to cry
because I was forced
with independence
Im not really ready
to handle myself
I was forced
to hear everyone yell everyday
I got lost
and lies swallowed me whole
I lost something
I cant find it
Its divided now
and with malicious trust it keep us apart

Don't Belong

by Ami

Sometimes I feel as if I don’t belong
in the place I truly do belong.
Sometimes it feels as if my friends are sick of me
and don’t want me around.
It’s like they hate me,
and can’t accept who I am or the choices I make.
I know all of this is wrong,
but they don’t know me as well as they think.
I bruise easily, and it takes a while for them to fade.
No one understand this,
some say it’s because I won’t share.
I tried to share once, and it only hurt more.
So I find to hide works better.
Sometimes I even hide from myself,
but that’s when things really get bad,
I know how to deal with it all,
and that’s by myself!

Baby I Love You

by Ami

Baby I love you, don’t ever doubt that,
I just need time, time to find me
and time to figure myself out.
No matter what you believe, there was no other guy,
and it’s not because I don’t love you.
It’s because I need to worry about me,
I don’t mean to be selfish,
but sometimes it’s the only way to survive.
I want to be with you,
but really I can’t do it right now.
I am very sorry.
I love you and I hope you understand.

I Wish

by Ami

I don’t understand, why all this is happening
I don’t understand why I feel this way again.
I can’t stand it and I need to get out,
but I have nowhere to go.
I’m stuck here in this unreal town,
and these unreal people.
I hate always feeling like I don’t belong.
I hate that I can’t just be happy,
I hate that people don’t understand me,
I hate that I don’t understand me.
I hate that I let my friends control my life
and yet I feel I need them so much.
I have secluded myself
into this world that I can no longer stand,
but I have no choice but to stay
until it all comes crashing down,
at least then I will be happy!
Maybe someday my life will be my own again.

She Thought She Knew

by Olivia

she thought she knew
but really she was the one who was confused
in my 411 and thought she had the news
but really she was the one being used
what comes around goes around
because shes the one being abused
constantly telling her to stop but still she refused
stubborn people always think theyre winners
but at the end they always lose
while they are the ones who look like fools
we're the ones they chose not to choose
if you start acting like you, maybe love will come to you!

Only a Bag and a Broken Heart

by Rebecca

She stood there at the cliff's edge,
Counting waves crashing against the shore,
She did not want to witness this world,
Not for her now, not anymore.

She looked out at the ocean blue,
As if into a lovers eyes,
We were all born just like the sun,
To set and so to rise.

As blue now as the sky before,
It opened the world like a glistening door,
Waiting for the time to pass,
Leaving her unsure.

She tried so hard to remember,
Golden hair,
In sweet September,
As she lay in her mothers loving arms.

That was before,
Before it all fell apart,
She has nothing now to save her here,
Just a bag and a broken heart.

She walked once more,
To the cliffs close edge,
The ocean floor,
Ever closer now.....

Always the Same!

by Ami

It seems my poems never change.
They all say the same thing.
About how some guy broke my heart
and how I am stuck between love and lust.
The same thing is written over and over again.
I am always confused and always depressed,
I am always hurt and always strong.
I don’t even care,
I cant even write I am so stressed out
and all I want to do is cry,
I want to isolate myself in my room and never come out,
but I know that isn’t an option.
What am I to do when nothing seems right?
What I am to do when the evil repeat never gets better,
no matter how hard I try,
no matter what I do, it never gets better.
I could sit around and waste away and nothing changes.
I could fall so far I almost die and nothing changes,
I could get up and try and nothing changes.
I could get up and succeed and still nothing changes.

This Is

by Kimberly

this is what u did
did to me
this is what you caused me
my life
my love
this is what i am
love me for me
do not let it go
not into the air
this is what i am made of

Secret Crush

by Tyesha

When i first saw you i knew you were the one for me,
only problem was we never got a chance to meet.
I'd see you and my heart would beat faster,
you would say hi sometimes and i'd reply with laughter.
We never really met though i felt a vibe between us,
we'd look at each other with hearts in our eyes; it must be lust.
I'd start to daydream about how it would be,
if only you knew i liked you and if you liked me.
I'd snap out of my daydream and there you were again,
i got up my courage to speak and made a new friend.
Although i wanted more for the moment, i was pleased with this,
I would daydream all the time about how it would be when we first kissed.
I'd snap out of my daydream and quickly restore myself,
'cause for two whole minutes it was us and no one else.
i started to like you more
and although i didn't think you felt the same way,
i felt a vibe between us ever since the first day.
The first day i saw you i liked you instantly,
only problem was i was unsure if you liked me.
But one thing i hope will never change
is that we could always be friends,
or at least until i restore myself and find courage once again.
Courage to tell you how i feel and hope you feel the same way,
but until that day comes FRIENDS IS WHAT WE'LL STAY

"Love Is Nothing But Pain"

by Tyesha

How could you hurt me
I was so young.
I did a lot of bad things in my life,
but nothing worse than what you have done.
I don't understand; I was so young
I deserved to get punished at times,
but not like this one.
You hurt me and raped me,
then walked and acted as if nothing happened
you abused me and now every time I look at a man
my mind start collapsing.
I was so young but you didn’t care
you told me you loved me, then forced me up the stairs.
You said just relax, soon it would end
I begged you to stop
and you replied with a grin.
You were my mother's man, not mine
how could you be so sick to rape a child.
You said if I ever told you'd kill me
and then you turned around and said you loved me.
You said love is nothing but pain
so get used to it cause it's all the same.
I was only 10 and you took my life from me
and as if it wasn't bad enough,
when I tried to tell the only person I thought
I could trust, they thought it was funny.
They thought I was making it up
and didn't believe anything I said
I was so messed up in the head
I couldn't go anywhere near another bed.
My mother would ask me what was wrong
and I couldn't tell her
because I thought she would think I was lying
so instead I went to bed every night crying.
I thought God hated me
because of something I had done
and that’s because Richard told me I was bad
and deserved to be punished
he said God didn't love me
because I never liked to have fun
that’s when he told me God loves no one.
You put me through this pain
from when I was 5 till I was 10
and now it'll never happen again
because I have learned that God does love me
even though my pain I thought he couldn't see
he helped me and now I'm with him again
where I will never get hurt by another man.
The pain I went through built up inside
till my secret I could no longer hide.
I told my mother what was going on
and like I suspected she didn't believe me
or at least not until that Saturday
when she didn't see me.
He had found out I snitched
so he raped me once more
and through my body in a ditch.
My mother saw me on the news
and all she could do was cry
she asked herself over and over
why I didn’t believe that lie.
But the good news is Richard is in jail
and my mother says he's going to burn
for an eternity in hell.
And as for me I'm in a better place
were no one could hurt me
because I’m protected by God's grace.

I Love Him

by Ami

I love him so much,
I know some may never understand why,
But that’s okay;
it’s not them who love him.
He makes me happy,
I know he hurt me before,
But things are different now.
He loves me and he knows he wants to be with me.
We are perfect for each other and we know it!

I can’t wait until I can call
that beautiful man my husband!
I can’t wait to have his kids,
I can’t wait to raise a family with him!

Things will be great!
We’ll take it slow in the beginning,
And we’ll be together when we’re old.
No one may understand this,
But I do.

I'm the Girl

by Amber

im the one you NEVER see on tv
im the girl who is always singing
i scream
i shout
i am without a doubt
the craziest girl about
but i hurt
and i cry
and most of the time,
im awfully shy.
i hate what you think you see.
i hate how i never seem to be me.
i hate my past
im scared of my so called future
but im content with the now
i look down with fear
because every time youre near
i realize the awful truth
you have me in this hold
and no matter what i do or say
you can be the one to make me or break me
and i cant stand that
no one should have that power over me
yet i melt everytime you say those three words
ive longed for so long to hear
so i turn to friends
but i turn in vain
for they see what i see
a perfect image
but alas it is an image for disaster
for fairy tales dont exist
and im doomed for a heartbreak that is fatal
but i dont know what else to do
so i sit and i wait
and i fall deeper into this hole
maybe its meant to be
maybe we can be happy


by Ashley

the time we spent together,
was all a game to you.
it would have been better,
to have never loved you.
you were playing with my heart,
and it is a very fragile thing.
one look at her was all it took,
for you to rip it in two.


by Allee

While she's lying on her bed,
All these thoughts go through her head,
Weeping, crying through the night,
Thinking that she just might,
Slicing, dicing with a blade,
Anything that will not fade,
Her friends all worried,
They tried to help,
They were too late,
She found her fate,

With God

by Richelle

ive tried so hard to please man,
but with God is where i need to stand.
what to do when your heart is so heavy.
things you wanted to do, destined to do,
you felt you just werent ready?
what if making the mistake
of turning back the hands of time
was a chance you wish you could take.
what if everyone believed you could,
you were the one who knew you could,
but were running from what God really had for you?
what if you wanted to know your true destiny,
but you were so blinded you couldnt even see.
God knew all along where you would be.
you better hurry
before someone else gets your callin, youll see.
what if everything you knew was right,
you knew all along,
you were just to afraid to let go?
you better figure it out soon;
life's too short to wonder what if.
figure out how. Just go after him.
he's waitin, can you hear him?

The World Wonders

by Breanna

There is a wonder in the world
for every boy and girl
The are wonders of the war
for now and before
there are wonders of the seas
which is our biggest mystery
there are wonders of space
and every human race
we wonder so much
but who can we trust
with all this broken lust
god is a must
these are a few of the wonders of the world
which lie in the minds of every boy and girl


by Breanna

Deep in the heart
there is love
beyond that is fear
fear can be hidden
it can hide behind doubt
sometimes fear tends to make us shout
fear is scary
but truthful and dry
fear is one syllable
one sign
one thought
but fear can always be fought

So Wrong

by Fickshonal

I hid in my room while my tears poured down
I couldn't help myself
While my mom survived the pain
That my father gave
I spent my time in my room all night
Hoping and praying for a different life
I heard the cries from my mother
And the shouts from my father
I couldn't help but hate him
An hour later my mom came in
Bruises covered and tears wiped dry
She was also dreaming for a different life
I wanted to get out but I was stuck
In that prison I called home
My daddy would leave while my mother cried
He didn't care about the pain
that he put her through that night
He came back in the morning
Even worse than the night before
I wanted to get out but I was stuck
In that prison I called home
You used to be my hero
But then you went so wrong
I used to think you were
my shelter from the storm
You used to love me
But then you hurt me
My mother's alright and I’m okay
I know I’m better of without you
But don't you still wonder
If your little girl's still alright
I thought you cared
But now I know you don't
But daddy, how'd you go so wrong
Did you ever really care if I was still alive?
Do you even remember what I look like?
You used to be my hero
But then you went so wrong
I used to think you were
my shelter from the storm
You used to love me
But then you hurt me
My mother's alright
And I’m okay
But I’ll never trust you again
Because I don't want to know what you are
I just know what you've been
I still hate you
For all the pain you gave
You scarred us both for life
And I used to cry all night
Hoping and praying for a different life
I wanted to get out, but I was stuck
In that prison I called home
You used to be my hero
But then you went so wrong
I used to think you were my shelter from the storm
You used to love me
But then you hurt me
My mother's alright
And I’m okay
But you used to be my hero
And then you went so wrong
I used to think you were
my shelter from the storm
You used to love me
But then you hurt me
My mother's alright
And I’m okay
But I’ll never trust you again
Because I don't want to know what you are
I just know what you've been
I still hate you
And I’m better off without you
But daddy,
How’d you go so wrong?
You used to be my hero
But now I don't know who you are
You used to love me
But then you hurt me
Why’d you go so wrong?

April 14, 2007

One Moment

by Lilly

Everything you can feel in one moment
when two buildings come crashing down
because of two planes.
Remember 9/11.


by Allie

will the end ever come
will i ever get to see you again
will i ever die
will i have to kill myself
for the pain to end
you say you love me
and i believe you
but i don't love myself
this secret inside
is killing me
i want to tell you it
but im scared
scared of what you'll say
scared you won't like me anymore
scared you won't want to be around
im scared and i need someone to hold me tight
i thought that one was you
i loved you
and i know you love me
but my life sucks
it's crashing down on top of me

April 10, 2007


by Allie

the cuts are getting deeper
with every thought of you
i thought you loved me
i thought you cared
my arm is gushing
gushing blood now
i can't get you out of my head
i loved you
but you didn't love me
the bleeding stops
the sun comes up
and the thoughts
thoughts of you
they fade away
but every time i see
see the scares
i feel the sting
and think of you
and how you made me

April 8, 2007

Only One

by Lilly

I only have one friend.
I only have one family member.
I only have one pet.
We only have one blanket.
We only have one lamp.
We only have one room.
I only have one look.
I only have one talent.
I only have one meal.
We only have one car.
We only have one table.
We only have one window.
I only have on heart,
and it's filled with sorrow.
I only have one life,
and it's not going so well.
I only have myself,
and it's lonely.


by Kelsey

Tears flowing. Pain soaring.
Heart broken. Looks alluring.
Why did this happen? Why did he leave?
When it was all over, her dreams were achieved.
She had him wrapped around her little finger,
With laughter that lasts and looks that linger.
Three months together, I thought we would last.
Now all my dreams and hopes are in the past.
I’ll love him always, even though it’s not returned.
The looks that he gives her are the ones that I yearn.
Someday I’ll move on and learn to live;
Maybe...to another guy my love I will give.
Loving him changed me, he’ll be in my heart,
Whether we are far together or far apart.

Calendar Marks

by Courtney

the calendar marks
a month to the day
the memories we had
will never fade away
your smiling face
is embeded in my mind
and everytime i remember that you're gone
tears fill my eyes
i didn't want to believe it was true
and yet it was all i ever knew
you were taken too soon
and we're all missing you

In My Life

by Lilex

in my life
sometimes i'm afraid of things
of things that happen to me
so i run away
scared of my own fate
or destiny in life
i can't seem to face
it head on or look myself in the mirror
why must my own fears haunt me
from achieving what goals i have or that are set in mind
i don't like being afraid of my shadow or you
why must i run and hide
from the people i love the most
why must something i love the most
be the thing that i'm most afraid
get close to and hold on tight
to cherish everything he has done for me
the feeling of it being so real makes me tremmble in fear
i cry at night afraid of the choice i have made
to set him free though in my heart i know
he is the one for me
why must fear bring me down
put a shadow of doubt in my head
forever be something that is haunting me
not a friend that helps me out
but an enemy that will never seem to love me
for me
i hate this feeling that hangs over me
why must it destroy everthing that i've created
to live up to standards that i love
to enjoy the people that give me love
then bring me down to nothing but pain
this feeling gives me envy and gloom
no smiles on my face just a feeling that i hate

Love You or Not

by Tana

I felt so empty inside last night,
When I didn't receive your call.

I felt like crying, but instead...
I laid there staring at the wall.

We've been through a lot for two months together,
And I know that it hurts to hear my feelings

to your questions with WHATEVER
I honestly do think that I want to really understand

That we could never be anything more than just friends.
Is that what your title will always remain?

Because whenever I look at you, I don't feel the same.
I took a picture of you and held it real close to my heart.

I prayed that we'd always be together.
And yet, we're falling apart.

I told myself that I wouldn't cry whenever you decided to let go.
but i couldnt promise that for a fact, my love for you so true.

And if you were to ask me if I cared about you
or loved you always, the answer would never be NO.

I love you FRIEND.
And that title is all you'll ever be now, i guess.

Instead I promise to never let you leave my heart or become a faded memory.
Because I know that deep down inside, you will always be a part of me.

April 5, 2007

Teenage Years

by Candice B.

These are our Teenage Years...
The Best Days of Our Lives

Big Dreams ... Stupid Fights
Sleepy Days ... Endless Nights
Broken Hearts ... Mascara Tears
Mobile Bills & Credit Card Fears
Clothes Too Tight ... Shoes Too High
Out Past Curfew ... Another Lie
Eyeshadow Color ... Midnight Black
Lip-Gloss Flavor ... Cherry Attack
Loving the Stars ... Boys with Cars
Jewelry & Rings ... Fashion & Things
Designer Names ... Drinking Games

That is a taste of the teenage years,
When problems are too big for tears.

A CDs Last Wish

by Kelly

I used to be cutting edge,
the talk of the town all of the rage
i was the mini vinyl of this day and age.

All shiny and metallic
small and compact
i know whats new is old eventually
i suppose it's just a fact
But this i never expected
Theres nothing better than me,
That was of course until the birth of the MP3.

The internet's is its best friend
billons of tracks on there
you can get em at the click of a button
without any thought or care

Im on the internet as well
but im just a spare part
you internet shoppers dont want me
in your cyber shopping cart

Im not history yet however
im on shop shelves ansd window displays
im often a greater seller for christmas and birthdays

You older folks are wiser
you still have faith in me
please dont give in to peer pressure
say NO to the MP3!

I Am

by Alexandra

I am strong and I am fierce
I wonder what will become of me
I hear freedom ringing
I see that Israel is coming
I want our souls to be so safe and loved
for I am strong and I am fierce

I pray that I will live again or that I will survive
I feel Israel come marching in
I touch the face of freedom
I worry about my conviction’s fate
I cry for my unborn children
for I am strong and I am fierce

I understand that my time is short
I believe that I’ve not fought in vain
I dream that my legacy will be followed
I try to secure the future of love not hate
I hope that my fight will prove the innocence of the nobles
so that I will be strong and fierce

Life Is Short

by Anonymous

life is short,
life is fun,
just forget all the things he's done,
life goes on,
as well you know,
forgive and forget,
thats my motto,
you see this person every day,
you feel you've gotta get away,
live your life you know you should,
but if only you could,
this man is old and strong,
he wont last long,
until the day he dies and leaves this world,
dont try and hide the lies,
speak up about this dirty old man that hurt you so,
i know you're scared i've been there before,
but just think its what HE caused,
the only way you will forget
is to speak up then you wont have regret,
now live your life as best you can,
live everyday as if its your last,
and forget the past!


by Jessica

What's terrible about being alone
Is knowing that you are alone
The wonderful thing about solitude
Is that your secret never escapes

No ones know the hidden scars
No one feels the cut
No one comforts the cries
Of desertion and hurt

They live alone in their own world
Forgetting that you even exist
That you were there in the beginning
And will remain until the end

But after all that's how I want it to remain
With my secret kept and theirs exposed to the eyes
For all to see and to use against

If my secrets were bare than they would know…
How I hide at night alone in my room
Searching for a hand to hold
Looking for a light

Fearing to feel the cold touch
Of another probing hand
Searching my soul for all it contains
Stripping me down to my core

Making sure everyone gets a chance
Of feeling my innards
Making me bleed and cry
And sending me to my special place

Where I am alone
What's so terrible about being alone?
You're safe and… Alone

On My Own

by Inksupreme

So afraid,
So lost in this
Dark empty world.

In this chaos, I lie alone,
Listening to my own heartbeat,
which is the only source
Of courage to me.

In this world,
I have to be
My own mistress,
My own slave.

It is my Life,
And if I dont care for it,
Who will??


by Meagan

Everytime he smiles at me
I can’t help but smile back

Everytime he holds my hand
I can’t help but hold his too

Everytime he hugs me
I can’t help but hug him back

Everytime he kisses me
I can’t help but kiss him back

Everytime he looks at me
I can’t help but look back at him

Everytime he says “I Love You”
I can’t help but say “I Love You too.”

March 20, 2007

Just to Feel Alive

by Courtney

I'm so afraid i love you,
I can't be alone with you,
But i have to be with you,
Just to feel alive.

I lay here out of faith,
Confused about what is real,
I feel you breathing for me.
I have everything for you,
I'm so afraid I love you.

The dark holds so many surprises for me,
You hold me under.
Why Me ?

Now let go of me, love,
I wish you all the worst for the future,
I'm so afraid i love you.

I hope you laugh at all the times i cried for you,
I hope you still see me face to facade.

I'm so afraid I love you,
I can't be alone with you,
But I need to be with you,
Just to feel alive.

And even now,
I don't know why.
But i would love to see you cry,
For me.

But i feel you breathe for me,
And i cannot waste my tears.
Not for you.

But my revelations come quick and fast,
And i have never really felt anything.

Just know,
That i've looked down on you
Trying to love you.
But I couldn't feel anything.
So just smile back.

I'm so afraid I love you,
I can't be alone with you,
But I need to be with you,
Just to feel alive.


by Raina

The days go by so slow,
as the nights seem to grow.
Drifted away by deep emotions,
lost in the waves of a deep dark ocean.
Sadness and anger begin to fill me,
wishing I could be set free.
Thoughts of anger control my mind,
I thought I could see but I guess I was blind.
By faith I suppose I was guided here,
to be trapped by anger and fear.


by Anonymous

Your stupid hope,
your sickening hope,
your obsession.
Stop it. I hate you.
Don't look at me.
I hate you. Stop.
Stop staring.
It's rude. I'm rude.
And I hate you.
When i think of
what it did,
I hate you,
and your stupid
I never liked you.
I wanted to be friends.
Just friends.
But you just couldn't stop.

We (as in her and him)

by Ally

She will never get over him.
Her first.
He caught her eye,
and held it, for the longest time.
They're only almost secrets.
She forgot her music once,
he gave it back to her the next day.
The next next day,
she heard it blasting in his room.
He openly talks about music,
his favorites, the deep ones, wise.
Secretly she listened, too, for hours
and felt like she finally found her music.
She was almost mad, once.
And he liked it.
She pretended to get more mad.
Once, she wouldn't look at him all night.
He followed her around, demanding attention.
The first time he touched her,
surprised her.
The next time, though,
she surpised him, touching him,
He wouldn't let her go.
She talks to him,
and him to her,
nights before, days now, too.
memories made and making.
she knows him best.
he knows her best.
He knows her style,
and she knows his.
They accept it.
Together everyday,
Lives merged,
Laughs entwined,
Talk continual.
He doesn't want it to stop.
She can't picture it.
They wont even try.

Reality Check of the Century

by Mylana

You took one look,
And turned your back to me,
Developing unfair assumptions in your mind.

Take the time to dig deeper,
Penetrate the surface
and see things through my eyes,
I’m not at all like you,
I sympathize,
I find a connection,
And reinforce it.

I don’t scrape the surface,
And take the sample,
To be accurate to the rest of the whole.

I apply the science,
Doing my job and analyzing what I find.

Last Fix

by Aimee A.

I fought for that last fix
And realized I hit bottom.
I would never have enough
No matter how much I popped 'em
Overwhelming thoughts turned
My innocence to bullets.
Stuck in a dead life
Living solely off my next hits.
Lost support and dumped future
I became blind to the light
Pushed in treatment...
Forced to quit
I realize now it’s all I have
My last chance
And I'm fighting for it.

Dance to Me

by Anonymous

when i am gone
dance to me
when i am gone
dance to me
feel the music
be the music
when i am gone
dance to me
let the music take you away
you take the music away
dance to me

Lovin' You

by Dymon L.

everyday i waited,
and waited for you to say the words
i wanted to hear the most
day to day i keep lovin you,
but you act like you dont know,
but sooner or later im gonna have to let go,
cuz lovin you drives me crazy
as crazy as havin ya, baby
but lately you've been actin shady,
im cryin for you, baby,
but im done cuz lovin has killed me
and my love's just about dead
but always remember that i was lovin you,

Go Hard or Go Home

by Jodi B.

Beam, Bars, Floor, Vault
Get you routine without fault
Stretch, Twirl, Bend, Flip
Just be careful not to slip
Practice, Practice 'til you get it right
Jugdement day will be a fight
You have to be the best,
Better than the rest
Grips and leotards,
This stuff's not that hard
As the judges sit and criticize,
You just have to realize,
You know this stuff,
It's not tough.
When you land it perfectly,
The crowd will cheer triumphantly.
You did it, you're done.
Walking back to your seat
thinking "Wow, that was fun"
The scoreboard flashes nine point eight
Coach says "Wow, you did great"
You hear your name called for the gol.
You think inside "This never gets old"
This makes all the pain worth while,
when you stand up on that block and smile
Once again surprised to find,
the only thing that you hear,
Are the loyal crowd cheers.

February 23, 2007


by Anonymous

A rose is something special
Given for true love.
A rose is for a mother
Who you love so very much.
A rose is for a sister
Who always understands.
A rose is for a friend
Who is always there.
A rose is for a neighbor
Who's always helping out.
A rose is something special
Given from the heart.

I Thanked the Lord

by Kory

I thanked the lord for you today
For hands that give so much
For your kind and thoughtful spirit
and your caring gentle touch
I thanked the lord for you today
For your angel heart of gold
For your words of guidance and support
For arms so quick to hold
I thanked the lord for you today
In every thought and prayer
and asked the lord to bless you
and keep you in his loving and gentle care

Bounce Back

by Ami

You hurt me,
and try to bring me down.
You betray me and lie.
Hoping I will die.
You try to take it all away,
and leave me here alone
in the dark and gray,
So I pray.
I pray one day
you will see what you can be,
you can see the good you have inside
of this troubled boy you can only see.
I pray one day you heal
and can stop ripping
yourself and others, like me, down.
I hope you bounce back
from this pain you feel
as I know I will.

February 17, 2007

Fulfilled by Another

by Jessica

A thousand nights
I dreamed a dream.
Fair and lovely,
A vision from a holy ground.
A bed of roses,
Running streams,
Cries of glee,
On a warm summer day.
A life meant for me,
But only a dream.
The divine watchers forgot
A small meek mouse
Hoping for a better existence.
Yes, a thousand nights
A dream dreamt for me
Given to another
That's the way it has to be.

February 8, 2007

My Greatest Fear

by Kara

Is losing her.
The one who I love.
Shes everything to me,
and sometimes I wonder
if i'm everything to her.
She says she loves me,
then tries to prove me wrong.
Why? Why do I have to put my heart on the line,
why do I have to care so much?
Why do I love her?
Why do I want to touch her,
and feel her skin so soft and warm
on mine, so pale and cold?
Maybe because everything about her
makes me want her more.
The way she smells,
the way her head always finds the right spot
on my shoulder.
The way her smile
makes all my pain and worries disappear.
The way she can make me happy from mad,
with just a look.
The way her hand fits mine so perfectly.
The way she walks,and the way she talks.
The love in her eyes, when shes meets mine.
The way I want to hold her close
and wipe away every tear.
The way she knows just the right thing to say
when I need to hear it most.
The way she laughs,
the way she moves.
The way she talks,
and the way shes perfect.
Maybe those are the reasons
why i'm falling so hard for her.
But, she tells me that these are all lies.
That she doesn't believe me
when I say I DO love her,
and I want to touch her so bad.
Why does she always ask if I love her?
If I didnt, then why do I lay awake at night
wondering if shes thinking about me?
Why do I try to kiss
her smooth and soft lips every time I see her?
Why do I stay with her?
Why do I say I care so much?
But, all these things I say
she says she doesnt believe me.
Shes perfect.
On the inside and out.
I just wish she could see
how much she means to me.
Why is it every time we kiss,
and then part, do I want to hold her
and kiss her longer?
Why do I touch her the way I do,
wondering in my mind
if she feels it like I do?
Why is it every time we're togather,
I feel so free?
But every time we're apart,
I feel so numb and dead?
My greatest fear is losing her.
Losing everything I love.
I pray to God every night that she loves me,
that she really does
and that she wants me just as bad as I want her.
I could go on and on about her,
but i'm afriad that if I do,
you'll fall in love with her, too.