Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

December 21, 2013

Why Always Me?

by Prathamesh

Why always me,
Gets the heart broken?
Why always my true feelings,
Remain unspoken?
You showed me,
Such a lot fantasies,
I dreamed it way too much;
Playing together in the daisies..
I got attached to you so fast,
And hoped the setbacks would settle;
My world for you was so vast,
And you made it so little.
Why me, to your love fell a pray,
Why, dreaming of you, I'd idly lay.
Why you crushed all my feelings in a second,
Why I considered you, an Angel from Heaven..
Why you stared at me,
Though I wanted much more
Why you threw me out of your heart,
And I kept you in the core..
Why now, why you ignore me?
Why, at first, you became my destiny..
Why, why you proved love a lie,
Why, why you bade that last goodbye..
If you still care,
Answer all my 'why's,
Please come back to me,
Fear no word from me; No fies...!

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