Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

March 25, 2008

Runaway Princess


Standing on the steps
In a long pearly blue gown
She manages to fake a smile
As she makes her way down
Her dad keeps an eye on her
He watches her, proud

She goes down farther
Down to her people
Down to her responsibility

Collapses on the staircase
She drops to the ground
She hides her flushed face
With the silky slip of her gown
And she cries,
“Daddy, Daddy I can’t do it.
I can’t rule the town.
I can’t take it.
I can’t take the crown.”

The crowd stands speechless
Her dad—flabbergasted
Guilt and misery flush over her face
She knows she’s let many down

She can’t take it
She couldn’t do it
All the pressure and the mess
She fled for the door
And nobody’s seen her since

The Dream

by Kuni

The dream is fearless
The dream is strong
When the dream falls, it gets back up
The dream thinks about now and also days to come
The dream is successful, it never ends
The dream is filled with hope and faith
These are the things the dream contains,
What must I do to achieve the dream?
If these are what the dream contains,
Why not make the dream a reality?

March 20, 2008

Global Warming

by Shelby

Fire chuckles
Pollution bubbles
The earth slowly deteriorates,
into a massive deadly puddle

March 16, 2008

Love Love Love

by Anonymous

what is love?
it is something stupid.
i mean, why is there love?
i hate love.
it hurts when you get hurt,
but do you think of that
when you hurt someone?
i know i did.
so i guess i should start this off right:
love sucks when you're 17 and love someone,
but your daddy says,
'no, you can't see him or talk to him.'
he was the best thing to happen to me,
until you came around and stole him.
why did you take him away?
he loved me,
he said he would always be with me,
then you came to town
and now he's gone with you and it hurts.
i won't let you or him see it,
but someday i will tell you,
and then you will feel bad that you took him.

March 15, 2008


by Reby

im tired of your mistakes
im tired of you driving me insane
im tired of dealing with this everyday
im tired of it always being your way
im tired of the fighting
im tired of crying
im tired of the phrase "best friends" being misused
im tired of my self abuse
im tired of my wrist bleeding because of this
im tired of the world not being pure bliss
im tired of saying that im gonna go through with it and dont
im tired of backing out so i wont
im tired of waiting
so here i go.....

March 13, 2008

Friend with Benefits

by Audra

I see you there with your other girl;
Telling her she’s your only world.
But you and I both know the truth;
Those poor girls are just being lied to

I know what will happen;
You’ll knock at my door,
and show me affection I cannot ignore.
Your kiss will ignite a fire;
And I’ll soon give in to my forbidden desire.

But just as soon as you arrive;
You leave and I die a little inside.
Please don’t use me, I have feelings too;
You know I wouldn’t do this to you!

Please understand, I just healed my heart;
Don’t be the one that tears it apart.
You were the one I wanted to be with;
But now I see that I’m just your friend with benefits.

March 10, 2008

That Silver Blade

by Brittani

It's So Inviting
That Silver Blade

It's So Inviting
It's Driving Me Insane

It's Sharp
It's Clean
It Would Have No Problem Cutting Into Me

It's So Inviting
That Silver Blade

It's So Inviting
I Have Been Saved

March 9, 2008


by Rosa

i had so many cupcakes
that i didn't know what to do!
first i tried burying them,
but that just brought up dew.
next i tried burning them,
for that was my next thought.
but when i tried,
Mom came out chasing me with a pot.
i was discouraged for she told me to stop.
having nothing else to do,
i went inside to play with my top.
then i got an idea.
it was so easy and sparkled like a gem.
you'll never guess it,
for i decided to eat them!

March 8, 2008

Grasp Eternity

by Miss Paradox Complex

Is it possible
to hold

For a moment

choice guiding
choice shaping
choice creating
choice controlling

I hesitate
as I
prepare to step
the wet,
cracked cement,
still holding tomorrow's history
still grasping Eternity-

Before I
sculpt my piece

Before I
Carve my mark

Before I paint
In deep black ink-

I wonder


What if


Where Did It Go?

by Mouko

It stings, I know, but I don't feel it
I see it running down my pale skin
Why can I not feel the pain
Why is everything numb

No tears, I know I shouldn't, but I do
No feeling, that's my reason anyway
Why do I not feel the pain
Why is nothing there

Cold indifference is what it's come to
Yearning for the care free days of long ago
Why do I not feel the pain
Where did it go

March 7, 2008

I Can't Breathe

by Reby

every night is the same
i come home
and i'm the one to blame
is there ever a time?
where i don't have to run and hide
can't i ever just be left alone?
and be happy in my own home.
it's like i'm fighting world war III
and i can't seem to breathe.
i'm tired of crying for your foolishness!
it's me that has to clean up the mess.
in this place....happiness does not exist.
i wish this life could be pure bliss.
as i hide in my room and close my eyes tight,
i scream into the night.
i scream and scream until i cannot breathe.
oh how i suffocate under your stupidity.
oh how i can't seem to breathe.
someday i will die and you will be to blame.
your whole world will be put to shame.
you will cry that your life is over.
what about mine that you destroyed!!???
i can't breathe as i hear you scream right this minute.
i can't breathe
i can't breathe

March 3, 2008

Blood Shed, Pain That's Red

by live_lie_die

"Bleed it out,"
Pain whispers
The breath of pain
Sends shivers
Down my spine
My hand tremors
Soul shakes
Sharp pierces skin
Deeper and deeper
Scarlet streams
Rapid rush, red gush
Bleed out the pain


by Anonymous

All my feelings tangled up inside.
Just wanna,
Scream out,
Freak out,
Leap out,
Any way I can.
All my "friends" wanting me to take sides.
Just wanna,
Yell that they ain't true friends.
My parents wanting me to be a nerd,
Just wanna,
Yell that they're the most annoying
Thing I ever heard
Always waiting to find the one special guy.
Just wanna,
Put my life on fast forward.
All my homework bogging me down.
It just makes,
My head spin around and around.
I dream of a better place,
Where I wouldn't have a reason
To make my case.

March 2, 2008


by Reby

is all
that has ever left your lips
since the day you said "i love you"

i know i believed
i wish i didnt

it was all lies...

when you said
that i was beautiful.

when you said
that i was your one and only.

when you said
that i made your body feel warm.

when you said
that i made you happy.

when you said
that i make your heart beat faster
than the blink of an eye.

when you said
that i make you smile.

when you said
that nothing will come between us.

when you said
that it was just us two on this earth.

when you said
that i was the only one who mattered.

when you said
that you never wanna let me go.

when you said
that youll always love me.

when you said
that youll never hurt me.


youve said nothing

no more will i believe you

The Past

by Anonymous

We went through a lot
I used to be able to say
“I Love You!” and mean it
But as time went on
Things began to change
Even though I used to love
Those soft and sexy lips
I didn't always love your attitude!
I was proud to say you were my boo
But I don’t know about you!
As time went on
I learned that our love
Began to change
Deep down inside we both knew
What was best for the both of us!
We needed to separate!
One side of me was telling me
To move on
But the other side still missed you a lot!
That side will always miss you!
You will always be loved by me!
For life, regardless of what
Anybody says or tries to
Do to me!
You will always have that
Special place in my
Heart designed just for you!
I will always love you, boy!

Build the Fire Higher

by live_lie_die

pull the fire

from within

the blasts satisfies

my angry tension

hatred and fear

my life is a fire

with sparks flying

every which way

i cant escape the fire

the flames enclose me

until i burn

in a chamber of hell

March 1, 2008

His Stupid Actions

by Carla

He sits in the green looking up at the night.
Wishes he could tell her everything's alright.
Hold her in his arms and slowly kisses her lips.
Because of her, life is what he'll miss.
Keeping the moments of their love in his head.
Those moments with her he meant truly.
But some part of him now is walking on a small thread.
With her, he wanted to wed newly.

Now every night, he would go to bed
Trying to get her sight out of his head.
And every morning, there would be a flow of regret.
In his mind her words would sing, and the flow would fret.

Why did he let her go
When he could have just let her know
That he loved her so much
And he'd never pain her in such
Morbid grief
That he'd end up realizing that's no relief
To not be with her anymore;
Because everything about her is what he adored.
A guy that would cry for this one girl
Would win her back, then give her the world.

That Good

by Monk22

You think you know me?
Think again.
No one knows me.
I won't let them.
No one knows who I really am,
Inside my happy outside.
You can't see my inside,
You can't see the pain.
You can't see the fear,
You can't see the hatred,
Even when you look into my eyes.
I'm that good.

Dreary Ending

by Maygan C.

They say he's the man they all ever wanted
The way he lingers with my very mind
I can't stand without seeing him run through my eyes
Every hour wouldn't be an hour without being lull with his voice

I wrote for him my every poem and put it safely in this heart
I would give up everything and anything he might
But every now and then I keep missing a part of my soul
I have always wanted this man who looks away
And can't make this heart whole

Does he notice my somber presence or just taking it for granted?
That he comes and goes and always has makes my heart forsaken
With every note he plays, it makes me insane...and dreary
His ways are so mysterious,
These feelings getting stronger yet unclear

He's so near yet so far,
He clutches my soul but never touches my heart
This crestfallen heart so alone to ponder, all so torn apart
I'm so saddened whenever he doesn't shine his look on me
So dryhearted he doesn't even know, with her I'm so envious

How could Eros strike me with his bow and make me love this man
Evil this God, he made me live with lies...I will never love again
From this moment this heart will die and surely be sealed
These eyes will never see love,
This soul will be numb and I will forever bleed

I'm Sorry

by Reby

i know you love me
and i love you
i'm sorry.

i don't want to hurt you
we can't be.

it makes me want to cry
just thinking about this.

im sorry
that you think about me

i'm sorry
that you've learned to love me.

i'm sorry
that i gave you my heart
only to take it away.

i'm sorry
that you think you've done somthing wrong.

i'm sorry
if your dreams are haunted by me.

i'm sorry
if you feel like you can't live anymore.

i'm sorry
that i've hurt you in so many ways.

i'm sorry
if you think i lied when i said i loved you.

i'm sorry
it has to be like this.

i'm sorry
about everything i've done that hurt you.

i'm sorry
that i loved you so much it hurt.

im sorry
for not wanting to let you go.

i'm sorry
for finally pulling away.

i'm sorry
for the tears that fall out of my eyes every night.

i'm sorry
that your kiss still tingles my lips.

i'm sorry
that my soul still floats over you.

i'm sorry
that my heart leaps everytime i see you.

i'm sorry
that you have to read this.

i'm sorry
that i'm done.

i'm sorry
that i will never be over you.

i'm sorry


by Munk22

Just leave.
I don't want you here.
Go away.
I want you to disappear.
*POOF* and you're gone.
But you can't know,
Oh no.
Cuz I'm still your friend outside,
Not inside.
Inside I want you to go.
Shutup about your fucking issues.
I have my own to deal with.
Disappear, I don't care where.
Just go somewhere away from here,
Away from me


by Munk22

I fool the world with my fakeness.
My fake smile,
My fake laugh,
My fake colorful, happy facade.
I'm dying inside.
Everything's a mess.
I'd be better off alone.
No more fucking drama.
No more bitter tears.
I fool them all with it.
No one sees through my shell.
They don't know how I yearn,
Yearn to leave them behind.
I fool them all and they can't tell,
How I'm lying with a smile.


by Monk22

Sick of my boring life.
Same damn issues.
Same damn conversations.
Same damn people.
Every damn day.
I want someplace new,
With new people,
And new problems.
I hate doing it everyday,
The same, over and over.
Again and Again.
No excitement or difference.
I'm sick of it