Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

December 15, 2007


by Anonymous

We all seemed to like you.
But not for what you are or what you've become,
but the person I thought you were.
And the person you should be right now.
And thats the reason...
Thats the reason I said no.
Now no one cares
and no one wants you for anything.
Because you say sorry without reason
or being truthful about it.
Because you make fun of people
to make yourself feel better
and to hide the fact that you can't stand
people not liking you anymore
and not wanting to be near you.
And now, self pity...
But it doesn't work.
Still no one cares.
Because they know who you are...
They know the real YOU!

Silent Tears

by Anonymous

alone in my room of solitude, watching as a candle flickers,
illuminating my small, dark corner of loneliness.
thinking my day over, how selfish i had been.
glittering tears begin to trickle down my face, as i lay awake.
it's hard to love, when you don't have a heart.
so strange to want when you don't have a need.
the candle's flame is dimming, it's wax is melting into tears.
"stay alive" i tell the candle, but it feels like i'm talking to myself.
"how can i live?" cries the candle, "when i have no need?"
the flame dies out and i am left with nothing
but these silent tears trickling down my face.


by Raven Sky

When we were young,
We never questioned reality.
When we were young,
We just believed in the world.

When we were young,
We never noticed the stares
Of those who'd lost their vision.
We played without a care,
Oblivious to their confusion.

When I was young,
I never noticed the way they looked,
The way they longed for my innocence.
Yet they tried every trick in the book,
To save me my grievance.

When we were young,
We did not see the beauty,
The smiles, The laughs.
Life without Duty,
Life without Social Class.

When I was young,
Things were different,
Now I watch and long,
Wish I was that innocent,
Wish I lived in a world with no wrong.

When we were young,
We wished we were old,
For age we often sung.
Now we know the world is cold,
Now we wish we were young.

We are not young,
We always question reality.
We are not young,
We can't believe in the world.


by Megan

sit and sit as days go by
not a care in the world
she just sits and stares up at the sky
many people wonder about this girl
why is she so beautiful but so sad
she's a pretty picture in a frame
the clocks sink faster into the sand
time is fading her looks no longer tame
she had her chance but didn't take it
a new time a new girl
but she will not sit and sit
no clam can contain this pearl
she has dreams to achieve
things to do, people to see
all she had to do was believe
now that beautiful WOMAN is where she wants to be.

Beauty of Death

by Anonymous

Death of beauty is when love bows down to hate,
Then we must all be prepared to make haste.
Bring to life the shadows underneath it all,
Reveal your heart, show them you care, walk the hall.
Where memories portrayed as pictures cause pain.
Some can’t do it, the agony and nostalgia makes them insane.
Fall in love, but caution is necessary in this cruel race.
You must keep running, blind to what you chase.
Cause for celebration is when perfection is reached.
Only then can a perfect reality be breached.
A glowing girl, she’s the key to all,
Understand why she’s beautiful and you won’t fall.
Her soul is the key to the heart of black,
Fake it, all is lost, gorgeous inside, makes beauty not lacked.
Picture of heaven, wings hidden in the smile,
All she loves is everything, holds burdens of liars.
Pushed further down by secrets, now just a memory,
But, my best friend, will always be a part of me.
Although she left us here all alone with no one else,
We die and are born alone, that’s the beauty in beauty itself.
The beauty of death is not in past,
She was ambushed, she was hurt, she couldn’t last.
Pain causes beauty to whither away,
She ran away and was taken before the next day.
She fell in love; beauty fell in love,
She fell in love with flaws
and for that now perfection's above


by Anonymous

We’re falling back in rhythm to comfortable love,
Maybe we’ll find a place in this world, and above.
Desperate thoughts pierce thickening air from each breath we took,
First touch was a miracle, it was love at the first look.
We tried to succeed, but misery was the winner,
The days turned dreary, happiness thinner.
Forgetting was a mere though, impossible at first,
For you keep drifting back to me, like an incurable thirst.
Seeping through shadows and disguising as pain,
Love for the boy who broke my heart almost drove me insane.
Foolish is chance, was empty-handed as luck,
They say you don’t get another try, so you stay closed, like buds.
Blooming looms far in the future, only time will tell,
If we’ll try again, or if we’re doomed for hell.


by Anonymous

Light touch, developed in soul, mind is forgotten,
Memories fade, the heart turns black and rotten
Overwhelming colors and figures loom in the distance,
Forgetting all hope inside, consumed by the missing.
Echoing through heaven and hell, this song never ends
Words will cause pain, but actions call for amends.
Consumed in the feel of the moment itself,
Time comes to a halt, captured by the way life was dealt
Memory fades, just like the boy, and all that we love.
One day means every thing,
we never know when we’ll go below or above.
She slips on the fear and swallowed by fright.
Consumed by the sorrows and darkness of night.
Calling to her, the shadows of life taunt.
Every night they are just a haunt.
Breeze blows, calling me in, trying to win.
Whispering in my ear telling me lies about him.
Try to run, the threat that was told,
She cried out her soul, she turned ice cold.
Her eyes closed and then they came,
Standing on the sidelines, it drove him insane
Now every things hectic and all must end
Souls are fleeing, war is around the bend.


by Shakiera

you were my angel and my rock
i thought your love would never stop
you were my light at the end of the tunnel
now it's caved in like a funnel
i miss you because you are me
i miss the times i used to see
to see you smile again
to feel your warm embrace
i miss the feel of you touching my face

What Friends Are

by Kenn

Friends are the all knowing ones
Friends are the understanding ones
Friends will be at your side no matter what
Friends are the kind and generous ones
Friends help each other out in their times of need
Friends are happy for each other
Friends are right there when you just need to cry
Friends are the ones
who help you out a bad relationship
Friends are the ones
who are always happy to see you
Friends are the first ones
to hug you after you come off a plane
Friends are the ones
who will take you to a dance if you don’t get asked.
Friends are the ones
who don’t judge you for what you look like
Friends are the ones
that care mostly about you, not how popular you are.
Friends will stand up to you
if it is for your own good.
Friends will stand up to the bullies
that hurt you in both physically and mentally.
Friends don’t use you to get more friends.
Everyone loves there friends
Friends love you back.
Don’t forget, you are there friend too.
So, love them and care for each other

December 3, 2007

That's Okay

by Allison

even if you stop,
the world turns anyway...
even if you're out of breath,
the world is still in motion...
even if you love someone,
they could always turn away from you...
even if you try you're hardest,
it never gets to become your best...

it's alright try anyway,
if you do, you'll do better than the rest
it's okay to love them with your whole heart,
if you do, they'll love you, too
it's okay if you have to stop awhile,
it couldn't be worth so much commotion
it's okay if the world can still turn, but you can't,
you'll catch up someday

Dark Object Following Me

by Hookz

i hear my heart beat,
as i walk the street.
i hear footsteps
as if somone is following me.
i see only a shadow against the wall.
i see that it (the shadow) is tall.
i feel that it is closer indeed.
as my hearts starts to beat faster,
as i pick up my speed.
i hear heavy breathing
as if it's closer than it seems.
i know it is following me.
i hide behind the wall,
as i panic in fear.
as then the shadow,
starts to disappear.
it turns the corner,
as i look to see...
the dark shadow is me!

Nature Is My Friend

by Kenn

Nature is my comforter
I often run to her
She listens to my cries
And wipes the tears from my eyes
We talk and walk together
And I listen to her
She has many things to say
About the things that happened in her heyday
We are friends throughout the seasons
And we will never grow apart for many reasons
We will always be together
Forever and ever

Can't Keep Us Apart

by Rodnesha

we broke up
it was hard for me
i called you a lot of names
and you did the same to me
but now we're back
never to part once more
our love is so true
it shouldn't be wrong
me and you, we go together
like red and blue
i will always love you

December 2, 2007


by Heather

You rocked me to sleep,
So many secrets you could always keep,
There was never a minute in a day,
You weren’t there for me,
You always believed
I could be whatever I wanted to be,
There’s so many memories that we’ve shared,
I wish I could have showed you more
how I truly I cared,
You never once ever let me down,
Whenever I needed you, you were always around,
You were not just a mom to me,
but also a mom to everyone,
You were not just special to me, but to everyone,
The love and the memories I have for you
will never be done,
You cooked me dinner and made me lunch,
Things you've done for me, there was a bunch,
I lost more than just a parent,
I lost my life, my heart, my mom and a best friend,
You were all of them and even more,
When I think of you and us,
it makes me want you here with me more and more,
Even though the tears still come and never stop,
I know I can thank you
for being the best mom you could have ever been,
But most of all, I can thank you
for making me the person I am today

A mom I now have to live without,
but I will never forget her
For she was my mom…

December 1, 2007


by Anonymous

Unforgotten past
Casting shadow on soul
Don’t think
Try not to feel
Numbness takes over

Blanket of darkness
Familiar faces fade
Panicking heart races
Identity misplaced

Conversation fills room
Head pounds searching for answers
Matching blue gowns
Cold food on plate
Get me out

Hard table
Touch of a hand
Scratching of a pen on paper
Bright light pierces eyes

Days grow longer
Track of time lost
Broken people surround me
Hate. Lies. torture.
This can't be happening

Can’t let this define me
Keep it a secret
Don’t let anyone in
Bottled up inside
Ready to burst

Salty tears on my lips
Everyone leaves
Stay with me here
Understand me
Make me forget.


by Jacquelynn

Difference isn't a reason to harass someone
Lust isn't a reason to leave someone
Jealousy isnt a reason to kill someone
Hope isnt a reason to quit

Who Are We

by Meagan

Who are we, who are we, do we really know
Are we stuck in the future, the past, the unknown?
We are all different, none are the same,
But we all have one question in mind:
Who are we?

Everyone has ideas, everyone has a future
But lots don’t know a clue
about them or their career,
So why bother giving up
because you don’t know what to do,
Keep trying to succeed,
if you keep on trying,
then you will find who you are.

So who are we?
Well we are people with futures,
We are people with dreams
We just have to follow our hearts
to help create who we are.

Insects of the World

by Meagan

The sun rises as my heart goes down,
while I wait for it to turn around
and fly like a beautiful butterfly,
fluttering by, like my heart wants to be,
just waiting inside of me.
When the day starts, so do I,
over and over I go,
never am I always the same,
that would be boring,
so every day be different,
don’t change yourself,
just be different,
it will never be hard.

When I start every day,
one door closes and another opens,
but my eyes see clearer than I ever need,
no matter if I have glasses,
life will just get clearer in my eyes
as the days go on, as the world moves.

Every child is a bumblebee
just coming into the world,
no matter how old,
kids are just seeing the world now,
and they may be 17, but they see.
These bumblebees are opening up and starting fresh,
making the honey for the world
and the next generation to come,
it will be perfect,
that is why we are making it.

We are the insects of the world,
flying by and crawling our way up to the top,
just one step at a time,
from one kid to another,
and from adults to adults,
it will and can be done.
Pesky tics are what we can be,
to the world that we live in,
what we do is a pain compared to the tics
that bother the dogs and cats,
that is just what we are.
What can the pollution be like to the world,
I know tics, just filthy things
that eat tough and bother skin,
gases pull on the atmosphere and melt ice,
and ruin the oxygen that we need to live,
so let's quit being those filthy pests.
If ladybugs can start out being shy creatures
and turn into beautiful flying creations,
then why can’t we,
we have all the time in the world that we need.

We are the insects of the world,
everyone and everything creates them, well us,
if we just watch to see how amazing they are,
then we can realize how alike we are,
and how different we are,
we need to be a reflection
of some of the most beautiful,
and interesting creatures God has made.
They have their positives and negatives,
and so do we,
they change their bad things to good,
so why can’t we,
just because we make a mistake
doesn’t mean we can’t erase it from our minds,
and the world today.
That’s why we are a reflection
of the insects of the world.


by April

Try to move.
Arms feel glued.
Can't let go.
Only you know.
Who am I.
Can't let this die.
Love me more.
Than anyone before.
Forget me not.
I'm not who you thought.
Pale blue eyes.
They hold such beautiful lies.
Pulling me in.
My head spins.
Love me still.
And I promise I will.
Never let go.
Time moving so slow.
Hold me tight.
Against my might.
Try to move.
My heart's still glued.


by Anonymous

We breathe,
Just so the world breathes
We dream,
Just so the world dreams
We grow,
Just so the world knows,
We’re alive.

I'm Glad I Got You

by Rodnesha

Happy or sad, thick or thin
I know you, my true friend
I'm glad I got you
You've been with me
For some time now
People call us twins
And when people talk smack
I know you got my back.
I'm glad I got you,
You're more than my friend
You're my lover, my buddy,
My ride or die dude.
But first and foremost, you're my BOO.
I'm glad I got you.
Never ending love I have for you
And I know you have it for me always, too

True Friends

by Rodnesha

true friends never go away
they stay til the end.
even when you turn them away,
they never stop coming back
they would go to the ends of the earth,
then come back
they would do a silly dance
just to make you smile
you can cry all day and all night
and they stay with you
til you cant cry anymore
and when you feel like you want to die,
they make you want to live
true friends cry for you,
die, put their life on the line,
they're always there

Just Because

by Christina

Just Because I'm shy
Doesn't mean I have no one
Just because I'm quiet
Doesn't mean I have nothing to say
Just because I had a brutal past
Doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt
Just because I care
Doesn't give you the right
to take advantage of me
Just because I'm young
It doesn't make me dumb
Just because I'm bipolar
Doesn't mean it defines me
Just because I'm a girl
That doesn't make me weak
Just because I'm dependent
Doesn't mean I can't
make it on my own


by Ashley

I never laughed, smiled,
held my head high.
I stared into the windows
of someone who is desolate,
sulked in one's self pity.
Who is Ashley?
What am I doing here?
I desire for someone's love
to mingle with mine.
What is love?
Is there a such thing as 'in love'?
What is love if we're not able to feel love?
I've seen you weather the storms of your life.
I live a bitter life,
like the rind of an orange,
without the zing of happiness
that life has to offer.


by Rodnesha

you told me you loved me
but that was all a lie
why did you do that
you made me cry
you broke my heart
but now it's time
for me to break yours
all those times i told you i was busy
i was really out with other guys
i never even liked you
that was all a lie
i hope i make you cry
and FYI, if you're reading this
it means we're over, goodbye