Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

May 20, 2012

Sirens Blue

by Anonymous
I see blood flash in sirens blue.

Blood, dripping rapidly,
Cascading from the carcass
Of a teenage mind,
Over analysed.

A trace of silver,
One solemn tear,
Smoothly sails on the surface
Of a flame.

Like my hope,
Life flashes red
Battered and bandaged,
And like my hope,


May 15, 2012

One Night

by Danielle
One night I woke up because somebody broke me.
I cried and cried but I couldn't tell you why.
I walked around and into the bathroom.
When I looked in the mirror I saw my daddy's face.
In my head I heard him say...
"Babygirl, waste your tears on something worth it.
You're too beautiful to be tear-stained."
At that moment I smiled and I saw my face..
The face of a broken girl, but one 
that would be okay in the end.

May 14, 2012


by Anonymous
I try but not really
I'm high but no really
Pure attraction, nothing more than magnetism
I don't love you at all
I don't even have a heart of reason
Sorry if you thought different
I can never be the prince of a princess
Maybe in time
But I know I'll still play this game
And these scars will make you cry in pain

I fuck up but not really
No girl ever wants to be open but no really
A tough exterior to break?
I'm as soft as can be
I wish I could melt your heart
But you sneak around like a centipede
So you’ve forced me to fend for myself
Sorry if you get in the way
I don't know your last name anyway

You're cool but not really
You're hot but no really
Here I go again
Settle down just to make my move
I skateboard and chill, act smooth
I'll get what I want, but come off as rude
Taint her white dress she thinks she’s in love
Tingles the skin to the core
Make excuses, I'm and, if, but, and or

I’m happy but not really
Back to square one but no really
Well what now
I think I’ll take a bow 
Oh you want to see a movie tonight
Check that I'll take an encore
Please don’t be a bore
Victim to my own rhyme 
Only to possibly learn in due time

My Wings

by Melecia
I lost my wings when you went away
I scream for your contact everyday
I break down into sobs whenever you cross my mind
I will not be okay, I will not be fine

Don't you know what you left behind? 
A broken home, and no peace of mind.
I know you were hurting, but weren't we all? 
You brought us all down, when you decided to fall.

I don't mean to sound selfish, but I loved you, you know
I just wished you would have warned us that you were ready to go

You were my wings, you helped me to fly
but now I'm stuck on the ground with my life passing by
I miss you so much it hurts
and I hope you know I loved you with all I was worth

We'll meet again soon and sit on a cloud
and you'll tell me how I screamed so loud
You heard every cry, and tasted every tear
Everything I felt down there, you felt up here

"I'm so sorry," you apologize
"It's okay," I say through blinking eyes
I have my wings again, I'm free to fly
Then you take my hand, and we take to the skies.