Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

November 25, 2013


by Ayushi
Mom, why is water flowing from your eyes?
Dad, why dont you smile?
Why is everyone sad?
Is there something wrong?
God said, I was supposed to bring happiness to your lives,
Then why is no one happy?
Am I not good?
Mom, have I made a mistake?
Have I hurt anyone?

I remember, 
you were laughing, 
Singing songs, 
And were extremely happy
Infact, everyone was happy.
I could even feel your laughter,
When I was a part of you.
Even I thought to myself,
That I would come to your life,
And would make you even more happpier,
But that is not happening...!
I can see that everyone is sad,
I can sense something wrong.

Oh! I forgot to tell you mom,
When I was inside you,
Something was troubling me.
I wasn't at ease,
I felt something pressing against my throat 
It felt like, something was trying to kill me...
And then I choked,
and again...
and again...

A few moments passed,
And I was feeling better,
But there was a problem...
I was not able to breathe properly
Things were not making sense, mom
I don't know what was happening.

Then there was screaming and shouting and god knows what all.
And then came the moment, when I entered this world...
I was covered in a red, gooey substance,

My eyes were not opening,
And I couldn't move,
Not even a bit!
I wasn't even breathing...

God told me once,
"All you have to do throughout your life,.. is breathe
Because that is what proves that you are alive!"

Things are making sense now, mom
I don't move
I don't cry
I don't even breathe...!
Mom, am I not alive?
Am I "born dead", like most people call it?
I think I am...

I am sorry, mom
But I would have to leave...
I don't get a chance to be with you, and dad and this family.
God wants me back..

I guess, this is the reason why everyone is crying
I did not stay with you all,
For even a few moments,
But you all, still love me,
Are crying over my death..
All of you would miss me, right?

I promise you, mom
I would go back to god 
and ask him to give you a friend of mine.
You keep him, ok?
And be happy.

I may not be alive, mom
But I know god will give you happiness again.
I know my friend will make you happy

Please mom, please don't cry
And ask dad to be happy
You know I love you the most, right?
And I will always do ...
Just take care of yourself
And everyone else

It's time for me to go.
Bye mom,
Bye dad,
Bye world.

Guilty Pleasure

by Tay
My sinful lips already committed forbidden pleasure,
pleasure that can never be revealed
Wishin’ to rewind through time of prevention,
while bein' deleted from my present... 

As their bodies became whole,
Electrifyin' lights sparked within' each vessel 
Formin' unique passion marks,
as our lips danced along each others skin
Like tango music,
Our sounds romantically spiced the room
With an agreeable minglin' of seduction...

The sweetest fingers roamed, 
quenched my thirstin' physical needs
While spiritual sins are being created with a knowledgeable lover
Showin love and affection...
Feelin' lower than loam, 
guilt drastically took its place as the aftermath
This romance jus' recently starting….

Why couldn’t I’ve said?
…Wait! Put those flames on ice!
This isn't what you will want, 
Jus' hormones caught in the moment...

Lookin' back,
Wantin' to reverse the hour glass
This event could've been delayed until its rightful time,
With that rightful someone
But my sinful lips already committed forbidden pleasure...

The End

by Ayushi
You see me,
I see you.
My heart pounds,
Just the way it used to.

You hold her hand,
Kiss her on the cheek.
The mere sight of it,
Makes my knees weak.

I want to cry,
Put my heart out.
Why did you leave me?
That's all my heart shouts.

You love her,
I loved you.
Well, that's what I state,
I know I still do.

It seems like yesterday,
When I gave you my heart,
You were to take care of it,
not to tear it apart.

I want to talk to you,
I wanna know why,
Exclaiming it to be eternal,
Was it just a lie?

She holds your hand,
Kisses you on the lips,
That's when reality strikes me,
And my heart takes a deep dip.

It's over between us,
I know it is.
You were a part of me,
Who will be highly missed.

November 14, 2013


by Earl G.
I've never been so happy,
I still can't believe it is true,
Though this may sound sappy,
My brain feels just like goo,
My heart is beating,
And my knees buckle, too.
To know you feel this way
Is joy anytime of the day.


by Anonymous
These emotions i kept bottled up.
It makes me cry on the inside.
I put up a smile.
When in reality it's me tearing apart.
The pain seemed to increase every second.
It makes my knees shake.
I just want to curl in a ball and disappear.
Because my tears they seemed to be invisible to you.

It's painful really.
It makes me feel fragmented.
Broken and alone.
Can't you tell by the way i shivered.
This pain is only tearing me apart.

When i call out to you.
My voice seemed to be lost in the wind.
The words i wanted to shout.
It came out as whispers and whimpers.

Fragmented, broken and alone.