Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

January 27, 2007


by Cheyenne

what is life anyways
wordless screams
and wounded pleas
for happiness
we're all desperate for
someone to hold
we all end up begging for a heart unbroken
and ur too proud to show them ur pain
without u without me
who will hold me down when my world falls apart
like it always does
when ur gone
i whisper in the dark the only thing i trust
remember it wont get better
and we cant live on hope
and sleepless nites are filled
with restless minds and human frailties
thinking back to when we were kids
life hasnt turned out the way we planned
my only thought now is
how much longer i will last
without him, without her
who will hold her when she feels alone
shes left to hide her broken heart
im dizzy. the world wont stop spinning
i cant even stand up
and i dont know how long i can hold on
why wont u hear me anymore
why cant u see me anymore
without u i cant stop spinning
without u i cant stop falling
without u my somethings turn to nothing
and i cant take this anymore

I Miss You

by Anonymous

miss you so much it kills me inside
i miss you so much it makes me wanna cry
i love you so much it hurts
i love you so much it makes me wanna die
i want you to come back
i want you with me again
i can't live without you i do love you
i do want you to come home again
i need you im dying inside
i wish i could see you again
i cant wait till we see each other
all ill say is i love you so much bree

The Black Spider

by Sandra

Once upon a dark and chilly night,
of a cold autumn,
I began to think of the memory of my mother.
Her hair black as the soil.
Milky cream complexion.
She was always so cold,
Though her heart was warm as a summer day.
Suddenly I heard a light sound of tiny steps.
Must be a visitor.
Trying to come through my thin chamber door.
I remembered the tree overlooking my home.
The branches must be rustling against the door.
That's it. I stare into the fire.
To warm my heart. With sweet memories.
That is all.

Oh, how I wish to go back to the good old days.
Of childhood games and innocent pleasures.
With my mother always by my side.
I think of this while I look at old photographs
of my dearest loves.
How I prayed for my mother to come back in my place.
She gave so much love to all she knew.
Never judged or had a look of displeasure.
I hope to be that way. That is all I ask.
That is all.

Again I hear the tiny steps.
This time a tiny shadow appears under the door.
A shadow in the moonlight.
I wonder if it could be a stray animal or pet.
Cold, lonely, and wet.
I begin to slowly walk towards the door.
To see the mystery that lies behind.
To my surprise, it is nothing but a helpless spider.
With black hair. Shivering with cold.
I feel deja- vu. How curious that such a creature appears.
I ponder. A friendly reminder, of a life lost long ago.
That is all.


by Rene Roxanne

All the signs were there
Just hidden from my eyes
Your flattery got to the best of me
I was oblivious to your lies

You kept your secret
For longer than you'd ever dreamed
Your conscience never once giving in
Or so it had seemed

You thought you'd finally finished
Covering up your wrong
You thought I wasn't suspecting it
But I'd been hiding it all along

Finding out the truth
Wasn't a shock at all
But the reality of it hitting me
Sickened me like alcohol

During the day I hid from the world
At night I would drown myself in tears
The betrayal I felt just kept weighing me down
You did the one thing I'd always feared

You promised you'd treat me right
And that we wouldn't end up this way
Looking back it seems you broke all your promises
I can't believe after all that happened you expected me to stay

I believed all your stories
I was blinded from the start
You took me to a whole new place
Just to leave me in the dark

But I removed the blindfold
Found a bright light
Realized my mistake
And stopped the endless fight

Leaving you by yourself
Alone to wallow with deceit
Lifted the burdens of heartbreak
And gave me so much relief


by Caitlin

I feel the fire
burning through
the eyes of tomorrow
never knew.
I say I'm ok
but that is a lie,
for the fire that burns me
makes me want to die
through me.
the fire,

Broken Love

by Anonymous

My aching heart lifelessly beats
For only that still moment of love
Grasping hands tremble
As emptiness replaces our hold
Strong legs collapsing
Kneeling to the memories of when he held me up
Blurry eyes pouring warm emotion
Of pure wish for his presence
Rapid intake of breaths
Resist the need for a slow realization
Of a once loving body
Giving into the horrors of certainty
Implacable walls of address
Caving onto the actuality of attraction
From beyond the hopes of possibility
Behind the forces of anticipation
Comes the withered trust of adoration

January 14, 2007

Music Box

by Anonymous

As the last few chords hit upon the panel,
drawing out lonely, sad notes
In the shadows they strike out
and then listlessly die,
Echoing away...
Yet-dejectedly, mistakingly-
some hollowly fall into from opened from the sigh

They jolt and twist down, unwelcomed/unbidden
Forsakingly come to shatter the made reality

Into oblivian they seem to come,
nothing progresses, nothing thrives
And they seem to ebb away-sounding off one last time.

A complete path, an unavailing destination.

However, overlooked, farther into the depths
of the night of day and soul, lies a lone figure,
Hidden, unlit, and gaurded/impregnable
in this place by all that takes and reshapes
The tones of bittersweet joy and vision
still manage to reach and hit upon a heistant yet yearning mark
And fills the stranger within themselves,
aching, despite the emptiness felt with hope lost
Fragmenting, the desolately stirring song
notwithstandingly burns and engulfs, until...
Until one day no one will fight to hear it.
Be left to feel it

turning and rotating,
running-the deathwish is spun out,
and into the frigid ebony-
a jagged edged, two-sided smile is released


by Zara

Ever felt alone?
...yet surrounded by so many people
Ever wished for that something you know you shouldn't have
...that something is your escape
are you brave enough to take it?
Is the best thing in this life looking forward to death?
I'm fed up looking in the mirror at a person i don't like
Ive hurt people and been hurt
In this life we've been betrayed and let down
and its the ones you love the most that hurt you the most
Behind this false smile of mine I'm bleeding
waiting for something to rescue me from this depression
Its dark and feels like everyone is out to get me
I feel that no one understands and they think I'm being stupid
But I'm not, i cant help how i feel
as days, weeks and months pass I'm still here
Ive got the scars to prove
My only escape is the knife across my skin
The hidden scars remind me of the release of my sadness
As i bleed i feel relief
My life is one big joke
I'm living a lie, putting on a brave face
I don't want to anymore
I'm fed up
I want to end this so called gift from god...life
...but I'm not brave enough to see it through

They Will Never Know

by Anonymous

they will never know the pain i've felt,
the tears i've cried,
the scars i've made.
they will neve know the pain i've felt
because my pain will end tonight.
one last scar deep enough to kill
one last scar not a pill.
they will never know
they were the cause of my pain.
they will never know
because it ends tonight.

Never Enough

by Beba

Sometimes I know the words to say,
Give thanks for all you've done,
But then they fly up and away,
As quickly as they come.

How could I possibly thank you enough?
The one who makes me whole,
The one to whom I owe my life to,
The forming of my soul.

The one who tucked me at night,
The one who stopped my crying,
The one was the expert,
At picking up when I was lying.

The one who saw me off to school,
And spent sad days alone,
Yet magically produced a smile,
As soon as I came home.

The one who makes such sacrifices,
To always put me first,
Who lets me test my broken wings,
In spite of how it hurts.

Who paints the world a rainbow,
When it's filled with broken dreams,
Who explains it all so clearly,
When nothing it's what it seems.

Are there really any words for this?
I find this question tough
Anything I want to say
Just doesn't seem enough.

What way is there to thank you,
For your heart, your sweat, your tears,
For ten thousand little things you've done,
For oh so many years.

For changing with me as I changed
Accepting all my flaws
Not loving because you have to
But loving just because

For never giving up on me
When your wits had reached their end
For always being proud of me
For being my best friend

And so I come to realize
The only way to say
The only thank you that's enough
It’s clear in just one-way

Look at me before you,
See what I've become?
Do you see your self in me?
The job that you have done?

All your hopes and all your dreams
The strength that no one sees
A transfer over many years
Your best was past to me

Thank for the gifts you give
For everything you do
But thank you mommy, most of all
For making dreams come true

Your daughter


by Sierra

She loved him.
He told her he did, sometimes.
Other times he said he hated her.

She cared about him.
He acted like he did, sometimes.
Other times he told her to die.

She respected him.
He acted like he did, sometimes.
Other times he used his force to get what he wanted.

She got scared of him.
He acted like she shouldn't be, sometimes.
Other times he'd play it to his advantage.

She wanted to get rid of him.
He acted like he was hurt, sometimes.
Other times he'd use his strength
to make her change her mind.

She brought new guys around.
He knew they wouldn't stay long.
Other times he'd try to get them
to dump her by befriending them.

She locked her door.
He knew it really was locked, sometimes.
Other times he would just walk in
and do what he wanted.

She thinks she has control of their relationship now.
He wants her to keep it up, cause he gets what he wants.
Other times he'll just cheat and get it somewhere else.

Does it sound like a good relationship
between step-siblings?
Her mother knows, but won't stop it.
Would you save her?
I wish I could.

Can I

by Chelle

Can I live for me without being judged?
I'm only human so I Make Mistakes
Can I go outside without being looked at by grown men?
Can I enjoy my life without wondering if this is the end?
Can I be who I am without being stereotyped,
Or do I have to do what I must and Fight?
Can I go and have a good time
At the club and with my friends?
Insted of fast guys tryina get in my pants.
Do I have to live in fear whenever night is near?
Or can I be loved for my mind instead of what I have behind?
So insted of living in fear and wonders
I'm going to da the only thing I can...

Live my life as if it were my last!

Broken Hearts

by Jessi

When I started as a eighth grader
I didn't think life could be greater.
Soon everything fell apart
and you pieced together my broken heart.
I opened up and let you in,
I never thought you'd hurt me in the end.

I never understood what went wrong.
I didn't think it would hurt this long.
All the things you said to me,
I always thought we would be.
The past we cannot forget
But our hearts might be filled with great regret.
I've survived heartbreak and I'll do it again.
I cannot dwell on one of you men.

Love comes your way each and everyday,
It isn't obvious but is shown in a different way.
Some people feel it and others don't,
There are some people who just won't.

Loving is living,
You have to be giving.
Hiding away won't solve the problem today.
Embrace each chance to give your heart away.

Love hurts but take chances,
You will find different romances.
I will open my heart once more
But my heart will always be sore

Dear Mr. Drunk Driver

by Courtney

dear mr. drunk-driver,
do you know what you did to this family?
could even you even begin to understand?
you got into that truck drunk
you drove on that highway
you made your choices and
now you have to live with them
you will never know the pain
that we feel everyday
you will never fully understand
what its like
you sit there begging for forgiveness
would you forgive
if it was the other way around?
could you forgive?
she has to live with the memories
she's haunted by the day
she will never be the same
you say your sorry
but is that true?
your only sorry
cause someone got hurt
i hope you realize what you did
you destroyed a family
she has to fight everyday
you will never understand her pain
you walked away without a scratch
she was left with the worst of it
i hope your happy for what you did
i hope it eats you alive
i hope it hurts think of that day
i hope it makes you cry
i hope you never forget ....

I Know

by Zenna

I Know that you and me are ment to be
I know i was more than just a friend
to you just like you were more to me
I know what my heart is telling me
I know there has to be a way
for me to make you see
I know that you miss me
as much as i miss you
why else would you call as much as you do
I know i made a mistake
by letting you walk away
not saying the words i was aching to say
i know that you will always be in my life and
I know that i will never have to go through
anything without you right there by my side
I know all these things i say are true
I know whats deep in my heart
Do You????

Happily Never After

by Jolissa

It all begins with once upon a time
In a far away land in all its prime
An introduction begins of a character we don't know
Who is caught amidst the troubles of daily life and woe
Until one day he sees her and love takes its toll
He is overcome with it- its his ambition- his goal
Unfortunately trials and tribulations stand in the way
A fire breathing dragon he must slay
Or he might have to kill an evil witch with a poisoned apple
No matter - there is no trouble too great for our hero to tackle
As if he's immortal, he conquers his foe
Sweeping his princess off her feet, making her love him so
Everything seems perfect, what else could matter?
But that's what you think because there is no real happily ever after
There's no hints to what would follow, no inbetween the lines
It doesn't say how prince charming hurts her and makes her cry
For some reason they don't tell how he rips her heart to shreds
Leaving her helpless, crushed, and emotionally dead
The tears she weeps form pools of regret
This is something she'll be sure to never forget
So sick of struggling with the question of why he did it
It's ran through her mind but the pieces of the puzzle don't fit
Was it because the other princess had lips as red as a rose?
Or did she have glass slippers that glowed?
Did he do it because she was trapped in an enchanted castle?
Or maybe her 100 year nap was too much to handle
But there is no excuse, and I've had enough
It's all because of you my fairy tale's fucked up

January 13, 2007

If They Had Cared

by Rebecca T.

What would it be like...
if parents could understand.
What us teens go through...
because we need a helping hand.
The drama,the fights,
the gossip and rights,
are all part of highschool life.
But I had a friend...
He wasn't the coolest kid in school
He was bullied everyday,
and made to look like a fool.
He was smart,funny,and nice
He would always be kind,
and keep the unfortunate in mind.
But one day he was pushed to far,
the bullies crossed the line.
No one would stand up for him,
and he didnt know why.
The parents didn't know,
and the teachers would ignore.
He couldn't take it...
He wanted no more...
When i got up the next morning,
all ready for school...
I went to class and found out to soon...
My Best friend in the world...
more like a brother to me,
was gone...
forever in an endless sea.
The teachers and students
were all in shock.
The crying was endless...
it wouldn't stop.
My eyes were red,
and I was sad inside...
the day that my best friend,
Mr. J. High...
went and commited suicide...

No Blessings

by Nicole R.

Blessings are told to protect the soul
But with out them your soul becomes cold
To make you fight through out the trouble
When no one blesses you not even a mumble
From broken hearts and bodies torn
Through thoughts of life and minds worn
From problems and fights
To tears of fears and no more good nights
Shattered glass of love and broken memories
To blessings that was torn and angels set free
So screams of torture and fights of fear
That goals have been set and you never come near
Good choices you made aren't rewarded no more
Like broken flowers that wont grow no more
But still it seems that hope is revealed
But it grows to see that its all an open field
Of heart ache and sorrow
No hopes of tomorrow
To just leave and disappear as the sun goes down
To be able to see how it is when nothings around
But of coarse its chasing you like shadows behind
Hoping that the light will leave your troubled shadows behind
So just break the clock and leave bad times behind

I Wish I Could Be Like You

by fallenbutterfly

Shes looking around this crowded place,
everyones baring a smile.
You call her your friend; you call her this word,
inside shes screaming; but to you shes unheard.

She smiles and smiles; but she smiles too hide,
her secrets, her fears. Her razor sharp lies.

Her friends will see the scars on her heart;
theyll see the cuts and bruises.
But theyll be shocked; and theyll be hurt.
Too see this is the path she chooses.

She doesnt mean to come out so weak,
She just cant find her way.
Crawling to find some light in life,
Trying to find some reason to stay.

Looking in my shattered mirror; this is what I see.
I see a heartbroken little girl, and shes staring back at me.
Looking in my shattered mirror; Ive realised something new.
This little girl is me & I wish I could be like you.