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February 12, 2014

Daddy's Little Girl

by Elana

Things with you have gone down hill.
I thought we got through this "rough patch"

It's more of a rough life with you.
The ups are shorter than the downs.

The minimal good you've done
doesn't come close to the mental damage.
The list of things you should do but haven't
is a lot longer than what you have done .
Your bucket of bullshit lies
is just as full as your bullshit goodbyes.
Congrats it was a good disguise
But for you it's fame over demise
Your story will prolong
And I will slowly move along
Doing what I do best
Taking care of me
Loving myself enough for the both of us and more.
Knowing now that you weren't worth not one tear I shed on you.
Out of the many.
Maybe that was my disguise
Holding that one strand of goodness
Behind my daddy's little girl mask
You kept pulling on my string
Had me going for 15 years and 4 days.
But today I cut that string
And I feel free.

1 comment:

  1. wonderfull it reminds me so much of my dad i start out confident and angry and then he does one nice thing and i feal like i can trust him then he does something stupid and i start crying again