Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

June 19, 2008

What Do You See?

by Lolo

what do you see when you look at me?
a bright brown eyed girl
pretending to be happy and carefree.
wishing her life wasn't turned upside down.

what do you see when you look at me?
a gang memeber with tattoos
reppin her set where she came from.

what do you see when you look at me?
a lost little girl missing her mommy,
drying up the tears
that ran down her face all night long.

what do you see when you look at me
bruises on my body where they're not supposed to be
marks on my face making me not pretty.

what do i see when i look at me
a girl wanting out of this crazy ass misery
a san jose representer wishin to be free

June 17, 2008

You Said

by Sally

You said you would be there for me,
Through good and bad.
I see that isn't true anymore.
You blamed me since it started.
You said it was my fault.
The past two years have been a lie
You said you loved me.
You said you cared.
You said I'm not the same woman
You fell in love with,
That shouldn't matter
If you loved me you would have stayed,
You would have tried to make this work
You said you would be there...

Too Late

by Sally

Shes got that razor in her hand.
Sitting there alone.
The only one home.
Wishing he would take her back.
Sitting by the phone.
Wishing... Waiting...
Two hours pass...
The phone never rings.
She makes the first cut...
Then the second...
One after another til she can't bare the pain.
She lays on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood...
And he comes home just a moment too late...

June 12, 2008

Never Notice How Hard I Try

by Anonymous

it's always her it's never me
you just never seem to notice
that i'm trying so hard
for you to just look at me
or stop for a minute to just talk
this whole day you've been watching her
you've been noticing her
you just Never Notice How Hard I Try.
i could spend forever with you
you won't notice me
i could tell you how i feel
you still wouldn't notice me
but in the end i'm still

Just Too Good for Him

by Javeria

And they said “don’t do it,
you are just going to regret it”
But I didn’t listen.
Then it happened; now I wonder why I ever loved him.
It only lasted a few days before he cheated.
I guess he just loved the attention.
Yeah, I was hurt,
Now I am so over it.
I should have listened
when my friends said he was just a stupid player.
I wish life could not be any dumber.
But, you know what?
I am going to accept it,
Going to learn from it,
Going to laugh about it,
Not going to cry about it.
I am going to move on
and show him I am strong.
I am not going to wait for him,
because I know I am better than him.
I am not going to waste my time on him,
because I know my life can go on without him.
So I cried about it,
But now I am smiling about it.
And I am going to thank him for it,
Because he made me realize
I am just too good for him.

You Picked Me

by Elisa

The words on your lips
That fall off in a sweet melody
Envelope me in a trance
Only broken when we are together

I long for the song to rip through the silent air
Like an apple on a tree
Hiding out behind the leaves
I want its sweet lull to carry me
I was difficult to reach
Fill me up with something greater than I am
But, you picked me


by Marie

being as strong as i can be
holding on to just simply break free
trying to find all the missing pieces
because i cant be me
i want you to see
that i can be all that i can be
but you won't let me
because so you say you love me
you took all that i had
my life my soul was all that i had
now i wonder if what you said was believable
because for some reason i seem to be lost
what you say is not understandable
you left me to fall upon the ground
because you were my life
the one that heard me after no sound
i cant say that i miss you cause i dont
i just gotta be a big girl now
no matter the love i had for you
the love you had for me
doesnt seem as believable
as it seemed when you said it to me

June 4, 2008

A Portrait of the Demented

by Elisa

I fear that someday I may retain the Thoughts
Like morphine, when the pain is gone.
Numb my head
Numb my soul
Numb me
Until it’s better that I was

The cool breeze whispers in my ear
Blows angels and demons in my hair
And my head grows big
With the thought that the air knows I am there

Histories of a lost civilization
A novel that was never published
A poem, whose author took her life decades before
My thoughts, ideas, dreams
Perhaps, it’s best I keep them to myself
Before the are buried by meaningless words

Live for the Moment

by Elisa

The familiar scent of cheap cologne
Sweaty bodies
Moving in perfect opposition
The rhythmic tossing and turning
Those familiar sighs

The familiar high feeling
Loopy phrases
Mouths moving in no direction
Careless chatter, careless mistakes
That top of the world feeling

The familiar emptiness
Insecurity and self-consciousness
Running from confrontation
Overanalysis erected like a cement wall
The settling of regret

Sometimes we forget about the
Road we’ve already been down
When we live for the moment

June 1, 2008

She'll Never Know

by Anonymous

she'll never know you hold my leg in class,
she'll never know we hold hands at study hall,
she'll never know we hang out after school,
she'll never know you put me before her,
she'll never know youd rather hang out with me,
the only thing she can do is suspect
she'll never guess whats going on behind her back,
and she'll never know as much about you as me.

Prove a Point

by Bree Bree

while youre sitting here
trying to prove your point
i cant move
as im admitting that youre half right.
im still trying to understand
why you keep coming back to her
over and over time after time
and every time i try to state my opinion
i just hurt you even more
and for every time she's ever betrayed you
time after time and many times to come
for some reason i stick around and help you through
all the things that come to you.
as youre half right i still have a point
you put friends before girlfriends
and you cant deny it
even you know its true
that if you would have to choose
you would put others before her, you do
its never anything new, no matter what happens
ill always be there and always be true
and you will too if only you would let her go.

I'm Sorry

by Anonymous

I am sorry for what i said
it is not up to me who you want in bed.
but now i hope you can see
that shes not the one meant for you.
i dont know if i hurt you or helped you,
maybe a little of both ,
i am not trying to argue with you
or make you hate me,
but when i see you and her
it makes me wanna scream
just the thought of you
knowing nothing about her
and shes thinking of someone else
i wish you would just let her be,
people think im jealous
but i could care less
i am not jealous of a relationship
thats going nowhere at the best,
and everyone knows its true but you.
but suddenly you just stop and think
is she the one for me
or should i just set her free?
and will i make the right choice?
if you do i would rejoice
but im still here with no fear
that you will someday
but i know that it wont be long
before you will be alone and on your own,
so when you find out what shes doing to you,
it wont surprise me
this is nothing new.