Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

February 16, 2014


by Anonymous

One day I met this girl
She was so beautiful
She always smiled

I envied her, I still do
She is smart, kind, and strong

But one day I heard the bricks chip
The paint that covered her eyes began to strip
And I saw what she hid

Fear, distrust, pain, and
Her many scars

That was the day I knew
I would break the wall down
I would strip the paint
I would open the door

But I couldn't

The door only opens from the inside

I want to give her the key
I want I open it for her
But I can't

But one day she will open it
She will walk through it

No she will break it down
And she will see the faces

of those who have been waiting

She will see the scratch marks

that she's placed on the door fighting to get out

she will be free

I trust she will open the door
I know she will win the war

But until then
I will patiently wait
Because I trust her
And I love her

February 15, 2014


by Vici

When you feel like
Life is playing a
Trick on you

Birds stop singing
Oceans stop moving
The sun not shining
Your Heart is dying

You want to run
But don't know where
You want to scream
It seems too loud...

The walls get higher
Your skin turns red.
Your eyes without bliss
And all you want, all you need is a kiss.

Not on your neck
Not on your mouth
All it should touch
Without control..

Your slowly but definitely dying soul.

You're feeling Lost.

February 12, 2014

Daddy's Little Girl

by Elana

Things with you have gone down hill.
I thought we got through this "rough patch"

It's more of a rough life with you.
The ups are shorter than the downs.

The minimal good you've done
doesn't come close to the mental damage.
The list of things you should do but haven't
is a lot longer than what you have done .
Your bucket of bullshit lies
is just as full as your bullshit goodbyes.
Congrats it was a good disguise
But for you it's fame over demise
Your story will prolong
And I will slowly move along
Doing what I do best
Taking care of me
Loving myself enough for the both of us and more.
Knowing now that you weren't worth not one tear I shed on you.
Out of the many.
Maybe that was my disguise
Holding that one strand of goodness
Behind my daddy's little girl mask
You kept pulling on my string
Had me going for 15 years and 4 days.
But today I cut that string
And I feel free.

February 1, 2014

How Me..

by Taylor

How is it that it's always me ?
I always lose everything .
I lost my hopes,
my dreams,
my happiness,
my everything.
I can't seem to find anything.
It all left when you did
When you died it killed parts of me
I can't share feelings with anyone,
I can't be happy,
No longer, can I truly be me

People tell me,
'Find Jesus'
'Find God'
I tell poeple,
'If they exist
I dont want to find them.
If they exist
they never took pity on me,
they never gave me a break.
They must have some sick sense of humor,
to see me suffer
to see me cry at night
do they take joy seeing that sight?'

How could it have been me ?
I'm not religious
Who do I talk to
now that you're gone,
Now that you're dead?
I have no one anymore.
My mom won't listen
won't even look at me.
I practically don't have a dad
And the family I once had,
That's just a pathetic joke now.
All I have to say is,
How, how me of all people
How was I struck
Struck with this, this streak
This streak of such bad luck
How? How?

Too Gone..

by Taylor

Have you ever felt something slowly taking you over? That deep dark feeling that you can't run from. It makes your insides decay and takes you out with it . On the way out it makes your mouth open to scream loud but it all ready rotted your teeth away so you can't speak for yourself . It makes your eyes close cause you can't take the sight of what you're becoming and it makes everyone around you slowly care less and less about you each time they see you like this . You try to hold in the tears but right when you give up you realize it doesn't hurt anymore, not even the cuts you left yourself cause you can't feel emotion or pain, you're already far too gone to be saved... Have you ever felt like me?

The Guilt of My Fault

by Taylor

i used to smoke weed
it gave me happiness
it gave me hope
it gave me what only one person has before
i lie at night just,
just thinking of her.
how we'd talk for hours
and never get bored.
then death came along,
all i could think was,
'this is wrong.
this is wrong!'
i promised i would be there,
that night she OD'd
they waited two days to break the news to me
what'd they think, two last days to be happy? 
well i'll never be happy
it was my fault
this guilt eats at me
it'll never come to a hault
i'm not gonna stop it,
i won't even try
i deserve whatever the higher man throws at me
all i know is,
i definitely don't deserve to be happy