Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

July 13, 2008

You and Me

by HayLee

They say two years doesn't make you tolerable

Leave honey, it will just get worse

They say one hit leads to another

Call the police, tell your mother

They say once a cheater always a cheater

I sit here wondering how I don't want to compete with her

They say don't drink to take away your pain

I find it so hard not to, my mind has gone insane

They say don't tell your dad how you got those stitches

I didn't tell my dad because I knew he would take a gun to you

They said, trust me, he doesn't love you

I find myself thinkin, wow, "he doesn't love me"

Everything they say I have come to realize.

I'm not yours anymore
I'm not your toy
You can't hit me
Control me
Laugh at me
Yell at me
Or abuse me

They say one day you won't be able to take it anymore

I sit here ignoring you, I can't believe they're right....

"It's over"

More Than Friends

by HayLee

He broke my heart
Over and over again
Throughout it all
You were always my friend.
You said you cared about me
And that would last till the end.
I cried on your shoulder,
You loved me while I had always loved him,
I pretended that I wanted life this way,
I wanted to be hit,
Stood up and cry.
I wanted to sit around
While the one I loved
Purposefully chose actions that hurt me.
I wanted to pretend
I could be with him till the end,
But now I find myself thinking
About how much I like my friend.

July 10, 2008

A Song from Dad

by Katelyn

some days you won't see me or hear me on the phone
don't you frown my little one, you'll never be alone
daddy's in your heart and your heart's so deep
i will be there everyday, even when you sleep
daddy's love is special, this you'll find is true
there's nothing in this world i love more than i love you
daddy's love is stronger, stronger than the wind
daddy's love is in your heart, let the smiles begin
i don't need to tell you you're the sparkle in my eye
when you see me smiling, you're the reason why
you have brought me joy, and laughter into my world
you're an angel from the heavens, you're daddy's little girl
daddy's love is special, this you'll find is true
there's nothing in this world i love more than i love you
daddy's love is stronger, stronger than the wind
daddy's love is in your heart, let the smiles begin

I Try

by Anonymous

i try so hard for you to notice me.
i try so hard for a simple hello or an easy goodbye.
i try so hard for a simple phone call or a hand wave.
i try so hard to be your easiest hello and your hardest goodbye.
i try so hard to get the words out of my mouth.
i try so hard to say.....
i'm in love with you


by Amanner

one night at a party where their eyes first met.
she told all her friends he was the best one yet.
they talked every night and finally started dating.
2 3 4 months and she kept on waiting
for those three words every girl yearns to hear.
one day while sitting under the stars
those three words were finally said: "i love you, dear"
5 6 7 months it was time for the next step.
but secrets were hidden and being kept.
the night it happened it was like a miracle
over and over and over again but one day she felt sick
and her body tried to fight it but it couldn't win.
1 trip to the hospital was not a happy one.
AIDS he said - now this relationship was no more fun.
she yelled and screamed saying how could you do this to me.
he said it shouldn't matter
we love each each other. love has no fee.
she couldnt stand what he did to her.
it was over in a flash, there was no more him and her.
but doing that didn't change the fact what he did to her.
she was internally dying and nobody could save her.
then one day her body couldn't take it; she was under the dirt.
up in heaven with God where it no longer hurt.

Still In Love With You

by Anonymous

you were my love, my life, my everything.
your kisses so soft made my body tingle.
that one day she said she still loved you
you gave in without a fuss.
now i'm here all alone
with no one to talk to
you were my best friend.
we'd talk day and night
and you would never know what i'm thinking.
'are you over it?' you'd say
i'd agree but in the back of my mind,
not even close, baby.
in my mind i'm thinking you're the one.
but how am i in love
with the one who's hurting me so bad?
baby, i know you don't know this
but i want you to know.
that i still love you
and in my heart i'll never let you go.

The Future

by Aubrey

we've been together forever
and that's how it's going to be
until the day i die
i will never forget
all the good times we've had
and the good times to come
all the things we plan
i hope they come true
and to stay with you
through my life
through the ups and downs,
you''ll cry with me
i'll cry with you,
together forever we'll always be,
i just want you to know
you're the best friend
anyone could ask for,
and im glad to know
that you're mine

Why Me?

by Elizabeth

No friend called me tonight,
No boy looked at me with love,
No parent gave me hugs and more...
Why is it always me?

Chris found my journal,
Nick found out my secret crush,
Jonathan found my 'girl things...'
Why is it always me?

Life may be hard for little me,
Yet there are some who're harder,
So I'll give my truest smile...
And forget about me.


by Elizabeth

I am no where to be found.
Mom and Dad don't find me ever.
Sister, brother, hears my voice;
Yet they will never see me.

Dead am I who gave them help,
For sorrow had surrounded me
And gone from life is Lilly Junes
Who was given no one's friendship.

Far Away Land

by Carli

Once upon a time in a far away land,
was a rocking rock band,
that would rock the night away.
The band's not the story though,
it's the far away land.
This land is called Hollywood.
You know, with the celebrities that are all tanned.
They may sing, they may act...
but there's one thing they all seem to lack.
Sure, they maybe famous,
but they're missing something.
It's practically a fact.
What they're missing is a real life,
real friends, a real home.
All they've got is a far away land
and a rocking rock band.

Do We Feel the Same

by Jessica

I want you
I know I have to wait
But god it's killing me
I keep thinking though
What is it that you care about?
I know you say you care
I just do not know what to think
I want to believe you,
But you have to understand
I’ve been hurt before
and cannot bare it again
Even if you do not feel as I do
It will not change the plans
I just need to know
What I am getting into


by Shannon

I waited for you.
At the bus stop, remember?
You told me to meet you there
and we would catch a movie.
No, no, that’s fine, people forget...
of course. Some other time.
Look, don’t change your plans.
I have homework anyway...
I know it’s Friday, but
I might as well get it done while
I have the time...yeah, it can wait
until Sunday, I guess.
Where are you?
At your cousin’s?
Doing what?
Really? You’re watching TV
With her? Is she sick?
Really sick? Then how come
I can see you sitting in the lobby,
Holding hands with that other girl?

My Mercury

by Shannon

I called her Mercury, that summer day in June
when I noticed her for the first time. She slid
past my house on her scratched up taped up
roller-blades like a silvery jet of fluid and waved
hi to me as she cut clean through the butter-thick
air. I swam in her chrysanthemum yellow peppered
with sapphire dust floating on a rippling pond eyes
when they met my own boring brown ones, framed by
thick black raven hair that danced in the air like
so many threads of spider’s silk. I never talked to that
girl, not even when the moving trucks swallowed her
boxes and furniture and eventually even herself whole,
‘cause I was just a shy little thing who hid behind
the asteroid belt of my mom’s plaid curtains
and sometimes peeped out to warm up a little
in her far-off brilliance. ‘Cause she was the light
of my universe and I was a black orb ostracized by
the earth’s learned men as a superfluous addition to the
Elite Eight. They think they know everything,
but they don’t know this; the sun isn’t the center of our
solar system¾she is. And even when Mercury moved
away I still hid behind that asteroid belt, even though the
orbital sometimes pushed me in front to bask in her distant
glow. She wrapped me up tight in her quicksilver smile
whenever she caught a glimpse of me,
and pulled me, Pluto, back into the Milky Way.

Thinking Back

by Jessica

Thinking back,
I wish I would have known the end.
I just ignored,
The time wasted,
The pathetic waiting.
Clueless, I was to it.
Chuckle at myself I did.
And why could I not see?
A Web of lies spinning before me,
Playing along.
Positive it was a lie,
When you said, you cared.
Wanting out too soon after.
How stupid was I to fall
on ground I knew would be hard
However, I do not blame you
Nor regret anything I said or did
No anger and no sorrow, not anymore.
I unlike you never lied.
I still stand by what I have said
Just wish I would have been
prepared for the fall.
Judging the distance I had,
there was no time to prepare.
Honest I wish I could be, but even now,
Holding back as I always do.
Not wanting anyone to know
Not wanting the concerned looks
Though thinking back,
the fall was worth it.


by Tiyona

Tornadoes and hurricanes
My heart aches
My heart has pain
Storm clouds rainy skies
Pour down on puffy cheeks
That say goodbye to a peaceful sleep

Lost in my mind of turmoil,
Someone spilled the oil that started the flame
Internal sorrow, internal misery,
Nothing comes close
to the way I want things to be
Raged filled veins
contain an uncontainable amount of strain
And send me down this drain of sadness
As I drown my heart in the cries that I cry
Continous withful thinking
that time will speed up for the sake of me.

Lost in this world of selfishness and self gain
In a world where everyone takes from me
whatever they can obtain, and do cause they can.
Cause they so willingly know
that my hurt soul can't do a thing about it.

Lost in words that were never spoken
to a man's heart, so that he might understand.
I didnt want him to leave cause I didn't know
how to survive without him near me.
I didnt want him to leave because I didnt want
to fight back the tears that fought back.
I didn't want him to go cause for so long
I hated that I didn't know how to love

Lost is myself - I, me,
as I stand in my desolated rapture alone
Lost is how I'll stay until he comes
and wipes these hollow tears from my face

Weren't, Isn't, Won't

by Anonymous

you weren't there to see me on stage,
to give me flowers
you just couldn't go for a couple of hours
you're not here when i need you the most
graduation right around the bend,
will you be there then?
you're killing yourself and you know it,
but still you don't stop,
when i see you like that it makes me wonder
how much more time we have together,
if not much, i'll treasure forever
all the little moments we had when i was little,
now you're stuck in the middle
with a choice of life without alcohol
or one that will come to a certain death
please make the right choice
for the ones who love you the most.