Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

November 22, 2011


by Shannon

It hit me in an instant
The cold steel fracturing
my being
Breath taken
Flailing to survive
I sunk...
The car hit her in an instant
The pain hit us.

November 19, 2011

The Person I'll Never Know

by Emily

I never expected to want to stay here, so far from home. 
But in those short moments when we talk, I don't feel so alone. 
It's probably not meant to be, only a dream. 
I'm scared I'll wake up and won't remember the eyes 
that tell stories and a smile that never lies. 
But that's all I'm allowed to feel.
I wonder what it would be like to touch you, 
See if you're real. 
We'll separate soon, and I'll cry, 
Because the person I wanted to know, 
Will have to say goodbye.


by Sam

Why am I so crazy about this one strange guy?
It seems that every time I'm with him, 
time just flies by. 
He's quirky and outgoing.
He sings and plays guitar. 
But if I tell him how I really feel, 
I will have gone too far.

Hopefully we'll just be perfect
When he sees who I really am.
He'll laugh and talk and smile and walk 
And just love me for being Sam.

November 5, 2011


Is it better this way?
When I'm dying every day.
Loneliness likes to stay
Do you want me to walk away?

Don't leave me hanging
In this world that's ever changing
Can't you see I'm fading?
Please take care of my heart that's been bleeding.

Will I have no more tears to cry??
Will I never hear you say "goodbye"?
Or will we never have another try?

Will you ever turn and walk away?
Will you not rescue me today?
All I want for you is to stay,
Until the end of the day.

Daddy I Miss

A Father's Touch, 
A Daddy's Kiss,
A Grieving Daughter,
You're Truly Missed. 
An Empty House, 
An Empty Chair, 
My Daddy's Love 
No Longer There. 
A Broken Heart, 
Tear Filled Eyes, 
Another Soul 
To Fill The Sky. 
Many Memories 
In My Mind, 
Some I Laugh, 
Some I Cry. 
The Times We Shared, 
The Laughs We Had,
Things I Miss
When I Think Of You Dad. 
Realizing That's All I Have 
To Hold On To,
Only Memories
Of What Was Once You. 
Missing Your Laugh, 
I Will Never Again Hear
This Is The Reality 
That Fills Me 
With So Much Fear. 
No More Smile 
On Your Face
No More Warmth 
Of Your Embrace. 
The Last Hug, 
The Last Kiss,
The Last "Goodbye"
Leaves Me With
One Last Wish. 
To Have You Daddy
Here Today 
Never To Leave 
Your Daughter This Way. 
A Father's Touch, 
A Daddy's Kiss,
A Grieving Daughter,
You're Truly Missed.

November 4, 2011


by Taylor 

I'll tell you,
love is when you want to be with someone 
so bad that you'll do anything.
it means that you don't want anyone other than that person.
you think about them all the time,
wondering if they feel the same,
but you never truly know how they feel,
which hurts when you find out they don't feel the same way.
and no matter how hard you try...
you can never truly get them off your mind.
the worst part about it...
is that you never stop searching for someone better,
when you know that isn't possible...
but when time comes to move on,
don't go looking for someone new;
let them find you....

November 2, 2011


by Jason

I was young
even naïve, when I first met Her;
a beautiful white dove
with wings like an angel
and eyes blue as the sky.
She gave me wings;
she taught me
to fly
with Her
always by my side.

And then she left me.

And my wings disappear
and I’m falling,
the wind tearing at me
the empty endless sky
my only witness
falling down
to the rock hard ground
of Reality.
Slowly I stand up
and pick up the pieces
of my shattered soul
and begin anew.

November 1, 2011

Storms of November

Fighting the world with all my might
Hoping to stay alive for just another night
Feeling the innocence soon to be conceived
The face of that man living inside of me
Looking at my future ahead
Almost gone as good as dead
Remembering all the pain and tears
Using the white stuff to take away fears
starring into the city of strangers
They don't care about me or my anger
Trying hard not to remember
Crying during the storms of November